I am pretty excited for Saturday’s Mayweather fight. Not really because I think it will be a good fight (I expected Money Mayweather to dominate) but because I met him a couple years ago and he was a really cool guy in person.

I know he comes off like a total asshole on television but I have to say that our encounter with him was really awesome and a bit awkward. When he came out of the Encore hotel this bum looking guy rushed him saying he owed him money… He was quickly escorted to his car and bodyguards surrounded the vehicle.

I motioned for him to come out of the car and get a photo with us. He looked around to make sure the crazy guy was gone and he came out of the car… his bodyguards kept telling him to stay in the car but he kept on coming twords us and asked what our names were, where we were from, and what we did for a living. I told him I went by the nickname ShoeMoney. Which prompted him to say, “Well, if you ever decide to go by the nickname Money then we are going to have a problem”.

We laughed it off and he went back to his car and took off. What a cool guy and he earned fans for life. Because of that encounter I have purchased all of his fights on PPV since that encounter.

ADD SIDENOTE: I just read he will take home over 60 million dollars from last nights fight – purse + PPV cut… wowza

I have been very fortunate in my life to have met a lot of interesting people. Some I already was a fan of and some not so much.

Almost all of these people had no clue who I was and treated me the same way they would treat any Joe Shmoe. Now keep in mind positive or negative its just my experience and it should not be considered as typical behavior.

Robert Scoble – I met Robert Scoble at SXSW. He was a total prick. He was standing around talking to a bunch of a-listers and I waited until he was walking away and I asked him for a photo. He acted like a total prick. He never even looked at me until the flash went off. He looked around like “you don’t matter who else should i be talking to right now”. What a asshole.

Kevin Rose (digg.com founder) – I have met Kevin Rose several times at various Silicon Valley events. He has always been a super cool guy. He is amazingly approachable and just a regular guy. He has a aura of confidence about him. That probably comes from his previous television experience and being in the lime light since a very young age.

Mark Zuckerburg (facebook founder) – Just like Kevin I have ran into Mark several times at several places. I only asked Mark for a photo one time and he looked instantly to his asian female companion who gave me a firm “NO”. It was a very awkward situation. I apologized and went on my way. About a hour later I was in the restroom doing my business and Mark pulled up to the urinal next to me to do his thing. He looked over and saw it was me… and said “Hey sorry about earlier I would love to do a photo with you if you still want to?” I said cool man sorry about earlier… he said it was no big deal and his people are very protective of him. So outside the bathroom he asked someone to take a couple pictures of us. I thought that was really cool of him to go out of his way. Unlike Kevin Rose , Zuckerburg comes off pretty uncomfortable in social situations. OR atleast that was the initial impression I got. Since then I have ran into him a couple different places and surprisingly he remembered me and was like mr confident. Either way I think he is a pretty cool guy.

I have also had the fortune to meet a LOT of UFC fighters. All of them have been very very cool in person and after meeting them in person swayed me on some as to what I think of them. Its funny how TV and the media can really make a guy come off one way or another and the UFC does a lot of shaping fighter personalities.

Kenny Florian – Awesome guy. I spent about 2 hours talking to him at a pre-fight party in Cincinnati. I have traded emails with him a lot and so has others from my staff after we hung out with him. He always emails right back.

Sean Sherk (former lw UFC Champion) – really quiet guy but nice.

Legendary UFC Ref Big John McCarthy – I actually got so wasted at this party I fell down. Big John came over and helped me up and sat with me for a bit to make sure I was ok. Little embarrassing for me but what a nice dude!

Houston Alexander – Complete ASSHOLE – I originally met him when he was an up coming fighter and he was a nice guy… then I saw him again a couple times after he won a couple fights and he turned into a complete prick. Total jerk.

Frank Trigg (former middleweight champ) – Trigg is my boy. I like him a lot. I have gone out drinking with him a couple times… even passed out once at his house. Trigg is very outspoken and is one of those guys that sizes you up pretty fast. Fortunately for me he likes me… I guess… I usually run into Frank every time I goto Couture’s gym in Vegas and he always gives me shit about passing out at his house. Trigg is a great guy.

