I’ll be brief. If you don’t own All Marketers Are Liars by Seth Godin ON AUDIOBOOK then you need to get it right now and listen to it at least once a month.

I recommend getting it from audible.com or amazon.com over iTunes so you don’t have to deal with the iTunes DRM and can copy it to any device you want easily.

The reason you want the audio version is because there is a lot of little ad-lib stuff in there that is not in the book that I really think makes a difference. Plus it’s Seth talking to you.

This book really shines a light not only on marketing but many other things going on in the world.

For instance recently we had the health care debate and politicians told us a bunch of stories on both sides of the political aisle.

Republicans told us stories about how its going to completely screw our country…. How democrats were creating death panels to choose who is going to live and die.

Democrats told us stories about how this was going to actually save the country money… and countless stories about individuals who died because they were not given the right health care.

Which story did you buy into?

Trust me this book will change the way you look at things forever and hopefully make you think about your business and what stories people are telling others about it.

As Seth says in the book, “Marketers didn’t invent story telling, they just perfected it”. I think the same could be said about politicians.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

80 thoughts on “The Greatest Marketing Book Ever Written”
  1. Its a brilliant book , have nt heard the audio but the book is a must have for any marketer

    1. Yep I gotta say I love how Seth reads his own books in audio. Will write up a review for the mp3 on my blog once I’m done with it. Getting it now.

      1. I know, right? That he doesn’t get a voice talent to do it for him is a testament to the fact that this man puts 100% of himself into his work. Plus, like what Shoe said, nobody can ad-lib like he can.

    1. That’s pretty short for an audio book. Usually it’s considered short if it makes up about five to six hours of listening time. But then again, Seth has a great, concise way of writing.

      Incidentally, The DaVinci Code audio book runs, I hear, for around 16 hours. Now that’s some major listening time.

      1. Agreed. That’s what makes his books easy to read. The writing is light and easily understood. And really, 16 hours worth of audio book? Wow.

  2. That’s true. How well you tell a story can make the difference between making a sale or not. How much is the audiobook?

    1. We are all liars 😉

      When you read the book that will make a lot more sense.

  3. Already own it and listened to it on Audio. Absolute must listen (read) for anyone interested in marketing.

  4. I’ve been looking at Seth’s book on the shelf frequently. Thanks for the recommendation on the audio book.

    Marketers and Politicians? What’s the difference indeed. Just watch out when the marketers try to sell the politicians on something. Some say politicians can only be bought.

  5. Seth writes some good books. Is there a CD available with international shipping.

  6. I’m a huge Godin fan – this one and “the dip” are my 2 favorites. Both are in my top 5 for sure

  7. Seth is a genius. In some ways he simply traffics in common sense (make something remarkable. really?), but he is absolutely brilliant at helping us focus on what’s really important in marketing and business. He has really changed the way I look at everything in business. It’s stuff I sort of already knew, but I just needed somebody to throw it all in my face.

  8. Averaging like 1 “good” post every week…What is going on?

      1. Well, the only reason I comment is to get all those good and knowledgeable first-hand comments from you Shoemeister…

        Now I have to go read this post about Dennis Yu…Usually I’m already Xed out of here cause theres never any “good”/daily content…

  9. I love Seth Godin’s book…especially Purple Cow! he’s always witty and insightful…i always get another perspective on things which i don’t normally see..thanks for recommmending!

  10. This is just the kind of marketing resource I’m looking for! Thanks, Shoe. And I’ll make sure to look up Seth Godin. Haven’t heard of him, to be honest. But then I haven’t been into marketing for a long time. I’m still a newbie.

  11. I got this book after it was recommended to me, and I read it ASAP from cover to cover. Absolutely loved it. Godin made really interesting points. I didn’t know there was an audiobook though. One of these days I’ll make sure to get it.

  12. Hey, didn’t Seth Godin write Free Prize Inside? That’s one of the best business books I’ve read.

  13. Seth never disappoints. I’ve started his collecting his books, and currently I have nine, still missing two I believe. I didn’t know there was going to be an audio book of any of his books. Mostly it’s just the popular novels that have audio books, right? I didn’t know about the nonfiction books. Oh well, I guess I better start a Seth Godin audiobook collection too.

  14. Marketers and politicians aren’t that different. Only difference is marketers are often thinking about how to get more money, while politicians are often thinking about getting power and staying in power. Combine the two, money + power, and what do you get? A corrupt politician.

    1. i’m not sure if i agree with you. with money comes power, so it’s not necessarily money+power. money is already there in the equation. have you noticed that in history most of the politicians were already affluent and influential before they became powerful, whether it’s because of their family’s wealth or their own hard work? now i’m not saying all politicians are rich, i’m saying most of them are.

  15. Well I don’t think it’s necessary to lie to make a sale. But I’ll admit that some of the products I’ve seen in the internet, and some of them I helped sell, were sold because there were exaggerated truths and lies told. Can’t really be helped though.

  16. Just found this blog – quite like the tone and information…hope you will be posting regularly. Thanks!

  17. This is of the best books that came out in 2005, imo. And what’s interesting is most of the things Godin wrote there were pretty much common sense to me. I think most of us knew that storytelling is important if you want to convince people. In fact, many had written books about that. I think it’s just Godin’s way of writing and how he presented his ideas in this book, and that makes it a great book.

