12/05/2009 – A well informed birdy just told me Dennis Yu has been asked to step down from the panel. No official word yet.

12/4/2009 – I had been told before that the Affiliate Summit board of advisors had voted that Dennis be allowed to speak at Affiliate Summit. This source was incorrect. I was told today from the Affiliate Summit people that the board is still reviewing whether or not to let Dennis speak. Sorry for the confusion.

Yesterday I wrote about how Facebook panel I was going to be doing at Affiliate Summit was going to be interesting because it contained the founder of Blitzlocal, Dennis Yu, and his chief investor, Markus Frind (Plentyoffish founder).

Yes Markus has repeatedly publicy denied ever being an investor in blitzlocal… but he is listed many places around the internet including the official affiliate summit website as being the funder for the porn/scam empire BlitzLocal

Dennis was no doubt going to give a epic presentation about all the amazing Facebook things he is doing for all these huge name clients…… Even if it was all bullshit (like the last panel I was on with him).

Instead of giving a presentation on Facebook I have been working on a PowerPoint presentation where I was going to be showing and reading out loud all the emails from former employees and clients of Blitzlocal about what really was going on there and some horror stories from people about what happen to them in their dealings with Dennis.

Well… From my post the powers that be at Affiliate Summit made it very clear this was not going to be allowed. The only thing to be discussed was Facebook on this panel. Everything needed to be civil and people would be muted if we did not stay on topic of Facebook advertising.

I can’t do that and if Jimmy Kukral muted me then we would have a massive beef…..

You can read the comments and my responses here from the thread from Affiliate Summit founder Shawn Collins as well as Moderator for the panel Jim Kukral.

See postscript at top for correctionI was also told the board of directors for Affiliate Summit recently took a vote on whether or not to let Dennis Yu speak and they overwhelming approved him to do so. (unlike Affiliate Convention who threw him off his panels).

While I do not feel giving this self proclaimed scam artist a stage is a good thing…. I do not hold it against Shawn Collins or the Affiliate Summit. I never want to put my friends in a position of choosing me or them… I hate that crap.

There is just no way in hell I could be on the same stage with this scumbag and be extremely clear with the audience on what a scumbag he is.

The bottom line for me was earlier today when I got a call from a nice young lady who told me about how Dennis took over her PPC campaign and now was basically extorting money from them to keep it going. She said she met him at SMX and was sure he was legit because he was speaking on the panel and stuff. She asked me how such a crook wormed his way into these speaking gigs to leverage them into conning clients. I told her to call Danny Sullivan and ask him.

So I apologize to anyone who was wanting to learn Facebook stuff from me. I will be around for the entire conference and happy to tell you anything you want to know from my experiences.

I just can’t be on the same stage as that weasel and listen to his BS. I hope you understand.


Convert2media – Affiliate Summit put shoemoney back on the facebook panel

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

110 thoughts on “Withdrawing From The Affiliate Summit Facebook Panel”
  1. You need to hold a little meet and greet somewhere away from the panel, during Dennis’ speaking. Just to see how many people actually understand the filth that comes from his mouth.

  2. Good move man. Although that may have been a bit entertaining. Woulda been a really good reason for the platinum pass this year πŸ™‚

  3. Jeremy I totally understand. I am astounded that the Affiliate Summit still lets him speak as an authority.

    From the comments I was amazed Jim Kukral had no prior knowledge of what was going on with Dennis.

    How can this be?

    This is exactly how Dennis operates. He leverages other peoples credibility to worm his way to get clients.

    Sure Affiliate Summit might use this one to draw people in cause of the drama but mark my words people will blame them for putting him in a place of authority when they get scamed!!!!!!

    They can’t say they did not know!

      1. Shawn, sounds to me that you may want to have a vote to have another discussion, maybe?

        It is called “Affiliate Summit,” and since he’s not a real Affiliate, I find it very odd that he’d be speaking at it, especially with all of the drama going on.

        Sounds like you’re all shooting yourself in the foot, in my opinion.