Matt Hughes (5 time ufc champion)- We hosted Matt Hughes website for a LONG time and helped him and many of his friend fighters for free. He has always been a jerk to us in person. His management has been nice but he has always been a dick. We really regret all the work we did for him. The media an UFC make him out to be this nice farmboy who is all christian. Trust me unless you are some super hot chick he is a total asshole in person.

Josh Koscheck – Josh invited us to his afterparty at PURE in las vegas following UFC 66 in vegas. We first went back to his hotel room at the MGM and hung out for about 2 hours with him then went to the party. I have talked to Josh a lot in the years since. Really nice kid.

Chuck Liddell – Ive ran into Chuck Liddell at several UFC events and also at some places here in Lincoln, Nebraska. YUP Chuck owns 2 bars here in Lincoln and comes in town to check on them.

This would probably surprise a lot of people but Chuck is a very smart investor and owns over 30 clubs nation wide. Most in California but he picked up 2 in Lincoln. Whenever he comes in town he shoots me a text cause they usually have a promo for something. I enjoy talking to Chuck cause he tells you the truth behind the stories on a lot of things. Really awesome guy.

Dana White (UFC President) – I have met Dana several times both at huge events and very small 20 people gatherings. He has always been a very nice guy. I somehow over the years gave him my cell phone and he called me last year for some help with his twitter account. To my surprise he followed my advice (I told him to switch his twitter name from danawhiteblog to danawhite (someone else squatted on it at the time) I gave him all the contacts at twitter to get it done and also gave him a few more tips. He told me if I ever needed any tickets or anything to call him. I don’t like really to be that guy but I do like it that he owes me ;). Anyway he has always been a really nice guy. He comes off very shrewd in press conferences and in interviews but he is a no bullshit businessman and a very very good one at that.

Joe Rogan – Met him at a couple UFC events. Always been a really nice guy. Had some interesting conversations with Joe. He is a BIGTIME conspiracy theorist and also a huge fan of doing drugs that expand your mind. He is pretty open about both on his blog. I am not so much into the drug part but interesting topic of discussion.

Paris HIlton – I met Paris a LOOONG time ago. My wife and I were coming out of our suite at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and she was also leaving hers. She was being escorted by 5 large body guards. While we were waiting for the elevator she looked at me for a second and I asked her if I could get a photo with her. She said yes and my wife took the picture (she did not want to be in it). She saw my Nextel phone and asked me how I got a picture of my dog on it. I told her I had a site called NextPimp that formatted pictures for phones and she should use it. She said she would then took the elevator down. She was really nice in person.

I have also met a lot of other interesting people but here is my point. While you may do the same shit every day meeting people its probably their only time meeting you. As much as I would like to say everyone I meet walks away talking about what a nice guy I am in person I dunno that it always happens.

But I will let you be the judge of that if/when we someday meet at an industry event.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

118 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Dick”
  1. It looks like you had your photo taken by a lot of different people. That must be very cool. Thanks Greg Ellison

  2. Shoemoney, this is a great post. I love these types of posts and it’s the reason your blog is the best. I agree on the Matt Hughes thing….I thing the worst thing the UFC ever did was put matt hughes on TUF…it made everyone realize he wasn’t who he portrayed himself as.

  3. Lols. You hit it Shoe by saying that “its probably their only time meeting you”. I actually have been into some conferences here in my country and although I talk a lot with them I really dont take pics. First is shyness (wtf) and second is usually I go with no one so I dont have like a sidekick to ask to take pictures. how bout you? is it usually your wife who take pics or you sometime asks for random people to do it?

  4. wow amazing picture with amazing people…

    Hope someday i be there πŸ™‚

    best regret from indonesia


  5. Wow you meet a lot of people..soo mmm I wonder if I have a chance to meet you…did you be a cool guy too??? πŸ˜€

  6. Hey! You forgot Wahoo McDaniels and Hacksaw Jim Dugan when we were younger! hahh

    1. I just saw your blog. Nice project! It’s interesting to know that some celebs love some of the books I read as a child. πŸ™‚

    2. Shoe, you also forgot Gerard from Christina’s Court (Bailiff)from when he was on our flight to LA!!

  7. Great post Jeremy! You have had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people. I love the point to this post. It is really disappointing when you meet someone that you expect to be at least decent and when they turn out to be a jerk it is a HUGE disappointment. Many people don’t seem to bother being polite anymore. I like that you put that out there!

