Here at ShoeMoney Media Group, INC we have a unique opportunity for the right candidate.

We are looking for a manager to grow a completed website. It is a strictly performance based position.

Here are the requirements. Any emails debating these requirements or not meeting them will be deleted without any further consideration. As with any good opportunity, the requirements are unique, and stringent.

  • Must be 21 years old.
  • Must be a US or Canadian citizen.
  • You must be able to demonstrate and prove that you have built a web site from nothing to a minimum of $100/month in revenue and showing growth over at least a 6 month period prior to Jan 1, 2010.
  • You must be able to demonstrate and prove that with that site, you outsourced tasks to at least 2 different parties. Ideally this would mean outsourcing development, design, or content creation. You will have to provide logs or proof of you managing these 2 parties throughout the tasks you contracted to them.
  • You must be willing and able to work on a performance-based contract in which you might not get paid at all if you do not achieve the goals that are set.

Its really an amazing opportunity for the right candidate. Not only are you given a great project/website to run but you have great team of proven programing, graphics, marketing, and an unlimited budget for anything with a positive ROI.

Talk to you soon!

Email your resume and example work to

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

107 thoughts on “Do you want a job at SMG?”
  1. Does sound like a great opp. to work with an experienced team.

    Shame only open to US / Canadian folk.

    Good luck Shoe.

  2. Neither am i 21 years old nor do i live in Us or Canada, but i do earn more than $100 a month and i kind of feel fit for that job, as i know everything you’ll need to grow a completed blog, please do inform if you change any guidelines Shoe and it would be better if you have listed the basic salary for this post.

    1. I swear to god, if you all read the terms properly or consider reading it at least twice, all the answers are within it. Good luck

  3. Don’t forget Jeremy, the chosen candidate will reside in Lincoln, NE.

    Which for those who like to dis it, is really a wonderful city and would be an ideal place for those with kids.

  4. I wish I met the requirements — I would be all over this. What up with a internship for a pimp?

  5. Sadly I fail on two counts: I’m well over 21 and I’m neither a Canadian nor a US citizen.

    But I totally love the phrase “Unlimited budget for anything with a positive ROI” and plan to use it myself at the earliest opportunity.

    1. I do not think that 21 is counting in that format.

      Jeremy wants to say 21 or more than 21 years. Not exactly 21 years.

      Jeremy please make it more clear.

        1. With due respect I am not interested but however for others things should be mentioned in such a way that with one reading they can understand.

          I hope you understand the value of clear communication.

          1. I am sorry ZK but to be honest, if people dont understand simple terms like this, they cant be the right candidate.

            Now only if Shoe adds “at least” before the 21 to the sentence. But its not that difficult to understand. jeez!!! lmao

          2. No actually thats where you are wrong.

            I want someone with common sense that I do not have to spell everything out for.

            The way I wrote this post is the same way I would send a email in the office.

            See how easy this screening process is 😉

          3. I think you need an FAQ:

            1. Question: Do I need to be EXACTLY 21 years old or AT LEAST 21 years old to qualify for this job?

            Answer: Since you’re asking this question you must realistically believe there’s a possibility that Shoemoney will totally disregard the resumes of every qualified American and Canadian candidate over 21 years of age and instead only hire someone that’s exactly 21 yrs. old. This demonstrates great insight on your part because just this morning Shoe’s psychic advisor recommended that exact strategy. Something about esoteric metaphysical infusions or something.

            2. Question: How do I submit my resume to Shoemoney for this job opportunity?

            Answer: If you’re asking this question it must surely mean that Shoemoney’s job post did not contain instructions on how to submit resumes. Therefore some in-depth research is required on your part. Fortunately, I’ve done the work for you. Please click the link below:


    1. haha, “stacey” are you really a girl, or are you some guy that dosent like shoe? markus is that you? j/k

    2. Sounds like a great opportunity, putting any monetary compensation aside, I assume the project would involve some small degree of mentoring/feedback from Jeremy to make sure you are on the right path, which would no doubt be valuable experience.

  6. “You must be able to demonstrate and prove that you have built a web site from nothing”

    Now does this mean you have to code one from scratch, or just being able to get one up regardless?

    1. Scratch means … buying domain, hosting and premier theme or free theme as well.

      With that if you will be to make website or blog than you can call yourself as contestant of this opportunity.