  4. I am starting to think Markus Frind is really in on the whole scam stuff Dennis admitted he was doing. Markus keeps getting caught in lies.

  5. Jeremy you are a gutless weasel.

    You should have punched him in the face and done what you wanted.

    Get some balls.

  6. Shoe I was at ASW last year and ASE this year and you totally stole the show with the Facebook panel.

    You also helped me after the panel and gave me some great tips that really got my ad spend down.

    Its to bad something like this helps you to give value to people.

    Looking forward to seeing you again!

  7. stage a coup! as soon as he starts up – get those in the crowd who repp the shoe leave @ the same time…a little mean…a little vindictive but eh, why not.

  8. Holy crap. I can’t believe they’re going to still let him speak! Good for you for standing up for your principles.

  9. I feel really bad for Shoe and for Shawn, both are put in a very weird awkward situation.

    1. Shoe glad you will be there!

      Out of all these speakers you are one of the few guys who I feel like actually like to hang out with people.

  10. First I’ve heard of these allegations. How Dennis spoke is pretty straight-forward. He pitched. his content sounded good, and we followed up more by phone. His content still sounded good. I moderated the panel he was on. I heard nothing that raise alarm bells. I’m not sure if he’s spoken on different tactics at other events, but I felt he delivered a solid helpful presentation for us.

    Obviously, hearing such charges about scamming is a concern, so I’ll have to follow up on these more.

    I think it’s worth reminding everyone that just because someone speaks, that’s not an endorsement that you should hire them. Certainly that’s true for SMX, and I think it’s good advice for any show.

    We can vet material to some degree, but conference organizers are not the Better Business Bureau in terms of investigating business operations. Someone speaking at our show means the pitched material that sounded interesting to share with others. If you want to hire someone, life remains the same as hiring a plumber or dentist. Get references.

    1. Not an endorsement? Of course it is even if you don’t mean for it to be. Having him speak on a panel adds legitimacy to his scam. Cmon.

      How about REAL affiliates and shoemoney host a competing facebook panel at ASW at the same time at a bar or restaurant?

    2. But the plumber that speaks at the national plumbers convention does tend to be looked up to as a leader in the industry.

    3. “I think itÒ€ℒs worth reminding everyone that just because someone speaks, thatÒ€ℒs not an endorsement that you should hire them. Certainly thatÒ€ℒs true for SMX, and I think itÒ€ℒs good advice for any show.”

      I disagree. I think that people spend $2000 to get into these shows (myself included) because you can have a reasonable expectation that the speakers are not extortionists.

      Speaking at an esteemed event is an implicit endorsement, regardless of fine print. Due diligence and reference checks are a good idea as well obviously, but if the speakers aren’t safe to hire, or worth hiring, why are they there?

      Obviously, there’s nothing you could have done with Dennis at SMX, as a reference check at that time would have likely come back fine, but going forward, I would think that SMX would use this as a case study to scrutinize speakers closely.

  11. Glad to see that you actually have the morals and guts to do such a thing. I wouldn’t be on the stage with someone like that, either.

  12. It’s a shame that the drama has lead to this, as it’s good to see super affiliates like yourself sharing ideas and tips with beginner affiliates at conferences. Perhaps you can collaborate with the other speakers like Alex to continue to share some of your ideas (with permission).

  13. At least folks will know where Yu is in January. Should make serving papers a lot easier!

  14. good decision.

    Although ASW should have asked you to stay on the panel a few more weeks to drive up those sales πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Jason:

      Thats a stupid thing to say.

      If Shawn Collins wants to stand behind Dennis Yu and own what comes with that then that is his call.

      I am sure Shawn knows him pretty well.

  15. you are smart enough to understand the reality, i can still see lots of people in the dark; you are one of those I know who wouldn’t take BS from such scam artists! Although I was expecting too see you on the stage, I guess you know whats right! Good luck shoe!

  16. So are you backing out of going to ASW ?

    If so I need to get a refund.

    I find it funny that they allow someone like Dennis to speak.

