If copywriting provokes the image of a hypey sales letter splashed with yellow highlighter, then this post is right up your alley…

As a blogger and a niche copywriter, I’ve noticed that almost every successful blogger uses many of the proven staples of good copywriting. Whether they know it or not, most of them are great salesman and copywriters.

Here’s 5 ways you can become a better blogger and increase your profits in the process by using copywriting and direct marketing principles…

1. Up your prices for your products or services

Most people shutter when they think about upping their prices.

It’s a natural reaction, and one that’s more about overcoming your own internal “blocks” than about overcoming market problems. Over the long haul you can’t win when you try to be the lowest priced option (besides maybe WalMart and even they’re having major problems).

And if you think everyone buys based on price…think again.

How can Starbucks charge $4 for a cup of coffee when McDonald’s coffee is .50 cents? How can Mercedes charge $45k for a car, when a Toyota will serve the same purpose (get you from point A to point B)? How can an internet marketer charge $77 for an ebook when you can get a simliar book on Amazon for $15?

It’s because their story connects with you… Creating a compelling story for yourself in your blog posts is an easy way to connect with your readers which will make it easier to sell to them.

If you have a product or service, there are two main benefits to upping your prices.

  • You attract better clients and users – Think of the difference between people who shop at WalMart vs. Target. Both of the stores are somewhat similar – they sell food, clothes, electronics, housewares etc… Yet Target attracts a more affluent customer who has more money to spend.
  • You have more money to get new customers – The person who charges $9 for an ebook, has a much bigger hill to climb than his competition who sells theirs for $39. If you’re making 4x the profits, you have 4x the money to spend to go out and get new customers. The guy making $9 per sale will have to slowly grow, while the high priced guy can grow much more quickly because he can go out and get new customers much more easily.

So why can internet marketers like Joel Comm and John Reese charge $997 for an info product when others are charging $47? They add tons of value to the package by making it a DVD instead of an ebook. They also add audios and other content that ups the value of the product.

Does their product cost 20x more to make than one that sells for $47? No. It might cost them $30 to produce those DVD’s but they’re able to charge $997 for it because they’ve increased the value and made the offer more appealing to people like us.

I also use this principle for my copywriting jobs. If youwere to hire me, Im not very cheap but I’m very good at writing for specific industries like fitness and making money online. For a normal long page sales letter my prices start at $3950 and I also get a piece of the gross profits.

Of course there are copywriter’s out there who charge $300 for something like this, but I don’t want a client who doesn’t understand that a good sales letter is worth a lot of money to them.

Clients that only care about price are usually the worst clients and they’ll be a bigger hassle than someone for whom price does not matter.

Ok so besides upping the value and increasing your profits, you also need another crucial element if you want to start making more money with your blog…

2. Be a good storyteller

Every one of the big bloggers has a great story to tell…

Shoe was overweight and indebt over $50,000 – now he has a multimillion dollar business with a sweet house, a snazzy pool and a lifestyle that a lot of people would love to have.

My partner Vic on GymJunkies.com was a former lawyer who was sick of all the B.S. fitness advice out there. Vic’s story connects with tons of 25-50 year old men and women who have been mislead and just want something that produces results… As a result our fat loss workouts have sold incredibly well in just a few months time.

One of the main things I suggest people have on their blog is a “My Story” tab (example here). Chris Winfield brought this up to me last year, and since then I’ve seen it grow and many bloggers are using it to help connect with new visitors to their blog…You want to give readers a chance to see your story so that they can connect with you and empathize with the problems you went through.

If you’re overweight and you’ve struggled with people ridiculing you and not ever getting any dates through high school , then reading a story about someone else that has been in that situation AND OVERCAME it will really hit home with you.

This is a major mistake most new bloggers make. They think their audience only cares about information. Your blog posts need to not only be educational but also entertaining as well. Talk about your life, talk about experiences you have.

As an example look at the posts that do well here on Shoemoney.com. Shoe writes about his family, his successes and failures in business and all sorts of things that are entertaining…

If he only wrote PPC guides or SEO advice with no personality in it, his readership wouldn’t be 50,000+ people.

So find a story that resonates with your reader and talk about it on your blog and in you posts as much as you can…

3. Write your posts as if you were talking to just 1 person

In direct response marketing one of the biggest mistakes I see writers make is the tone of their writing is directed at a group instead of a single user.

The person who is reading your blog wants to FEEL that you’re talking directly to them. They want to know that you understand their problem and that you have advice or a solution to help them out.

One of the single most important feelings that anyone can have is the feeling of being truly understood. It’s a feeling most people never have in their life so if you can resonate with them and make them think you really understand their situation, then you can influence their buying decisions pretty easily.

4. Focus on your headlines, call to action and layout

David Ogilvy says that headlines are read by 5x as many people as the body copy. Guess what this means?

Your headlines have to be MONEY if you want them to read the post.

The biggest mistake I see people make with headlines is they try to get cute and clever with their headlines. Your headline’s main focus should be to get your reader to read the rest of your blog post. That’s it.

And the best way to get someone to read your headline is by promising a benefit that your reader wants info on. Headlines that promise specific benefits will ALWAYS do better than a vague headline.

For example…

GOOD – How To Lose 17 Lbs Of Fat In Just 90 Days (With No Bogus Drugs Or Fat Loss Pills)

BAD – How You Can Have A Healthy Looking Body

So make sure your headline is specific and promises a benefit…

Once you have the headline down you need your post to be laid out in a way that makes it easy to read. You should start by staying away from HUGE blocks of text and instead use short sentences and subheadlines to break up the text in your post.

This makes your post easier to read as big blocks of text intimidate people and they’ll just exit the page.