        1. And yes only building a website will not be good enough … as its mentioned in terms that your website or blog should earn $100/month.

          1. ok ok, ANY SMART ASSHOLE…rephrased…

            I’ve got to go, something draws me here too often…DKY

    2. it probobly means what it means.

      build a web site from nothing to a web property that makes 100 bucks online.

      easier said than done for most people.

  7. “Any emails debating these requirements or not meeting them will be deleted without any further consideration” – Lol! should be

    “Any emails/comments debating these requirements or not meeting them will be deleted without any further consideration”

  8. This will be great opportunity but Jeremy don’t you think that retaining such kind of guy or girl will be a really tough task.

    You should mention more such as perks and salary for this post as well.

    1. Retention wont be a issue. People either bring value or they don’t. If they do compensation will never be a issue.

      Nobody in my company has ever had to come to me for a raise.

      1. That is a great sign of a successful entrepreneur because you understand the need of your employees and provide them all the facility.

        By the way … how many staff do you have ?

  9. This is indeed an awesome oppurtunity for the right canidate. Any reason you want them to be 21 years old? I’m 23 and therefore don’t meet the criteria.

        1. I think he should allow someone who has just tuned 22 …maybe some buffer of around 6 months. 😀

  10. I would love to be earning $100/month.

    This was my best year yet, bringing in over $260 for the year. WEEE!!! 🙂

    My goal for next year is at least $500. (I know, chump change for some of the other sites out there.)

  11. After reading through some of these comments. Of course there should be questions asked.

    Someone was saying Oh I’m not 21. Someone said something else about the subject and Shoemeister didn’t even say anything among the means of “21 and over” even after seeing it numerous times on his site.

    I am going with 21 and over due to the fact, I’ve seen so many damn typos by this guy…

    Case solved…


  12. If only I was 21, only 19. But my website is generating right around $300 a month at the moment. Any reason why they need to be 21 and not 18??

    1. We take a lot of our contractors and employees to industry events. Most industry events like Affiliate Summit and events like parties at the playboy mansion and things require people to be 21 years old.

        1. Alright makes a lot more sense now. I will be sure to keep working and pushing forward and maybe in a few years if you are looking for some more employees I can try to work for you then.

  13. “You must be willing and able to work on a performance-based contract in which you might not get paid at all if you do not achieve the goals that are set.”

    This stipulation is illegal in many countries. Which, you know. No big deal. But interesting to think about.

    1. I would assume that the money you will make from this would be a percentage of website revenue either by advertising or affiliate marketing. If you can’t run a successful website you shouldn’t be taking part in this.

  14. Oh wow… reading the comments on this post has been the most entertaining part of my day so far.

    All I can think is… “You’ve got to be kidding me?!” wow people….

  15. Jeremy,

    We met at BlogWorld Expo in 2008. ( I was the video guy).

    Lost my sites hosting due to non-payment! So I fel back on the blogger sites I built last year. I’m 57 and don’t have a clue how to perform these roles.

    But I’m attending Affililiate Summit West 2010 to learn how! Waiting for my press pass from Amy R.

    Hope to see you there, interviewing new marketers and seasoned pros like you for a series of blog posts on how networking can grow your business in 2010.


    Nicholas Chase – the video guy from BlogWorld Expo 2008
    Producer / Director
    Nicholas Chase Digital Video Productions
    SF Bay Area California

  16. Shoe You must have a lot of patience. I dont think id be as nice as you after reading some of those comments. Common sense isnt that common nowadays is it? Bright side of those idiots commenting is that at least we know the world will never be in short supply of Micky D employees and waiters!!

    1. Common sense is a start…

      I used to lose my mind working with people remotely… and still do sometimes.

  17. Shoe, the voting system is so funny! I get negative votes for trying to make things clear, ehh! as if it matters.. but hey, no offense guys. I was just trying to make things straight! 🙂 thanks for the support anyways

  18. Hey Jeremy..
    It would be great if you could revise the 2nd point “Must be a US or Canadian citizen.” Because there are many people around the world who can get the job done and can go beyond your expectations!!

    Anyways I wish all the best for the people applied for this challenging position!

