No matter if you are a SEO, PPC Marketer, or just a website developer I guarantee you suffer from the following issues.

  • People steal your landing page.
  • Your site goes down and you don’t know about it.

The latter speaks for itself but people jacking your stuff is by far the biggest problem today.

Yesterday I purchased a service from Nick Koscianski called Landing Page Lockdown

The service takes a multi-prong approach to protecting your websites.

1) It cloaks your website from many known affiliates (over 150,000) in the database.
2) It notifies you if someone has stolen your content.
3) It allows you to take your pages back!

Nick gave me 20 invites for ShoeMoney blog readers if you want to check it out. It is less than $50 a month and offers a money back guarantee.

Here is the link if you are interested in checking it out.

I am pretty excited to see how things go and will do a follow up post reporting my experiences.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

35 thoughts on “Anyone Ever Stole Your Site?”
  1. That definitely looks like a solid resource for internet marketers. I don’t think anyone has stolen my site or landing pages yet, but you never know.

  2. Sounds like an exciting application, a case study on this would make things clear.

    Site Downtime is a good feature, will keep the web host on their toes

  3. Yeah, I have had people steal all kinds of things from me from products with reverse engineering to complete and blatant copying from my sales page.

  4. Honestly, I don’t really care if people take my LPs. It’s so easy for them to take the basic concept and have it redesigned for 20 bucks and the content rewritten for 10 bucks anyway. So if they did that then there would be no way to stop them from ripping your stuff legitimately.

    And if they visit your sites and effectively mask their identity from you then it’s tough to stop them from doing this.

  5. It’s crap. Nick Koscianski AKA Nickycakes is a shady character and will steal your data. Don’t trust this guy. Don’t trust this product.

    1. I wouldn’t trust this product either. Just look at Nick’s past, as well as how he acts online.

      You gotta love his witty humor and above it all attitude. I have no respect for this character, as well as this product that I could create for $50 myself, let alone pay $50/mo.

      1. There’s always the risk of being scammed by the service provider. If one or more users of LPLockdown get ripped off, they’ll let everyone else know and Nick’s credibility will drop to 0. Until now, that’s hasn’t happened.

        About creating it for $50: A lot of people say that, yet when you ask them “so why don’t you really CREATE and USE your $50 anti-theft script?” they say “It’s not worth it” or “I’ve got no time”, which is really annoying.

        1. Yes, they will say that, and they wouldn’t have bought it in the first place because of that: it’s useless to them. No point even marketing to them.

  6. Can never be too careful, sometimes it’s too late when you finally find out your site has been stolen.

  7. i first came to know about this service on wicked fire fourm, it is a very good service indeed

  8. Yeah, wickedfire had a ton of discussions about it, mostly negative. Would probably be better to wait until self-hosted version will be available. 🙂

  9. Checkout monastic it’s free and notifies you if any of your sites go down with an instant email. And it’s free!

  10. Having your site or content stolen is something that happens all the time. Nice to see a product that could potentially help combat this kind of theft.

  11. I caught a tweet from you about this earlier this week and checked them out. Looks like an amazing service. Do they also do duplicate content indexing to check for people scraping?

  12. This is great.

    I’ve written some very successful, very well known online salesletters, and people swipe them all the time… I’m talking word for word.

    I guess this could put a stop to that altogether.

    Thanks for the pointer.

    -David Raybould

    1. This is a great post!

      There have been a numerous amount of times where I have been in the forums where someone has realized that their content is being taken.

      It is one thing to link to a webmaster’s content…. but to steal it is another thing.

      I know that Google penalizes for duplicate content but it still doesn’t prevent people from taking it and using it on their own sites. This service could be very useful.

      Thanks for this tip!

  13. I wouldn’t trust Nick with a dollar, let alone my entire affiliate business…look up his history, it’s very very very shady…and history tends to repeat itself.

  14. Not really worth $50 a month in my opinion. Sure, it could definitely save you some cash (or make you some if it works?) but it’s not the lazy marketers you should be worrying about anyway. The less lazy ones will find a way to get your pages if they want them but they are most likely already doing their own anyway.

    Maybe I’m wrong but regardless of the annoyance of having your pages stolen, those that usually steal them aren’t your biggest worries.

  15. Nice looking service. A bit too rich for my blood for now…..perhaps as my site(s) get larger and more profitable….

  16. Sounds like a pretty worthwhile investment you have to protect your number 1 investment you! People amaze me at what levels they will go to to ruin your business. People that do this should be rounded up and thrown in jail, and lose the keys! Find something more productive to do.

    Great topic!

  17. Well, the cloaking and the downtime notifications look nice and useful, but I really don’t see how the detection of stolen pages and “hijacking” them back can work. The mere suggestion that such “hijacking” can be done makes me suspicious about this.

  18. Good post Shoe!

    I have had my landing pages/sites been stolen several times, can’t even count by fellow members back ad DP and some other websmaster forums, there’s no point in trying to fight this alone because I would need to get a 24/7 job doing this to prevent my sites from being stolen. lol

    I Will have a look at this software it looks interesting.

    P.S I’ve found people that actually copied my landing pages and were re-selling them on several webmasters forums which got me pretty mad ..

  19. Shoe, how’s your experience so far with this? Been looking for a product that protect sites from theft. I want to read reviews first before trying out a service like this.

  20. Sounds like a smart investment. I would not want my site stolen ever. Sounds a lot like website insurance.

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