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39 thoughts on “12 Months, 7 Phones, 3 Networks, and $500 in ET fees in 1 Year”
  1. 12 Months, 0 Phones, 0 Networks, and $000 in ET fees in 1 Year.

    Email and Skype is free so thats good enough for me.

    1. I’m a Curve guy to the core. I just couldn’t transfer over to that god awful network (AT&T). I’m not a super tech guy, so the Curve is perfect for me. It allows me to do what I need and more. I’m sure once I step my game up and use more applications, all of the faults will come out. But for now, I’m good!

  2. I’ve had my iPhone since the first gen and when it came out. I’ve only been to Vegas and Utah with it, but have never had network problems…nor phone problems for that matter. Good choice shoe! Welcome back to the team…

  3. You know if you have wifi, you can place calls to any number via skype on the iphone. Its around $3 per month for unlimited long distance.

    So if you have wifi but no cell signal, you can still make an important call.

  4. I’m going on year four (!) with my crappy little Chocolate. No internet, no productivity apps, nothing but ultra-vibrate and an amazing ability to get lost/stepped on/sat on. W00t!

  5. I would love to buy your old shoemoney iPhone off you when you upgrade. Super cheap because I am hella poor.

  6. HAHA this is great. I dont know if you’ve followed my complaints about AT&T on twitter but I feel the same as you. AT&T is terrible but the iPhone is awesome and no other phone comes close. To get me to shut up on twitter, AT&T spent many thousands of dollars upgrading the tower near my house. They literally had the tech working on the tower calling me from the top of it asking me if the service is better now.

    I plan to stick with the iPhone/ATT but would make a jump to another network if they offer the iPhone. If Verizon gets a deal on the iPhone they may just put ATT out of business.

  7. Could not agree more. Iphone is super awesome. At&t network is super UN awesome. If only there was a better network for the iphone.

    1. There is. It’s called Verizon. Too bad Verizon denied the iPhone as they wouldn’t have made much money off of it.

  8. What plan do you now have with AT&T where there’s no contract and you’re able to use your iPhone? I thought the reason so many people moved to T-Mobile was that they hated signing contracts with AT&T.

  9. “12 Months, 0 Phones, 0 Networks, and $000 in ET fees in 1 Year.
    Email and Skype is free so thats good enough for me.”

    Ahaha! Yeap, it’s me too)

    1. Yes, please vote this comment down.. I was trying to do Jeremy a favor because he has a typo on every page of his site, but no, vote it down.

      That’s some thank you.

  10. Palm Pre and Sprint. The Pre is decent enough, app catalog is really growing – but it’s the WebOS that powers it that is a thing of beauty!

    I’m hoping some other phone manufactures pick up WebOS (if Palm will even let them) because it’s too good to just let it die in Palm’s hands.

    1. I gave up on the pre when the it took the sprint guy 10 minutes to get the web browser to load. Plus I did not like the clamshell like design.

  11. I love the Droid actually, it is a very solid phone and the keyboard to me is amazing. I did debate about getting the iPhone and I would have, except for one major issue.
    AT&T sucks! I get 3G out in the country with Verizon, no way I would get that with AT&T so what is the point of paying for 3G if I can’t use it?

  12. Iphone+verizon would be a dream scenario, but as a verizon user I almost don’t even want all those iphones coming over to the network. There are so many people that are waiting for iphone to get on a better network, it might be a total tsunami if that happens.

    Personally, I’ll never switch to at&t for the iphone. They probably have some sweetheart deal with At&t and it’s profitable for them to have it exlusive. If they want to keep it with At&t knowing there are major service problems, they can shove their iphone you know where. All the cool features in the world don’t make up for not being able to use the phone for it’s primary purpose.

    1. No they have a very sweet deal. That’s why you don’t see it on Verizon. I remember reading somewhere (and thought I had wrote an article about it too) about how Verizon turned down the iPhone. The reason was profitability, I guess Apple gets some pretty nice royalties for their jesus phone. I think they would sell a ton of them if they could make one for the Verizon network. Heck they wouldn’t lose royalties if they are smart about it, the 2 networks are different so they could market as the iVerizonPhone.

  13. I’ve had the Droid now for a few months and I absolutely LOVE IT! I never owned an IPhone but I did come from a blackberry and the difference is like night and day…

    Only negative thing I have to say is the battery gets sucked down super fast.

  14. I just switched from a Curve on Rogers (they are you Canadian AT&T counterpart and just as shitty) to an iPhone on Bell. Way happier now.

    I really was waiting for BlackBerry to release the Pluto however no one knows when that will happen.

    Going back to how Rogers and AT&T are so crappy, I think the Canadian Transmission Corp actually told Rogers to stop advertising that they were Canada’s most reliable network since in fact they actually had the worst coverage. Needless to say we don’t have to see those commercials anymore.

  15. Ah the iPhone argument! I would like to try it, except as many people have mentioned about AT&T being horrible. Their landline service is horrible too and the DSL service.

    I was thinking of T-Mobile + iPhone, anyone try that so far?

    Currently have my curve, would like to convert to skype, we’ll see!

  16. Hello Jeremy,

    since you gave up on your Droid, would you publish the scripts you wrote for your Droid?

    For example: I am curious about the one which turned the volume off when you lay your droid with the display face down and turns it on when you switch.

    Would be great. 😉

    1. I second that! What other scripts did Jeremy write for his Droid? I knew he wrote some but just didn’t know what he wrote.
      I think it’d be a very nice thing of him to do.

  17. Thanks for the overview. I’ve been putting off taking the plunge on a new phone for months now–too many choices out there and nothing seems absolutely perfect.

    I was leaning towards the Nexus One, but have a feeling something better is just around the corner.
    I’d take the Iphone leap, but I just can’t abide AT&T.


    He is the richest blogger I follow and still gets caught up in all the phone hype like the rest of us. This coming from a guy who used the sprint get out of jail free card last month to switch to AT&T to get the iphone!

    I know a lot of people with the droid and I’m not impressed. Especially since all the decent looking cases make it so you can’t hit your back button. The non raised qwerty keyboard makes no sense.

  19. Dude hang out for month or so check out just watching some of the vids on there the phones coming out soon are just sic. HTC, Motorola, Samsung, all of them are coming out with some sic phones. Motorola has 2 new ones coming. The Quench and the Motoroi all will be running the Droid 2.1

  20. you made me cry both smile and emotion…. it’s funny but when I was in Apple stare going to fix some of mu hardware it was like excusing to them ‘you know guys I have no choice apple is like religion to me and you do me this stuff please fix it or I do not know what to do…’

  21. I still have a Blackberry Curve with a cracked screen.

    Jeremy: I definitely agree with you about the Blackberry web browser being shit. Total shit. And I can’t believe you went back to AT&T & the iPhone. I’m waiting for the Nexus One to hit Verizon.

  22. Dude, those are quite the phone adventures. I’m sticking with my blackberry curve for now. Couldn’t live without it.

  23. I did almost the exact same thing…its hard to beat, but the second verizon gets the iPhone I’m gone.

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