Here are all the entries for the ShoeMoney System Theme Song Contest. Please let us know who you think should win in the comments.

Our staff will choose a winner and it will be announced on Friday!

Your ShoeMoney Staff Judges:

David Dellanave @ddn on twitter
Casandra Siefkes @Casandra_Rae on twitter
Tigh Buckles @tighb on twitter
Matt Turner @epocson
Jarrod Parde @jparelle on twitter
Carly Huter @carlyhuter on twitter
Eddie Machado @EddieMachado on twitter.

Hit them up on twitter and let them know who should win and why!

Davor Gasparevic

Mathew Carpenter

Brandon Fletcher


Ko The Legend

Yaniv Solomon

The Farstarians

Rob Hustle


Ramone Jones

Jason and Steve



Daniel Likin and Jonathan Ardico

Affiliate Case Studies



Nix Bidonne

Mike T.






Vince Da Prince

*Added* Michael/Jeremy/Mike

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

245 thoughts on “Theme Song Contest Entries”
  1. Also want to give some credits for brian´s theme! It is newthinking and very original with those notes!

  2. Some were bad, but some were REALLY GOOD. And there’s such a variety of choices. There were songs that are perfect as theme songs/jingles, and there were really well-made, well-produced pop-style songs, and there were those (the bad ones) that were just beats, rap, and loops. Honestly it’s kinda tough to vote when there’s such a variety. But after careful consideration, I decided to go for……..

    *drum roll*

    KO The Legend.

    I thought his entry was AWESOME.

  3. I think the riff on the first video’s a bit too long. The part where the rhythm kicks in is pretty cool, though.

  4. The judging seems fair. My top three: KO The Legend, Somesh, Jason & Steve. Good job, guys!

    But my vote: KO The Legend.

    Special award to Dan, because of his creative video and guitar-playing skills. 🙂

  5. Liked Jason and Steve’s. It’s not a theme song, but I like it. But… I’m afraid it’s KO The Legend for me. Nice beats, perfect length.

  6. Seems like Rob Hustle enjoyed making his song. 😉 Judging from the fact his entry is 3-minute long. You guys did a great job, tho! But I’m not voting yet. Have to grab something to eat. I’ll listen to all the entries later.

    1. It is a bit long, plus there’s not a lot of things to remember about it. It sounds like one of those background tracks you see while watching video streaming.

  7. I said on the other post I was looking for something unique and creative, so I’m voting for Dan. But boy, a 4-minute theme song! It’d be better if he cut it.

  8. I like disco and RnB and whatever music, but (and this is an important “but”) I’m voting for the song that’s the most commercial-jingle-sounding. So Brian, it is.

    I’m really impressed with some of the songs. Good luck, guys.

  9. i liked brian’s too! i though it was easy to listen to plus easy to remember.

    1. I dunno… to me, and this is just my opinion here, folks, Brian’s entry sounds like a toothpaste commercial. Or one of those old-style jingles from the 70’s promoting some burger joint.

      1. That’s exactly why I like it. It reminds me of tv commercial jingles that get stuck in your mind. It just plays on and on and on in your subconscious. 😀

        1. This would work. Imagine if it does get stuck somehow in the minds of everyone who hears it, and they have to go to the site to find out what it’s all about! Now all we have to do is find a captive audience, like people waiting for their Facebook pages to load.

  10. I think theme songs should strike the perfect balance between a catchy melody and memorable and relevant lyrics. A lot of the rap-style theme songs sadly missed the mark.

    1. Well, well, everybody’s a critic. I don’t see you making up videos to join the contest. What makes you think you can do better?

      1. You don’t see me posting a video or a theme song because I have a realistic grasp of my musical talent. As to being a critic, I think I am entitled to my opinion, especially since I do know what a theme song is for.

      2. Awww, lighten up, Marnie. It isn’t as though people are picking on them. They’re just offering their opinions.

          1. Nah. I’m just tired of people criticizing things and not offering a better solution. Take the thread on health care, for instance.

  11. A lot of the tunes here aren’t really theme songs, they’re just digitized sound bytes with the word “Shoemoney” worked in between some references to earning and such.