  8. I only wish that someday I will be able to meet as many people as you have. Not only that but to be able to have the freedom that you have as well.

  9. A wise man once said the best way to judge a person’s character is by how they treat those who may not necessarily be able to do something for them. (Or how they treat subordinates, or those in the service industry.)

    I think for most people, there’s very little as frustrating as meeting someone you admire and finding out they’re the type of person you wouldn’t want to associate with.

    As a big MMA fan, I’m definitely jealous of the all the UFC fighters you’ve had the pleasure of meeting, but what you’ve pointed out can definitely be applied to almost every industry.

    1. I totally agree! the best way to judge someone is by looking at how he treats his inferiors or the people he thinks are his inferiors.

  10. Nice list of people you’ve meet. I hope I’m fortunate enough to meet a bunch of cool people.

  11. When I meet you in person you’re getting a big ass “bro hug” for the iPad. I love it. Thanks Jeremy! πŸ™‚

  12. lol Shoe-man. When I meet you and Jim Chow I hope you guys are both cool, because I will be running in your circle. You continute to inspire me and this post is right up with the most inspirational. Keeping doing what you do Shoe-money!

  13. I just met Liz Strauss at SOBCON this weekend. I have been following her for years, and was a little nervous about approaching her. She couldn’t have been nicer, and joked about our long legs and losing her voice. She was exhausted after running the conference, but still found time to say hello and have her picture taken. I’m sure she won’t remember me, but her kindness meant the world to me.

  14. Poor behavior by celebrities is just lame. Anyone in the public eye signs up for getting attention from strangers. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you are a celeb, suck it up and do the PR part of your job. That includes the pics, autographs, and hello’s, even when you are tired and crabby.

  15. So you’re a celeb. Does that mean you’re nice to picture takers and nobodys in the business? πŸ™‚

    1. Thats kind of a weird question. I actually probably ask more people for pictures then I am asked. A lot of times if someone comes up and tells me They did something awesome because of something I wrote or whatever im like cool lets get a photo.

  16. I am a huge football (soccer) fan, and recently met Nicolas Anelka from Chelsea’s team. He paid plenty of attention to me, and went on and on about how he was the 2nd highest paid football star, making $90 million / year. He was arrogant and very disrespectful. My experience with him left a bad taste in my mouth. Money is no substitute for class, no matter what industry you’re in.

  17. yeah, these people forget what it’s like to be one the other side. they probably don’t realize what a treat it is to meet them.

    1. Agreed! What they really should remember, though, is what goes around comes around.

  18. I know you put in a disclaimer in your post, but I think that people tend to form patterns. I follow Robert Scoble religiously. He is on my industry wish list to meet. If YOU (Shoemoney) were treated poorly, I can only imagine how he’d treat me!

    1. But what Shoe’s saying is that the bigger you are, the more you have to realize it’s the little people that push you up along the ladder of success. Makes sense. A mass fanbase is better than a select few elitists who thrive on your every word. Unless, of course, you’re a rebel elitist something or other.

      1. The bigger you are, and the less aware you are of whom you owe your fame to, the harder you fall.

  19. I use to work at Chateau Whistler Resort. There I saw Stalone, Sarah Jessica Parker, and numerous others…. however, I never thought of getting my pic taken… mainly because I would have been fired.

    I need your wits…. maybe I will get them in the shoemoney system… ha ha ha

  20. Kevin Rose seems like a cool dude. I am visiting San Fran very soon. Maybe I’ll run into him.

  21. Great post man; I wasn’t surprised that Hughes was a dick. Wouldn’t mind meeting a few of the people you’ve met, Dana seems cool too.

  22. I like to think that if I were super famous I’d be awesome in to meet in person and chill. I bet I’d be awkward in the beginning like Zuckerburg though.

    1. This may be a stereotyping a little, but doesn’t Zuckerburg fit the typical techie profile? Great with computers, a little unsure socially? Not that he has anything to be unsure of. Smart, not too bad looking, and rolling in moolah – if he ever makes up his mind to be an ass, then that’s just going to be sad.

  23. You will have to do another one of these posts when/if you ever meet Frank Mir. That guy seems exactly like Hughes, and yet when I see him outside of talking about MMA, he seems like an OK guy.