    1. Its really a timezone thing. We need to be in contact with this person during business hours.

      1. I agree with that..but I don’t think it a big deal to manage the timezone. You could ask him to work in the night time..make sense? I personally feel that an opportunity of this kind should be open for all the people around the world. Because ultimately we need THE BEST output.

  19. HAHAHA… I run into this exact problem when interviewing new programmers at my company.. They view things with just linear thought process that simple common sense things never reside… All sentences require “if – if not” statements as if life is written in code..

    Makes me laugh.

  20. It’s amazing how many people dont read the full post 🙂

    No salary, contact info is there and you need to be 21 yrs old. (however you take that) as long as youre not 20 or under 🙂

    Nice opportunity.

  21. wow, so much drama over the whole 21 years. Let’s face it, if this was a real 9-5 job posting than that would be an issue. But this is an opportunity and introduction to a world of so much more. To get caught up and not be able to think past that 1 little thing means you will most likely have problems in this industry. Good for Shoe for being stubborn on this one 🙂

  22. Wow… I understood the post but unfortunately I do not fit the bill. Otherwise, great opportunity and wish I could take advantage of it.

  23. I never realized how many fucking idiots their are in this world!!!

    Good luck Jeremy I don’t see anything coming out of this shit hole of idiots..

  24. This is an awesome opportunity for eligible candidates. Best of luck to all those who apply.

    – Kristina

  25. A friend once offered me a job that paid $85K a year (I was earning about a 1/3 that at the time). The catch was I had to produce $100K.

  26. I think this is a great opportunity and I am interested. I am going to compile my data and get it to you. I have been blogging for 2 years now on my current blog and the only place I struggle is TRAFFIC. I love doing it and love chatting with people…and teaching social networking.

    Thanks for the opportunity Jeremy and I am glad I found your Blog recently!!

    David (aka Foster)

  27. Единство – пробный камень истины. С.Вивекананда

  28. Great job offer but, the incentive seem a little on the meager side. Not even a little something for effort?

  29. А давно ли запустили этот блог?

  30. Ценные рекомендации, беру на заметку

  31. I definetely meet the requirements and I’m also not stupid enough to think you meant only 21 year olds should apply.

    Is the position full time or just a matter of making sure you spend the time necessary to ensure the website makes more money than it currently does?

  32. “Побольше бы таких статей”

  33. Да, Именно так и было!:))

  34. I think that this kind of work very suitable for me, unfortunately I was not the United States.

  35. How hard is it to put “Must be 21 years old OR OLDER”.

    Look at the confusion it’s caused.

    Damn – somtimes shoe you come across as a complete ass hole instead of just correcting somthing, making out it was intentional.

    You’d think someone with some programming knowledge would understand the importance of “Greater than”, or “Less than”. If you send emails at the office with statments like that to your coders – your going to get problems.

    Would anyone really want to work for a guy who cannot explain himself clear – so he can blame you when your form validation doesnt do what he “meant” he wanted it to do. Because YOU didnt understand his half sentences.

    Spelling mistakes – no problems, but not finishing sentance and blaming everyone else. tut tut.

  36. Shoe,

    Great way to generate some quality prospects. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out.

    Keep us posted.

  37. I am intelligent enough to qualify for this job. At the same time I am stupid enough to write this comment. What makes you think that a person with those qualifications would want to work for/with you? This post is useless and plainly dumb.

  38. I think a peson with these traits is already on his/her way to entrepreneurship and won’t look for a job. Anyways whats you paying for this job and what would be the designation of winning candidate.

    1. I don’t think it is promoted as a “job” but more an opportunity. There is quite a difference.

  39. Портал просто отличный, порекомендую друзьям!

  40. Кто-нибудь намекнет где еще почитать на эту тему? Спасибо!

  41. “замечательные посты”

  42. Shoe,

    Your post stares that this is performance-based contract with specific goals. How much time is the manager of the site given to achieve the set goals?


  43. Да уж… Жизнь – она как вождение велосипеда. Чтобы не упасть, Ñ‚Ñ‹ должен двигаться.

  44. Просто супер! Отлично! Будь собой.Дургие роли уже заняты

  45. Хочется сказать спасибо за такой интересный пост! Сначала не вкурил немного, но прочитал снова и очень оценил. Буду теперь вас читать почаще!

  46. I agree with Gene, “If you can do all of that, work for yourself – no reason to make someone else rich…”

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