  18. Haha so Shoe is a liar then? I don’t think that’s true. The author was just trying to make a point since the book is about how to tell the right stories to the right audience, how to capture consumers by storytelling.

    It’s the same thing with the title, isn’t it? But saying that all marketers are liars, it captured people’s attention.

  19. Looks like an interesting read. I don’t usually read business books, but I trust you Shoe.

  20. I’m always on the lookout for books/ebooks/audiobooks on marketing. Thanks for the recommendation, Shoe.

  21. To be honest I’m buying the Democrats’ story.

    Anyway, on with the topic — this is an old book, right? I remember reading a review, and I’m pretty sure that was a few years ago. I haven’t had the chance to look for the book, though.

  22. While I agree that Seth is a good speaker/writer/thinker, I wouldn’t say this is the greatest marketing book ever. I think his later books were better. He just went on in circles in this book, over emphasizing how storytelling is important. That’s not new to me, that’s an old idea. But it helps that the title is pretty catchy. Come to think of it all of Seth’s books all have catchy titles.

  23. I took a few units of Marketing Management and discovered the genius that is Seth there. Since then I have always followed his career. Nice to know you like him too, Shoe.

  24. I love watching Seth Godin’s videos on YouTube. He’s got the funniest slides.

  25. Hey cool, a downloadable audio book of one of my favorite marketing guys! Perfect for a long drive that I have to take next weekend. Thanks for this Shoe. Ordering it right away.

  26. This guy is great. He also has a Twitter account, but you have to request permission to follow him. His user name is sethgodin .

  27. What’s so new about this? Isn’t this why marketing, pr, and advertising people were called “spin doctors” once upon a time?

  28. Technically, this is true – nobody really wants the whole truth when they see a commercial, or a sales pitch.

    If you were in the market for a new car, and the salesperson told you straight off the bat precisely how each car could malfunction (and let’s face it, every car gets a flat tire once in a while), even along with the great benefits of owning said cars, you’ll be reluctant to buy it.

    1. That’s right. People don’t actually buy a product, they buy, as Godin says, a story. They buy the lifestyle, or the benefits, or the advantages they think the product can bring them. They’re all too happy to ignore the downside, and marketers are just as keen on not telling them.

  29. I don’t know. Don’t you guys think his theories are too simplistic? So much so that while they do define the general idea, they don’t teach you how to apply it to real life.

  30. Seth Godin is practically legendary among marketers. I have all his books, though sometimes I wonder if his theories are too practical and are not for the internet marketing crowd.

  31. I like Seth’s way of presenting marketing his views are revolutionary but at the same time, they’re simple enough for every marketing person to understand, and they’re easy to implement. Thanks for reminding me what a great read this guy is, Shoe. I’ll definitely be downloading this book tonight.

  32. I’m not really an audio book person, but it’s cheaper than the real book, and you can carry it anywhere. Checking this out and if I like it enough, I may get the paper version. I’m odd that way.

  33. Been meaning to read this for some time now. I go on random book buying sprees every now and then so I’ll try to remember to pick it up.

  34. I came across this on BusinessSummaries.com once. I liked it so much I bought the book so I could read the whole thing. Now I have everything Seth ever wrote.

  35. I’ve not followed Seth for a while. I read this when it first came out, but I didn’t know he’d made nine!

    1. I wish there were free pdfs of Seth Godin books. Or just a few chapters for previews.

    2. If you’re talking about his books, he’s published eleven. The last one was published early this year if I’m correct.

  36. Love Seth Godin, getting the mp3 version now. Thanks Jeremy! Also for those who haven’t read Linchpin or Tribes, worth a look. Will write some reviews on my blog soon.

  37. I am afraid that the Audio marketing books gonna make me fall asleep. If read the books may feel better.

  38. Thanks for the recommendation. I will have to check this audiobook out for sure.

  39. Thanks for the reminder Shoe, time to pull it off the shelf and reread along with Purple Cow!!


  40. I will surely get my copy asap. Anybody has a review on it ?

  41. I remember Seth Godin observed ‘the ideas virus’ and is a good person to be explaining both sides of the propaganda storytelling war in marketing and in politics. I must listen more closely.. thanks! Geoff D.

  42. Now this book will be on my reading list after i will read the Purple Cow, that you mentioned in a video. Right now i have listened to first chapter of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. That book is great have a lot of wiseness ness in there.

  43. I was actually holding the book a while a go in the bookstore. I should have not let go of it.

  44. Thanks for the recommendation, will check it out right away. I love Godin’s presentations and the few of his books that I’ve read have also been quite awesome. 🙂

  45. I have yet to hear the audio version, but will definitely look into getting it!

  46. Interesting post. Also enlightening. It’s not every day that someone can take marketing and break it down in a way that not only changes someone’s view on the subject, but someone’s view on life too. I think I’m going to have to check this book out.

  47. Most of us focus too much on offpage seo, rather than onpage seo. Good to go back to fundamentals.

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