    1. I actually know people really close to Frank and they say he is a really good guy. But I have never met him in person

    2. Ditto, Shoe and I are both close with Robert Drysdale, and Robert is close friends with Frank, and Robert says Frank is a wonderful person.

    1. Petes quite a charector. I have known him for a long time. Good guy… funny, cocky brit like you would expect… but again good guy.

  24. That was a pretty cool post, I enjoyed it! I’ve met with Mark Cuban and Conan O’Brien before… both very very nice and will take the time to talk with almost anyone. The same can’t be said for the majority of people with a lot of mega money…

  25. I met Hughes once when he was out and about. he was TOTALLY nice and bought me and my friends drinks all night. I guess maybe the hot chick theory is true? (I have a few gorgeous friends.)

  26. I met LeBron James earlier this year at a charity event. He was SO NICE to me. Met a few other basketball players over the years. Most of them didn’t want much to do with me, but none were as rude as some of the stories above.

    1. Hey I met Shaq and Kobe once too. I saw Kobe in Disneyland. πŸ˜€ He was a nice guy. But he was with his family, so didn’t really get to talk to him.

  27. I am making it my goal in life that someday, YOU’LL be asking to meet ME, Shoe.

  28. Wooooooooooow, you got to meet a lot of famous and interesting people, Shoe! I’m jealous.

  29. Doesn’t fame warrant a level of being something of a jerk? After all, you’re above the hoi polloi. My brother once told me that Michael Jordan was a phenomenal dick. He’d snub fans, reporters, peers and whomever had the bad luck to be within firing range. Didn’t seem to hurt his career any.

    1. I don’t agree that Superstardom = jerkwad. Michael Jordan might have been a snob, and maybe he was in the right, but Michael Jackson was never a dick, and if there was ever a superstar, he was it.

      1. True. I’ve heard of famous people who are really sweet and nice in real life. But I’ve also heard of not-so-famous people who are total a-holes. I guess it doesn’t matter whether you’re famous or not; a person with a good attitude remains with a good attitude wherever he is.

  30. I met ShoeMoney at the first TechCrunch conference a few years back. His blog wasn’t as big then, and I wasn’t yet an avid reader, but I knew who he was and made a point to talk to him. He stopped and talked to my business partner and I for much longer than he needed to just to be nice (he showed genuine interest) and was almost definitely the nicest person at the conference.

  31. I’ve only ever heard good things about the Facebook creator. I guess someone who loves networking so much should be nice.

  32. I guess fame really changes some people. But in fairness to the few who have kept their feet on the ground, this isn’t always the case.

  33. I met a lot of celebs too, and most are pretty nice. Some were too busy or just didn’t have the time to take a photo with a stranger. I’m not a fan of anyone, so I don’t really get offended when a celeb declines for a photo.

  34. Wow, Mark Zuckerberg looks young. Well he is young so of course he’d look young. But I thought he’d look a little older now that Facebook’s become successful.

    I don’t know why I thought of that, lol. Maybe some of the success goes in your head and causes wrinkles? Haha

    1. You know what they say about maintaining a good disposition in life. It keeps you looking young and fresh. I don’t think he’ll wear his years badly at all.

  35. I’m sorry I didn’t pay proper attention to you. Next time I will try to do better.

  36. Interesting post, Jeremy. I never knew you’ve met a lot of celebrities! I’ve met a few, but I never bothered to take pictures with them since I’m not a huge fan. Strangely enough I’ve never seen any of my favorite celebs in person. Too bad.

  37. Paris Hilton! I thought it was Perez, lol. But yeah, I heard she’s really nice and accommodating in person. She even smiles and says hello to paparazzis.

  38. Great post. I read this blog post before by a Tony award-winning actress. She said she knew some actors who didn’t like signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. And she was saying, these fans live miles away, they come from miles away just to see you perform in a play, and all they want is a signature or a picture, and you can’t even give them that? It’s just a simple request. Ah, the importance of humility and kindness.

  39. That’s a long list of well-known personalities. Have you ever met someone who’s so big, like Oprah? I wonder if Oprah allows pictures.

  40. Big John McCarthy seems like a sweetheart. πŸ™‚ Not a UFC fan, but my husband is, and I’m pretty sure he’d be interested to see your fan photos.