    I find it even more funny that security at RIO knows about this and is waiting to see if Shawn breaks any terms so they can kick the summit out.

  17. I don’t blame you one bit for not wanting to be on the same stage as him. You’re a bigger man than I am, I would have cracked him one right on that stage!

  18. I am sure any smart affiliate will skip this panel as Dennis seems to have some serious business issues and yet they are letting him speal. I say people bolt and show support for Shoe! Hands down Shoe does more for people and is the credible source!

  19. Dennis Yu is a retard….

    The fact that he’s gonna be talking at AS just knocks that conference down a notch in my book. It’s too bad we won’t get to see you rip him a new @$$ on stage.

    I say finish that Powerpoint and post it up. I’m interested in reading it.

  20. Lets look at this panel for a second without Jeremy:

    The facebook advertising panel is now made up of-

    Alex Schultz from Facebook – A good guy but a guy that has very little to do with the advertising team. More of a PR guy.

    Dennis Yu – Self proclaimed scam artist, porn webmaster, been outed many times for being full of shit. Guy also goes on NPR last week and says Facebook ONLY caters to spammers and scammers.

    David Klein – Board of adviser who advised Dennis at BlitzLocal. Dennis spoke at DK’s thinktank event on “How to deceptively advertise on facebook and get away with it”

    Markus Frind – The guy funding Blitzlocal’s porn & Facebook spamming empire… Has ZERO experience advertising on Facebook and is only there to promote his own ad network on plentyoffish he just launched.

    Jim Kukral – Moderator

    Jim has ZERO experience with facebook advertising.

    So Affiliate Summit you formed a panel of 3 blitzlocal owners/advisors who are openly admitting they scamed people and took advantage of them. and 1 facebook guy?

    What in the hell is going on with the guys planning these panels? Collins?

    1. I still think the panel will have an educational value.

      Alex Schultz is very knowledgeable and always has a lot to speak about.

      Dr Klein I have personal worked with on his local Facebook advertising and he has a LOT to share.

      Also by me not making the panel about me and Dennis these guys can still do their things

    2. Hang on there a sec. Make sure to read all the fine print. I (dk) (David Klein), was never on the board of advisers for Blitz.

      Jeremy is a fricken madman with any ad platform, especially Facebook this past few years.

      Alex is an executive at Facebook, a brilliant guy, a wonderful human being, and a fine marketer.

      I work with it on a daily basis.

      I also only know Dennis through Jeremy, other than a breif meeting a few years back during Elite Retreat πŸ˜‰

    3. I’m unsure how you have come to the conclusion I have zero experience in Facebook advertising? I don’t write about it publicly like Shoe does, perhaps that why you make an incorrect assumption?

      I was asked to moderate this panel by Shawn because I’m good at moderating panels. If you’ve ever seen me do so you wouldn’t question it. Make sure you come and find out.

      1. Jim, shush, I like you and your work but you are starting to bug the shit out of me with your comments on this thread.

        1. I will not be “shushed”. lol

          Allow me to defend myself when someone makes a false claim about me, will you? I think that’s fair.

          Since your anon here, find me at the show and I’ll buy you a drink and you can tell me how I annoy you in person. Or call me now, my line is open.

          1. Burn….. Burn…. and BURN!

            Sorry I had to…. You guys should hook up with Randy Cotoure since it seems shoe knows him fairly well and settle this for good. I’d buy a ticket… and this is most likely all about money anyway…. so I think it’s a good option πŸ˜‰

  21. You have my support!

    If all of the allegations are true he should be in prison or out on bail before Affiliate Summit.

    All of these trade shows need to do better job at clearing out the phonies and crackpots if they want people to shell out $1,000+ for full conference pass tickets.

    I would like to hear Shawn or someone else clarify what it would take for a speaker to be banned from their show.

  22. C’mon guys,

    is this Dennis Yu guy really as bad as you say? It seems like a personal war here.

    I still haven’t seen any proof yet?