    1. I agree. And the loops and creepy digitized voices that come out of nowhere, saying SHOEMONEY!

      1. you mean those that go SHOEMONNEH!!! 😀

        i thought most were okay. not that bad, but not good either. only a few were good, imho.

      2. Eeeep! Now that you point it, the disembodied voices whispering the site name does come of as creepy. For all you know, they could be saying “gimme your soul”.

        1. This comment made me LOL. As to the raspy “SHOEMONNEH” voice, I don’t think death metal is the way to go for a theme song at all.

  12. Meh. Not feeling most of the songs. But if I have to choose one, let’s see. Somesh? Yes, I vote for Somesh.

    1. This may be irrelevant, but I like their logo. I guess it made it look more professionally made, though of course nobody’s going to see the logo if the submission wins.

  13. Rob Hustle. Kidding! I liked his song but isn’t it too long?

    KO the legend, since it’s catchy.

  14. Definitely gotta say Jason & Steve, went back and listened again. Perfect length, neutral tone most people would not be offended by and just sounds good. Good job by them.

  15. Jason & Steve reminded me of 90s music. Like the chill pop rock music in the mid to late 90s. I like it!

  16. I’m having a hard time listening to the videos since my browser’s acting up. I have to restart 🙁 I’ll vote later.

  17. Being a theme song/jingle contest, I’d have to go with Brian’s. Very catchy, easy to understand. It’s a simple and memorable melody, exactly what you should be looking for in a jingle.

  18. Almost all of the submissions aren’t jingles. Brian’s is the only one that has a catchy melody and very clever words. Brian takes the cake on this one!

  19. I liked those made by Fansters, Jason & Steve, and Somesh the best. These really seem like good, solid theme songs that will help people remember the site and what it’s about.

    1. I agree that these are the best of the bunch. What voters seem to be forgetting is that you’re not supposed to be picking out a song that sounds like it could be used at the MTV awards, but a song that would serve a purpose for the Shoemoney site.

  20. How come I feel like I’ve heard some of the beats and tunes before? I couldn’t tell if some were completely original.

  21. When I think theme song, I think “Friends” and “Cheers”. Those songs made the shows so memorable that whenever they were played, people would remember the show and have trouble remembering the title of the song. Now *that’s* what you call a successful theme song.

  22. If this were a music video competition I would gladly vote for Dan. There’s just no contest.

    But since this is a theme song competition I’m not sure which entry to vote for. I’m split between Heckman13 and KO the legend. Sooooo I guess I have to come back later to decide who is my final vote.

  23. I can’t choose between Heckman13 and Brian. I thought those were the best jingles.

  24. These are all AWFUL other then Rob Hustle.

    I would cut out the intro of the Hustle song and use the rest of it as your song. It’s catchy and the lyrics are SICK! It gets me pumped.

      1. I would agree that Rob Hustles was the best, but would you really want that type of language associated with your business. I mean come on the guy uses the Lords name in vain more than once.

        I would not walk, but run from any Business to Business type of company that tried to use that language in their theme song.


    1. Agreed – other than Rob Hustle killing it, then a couple of other decent ones, the rest were absolute garbage. Don’t quit your day job, fellas. I’m sure Hustle could turn his into a 30 second short stroke if Shoemoney wants something shorter.

    1. Just checking here. When some people say “Fansters” do they mean “The Farstarians?” Would love it if they did. But wanted to make sure.

  25. I didn’t like a lot of the submissions. They were too heavy on the synthetic sound for me. But I definitely liked the Fansters submission.

  26. Most theme songs are much longer than what’s used, so the lengths of some of these is np. There’s more of a problem with them being too short, it doesn’t give the company much to pull from. My vote? Rob Hustle

  27. Hilarious! The entries are great. Kudos to everyone who participated. Looks like quite a bit of work. I really enjoyed viewing these.

    My favorite is The Farstarians. Fun lyrics. I also liked Brandon Fletcher’s song and Ko The Legend. Ko put a lot of thought into his video and song.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Oh yeah, that one was cool too…better get it into the mix for voters. Hope they didn’t lose out on votes!

