Since someone noticed, about a week ago, I get several comments, emails, and submissions to the contact us from people asking what I am planning on doing about Dennis Yu speaking at SMX Advanced in Seattle.

This is probably going to come as a shock to most but…. I don’t really care. I said my peace about Dennis in this post and after I made that post I moved on.

Danny Sullivan (Conference owner) is moderating that panel and I am sure he is familiar with Dennis’s past. So if you want to contact anyone about your dislike of having him as a speaker I suggest you ping Danny Sullivan (@DannySullivan) . Its on him… not me 😉

Hopefully this will stop some of the inquiries 😉 I have better shit to do 😉

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

81 thoughts on “Ooooo Dennis Yu Speaking At SMX Advanced”
  1. What the hell has happened to the SEO conference speakers?

    Is it any wonder why Affiliates say they find no value in this conference?

      1. Agreed. Dennis Yu sounds like a complete cock, feel sorry for anyone that goes into further ventures with him.

    1. Danny Sullivan who organizes SMX doesn’t suffer fools well and can’t see him being oblivious to Shoe’s experience.

      Perhaps its his way of getting to the truth of the matter – he is a journalist – especially since Gillian of SEOMoz will be there to corroborate what Dennis Yu is saying.

      Else this would probably be his biggest con if he can pull the wool over Danny’s eyes.

  2. Jeremy,

    Are you attending SMX Advanced or submitting a video as you did a few years back?

  3. OOOooooo…. Wait shoe doesn’t care?! Awe shucks I wad hoping for a fight 😉
    I hope Dennis changed for the better.

    1. lol I like how your reply is a wink emoticon. it reveals so much.

  4. I’ve actually never attended smx advanced. Nothing against the conference the date just never worked out.

    1. Didn’t you submit a video for a panel at SMX Advanced in 2008 when you couldn’t attend?

  5. Interesting. I wonder what he has to say at SMX. Not gonna lie, but I’m a little bit interested. Just curious if anyone’s going to bring up his past or whatever.

  6. Wow, I just read your Dennis Yu post. Pretty long post, but I read all of it. What a weasel. I can’t believe he’d be invited to a conference after what he did to you and those other guys. Maybe he lied some more?

  7. I wouldn’t care too. And I wouldn’t hate either. Hatin’ gets nowhere.

  8. Dennis Yu must be what they call a troll. A living troll. Otherwise I don’t think calling him a con man would be enough.

  9. Sounds like a complete jerk. Maybe SMX invited him ‘coz he changed his ways? ……….. Nah.

    1. It doesn’t matter if you change or not, its whether you know the topic or not. Yeah, he published a few articles and pissed a few people off, doesn’t mean you can’t learn from a guy.

      1. I agree. Obviously he’s a smart guy, that’s how he was able to trick Shoemoney and the other people. And he knows his topic very well. He was able to earn money after all.

      2. What, you don’t care? You’re not writing a hate post? Where’s the fun in that?

        Kidding 😀

  10. I wonder what this guy’s been doing since you wrote about him. He must have known you dedicated an entire blog post about his lies and backstabbing. Did he ever defend himself?

  11. Oh hey, I remember him. the porn king slash deadbeat. I’m writing the organizers.

  12. And just like that, we’re pulled into the irony of the fact that the previous post was about all marketers being liars. LOL!

    1. Unlike the book on the previous post, this one is a real liar, no exaggerations.

      1. If people paid attention, the book was changed to real marketers tell stories…

  13. I’m sorry, but WTF?! Unless they’re teaching people how to pull the wool over other people’s eyes at these conventions nowadays, I see no reason why he should be speaking.

  14. I remember this guy. Steer clear of him, Shoe. Only bad things can come from working with a con man.

  15. Ooooooo. I heard most aff marketers don’t go to SMX. I bet the people who’d go there haven’t heard of Dennis Yu and his bad rep.

  16. Oh man, that is one seriously delusional little Asian man. No offense to the other Asians out there.

    1. When it comes to the term standards you can read that as moral standards or experience/intellect/skills, etc. Dennis Yu certainly has experience, and he’s got skills, and he’s not dumb either. Even if he’s no expert, he’s got all of those, which makes him qualified to speak at SMX.

      But if you’re talking about moral standards, whether he did wrong in the past, he lied, or he backstabbed, well it seems that’s not so important. Who knows? Maybe there are other people like him out there who have spoken in a conference? That’s just my two cents.

  17. That’s a good move. If you reacted you would look bitter. Not saying anything is the best move.

  18. Let bygones be bygones, eh? Or not really. Personally I believe in the saying “forgive but don’t forget”. Do you agree, Shoe?