  41. Interesting how you can usually tell from fan photos which are the nice celebs. Their smiles aren’t forced, and they look comfortable to pose with a stranger. Nice post, Shoemoney.

  42. A lot of the people who suddenly get rich and popular become jerks. I’m not saying all people, just mostly. Maybe it’s because they can’t handle the success well and don’t know what they’re supposed to do.

    It also has something to do with the nature of the job. It’s more common for singers, actors, sports celebs to become jerks because they interact with a lot of people. They find out how popular they are almost immediately.

    But businessmen, writers, artists, not so much. And that’s because there’s a select number of people who look up to them. They don’t know how much they’ve become famous until they go out.

    1. I’ve known quite a few movie stars, sports celebs, CEO’s of fortune 500 businesses, etc, and even 2 lottery winners. Seems if you were a jerk and become rich you stay a jerk, and if you are wonderful and become rich, you stay wonderful. The great thing is that most of the truly massively successful guys I have known in any field, were great guys all the way through. I don’t think you can truly ever make it to the absolute top in anything, without having a clean heart. πŸ™‚

    2. That’s true. If you’re not a Hollywood/sports person you wouldn’t feel your popularity that much.

  43. I wish I had your guts, Shoe. I saw this male celeb a month ago (I won’t say who he is haha) but I didn’t have the guts to take a picture with him. I didn’t even say hi! I just stared at him with my mouth hanging open. πŸ™

  44. Yes what goes around comes around…be nice to people even though you’ve become successful..be humble still..you never know when you would need others’ favours again. Great pics Shoemoney! Hope to see more photos from your events!!

  45. Since we’re in the topic of celebrities you’ve met, is there any other celebrity or well-known person that you want to meet in the future? Me, I’m not sure. There are a lot of interesting people out there, but I’m not interested to meet them. Maybe I’ll change my mind later

  46. All my friends and acquaintances who have seen or met Kevin Rose in person all say he’s a good guy. Or he seems like a good guy, at least.

  47. You’re lucky you got to meet and be friends with some of the UFC guys!

    Anyway, yeah, that’s life. Some people think they’re too big to mingle with “normal people”. They’re going to lose their fame and fortune soon anyway, you’ll see.

  48. I’m surprised you got Paris Hilton to smile. And she looks really comfortable with you. I thought rich celebrities like her are snobs. I don’t get it though why some of the people you met were complete jerks when they’re not even THAT famous. I say get over yourself, unless you’re Madonna or Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or someone really huge.

  49. Mark Zuckerberg seems like a nice guy for someone who founded a really successful social network site. Even if you don’t know him you’ll probably wonder who he is just because he has a lot of people surrounding him.

  50. Did any of the famous internet marketers you’ve met find out you’re The Shoemoney? ‘Coz hey, you’re pretty famous too. I bet you have a bunch of fanboys/fangirls who’d love to get your picture with your Shoemoney shirt πŸ˜€

  51. Nice Shoe..i wish i had the chance to do that too.But i’m afraid it is impossible.

  52. Cool. I don’t usually ask for pictures of famous people, just signatures, which my friends find weird. Well I don’t have a camera with me most of the time, so I just ask for signatures.

  53. Shoe, have you ever discovered if anyone has blogged about meeting you?

  54. This works in a lot of ways – if you’re nice, people wish you well, and all that positive energy goes out into the universe and makes things happen for you! πŸ™‚

      1. What, you don’t believe that if you’re unjustly disliked, the karma falls onto your haters?

  55. Man, I’m disappointed Scoble is a jerk in real life. Was he really a jerk, you think, or did he just seem like a jerk at that time? Maybe it was just bad timing on your part.

    1. A lot of times, this could be the case, especially with people who aren’t used to their fame yet. they could be feeling vulnerable and awkward, or pressured into meeting and greeting as many people as possible. Or they could just be having an off day.

      But Shoe still has a point. No matter how bad your day is getting – and really, no one’s dying if you’re an a convention, then have the decency to be at least halfway nice to people who want to talk to you. Do you really want to go down in their memories forever as someone who was (and they will always and forever assume that you continue to be) an ass?

      There’s an adage that says you only get one chance at making a first impression. Make sure it’s the right one.

  56. If you FAIL at respect for your fellowman, you FAIL at life. No matter how many millions of dollars you make.

  57. I think it’s one of the best things a person can say about someone who has made it – it’s not the size of their wallet, but the size of their heart.