      1. Yeah, bummer cuz Blue Condition is a whole rock band which would be cool for a theme song cuz they could play at the mansion or private gig.

  28. What fun stuff. I listened to these songs with one thing in mind. If you were being announced on stage and this were the theme to bring you out… what would pump you up, look like it belonged and put everyone in a good mood.

    My choices are (in order):
    Jason & Steve
    Heckman 13
    and Ko the legend

    They just seem to fit your look and your personality! 🙂

  29. I need some advice for my blog….I like your layout. Can you help me? 2 5 6

  30. Hey everyone, we were left off, but now we’re on the bottom. We worked hard in a studio for hours, so please take a listen. Thanks!!

    1. So… contrary to popular believe this is not a vote… we just want to hear peoples opinions about who they think should win. So feel free to state your case 😉

      1. Well that’s good, we thought we were out of luck because we were added late in the game. Well more then anything, we hope your staff turns it up and rocks out to it!

      2. Oh. So we don’t get to influence the vote? That’s fair, I suppose. Anyway I like Heckman13’s entry.

        1. influence yes…. decide no…

          It would be far to easy to game the comment system… if you only saw all the duplicate ips =P

          1. I think you should totally out all of the fakers!!!

            uh…ummm..unless I am one of them.

      3. Hi Jeremy,
        Sorry – I don’t understand. When you say, “State your case”, do you mean the producers need to say what inspired them and why they should be chosen? I thought that the people voting are mean to explain that bit about their choices. Sorry – I’m a bit confused, because I see some of the producers stating their case here (and that’s fine too, because it’s interesting to see how each version came about). But I’m just checking here. Also, is the voting by Twitter or is the voting here on the blog by the no. of posts favoring a certain entry?
        Thanks so much!

        1. Somesh – FYI akismet flags your IP and email as spam so all your comments are going directly into my spam. Might want to fix that.

          Its pretty basic. People can say who they like and why. Our staff will choose the winner.

          1. Hi Jeremy,
            Very sorry about the ‘spam’ bit. Is it possible to please un-flag it from your admin? Thanks! I think my browser froze on me a couple of times and that’s what might have triggered the spam alert on Akismet.
            Appreciate your help in un-flagging it.

      4. Hi Blue Condition,
        I just wanted to encourage you guys that you did a great job. I have been a fulltime music producer for over 15 years (recording engineer for one of the Fleetwood Mac founder members) and I know what it is like to work away at a studio for hours. My entry was kind of rushed, so I didn’t have too much time, but I do hope you folks get some votes.
        I also like Jason and Steve’s entry and I told them so.
        Wish you the best.

    off the hook hard body karate son ! i think lil wayne gonna call soon, the jewish lil wayne = lil hiam !

  32. Most of these entries are dreadful, but Michael/Jeremy/Mike’s late entry saved the day!

  33. Haha “NERDS FINISH FIRST!!!1!1!!one”

    Rob Hustle & Brandon: So gangster!
    Ko the Legend: A little too auto-tuned for my taste, heheh.Cher?Izachu?
    Mike T.: Clear, sweet, simple, I like it!

    Winner: Mike T., fer shiz.

  34. Weird. I received of bunch of replies in the main thread saying I should’ve won, but on this thread no one is saying anything!

    I just want to say that I wrote, recorded, produced, and performed my theme song entry BY MYSELF, if that adds anything to it. My birthday is also Friday!

    …and there you have it – that’s why I should win. Haha.

