This is a guest post by Josh Todd. Josh has been an Affiliate Marketer for over two years. He is also an Affiliate Manager for GetAds. He recently released a 22-page guide called PPV 101: A Step-by-Step Campaign Walkthrough. You can download it for free from his blog at

When people ask me what my favorite method of promoting affiliate offers is, I have no hesitation telling them that it’s PPV. It’s been around since the dark ages of the internet, and yet it is still successful today, perhaps more now than ever. I love PPV because it’s easy. I love PPV because it’s cheap. I love PPV because it’s profitable.

Before you write me off as just a PPV fanboy, consider the facts:

  • You can get PPV traffic for a penny per view
  • You can direct link all you want
  • There is no Quality Score issues
  • There are over 30 billion web pages to target
  • You can still run rebills (just use a good affiliate network!)

If that’s not enough to get your juices flowing, then you should just hang up your shoes now and forget about making money on the internet. I’ll even give you a personal example of mine. I campaign I just launched yesterday has cost me $3 and made me back $54. That’s an ROI of 1,700%. And that’s also only bidding on one URL. If you could make $54 for every $3 spent, how much would you spend? As much as humanly possible.

Is there competition on PPV? Of course there is. But competition is a good thing. That means that people are making money, and that’s where you want to be at. There’s no reason to re-invent the wheel when it comes to traffic. There are a few proven methods for getting traffic to your website or affiliate offer, and to succeed you must be able to master one (or all) of them.

The best thing that you can do for your online career is focus on one thing until you make it successful. There are so many different ways to make money on the internet that it’s easy to get distracted trying out each idea that comes along. The guys that are buying their first Benz before most people graduate college are the ones that took one approach and worked it until it worked for them. Giving up and moving to a new traffic source is not the way to create wealth.

There are a lot of resources and tools available for today’s PPV marketer that simple did not exist a couple years ago. Tools that make it even easier to make money with PPV. Don’t like scraping URLs by hand? There’s a tool for that. Don’t like creating search engine query strings manually? There’s a tool for that. There are also more and more offers being added to Affiliate Networks that accept PPV traffic. It’s not just “adware” traffic anymore; people have realized that you can drive quality leads with PPV, and a ton of them.

No more excuses. There’s no reason you can’t start testing out your first campaign by the end of the day. You’ll thank me once you’ve got a few offers on autopilot that are making you several hundred dollars a day.

Go grab a copy of the free PPV Handbook

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

85 thoughts on “Why Does PPV Traffic Kill It?”
  1. I read his book a few days ago and it’s well detailed.

    I’ve been trying PPV in 2010 and so far I’m a fan. Not a fanboy like Josh yet but hope to be one.

    1. Not only are you a fan, but you are a successful fan 😉 Keep up the good work!

  2. “$3 and made me back $54. That’s an ROI of 1,700%. And that’s also only bidding on one URL. If you could make $54 for every $3 spent, how much would you spend? As much as humanly possible.”

    Flawed logic. You are making the assumption it is scalable.

    1. I agree here. This is a great scenario. If you can get these numbers. Sometimes, even with the best efforts, it just doesn’t work.

  3. I still think the nickel tip is going to be the best guru advice ever.

  4. Wow! Great post. Always something interesting around here. I’m a new follower, and am loving this blog!

  5. This is a motivating post. Just a comment on your thoughts on ROI. This is a hard thing for newbies to grasp: the relationship between a 1700% return and the ability of scaling up. So to drive that point home… If you spend $300 with a 1700% return, you stand to earn $5100. Thx for the guest post.

  6. Heard a great quote today…. ““With a couple of beers and an Excel spreadsheet, you can make a lot of money in no time,” Remember, these numbers are from someone who has it all figured out. You will have to do some trial and error to do this well.

  7. Shoe must be impressed with you to provide you with this opp to post. Congrats, and thanks for the PPV download.

  8. I’ve been using PPV traffic for awhile now and have found that I can convert that traffic at a pretty low price overall.

    The key is learning what converts for PPV traffic – you need to keep testing

  9. This feels like another attempt to sell a method or a tool. Who can speak to the risks and the downside of PPV? I haven’t tried it, but would appreciate a rounded out response.

  10. Awesome post! Awesome Affiliate manager.

    I’m experementing with PPV for a while, and want to say that the Josh know what is going on for sure.

  11. Yup. Have had luck with PPV too. It’s not always a sure thing, but when it works… It works!

  12. Can you provide more examples? Our last guest blogger provided screenshots and multiple examples.

  13. I like your thinking on mastering one component of internet marketing. I think it’s best to start with just a few tactics, get really good at them, then try new things as you go. But mastering that first tool is pretty important.