  19. I don’t see how the SMX advanced people could’ve let him speak when it’s known that he did a lot of assholey things last year. Unless he changed. But come on, six months or so after your post and he’s changed? Change doesn’t happen that quick.

  20. If he really did those things, shouldn’t he be banned from doing affiliate marketing? Don’t people have a blacklist out there?

    1. I hate to disappoint you, but I think the internet is too big for that kind of policing. Also, you’d be surprised at how many people can pretend to be doctors or lawyers and shit and never get caught. Or, if they do, they just transfer states and start all over again.

    2. probably not.

      there could be people who are interested in working with him and learning from him, even if half of his resume is fake.

  21. Are you even going to SMX Advanced, Shoe? I thought you said those things weren’t worth the trouble after a certain point.

  22. This is just crazy. That’s one convention where I’m not missing out on anything by not attending, then.

  23. Makes you wonder who the guy had to bribe, threaten, or otherwise con into letting him become a speaker.

  24. I’m new on the scene, so I thought I just hadn’t heard of this Yu guy yet. Turns out I’m better off not knowing him. Shoe, did he ever apologize, or clear things up with you?

  25. Everyone should know that there are no standards for speakers at conferences. I see people on speaking rosters that I know for a fact are not experts in the field their speaking about.

    1. That’s disappointing. Sometimes you know more than the speaker who’s supposed to be the expert.

    1. it’s not that they’re ignorant. some just chose to give him a chance, which is not so bad. who knows? maybe people will get to learn from him. just not his dishonest marketing ways.

  26. Shoe, take it easy! you are dead pissed at this guy! this whole thing is an epic 😀

  27. Interesting turn of events. Never heard of this Denis Yu until I read your post.

    1. Me too. But then Shoemoney’s one of the very few online marketing blogs I frequent.

  28. Yeah, I’ve heard of him. In my opinion writing about him is a waste of time and blog space.

  29. Well I usually don’t believe in something if I just heard one side of the story. I’d like to hear his side. But I can’t find any response unfortunately. Seems like he’s staying quiet.

  30. What, you don’t care? You’re not writing a hate post? Where’s the fun in that?


  31. I’m pretty sure the SMX organizers know about Dennis’ past. It was all over the internet last November. Not ALL OVER, just all over the aff mark/seo blogs. That being said, I think they know what they’re doing inviting him and letting him be a speaker.

  32. I admit i can’t really hate this person. Even if he lied through his teeth and manipulated a bunch of known people in the industry. But then that’s just me. I like rooting for the small guy.

  33. You know what, reading his blog he doesn’t come off as a jerk to me. I’ve read a lot of blogs and sometimes you can tell that the writer is a complete @ss. This person sounds like a really nice, credible guy. Too bad he pissed you off, Shoe.

      1. Oops I clicked submit button too early. I was going to say I read a bit of Dennis Yu’s blog posts, and he seems okay. But don’t judge a person by his blog, I guess.

  34. There is no point in being stuck dwelling on a guy like that…..he’s not worth it.

  35. There is two sides to every story. I understand that this is Shoemoney’s blog and most people here are Shoemoney groupies, but there might be a lot more to this story. Maybe Dennis Yu is not as bad as we think.

    1. Dennis Yu is worse than you can imagine. I have the documentation to prove it.

  36. He is the scum of the earth. Karma is going to get him. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Dennis, if you are reading this, you screwed the pooch and man are you going to pay one day soon. You fucked with Veterans, you idiot! And you fucked with my Aunt – you’ll never make it to the top and the online community will make sure of it you pathetic excuse for a human being.

  37. One last thing. Any and I mean ALL when I say, “any,” comments that try and portray Dennis Yu as anything like credible and “not as bad as people think,” are probably 99.9% written by Dennis Yu who has his Google Alerts set up to combat his negative publicity. He just creates as many online persona’s as he needs to try and cover up all the bad shit he does. He was always writing for himself as someone else to boost his credibility. Too bad I have my Google alerts set up for him too. Watch your back Dennis Screw.

  38. The REAL question is which people going are actually going to listen to him/take his advice? I’m guessing the ones that know nothing about his past.

  39. Will Dennis ever give up? Hasn’t he done enough to troll the entire affiliate marketing industry

  40. Still upset after working for Dennis. He is an EXCELLENT speaker which is how he cons people. He is a lier, makes up facts and his parlor tricks are all smoke and mirrors when it comes down to it. He straight steals from his clients PPC adspend to make payroll. He should be in jail. The way that he treated his employees is just crazy. He berates you like you are a 5 year old. Its absolutely horrible conditions. I am still very angry that I every worked for this very little man. And believe me he is cunning and will deny any negative interactions…but he truly is the scum of the earth. I hope eventually he can never work in this industry again. Don’t believe anything he says. BOY WAS I FOOLED

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