    1. I don’t know if you guys are trolling or if you mean it, but alright, already. We all saw you the first time.

    1. Okay, priscilla. We got it. You like Brandon Fletcher. No need to comment twice/thrice/multiple times.

  35. I entered this contest (cough) but I’m kind of diggin, “Vince Da Prince”

    It’s the only one that doesn’t make my head hurt…lol

  36. State our cases? It dawned on me that it was an awesome opportunity. If I could produce (regardless of actually winning):

    A) A decently good, understandable & meaningful song with a call to action at the end…
    B) A video that captured attention early and told a story that was entertaining for a YouTube audience
    C) Work on ranking high in YouTube search for “shoemoney” & “shoemoney system” & eventually other affiliate type keywords…
    D) If A,B,C were done well, people will follow my link eventually – generating ShoeMoney System (affiliate) sales when/if they sign up weeks/months/years into the future – and if video is neat enough and catches on anytime in the future and goes viral… booyaaaaaa for me and sales/sign ups.
    E) Click-throughs to my other vid(s) (/cough AdSense STATSeriser /cough)
    F) I got my wife to wear a headband…
    G) Develop a project completely FUN and goofy for a change…
    H) If any one of A – G happened, it’d be a win-win experience.
    I) And if I won, that’d definitely be awesome.

    But I knew just putting up a 30 second song with minimal graphics on YouTube would prolly be a waste of time – on many levels. So I developed this project over 3 weeks – to the very best of my ability – and wanted to take advantage of the opporunity of this contest – in any way humanly possible.

    And even though the effort will most-likely have been pro-bono if even A-E doesn’t happen (that was always a possibility), it was an awesome 3 weeks of driving my wife nuts. I actually think she throws up in her mouth a little now, every time I ask her to watch the new thing I added to the shoemoney vid.

    It’s over now though and I only regret not working in our goldendoodle somewhere. She was too scared to get anywhere near the action.

    Vote for because cats are cool, you like my Steve Vai impression at 2:27 and I worked Nature Walker’s Scimitar into a lyric and made it meaningful (recovering EQ addict – 2.5 years clean)!

    Good luck to all,
    Dan Stewart

    1. I enjoyed your entry as well! It’s the only one with acoustics, and I like that you’re actually in the video.

  37. Rob Hustle’s is pretty good, but man, with those blazing horns, and the dope effects, JT Graphics gets my vote!

  38. Wow, I’m impressed – a lot of very tight and professional choices… it’s just a question of personal taste, and I’m a hip hop head, so I’ll go with Brandon Fletcher.

  39. Story behind my entry:
    I found the Shoemoney System song contest on March 24th, 2 days before the deadline. Being a long-time supporter of Jeremy and his ventures i knew right away that i wanted to be involved in this project, i needed to do this. $1k and partying @ the Playboy Mansion? Sign me up!

    My initial excitement quickly faded as a wave of logic and reason came over me. I thought to myself, how the hell am i supposed to make a catchy, entertaining and effective marketing jingle for one of the most successful and sought after internet marketers in the world, in 48 hours no less?

    My visceral excitement for personal glory, dollar bills and half-naked women soon faded into doubt. Doubt that began to drain my aspirations of success. Frustrated and unsure, I clicked back to the contest page and sat there, wondering. Should i or shouldn’t i? I sat there for 20 minutes, ‘shoulding’ all over myself.

    Still Unsure of my next move, i browsed away from the contest page and accidently came across an older blog post titled “Are you scared shitless?”
    Everyone needs to read it:
    The last two sentences of that blog post really struck a chord with me: “Failure is something i can deal with. REGRET IS NOT.” I sat there, letting those words sink in. Can i do this? Meh… I’m still on the fence. I begin to surf aimlessly on the shoemoney site and soon find myself on the “About” section.

    I read Jeremy’s story: Fired from multiple jobs. $50k in debt. Struggling with his weight.
    Fast forward to where Jeremy is today: Happily married and healthy, a leader in his industry & financially abundant beyond his wildest dreams.

    Jeremy’s story is compelling not BECUASE of his achievements, but HOW he achieved them.

    If you read the Shoemoney blog you know that Jeremy is candid about his failures. He pointed out that 5 in 500 ideas actually worked for him. Thats a 1% success rate folks. Based on this logic, we should allexpect to fall flat on our faces 99% of the time. But it’s the 100th attempt, the 496th idea, that really changes our lives.

    It not about getting it perfect from the 1st time around…it’s about setting a goal, working your ass off, learning and adjusting along the way. Tenacity and consistency always prevail.

    Jeremy started his transformation from an extremely disadvantageous place in his life. If he didn’t make excuses for himself back then, why the hell am I now? That was it. I’m DOING this.