    The Internet can hurt ones reputation really bad.

    Oh well…

    1. Evidently your just joining us.

      Lets look at the actual facts.

      Yes Jeremy said a lot of things.

      What he said about Marcus above is undeniable true. Dennis said he is an investor and Marcus said he is not. Someone is lying there.

      SEOMOZ founder gillian dennis told many people was to be the CFO of blitzlocal which she says is a complete lie from dennis

      All EVERY SINGLE ONE of the BlitzLocal board of advisors are now claiming they never ever ever knew of any board of advisor and saying Dennis is a dirtbag.

      And this list goes on and on…. and has nothing to do with jeremy

    2. Rob I do not blame you. I encourage you to do your own research. I have presented my side of the story as best I can.

      Go into business with Dennis then tell your story =P

  23. “So I apologize to anyone who was wanting to learn Facebook stuff from me.”

    Hope you will publish some stuff at

    1. Yup already working on publishing here what I was planning on going over there.

      My top tips for facebook publishers to get the best rates.

      1. Very thankful you’re planning on doing this. Perhaps a video post responding to some of the questions raised at the actual conferance… I think this could be pretty helpful…would pretty much be like you were there….


      2. Thank you for moving forward with publishing what you were going to provide us at the conference. I have really enjoyed the video Q&A also that you have published in the past weeks.

        Barman says it best to Shawn Collins..”..grab your balls…” or at least grow a pair.

        See in you Vegas Shoe!

  24. Strange I was searching for Affiliate Summit Facebook Panel and found this post. Is it still worth going?

    1. That sounds like a good question for Dennis? – The guy who actually lists you as funding his company (located on the affiliate summit website)

  25. I am on the panel, and I think not having Jeremy speak will be a huge loss. He is the one I go to when I have questions about facebook advertising. He is just a monster on the subject! I think we should start a twitter campaign to convince Jeremy to speak.

    Every panel I have ever been on strays a little bit from time to time from the topic at hand. I personally am o.k. with whatever is covered on it. I am sure we will all stay around as long as is needed to answer all questions from the attendees.

    Listening to Jeremy speak on any internet business stuff is always very, very enlightening.

  26. Is this conferance going to be broadcasted online anywhere or at least posted eventually?


  27. I say, send somebody over there with a huge stack of the email messages. Have them pass them out outside.

      1. Epic Idea.

        “I Am Weasel!”

        Or we could bring live weasels and chuck them at the panel. Nothing says fun like a room of pissed off weasels, although we may be at a disadvantage since Mr. Yu speaks their language.

  28. Way to go, This is how you do things especially if you don’t want any escalations like a physical or verbal attack! haha

    Heres the plan, put together your presentation that you would have covered there, sell it for a buck or two…Throw all proceeds in a toys for tots kind of deal…Give it away…you know the deal Shoemeister..

    Merry Christmas

  29. Hey Shawn nice ethics. My ticket just went from $1000 down to a freebie. Why? I dont pay for information from crooks. Thats free on the internet and in jail. Where Dennis Yu should be. In fact now that I know they kicked Yu out of Aff Con. Im flying down there tonight to feel clean. πŸ˜›

  30. Jeremy, you need to read a book called Mr.China: A Memoir by Tim Clissold, especially the chapter 9 (The Battle of Ningshan: The Mightiest Dragon Cannot Crush the Local Snake). When I read your posts about Dennis Yu, they immediately reminded me of this book. Such a similar tactics were used in an epic fight between Chinese JV partner Mr. Shi and American Clissold. Good Luck!

  31. I have to admit I don’t agree with the way Affiliate Summit has handled this situation so far. By keeping Dennis on the panel… like it or not, they’re endorsing, giving their stamp of approval or whatever you want to call it. This is one of the best sessions to attend at Aff Sum and by taking away the best piece in that panel they’re short changing the attendees.

    Would you put Bernie Madoff on a panel of stock investors? No, he’d be on a panel of how to scam the system and run a ponzi scheme.

