Lots of people make the argument that you should not ever pay for any “How to make money online product” because all the information is out there for free. And for the most part I agree with that… if you have years to research it.

Well Right now you can pick up a real gem from Frank Kern… one many people paid thousands of dollars for called the 4 day cash machine. And for the next 2 days its 100% Free.

The 4 day cash machine is a straight up cut and paste 4 day email campaign that you can send to your list. It also comes with a video where Frank walks you through exactly why it works and what you need to edit to crush it in your business. He also has some amazing testimonials from people who have done big things with some really small lists. Dont miss this download the 4 day cash machine now.

But I can already hear you… “WTF Shoe you are trying to pitch us something called the 4 day cash machine?”.

Yes… This 4 day cash machine is good shit and most of you can instantly put it to work –

but seriously listen up.

Frank Kern is an Ordained Reverend Pimp Daddy when it comes to selling things online. Right now there is nobody better.

While you are playing pranks on your friends sticking their hands in hot water to get them to piss their pants.

Frank is getting helicopters and trying to convince his friend John Reese the man is out to get him… watch here:

So what is my point?

Kern is macking it hard,  raking in many millions per year.  And for those of you hip to the whole “I know hes just giving this away cause he wants to sell me something later” game even you should get in on this 4 day cash machine because you are right… eventually Frank is going to make a pitch for his new product called List Control and you have a chance to watch the master at work.

His free 4 day cash machine dealio was released yesterday morning and throughout all of the day it was consistently ranked as the Alexa hot url beating out all post Oscar coverage:

For me this is where the real value is. Half of the time when I buy these products its more of a “thank you” because just by being on their pre-launch lists and watching how they do things I learn so much and have so many takeaways.

So no matter who you are. Get in on this latest Frank Kern pre-launch, Get in on the early bird notification,  Get some FREE awesome stuff, and take notes as the man does his thing.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

39 thoughts on “4 Day Cash Machine More Popular Than Oscar Coverage”
  1. I never sign up for things like this but enjoyed the eBook. It seems a bit spammy but I could see how it would convert well.

    Interested to see the follow-up emails I receive on this one.

    1. Oh geez I agree with you on that one. I know probably by tomorrow I’ll have at least 1 follow up email and will probably keep getting them every single day until I finally have had enough and just unsubscribe.

  2. I wouldn’t necessarily say thats true, I believe it’s just more online savvy people have the alexa toolbar installed.

  3. I’ve done $1500 – with the 4 day cash machine with a dead list of 1000 people, OVER christmas. the worst time to do it! lol frank’s stuff works. JUST DO IT! – i just copied the emails almost word for word.. lol

  4. I signed up because of an email from you Shoe, and must say his strategy is really good! Now I just been my own product 😀

  5. Agreed, I’ve been watching Frank launch for a few years and every time he changes the game a little bit.

    I signed up just to see how he does his pre-launch this time. Even if you don’t have the cash (or his charisma and moxy) you can steal a few of his insights.

  6. AT least google doesnt care about unique content in emails. so you wouldnt need to change alot compared to blog content. sounds like a good plan!

  7. Yes, absolutely agree that some of these paid shits are working. It is good to be novice and start making money in next day. it is not fair, but it works on many people.
    I described to hundreds of people, what is my secret in making money online and they just do not believe or get all the words directly.

    1. Practical goal also i agree with the fact exactly what claims you are making, however you contain a truthful point relating to 4 Day Cash Machine

  8. Kern is the bomb! And 4 Day Cash Machine is solid content. Can’t wait to see what Reese comes back with LOL

  9. I noticed this while on alexa as well. pretty impressive to beat out all that media coverage.

  10. I’ve got the 4 Day Cash machine a long time ago when i purchased Mass Control…so I guess I’m not involved in any of the hype (or help increase the stats ^-^).

    1. Tip #1 stop spamming blogs with your links.

      Didn’t even have to join for that!

  11. I guess it’s time for me to start building a list. I’ve never really given it though, but I’ve seen probably 10 posts/articles in the last week from different people telling me I’m a jackass for not having one.

  12. For anyone who hasn’t got it, The 4 Day Cash Machine is a great giveaway.

    I know people who make six and seven figures a year just applying this to other people’s businesses as a consultant, then taking a royalty on the increased profits.

    It’s killer. Get it now.

    -David Raybould

  13. I have a thing with subscribing to lists. That’s why I’m also reluctant to start building a list. I know I’m leaving money on the table but I hate it. Lately even the Micronichefinder guy is bombing me with shit with his aff. link all over the place. I mean I respect the guy, I bought this keyword too but c’mon…

  14. Hey Shoemeister, are you still doing your radio hour at webmasterradio on Thursday anymore?

  15. I know that Frank is the man but I expected there to be more to this. I’ve seen everyone and their dog talking about it the past couple days since it’s free now, so I thought it was going to be the best thing since sliced bread, but unless I am missing something there doesn’t seem to be much to it. Maybe there will be more in the follow-up or maybe I need to go back and see if I missed something.

  16. Appreciate Frank’s straight forward, intelligent, and easy to follow approach. It is one of the best presented and positive free videos I have seen thus far. Shoe, also learned quite a bit in your free videos so please continue the good work. Appreciate your pointing us in other directions too. Not sure what I will sell yet, as my website is more of a sewing directory with Amazon affiliate marketing but I’ve sure learned a LOT the last month or so.

  17. I’ve used the 4 day cash machine and I ended up selling a ton of one of my products. Thing definitely works so check it out.

  18. Usually I don’t sign up for things like this, since I know I could get a lot of spam emails. But this sounds interesting. I’m trying to learn as much as I can from online marketers, and this 4 Day Cash Machine might just be what I’m looking for. Is it still free, though? I’m trying to avoid spending on marketing ebooks, if possible. I can learn them for free, so why spend?

  19. It’s sold out. I just checked it 🙁

    Does anybody have a link for the Four Day Cash Machine?

  20. Darn, and I’d have liked to get it as well. The thing is, not even a Google search reveals a buying link for it.

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