    On March 24th I started a project that would require 10x the amount of time and effort that I originally planned for.

    On March 26th, after blowing off phone calls from friends and family, spending hours in my friends living room tuning and refining my song…I finished my labor of love.

    My Shoemoney theme song is a product of passion, not a product of perfection 🙂

    Much love & respect to all who have put in the time & effort into making their submissions.

    To all of you who started and finished, bravo.
    To all of you still waiting to start something, there is no better time than right now. No regrets.

    Goodluck and godspeed,

    Mike T.

  40. Nice ones… You should pick 2 or 3 and target different people with different songs, hard to pick 1, a few good ones.

  41. This isn’t even a contest. Brandon Fletcher all the way to the bank. The other entries are like the video equivalent of lorem ipsum though right?

  42. It’s hard to pick just one. Uhm. I thought Rob Hustle was too long, but it had catchy beats. Maybe if he cut it it’s going to be more themesong-appropriate. KO The Legend was great, but it wasn’t very memorable for me. I thought Somesh, Dan, and Frastarians (spelled correctly?) were different, and Jason & Steve had a nice, commercial melody.

  43. Did I vote already? I don’t remember. If I haven’t I’m voting for Somesh. I’m not even sure if I voted already! if I already did then disregard this one. 😛

  44. I see a lot of Rob Hustle fans. 😀 Each to his own, I guess? I liked the Farstarians, Daniel Likin/Jonathan Ardico, and Blue Condition, the late entry. I like em with no rap.

  45. OK, just listened to everyone’s work. That took a long time. My vote will be for… this was a hard decision, guys… for… good luck to everyone…

    for… um…


    I thought that was good. But I don’t know if I have good taste in music. Anyway I liked Heckman 13. Good job!

  46. I’m back!!!

    Brandon Fletcher. But I think I was influenced by Priscilla and GC, haha.

  47. I loved “Mike T.” entry….

    – good music selecion
    – the story, hit all the major points
    – very catchy tune that still lingers in my head

    so, for me…. Mike T. for sure 🙂

  48. Oops I hit the submit comment too soon. For serious though, I can’t just choose one. I like four entries: Brandon, KO, Rob Hustle (but it’s too long), and Dan. Dan is like my wild card choice. I like his video.

    1. Well, he’s not really paying for people to vote for him, just spreading the wealth around just in case he wins.

    2. You can’t “pay for votes”. If you read the post, it shows about 8 JUDGES. The winner isn’t determined by votes in the comments.

    3. So that’s why I see a lot of BRANDON FLETCHER SHOULD WIN comments. I read the comments on that thread, and Rob Hustle has lots of fans there. Too bad for Brandon.

      And sorry, I don’t think you can submit an entry anymore. Shoe made it clear the deadline was March 27th midnight.

    4. I’m voting for Brandon Fletcher then! 😀 I’m kidding, I voted already. And Shoe’s staff will decide who the winner is, anyway.

    5. A chance to win $200 is pretty strong incentive for someone to vote for his video, though, regardless of whether or not that someone honestly thinks he deserves to win. It’s a good thing that only staff gets to actually vote on who gets to win.

  49. Mike T. Hands down. Clear, catchy, concise and witty. The hook is stuck in my head. Precisely the quality you look for in a good theme song. The choice is clear in my opinion.

  50. Hats off to everyone who created an entry, great effort. Interested to find out if all videos are being viewed equally often or if some attract many more viewings with their ‘opening shot’?

  51. Wow. 150 comments and more. Lots of people (and maybe trolls :P) dropping by to vote.

  52. Hey Jeremy, just thinking out loud here:
    The perk of having a full band write your theme song is that they could perform it at any events you go to. 🙂 Now how cool with that be?

    I hope people haven’t over looked our video because we’re at the bottom of the list.

  53. Mike T all the way!!!
    Awesome lyrics and upbeat music…
    Had a great laugh listening to the song and got a clear picture of the essence of ShoeMoney System!!!
    Mike T rocks!!