  58. Not surprised with your jerk list, Shoe. Only person who surprised me was Mayweather. I thought he was a douche! But his dad, Mayweather Sr. totally gives me douche vibes. He likes to talk trash even if he’s not the one fighting anymore.

  59. Every time I come upon a person who’s nice online but a complete douche in public, I say a quick wish for their early down fall.

  60. Great photos! And don’t mind the rude/mean famous people. They’re not going to stay famous for long.

  61. Fame’s a funny thing. Some people can handle it, some people can’t.

  62. Maybe some of these people aren’t really jerks, they’re just not in the mood to meet fans. But there’s a few people described here that sound like complete jerks, like Houston Alexander and Matt Hughes.

  63. Now I know which famous internet people are potential jerks in real life. I wouldn’t wanna waste my time asking for a photo of a jerk in an internet marketing convention.

  64. I met BJ Penn at In-N-Out Burger in Vegas after UFC 84. He could not have been a nicer guy – he actually offered to interrupt his meal to sign things for me and my girlfriend. I’m a fan for life.

  65. Maybe @scobleizer isnt a dick
    maybe he has really shitty people skills due to extended hours on the computer.
    Looking at his pic he looks like the stereotypical no girlfriend chubby nerd sat in front of the computer pulling his pud so that seems like the best explanation.

    1. This may be true. If you scroll up, you’ll se he actually left a comment apologizing. Sometimes people are just distracted and don’t realize they’re being jerks.

  66. If I was the founder of Facebook I’d probably be awkward too. Well, even if I’m not a founder of a cool site I can be pretty awkward in person. So I don’t blame Mark Zuckerberg.

  67. It’s so cool to know that Chuck Liddell’s a nice guy. You see the UFC guys brawling and you sort of assume that they’d be all “grrr, argh” when they’re out in the streets, and bullying people just because they can.

    1. Hahahaha! just goes to show that you really can’t tell what a person is like, even with obvious markers, like what they do for a living.

  68. It’s too bad that Houston Alexander turned out to be a bad egg. He’s a single father, raising six kids, after all. You’d think he’d be nicer. But then again, what would you expect from someone nicknamed “The Assassin”?

  69. I’m LOLing at that pic of you and Robert Scoble. He’s all “YEAH!” And the look on your face says “yeah, whatever, douchebag.”

  70. I’ve always been too shy to go up to a person and ask for their picture and/or autograph. I would always worry that they’d be mean or something. You go, Shoe!

  71. OMG SQUEEEEEE you met Paris Hilton! I’m something of a fan. How’d she manage to get away from her bodyguards to get her picture taken with you?

  72. That Mayweather story just cracks me up. You just signalled him out of the car? For all he knew, you could have been a stalker, or something!

  73. Amazing what media and editing can do to someone. Makes them be or seem to be whoever they want..lol

    This was a cool post, lil jealous that you met all those people,, but still very cool..

    Hughes just looks like a dick even in his interviews..he’s not that good anymore to be that BIG a dick.

  74. You know, Mayweather does come off as something of an ass when he’s on TV. I guess it’s always better to discover that someone who pretends to be a jerk really isn’t than finding out that someone whom you always thought would be at least kind of nice is really a mean, mean person.

  75. It’s awesome to learn about Chuck Liddell’s investments. I tried to Google it to find out more but so far, no luck.

  76. Damn, that’s quite a list of interesting people you’ve met. Nice to hear your experiences.

    Yes, you do look a little hammered in the McCarthy picture!

  77. All of the fights are on in our house my Husband cannot get enough of UFC, Boxing, and Wrestling-I think we pay like a few hundred bucks a month in PPV.

  78. Oh can’t believe my eyes that u met so many people

    Its always fun to read all your posts

  79. I’ve met a few celebrities in the past and all have been very nice. I’ve found the NHL hockey players to be the most humble and down to earth.

  80. The UFC fighters are pretty sweet. But Paris Hilton. Come-on. You probably caught something.

  81. Hey Jeremy,

    Thats a great post! Im a big time fan of the UFC from about UFC 35 or so.

    Great to see how Dana and company grew the business from where it was then to now.

    Chuck owning the clubs is great ha ha – hes a legend. loved his book

    easy man,


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