  32. I don’t think they should let him speak, he’s already said enough with his numerous blog posts.


  33. I can say from the last post of yours that I saw this thing coming.. but heck you’re still going to asw so nothing that much different..

  34. People should go to his talk and throw one of their shoes at this guy (a-la-bush) to show their disdain. That way “Shoe” can get his own back on this scumbag!

  35. I had not heard of this man before but then I have only attended UK based affiliate marketing events. But thanks for the warning will definitely avoid anything with his name on it.

  36. I am suprised that he can still continue to have the blessings but we have known that the ethics of the sector are low.

    Jimmy Kukral is disappointing, because here you have someone who makes false claims about facebook marketing and he is allowed to run riot and cannnot be checked.

    Shoe organised questions which people should ask at the q and a questions which might show that he is lying.

    It seems that there are people who are speaking at the summits whi are just balloney artists.

    Forget about doing the real stluff just get yourself in these panels and you can make a killing.

    How much has Dennis Yu made from speaking duties?

    Does anyone have an estimate of what the likes of Dennis Yu make by speaking?

    How come no one ever publishes their conference speaking checks? Even John Chow never speaks on that.

    1. It’s “Jim”, not Jimmy. My Mom called me that in 1982. πŸ™‚

      I was asked to moderate this panel because I’m very good at moderating panels. I was instructed that this panel will be about Facebook, so I’m doing my job to make it a great panel on Facebook advertising. It’s a shame that Shoe won’t be there.

    2. Nobody usually gets paid for speaking at these events. Myself, I tend to do it to feed my ego, gain fame, and meet important people. πŸ™‚

      When shoemoney speaks at thinktank though, I pay him a million dollars. πŸ˜‰

  37. Lets leave aside the whole shoe vs dennis thing.

    How does 1 company get its CEO, Investor, and board of advisor member on a (3 out of 4 people) panel to talk about facebook advertising?

    Will something like this hurt the Affiliate Summit? Not right away. But if people goto this panel and get nothing but Dennis’s Companies crap (since the panel is made up of him, his investor, and board of advisor members) It will be bad.

    Then it will turn out like pubcon or SES where all you do is hear companies promotional speeches on how great they are and what they can do for you.

    I have seen ShoeMoney speak at probably 15 industry events and never once has he talked about his company. He delivers an enormous amount of value to the conference goers.

    Dumb move for affiliate summit for the long haul to cater to companies like this.

    1. I have never, ever been on a Blitz Local board of advisers. Never took money from Dennis or Blitz except his thinktank entry fee. Not on the board, never was on the board.

  38. Nice to see some big names step in to clarify things with thread comments.

    But I still want the Jerry “Shoe” Springer Facbook show to air live at Affiliate Summit.

  39. Why no one sues this biatch then? Then he would have bigger problems then still holding the thread and trying to promote himself!

    Everyone keeps talking about scams that he does and the crook that he is, why no one does something about it and prove the world?

    Still, if in doubt and with all the stories around, the organizers should’nt allow him to promote himself there.
    Or, Shoe should be allowed to present the truth about the weasel, in between helpful tips bits πŸ™‚

    1. lawsuits don’t happen over night… sometimes take 6 months to a year just to actually file a complaint

  40. Since I have no first hand knowledge of the Shoe vs Yu issue and to drive home the real take away from this thread, I won’t take sides OR comment with respect to the “dispute” between these two parties. No disrespect meant for either party. Some have mentioned the issue but I sleep better at night when I underscore the real issue.

    For Dannhy Sulivan and Shawn Collins: I’m dissapointed in your statements. Let’s be VERY clear. YOU have a moral and ethical obligation to perform due dillegence on every single person who presents at your conferences. This goes way beyond reading the speakers presentation and is a rather simple thing for both of you to do because you have exstensive connections in the industry. Respectfully, I’m not buying into your statements about how the paying client is responsable for determining who the REAL DEAL maainstream experts are. Ironic in lieu of the fact that any well run Affiliate program who wants to be around vents and investigates their Advertisers and Affiliates themselves. They don’t “pass the buck” AND those that due this soon go out of business as the word spreads.