  54. Mike T hands down…

    Ive been involved in the industry for longer than i would like to admit, and the submission by Mike T is by leaps and bounds stronger than the other “contestants”

  55. Mike T. absolutely destroyed it. This is not even a competition. In the words of my good friend Lil Wayne…

    They (the other attempts) never make it rain, like Southern California. Where’s your umbrella? Now get your raincoat. Baby Mike T. make it flood, now you gon’ need a boat

  56. We’d like to thank everyone for their kind words and encouragement, at the end of the day guys, it’s been fun, and everyone’s entries were great in their own individual ways. Good luck to all the other contestants!

  57. I retract my statement from my previous post in the submissions thread. There are a few really good ones here!

  58. All the entries were good, but if I had to choose one that seemed like an actual brandable jingle, it would have to be Jason & Steve. Its catchy, stuck in my head for sure. Plus you can tell other contestants have just spammed their pals to flood this post with “XXXX CONTESTANT IS THE GREATEST” even if they have a very bad rap song that makes no sense.

  59. Jason and Steve. All the way.
    Catchy. Gets stuck in your head, in a good way.
    Well written, informative, makes sense.

    Plus, it’s fun.

  60. Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Mike T.
    Vote Mike T or Die!

  61. I’ll totally get flamed for this, but I didn’t really like Mike T’s I liked Jason and Steve’s.

  62. Mike T. Sucks! Even Rob Hustle was better than that. (not hating on Rob his flows are ill)

  63. After listening to every entry (took a lot longer than I thought it would) I have to admit there is definitely some talent here. If I had to pick one, however, I would throw my support behind Mike T’s submission for a few reasons;

    1st) This submission has a better lyrical flow than the others, and as the son of a lifetime musician this was a huge sell for me.

    2nd) Mike T actually took the time to detail the motivations behind the entry, which emphasized the significant substance behind his work. He also understands the considerable time that goes into making a quality piece, and eagerly engaged in the challenge. Mike T, in my opinion, is the only contestant that realizes the intrinsic value of music is derived from a determined focus on the process itself rather than a rush to the finish.

    3rd) I have been surrounded by music throughout my entire life, and over the years (more than I would like to openly admit) I have learned to identify that musical “spark” that only a few possess (myself definitely not included). Mike T, I believe, does have this rare and highly sought after trait, which is clearly demonstrated in his most enjoyable submission.


  64. O.K. I think that Mike T. may get the award for best gaming of the comments. After reading them, I was starting to wonder, did I miss something? So I went back and listened to it.

    I still say, #1 J.T. graphic, for truly musical genius, followed by Rob Hustle, (Find myself singing along at home to myself his lines sometimes), and in third place decay, (or Shoemoney if it is him), just plain funny, especially the last lines at the end after the video is over.

  65. Oh my god, lot of entries but only very few! ok i select one entire! Somesh’s

    I like Somesh’s song for many reasons!

    1. Lyrics is awesome, it exactly tells about shoemoney system!

    2. Music is excellent, while listening to somesh song i feel like to dance! excellent!

    3. This song exactly looks like a theme song (100% it fit for Shoemoney)

    I hate one thing from some other songs! Why they using f**k word in the song? it is theme song! song itself tells about shoemoney. Using f**k word in the theme song, it not looks good! peoples hate that!

  66. I’m voting for Somesh! It brands Shoemoney System as a clean and legitimate way to learn how to make money online. Not like some punk themes and something that would even drive your mother away 🙂

  67. Blue Condition’s is a great theme song cuz I could totally see you walking out on stage to it. Nice jam that could easily be expanded. Plus a full band jammin out something original LIVE is way better than a mix tape. Remember guys…shoe had I’m not sure he likes popcorn and bubblegum. Need something edgy like that dudes MMA song you posted a few days back.

  68. I have to vote for the Farstarians. Most memorable line from all these entries…”all your mother-f*ckin money.” GREATNESS!!

  69. I prefer Somesh’s song because it is outright, clean and straight to the point. It has good appropritae content delivered in a hip sort of way.

    There are some entries who seem to want to appeal to “lust of the flesh” and will tend to attract some foldks who just want to view – and are not serious at all of building a business. They will generate some interest…but what kind?