  14. I’m not quite ready to touch on PPV yet. I’m still working on PPC, once master that I’ll move and hopefully be successful with other traffic sources as well.

  15. Still venturing into the world of digital marketing. So… Is this a good place to start? It’s either this or the ShoeMoney system. Can’t decide if I should try to do the self-taught route, or actually invest in products. Thoughts, anyone?

  16. I was going to ask which network you liked, but I found it on your blog. Here it is if anyone else is wondering…..

    “Final word? I like DirectCPV. I think it’s worth a shot especially if you have a profitable campaign on another network that you are looking to expand. It can also be good for testing out a new campaign to if it converts without blowing your budget since there is a smaller installed user base, there is less competition, and the bid prices start at 1 penny (at MT it is 1.5).”

  17. Im not quite sure about PPV..lower costs though! thanks for the great post.

  18. Diversificiation is the key to success. Affilliate marketing is like walking a fine line. It is always wise to explore new verticals, and to keep adding to your bag of tricks. The worst thing you can do is to count on one tool, or one vertical to pay the bills. That includes PPV!

  19. Hi Everyone! I just checked out Josh’s blog. He’s got a great blog, with plenty more to say about PPV. I recommend checking it out if you have more questions.

  20. I am a big fan of the guest posts. Such a great way to round things out, and to learn from a variety of perspectives. In fact, tracking back on shoe’s blog for the past year or two is kind of like getting Affiliate Marketing 101. Keep em coming, Shoe!

  21. Hey I just downloaded this guide. It’s pretty good, esp if you’re just learning. Thanks Josh!

  22. Now we just need the advanced tactics version and everyone will be happy. 🙂

  23. I’ve downloaded your PPV101 guide a couple of days ago and it was just awesome. I really loved the sections about Choosing Your Offer and Finding Your Target URLs. Thanks, Josh, for giving us newbies an opportunity to shine in web marketing.

  24. My favorite aspect of PPV? You have the option of setting a frequency cap of how often the same person sees your ad so you don’t annoy the heck out of someone by showing them your ad time and time again. Neat, huh?

  25. I’d opt for a Lamborghini over a Benz anytime. Those monsters have the sex appeal and edge that all cars should have. Nonetheless, sweet post!

  26. I am glad you devoted a part of your guide to launching campaigns. I know there are a lot of web marketers who are having trouble with it. Keep them rolling, Josh!

  27. Your guide absolutely spells W-I-N to me. Keep up the good work. I have been searching constantly for a manual that will arm starting web entrepreneurs with necessary knowledge regarding PPV. Though there may be a few good ones out there, I haven’t seen something this spectacular and precise.

  28. Thanks for sharing. I have been looking for helpful details for sometime about PPV. It seems like its the hottest trend in online marketing. I am still not clear, though, how monetization is possible in PPV. Just giving you an honest perspective.

  29. An untested weapon is as dangerous to its owner as its enemy. PPV may be an potential web marketing goldmine but, still, it should be handled as carefully as possible.

  30. I am a Chinese literature author. Who can help me about the traffic with the “undergroud trick”? and I would like to trade this help.

  31. Great read, Josh. Will soon send my two cents’ worth as soon as I finish the guide you put together. I am sure that it will be a blockbuster though.

  32. Although PPV advertising may seem pretty simple to understand, the truth is that few people really appreciate the true length and breadth of its potential. Many feel that it is simply another type of PPC and that is decidedly not correct. All in all, a great post.

  33. Is PPV the new Google? hahaha I have nothing smart to say, really. Just saying Shoe’s favorite “word.” LOL

  34. Some people tag PPV as an intrusive advertising method but I guess they still haven’t come across your superb guide. Seeing your success in the playing field, I will definitely follow your lead.

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  35. This is certainly a nice guest post. Kudos, Josh. I think that PPV is not better or worse then PPC or CPM, it’s just different. You just need to keep in mind, why users are seeing your ads before you start a campaign because their intent could be wholly different than that of users clicking PPC ads.

  36. Some people tag PPV as an intrusive advertising method but I guess they still haven’t come across your superb guide. Seeing your success in the playing field, I will definitely follow your lead.

    This is certainly a nice guest post. Kudos, Josh. I think that PPV is not better or worse then PPC or CPM, it’s just different. You just need to keep in mind, why users are seeing your ads before you start a campaign because their intent could be wholly different than that of users clicking PPC ads

  37. been there, done that…so, not to crash the party but ppv is way behind other ad methods and i left when the juice stopped… oh boy those were the days..
    but to give some hope, there are still those who still make money from leftovers… 🙂

  38. I am looking for a very low cost advertisement which will give me ROI for my hard earned money and you had given me a very goog way to promote my blog.