    For Shawn Collins: Your Board has some VERY connected people with outstanding credentials AND when I was more active I have worked with some of them.

    1) Did you communicate with EVERY member of your Boad on this issue?

    2) Did YOU and your Board perform your own due dillegence on this issue. It’s usually a few quick calls or IMs with the connections available to you.

  41. totally disappointing. let’s find someone on the inside to make a last minute swap of dennis’ presentation with your presentation of everyone he scammed.

  42. Wishing I could attend the conference- I love to watch fireworks. πŸ˜› However, I feel bad for those attending that Jeremy won’t be on the panel, when he has much to offer.

  43. Jeremy, I totally respect you for the choice you made to step down, as disappointing as it is to know you won’t be speaking.

    I do think some people need to take it easy on Shawn Collins and the ASW board…they didn’t ask to be put in the middle and probably had little to no knowledge of the bad stuff D Yu’s been doing.

    Example – Shawn makes a comment simply to try and clarify something and he’s got the most bad comment votes so far…that’s lame in my book.

  44. I’ll be skipping that panel @ ASW this year if Dennis is allowed to present at the Facebook panel. That’d be a bummer too because that is a panel that should/could be the most valuable panel @ ASW. It will be a circus even without Jeremy on the panel if Dennis is allowed to present. Hopefully ASW organizers realize this and do the right thing.

  45. What most are failing to realize is that Shawn and his partners run the show – not you, not me.

    I respect them and although I don’t agree with this move it’s their choice, their event, their speakers.

    …Dennis is one of the sleaziest people I have ever had the dis-pleasure of meeting. When I met him the first thing he announced to me was the fact that he had large backers even though his business made no money at the time. (Probably still doesn’t…)

    I guess he never heard of other start up companies raising captial before making any money. Oh wait Twitter, Skype, Facebook…

    Do not go to ASW or ASE if you go there for the panels. Sorry, but with the exception of a few they are a pretty big joke. Go to ASW and ASE for the fun, the networking, and the people.

    I learned more in 48 hours at the last event than with any 2,000-10,000 dollar course or seminar. I met people, doing the same thing I do, who openly shared what was working, what wasn’t, and I did the same. I talked to guys making 6 figures and guys making 8.

    Respect Shawn as a person enough to stop riding his dick about this – it’s his choice. If you don’t like it don’t go. Personally I think it’ll be great to go and watch Yu up there trying to put his con face on.

    If you really want to know about Facebook buy someone who knows what they’re talking about a few beers and they’ll dish a little dirt.

    Stop riding Shawn and the crew and start making some money! (Although the drama can be fun…)

    1. Is this for real?

      I get negatives because I don’t say, “Let’s all beat up Yu!”

      Sheeple, sheeple, listen close. Your going to get nowhere by going to a conference to listen to people like Yu go off all day.

      Do you think he’s the only one that doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

      Jesus, come on guys.

      1) Go to ASW.

      2) Buy shoe 1,2, or 8 beers.

      3) He’ll start sharing some secrets.

      4) ???

      5) Profit.

  46. And the drama continues. I am surprised though that he would be invited to speak at an event after he has basically been publicly humiliated.

  47. So Jeremy, coming back to the panel then? I personally would like to see you up there with me? πŸ™‚

    How many people want him to speak?

      1. Are you referring to me? Then yeh! totally!

        Are you referring to Jeremy? Then yeh! totally!

        Are you referring to Iman? Not even in the same attention whore category yet! LOL Give him some time though, I have faith in him!

  48. Jeremy!

    Just found out from NickyCakes and Birdman’s twitter feed about Yu stepping down. Are you going to reconsider sitting in on the panel ?

  49. I had not heard of this person before but its always good to know what the heck is going on these days. Thanks for the information.

  50. I realize the 2concern,I am very z sad to hear that you got your Supra fixed: I remember reading about some of your problems5x !.

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