This was by far the best show I have ever been to in my life.   The Venue at the RIO was perfect.  Congrats to  Missy, Shawn and the rest of the Affiliate Summit team for becoming such an amazing industry leading event.  I had so many of my SEO friends, who I talked into checking out the affiliate summit (they are used to the ghosttown SEO conferences),  tell me they were just absolutely blown away.    People told me they even overheard Brett Tabke (owner of the pubcon SEO conference) saying he might be in the wrong side of this industry.   I was actually surprised to see Brett running a booth hustling people on pubcon.  Good for him!

On to my show experience!


I got in Friday night and was planning on just getting a nice dinner with the team and hanging low.  But we got a invite to goto dinner from at Joe’s Stone Crab.  The food was unreal.  I have never had such meaty Alaskin King Crab legs in my life.  Then Scott Richter asked us if we wanted to join them at their VIP tables for the Paul Oakenfold show at Rain night club.  Of course we went!  It was a really unique experience.  Imagine being in one of the hottest night clubs in vegas,  cirque de sole like dancers coming out of the cieling,  and one of the biggest dj’s in the world spinning records.  Ya… unique experience.

They also had these really great gogo dancers.  I just love gogo dancers.  I always feel like a dirtbag staring at them but they are so hypnotizing to watch.  I took a little video to share what I am talking about:

Also in the VIP area was my boy Lazy Jay. I love talking to Lazy Jay cause he is always into something. Really smart cat.

Thanks to Scott Richter and for Dinner and a AWESOME night out!


Did quite a bit of work in the early morning then went down to the Palms sports betting area (which really is piss poor btw) and watched the Vikings crush the cowboys. I also placed a 100 bet on the Chargers giving 8.5 points to the Jets. Then it was time to hit the Meet Market!

We arrived at the Rio at about 1 PM. But we never actually made it to the meet market. It took us 4 hours to get from outside the Rio to just past the registration desk. I had so many people stop to talk to me and get photos that we just never made it to the meet market. It actually even started outside the RIO when we ran into super affiliate defense attorney Steven Richter. I think people think I am joking when I say I love to meet people but I am dead serious.

I had a business meeting/dinner at 5:30 back at the Palms so did that… then didn’t really feel to hot. Actually even thought about crashing. But since I was staying at a Suite at the palms I only had to go up a couple floors to check out the Neverblue/PPC.bZ party. And I am really glad that I did.

PPC.BZ put on an amazing party. YTcracker on the 1’s and 2’s with rappers Rob Hustle and Mic DaVice throwing it down. Just an amazing show. Great job guys.

Photo by Steve Hall


Photo by Steve Hall

Rob Hustle – Kiss the Chain

Photo by Steve Hall
Photo by Steve Hall
Photo by Steve Hall

Why didn’t I have any pictures?  Cause I told my guys I wasn’t going to do anything that night and they had my cameras.


Got some more work in early Monday morning. Mostly a lot of follow ups and preparations before our big ShoeMoney System launch this Tuesday.

I headed to the Conference hall pretty early. We mingled around the show floor and had a great time meeting people.

Then it was time for the highly anticipated Facebook Panel.

DK gave a really great case study on what he did for Robert Drysdale. Then the panel was opened up to the public for q&a. It was kind of annoying almost every question was about facebook guidelines.

Here you have 3 of the top 10 biggest spenders on facebook, all doing affiliate marketing, sitting on a panel about killer facebook advertising tactics and 90% of the questions were directed at Alex Schultz (from facebook) about little technicalities. Seems like a wasted oppourtunity for a lot of people but whatever ;).

I think maybe next time on this panel we all should do a very brief presentation on case studies showing some of the stuff we have done. But we will see.

After the panel Lyndon Reid went to bet his 2500 on 1 hand of Black Jack.

Thanks John Chow for the awesome video!

Here is a quote from Lyndon:

was the lucky winner of Shoemoney’s Affilite Summit West Contest. Words really can’t express how amazing the experience was. Just attending a conference like affiliate summit west can be a great experience but because I won Shoemoneys contest the experience was out of this world. I was able to meet and spend a fair amount of time with Shoemoney and several other well respected Internet Marketers, roll to some of the best parties, and I got to throw $2500 in prize money and airfare on one hand of blackjack with some of the top names in the industry present. I managed to get a BLACKJACK, talk about a story. I’ve returned confident that I can take my business to the next level and connected to some the biggest and best names in the industry. A huge thanks to Shoemoney, Azoogle Ads, and Affiliate Summit West – I am a very fortunate man.

Thanks again to AzoogleAds and Affiliate summit for going with my crazy idea!

Monday night was the AzoogleAds Party at the Hefner suite in the Palms.

AzoogleAds always knows how to throw a party and this was no exception. The event was at capacity about 20 minutes after it started and all night I was getting texts from people to see if I could get them in.

Guys really… and listen… you need to do some business with these companies if you want to get in their events. You don’t have to be super huge affiliate baller either.

I have some photos in the gallery but I highly recommend looking at Steve Hall’s photo stream. He did a great job photographing the hot chicks event.


Ahh the last day. I got up extra early because we had to go pickup the HUGE CHECK that Clickbooth (who won my charity auction for $10,100) had made. The Palms was such a cluster fsck trying to get it… but eventually they found it.

As we are walking into the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards awards ceremony they announced my name. When I looked up I realized I had won an award! WHAT?!?! WOOOOOOOT. I trucked right up on stage to accept…. and had nothing really prepared to say 😉

I had been named Affiliate Blogger of the year! Thanks!

NickyCakes also one an award for being the Affiliate Of The Year. Congrats Cakes!

Right after the awards we did the check giving press event:

I will have more on this in another post very soon! Thanks Clickbooth!

After that we met up with Chris “Emphasis” Hedgecock and Jeff smith for some high stakes winner take all Go-Kart racing.

And how else do you follow up go cart racing other then with some gun shooting. I only hope if I ever do meet a terrorist I am this close to him and have a mp5 handy:


Watch this video as Dellanave teaches some zombies a lesson with the SAW and the gun monkey tells me I might make enough money someday to buy one:

After all the excitement we went to dinner at 9 steakhouse in the Palms. I had steak and king crab. Unreal.

After dinner we chilled out at big baller Chris Hedgecock’s comped Suite at Planet Hollywood which included a sick air hockey table. Watch as I score on him with my laser accuracy:

Then on Wednesday I went home 😉

It was really nice meeting everyone. Thank you to all of those who came up and said hi. I got a ton of great responses from people eager to get into the ShoeMoney system so that was awesome also. Great show Missy and Shawn!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. Great recap. What an amazing weekend. Thanks again for everything.

    Shoemoney Readers – I’d highly recommend you enter the next contest. The experience is priceless.

      1. I played a few hands, and all night the last night. But I try not to gamble excessively.

        Rather spend the money on a good dinner or hiring someone to develop contest for me etc.

    1. It always amazes me how few people enter these contests, when the prizes are so f%$#ing amazing.

      1. Agreed – meeting and hanging with all the guys is priceless. It was an unreal weekend.

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    Yes, playing by the book is important, but figuring out a way to make the most money from your campaigns is just as important.

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