    A theme song speaks volumes for the company it represents.

  70. My vote is for Somesh, I’ve been a fan of his music for a while now. The lyrics are clean, focused on how the Shoemoney System can earn money and the beat makes you want to get up and dance.

  71. My vote: Somesh.

    Why? It’s obvious that the man knows what he is doing, and the music fits the “theme song” genre perfectly.

    As for some of the other submissions.. seriously? Do you honestly think that Jeremy would want his system identified with juvenile and lyrically shallow music? That’s just my opinion, though. If I am wrong about this, then I don’t think Somesh would want HIS name associated with the SMS.

    Good luck to all the contestants. Everybody put in a lot of work to make it happen, so you all deserve to be in the ‘running’.

  72. Hey J! im glad you are doing the voting like this I just want to make sure mine dont get overlooked by other people with huge networks gettin there friends in here. I dont know if you seen my other post about even if not winning possibly using it as a radio song cause I flipped it in a way its about your biz but still street.

    Either way.. I hope to win im not gonna lie . lol

  73. M to the I to the K to the E, Mike T for the money baby!!

    Is he single?

    Mike T is a serious bad ass. He makes dollars and cents.

  74. I’m voting for Somesh. His lyrics are outstanding from the rest, they do what you want a theme song to do, they promote the Shoemoney System well. I have to mention they are clean also,which I also think is important for a theme song. The tune is really catchy and it sticks in your head, you find yourself humming the tune and singing the words to yourself, which is the sign of a winner, and the production is truly professional.

  75. The Farstarians are terrific. It was edgy but still decipherable. And it fits with the ambitions of affiliate marketers to make a lot of money.

  76. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the support here. There are many people here who voted for my entry, even though I don’t even know who they are.
    Thank you everyone, for your encouragement and support.

    I’ve been involved in studio / music production work for the last 15 years and have done all types of work – from producing children’s songs to some of my own music, as well as being a recording engineer for well-known blues legend, Jeremy Spencer – inducted into the Rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame and one of the original Fleetwood Mac founding members.

    I appreciate all the effort that everyone here put into their entries, because I know, having worked many hours on various projects in the studio, that anything of even basic quality, takes a lot of time, some talent and creativity. So hats off to everyone here.

    The idea for my entry for the Shoemoney song came simply because:

    – Jeremy’s got a unique system that helps total newbies learn to be successful from scratch
    – He’s sharing his own secrets and walking them through till they learn the ropes, and he helps tweak non-performing campaigns into successful ones
    – I admire Jeremy for the fact that his story is and will continue to be an inspiration to everyone, considering where he came from, and where he is today.
    – The Shoemoney System is one of the top training programs out there on the internet today, and there is absolutely no excuse for people not to take advantage of the incredible resources (that’s where the lyrics “it’s a training goldmine” came from).
    – With the economic downturn, many people were affected badly and many turned to the internet to look for ways to earn from home, or supplement their income. This scenario is hinted at in the lyrics that talk about “Many people are confused, they’re looking for the clues”, and that is the answer really: something like the Shoemoney System – because of the approach that Jeremy has taken – all through video.
    – The other reason for my song inspiration is: you need to have a call to action, some decision that people need to make. It’s no use having the greatest resources in the world, if you are not going to do anything about it. Hence, the ending – “that’s the one for me!”

    My beat is based on house/dance, and some people say it’s disco, and even though it’s not my preferred style, the reason I chose this, is because with a system like Jeremy’s, you want people to take action, not be laid-back. It needs to be happy, upbeat. When people say that it makes them want to dance, I take it that it moves them to action.

    Whether my entry wins or not, I had a great time, and want to thank my fellow-competitors as well as people who have expressed their appreciation for my entry.

    Thanks once again.


  77. This is fun! I would love to see the ROI though – how much was spent for the theme song contest compared to revenues or results generated (more subscribers, more leads, etc)….at the end of the day it’s about mapping out the ideal revenues and marketing cost metrics to get the best results faster, better and easier than others….that’s the sort of how to info we give at

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