  39. Cool post. I’ve never tried PPV but will be something I give a little test.
    Thanks for the info.

  40. Is it true that some of the adware used in PPV is really malicious spyware? I’ve heard it in an informal SEO gathering last February. What’s your take on this, Josh?

  41. Seeing your success in the playing field, I will definitely follow your lead. Thx for guide. 🙂

  42. thanks a lot, Josh, for your helpful hints and pointers about PPV. This is premium stuff!

  43. Nice post. Other articles only describe what PPV is like and then end up selling you a “magic formula” that will instantly make you filthy rich. nice job, Josh. Hope you contribute another gem like this in the future.

  44. You just had my complete attention when you said that your guide will “only cost me an email address.” I can handle that.

  45. It’s so nice to see the lowdown on PPV without having to deal with unscrupulous merchandise after reading the post.

  46. I had spent a lot of time digging to find this info. Thanks for sharing it. I had a tough time setting up PPV for my blog but I am hoping it will change as soon as I utilize the tips and pointers in your guide.

  47. Just another tool to add into your sales tool belt, right? A great place to start if you want to build a brand and try to get someone’s attention while being a nobody. Thanks.

  48. I run an online pastry shop and I think PPV gives my products a better chance of faring in the web business playing field. This post is truly an eye-opener.


    There is no opportunity to comment on the next post, which talks about Shoemoney’s Weapons of Marketing. I am in the process of watching the video, and feel compelled to note how impressed I am by this video, and by Jeremy S. in general. I am a new follower. As a retired accountant (who loves motorcycles) dabbling in online business, I had no idea what to expect from Who would think that an old rocker / bean counter like me want to take direction from a younger guy that I’ve never met? I surprised myself. I am hooked. The videos are fantastic.

    Jeremy, Thanks for sharing your experience, and thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts. Good luck with your new product.

    1. Actually you can comment directly on the video… like hundreds of others have done. I appreciate the feedback though 😉

  50. Looking forward to read another post from you, Josh. Man, the Shoemoney blog is definitely awesome!

  51. What offers good advantages over other forms of promotion and advertising that you might use for your products and services? Definitely PPV. Off to read Josh’s guide!

  52. This is Shoemoney Blog living up to its name: an original insightful post coupled with a direct download link. And it’s FREEEEEEEEE.

  53. I’m just waking up to PPV especially if it’s worth a penny per view. Cheers.

  54. Probably one of the more comprehensive posts I’ve read on here, and I’m very glad I did. Very informative and applicable to what I could do with my blog.

    1. half the people here have no idea what PPV is, yet they are freaking happy as if they won a million dollar lottery… yet it’s the same spam crap “Oh i didn’t know such a thing existed” “One of the best posts i ever read”, “very informative and useful i’m glad i found your blog”, “This post rocks!” and blah blah… this one was even more hilarious..

      Shoe, come on man the blog is just attracting too much junk these days… let’s have a real discussion and i’ll start one once the junk is gone…

      Your true Shoefan…

  55. Wow thanks, your post helped me a lot. At first i was unsure where to set sighty for my ad initiative, but thanks to you i now know 🙂

  56. PPV traffic is good if you know how to make it convert. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can lose a lot of money

  57. “If that’s not enough to get your juices flowing, then you should just hang up your shoes now and forget about making money on the internet.”

    I don’t use any paid, traffic, none at all, I don’t promote rebills. I like to go fishing, A LOT. On current growth I’ll be pulling 6 figures a month (sterling) in pure profit only promoting real, genuine legitimate brick and mortar businesses. Not some shady diet shit, rebill offers.

    There are more ways of making money online than just following the sheep.

  58. I have not heard much about PPV. I’ll check it out, thanks for information. I did PPC last year and lost too much money. Sticking to niche SEO for now!

  59. Hi,

    This is a great post. PPV is kind of new marketing. I have tried it before but to no avail. What kind of website sells? Anyone.


  60. Most people try ppv once and if it doesn’t work can it forever. Keep testing and measuring till you find a winning formula then multiply it from there

  61. Great post, im one of those who are just becomming an avid user of ppv… Need to work on it though

  62. Ppv traffic is great but you have to do your homework. You need a killer landing page with 5 clear bullet point, clear attractive call to action, landing page should conform to the size of the network’s pop up, 500 plus hand picked urls which relate to your offer and a split testing system.

  63. You prefer PPV for affiliate marketing over mailing to your own list? I’ve always found email marketing to be the most effective way to make affiliate sales.

  64. Like Calvin said “you had my curiosity but now you have my attention”

    Just grabbed your ebook, thanks!

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