And my last suggestion to get the most out of your posts is to have a clear call to action at the bottom. Whether you want to send them to an affiliate offer, your own product page, an optin page or you just want them to subscribe by RSS you MUST ask them to do it.

No one is going to see your link for your product and assume they should click on it. You need a call to action… Here’s a good example…

“If you liked this post and want to get more like it for FREE, subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll send you an email update each time I make a new post.”

Then you can link that statement (or just a few words in it) to your newsletter optin page…

Every post or article you publish should have a call to action in it.

5. Smack your readers in the face with TONS of social proof

If you watch an infomercial or read a good sales letter, you’ll notice they always have 1 thing in common… testimonials.

What someone else says about your business is 1000x more valuable than anything you can say about it. You need real success stories and testimonials from people just like your readers who have had success with your product or who like your blog.

You can use this with your blog in a number of ways…

  • Success stories – for my fitness site whenever we get a good success story emailed to us, we usually post it on the blog and feature that person as a “star”. They’re an everyday normal person who got good results with our workouts so we want our readers to see that. You can do this for literally ANY niche… And our readers love to see these stories. It gives them a lot of motivation to read these.
  • Media appearances – Aaron Wall does a great job at this with his blog… The right hand nav bar has tons and tons of respected media outlets that he has appeared in. A new reader on his blog will instantly realize this guy knows what he’s talking about and immediately trust him. When I get inquiries about consulting, most people instantly trust me when they hear I’ve written copy for companies on the Inc Magazine 500 and some of the best selling products on Clickbank. Those are instant trust builders.
  • Association with industry leaders – If you came to my personal blog and had no clue who I was but you saw pictures of me with Shoe, Frank Kern, Brian Clark and Darren Rowse you would immediately think I’m a big time internet marketer. If you have ANY relationship with respected leaders, make sure your readers know it.

Social proof and testimonials are the most effective but underused marketing strategy online.

Wrap up

Being a successful blogger won’t happen overnight. If you follow some of the principles I outlined above you’ll be ahead of 95% of the crowd. If you’re just getting your blog started my last guest post on here will be helpful to you… It’s the story of how I went from 0-350 visitors per day in just one month on my blog.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments I’ll be around to answer them. If you’d like to hire me for a copywriting project shoot me an email justingoff {at}gmail.com or check out my personal blog

By Justin Goff

Justin sells the highest paying fat loss product on Clickbank called the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure. Get more info on being an affiliate here or check out the best damn podcast about the crazy world of Internet Marketing

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  1. This is an amazing post Justin, a good share! I have bookmarked it for future reference. It is amazing to know what we can do with a blog. Beside getting to write a post on this blog is just too exciting for me

  2. Ive been reading a lot stuff like this, the best way is to be yourself, share your personal story and connect with your readers. then you don’t have to worry about traffic 🙂

  3. Great post and great topics. Your first topic, up your prices, especially resonates with me. I completely agree that you attract the clientele you price for. Set your sights low and that’s all that you will achieve. In my bricks and mortar business we have refused to lower our price for a comparable service that all of our competitors have lowered their price for. Let them have the clients that are price shopping. I want clients that want the best and are willing to pay for it.
    Good work Justin, keep it up.

    1. Right on Ron.

      Have you read Dan Kennedy’s Marketing To The Affluent?

      That really changed my mindset on pricing, and why you never want to be the cheapest option.

      You would probably get some really good info from it for your practice.

  4. Excellent advice, but you may need another copywriter to proof your work… “Most people shutter” (assume you meant “shudder”), “copywriter’s” (pl., no apostrophe), etc. 🙂

  5. Nice post! When I open up my website for paying members I should consider the right price for it. I was thinking of charging members a dollar per month for all the services but might increase it – the increase will motivate me to add more services and make my members happier. Very good read.

  6. I believe to be able to write naturally and then maintain the level of professionalism to convince people to follow your idea is indeed a gift.

    1. It’s something you need to work on.

      Copywriting is more about being a good salesman than a great writer.

  7. Great post Justin – absolutely true! In fact I came-out with a second edition of my eBook in early 2009, increased the price by $10 and the sales doubled!

  8. I have found this post very useful. I m going to bookmark it too. This is good for making money as a blogger.

  9. Great post. There’s a lot of good books out there about copywriting and direct mail marketing, etc. Influence by Cialdini and Tested Advertising Methods are two good ones.

    Happy Turkey day to everyone.


  10. It is amazing to know what we can do with a blog. Beside getting to write a post on this blog is just too exciting for me. Thanks for share this

  11. Great post!
    I especially liked your suggestion Nr. 3: Writing as if you were addressing just one person. Great idea for giving a post a personal touch.

  12. Great guest post. I really liked the point about writing as if you are talking to one person.

  13. This is a great post Justin, maintain the level of professionalism, and share your story are two of the simplest ways to grow your blog’s readership, and increase exposure to your business.

  14. It was a great learning experience, Justin. While reading your suggestion regarding social proof, I also came up with a novel idea for my blog. But that’s a top secret 😉
    Thanks a lot.

  15. This is going to sound like a stupid question, apologies up front…

    This is an excellent and certainly well-written posts. I agree with everything you said, but I am confused about one thing.

    In this post, you seem to be lumping together two different things: sales letter copy and blog posts.Now, I realize that blog posts also need a certain amount of copywriting, to entice readers and keep them entertained as well as informed… but aren’t sales letters and blog posts really 2 very different kinds of writing?

    I may be nit-picking here. What say you?
    P.S. THANK YOU for sharing this information!

    1. good question…

      Techniques that work in one, also work in the other such as storytelling, headlines, call to action, writing to a single person etc…

      Your blog posts are basically a “mini” sales letter that is more informational and then requires a call to action at the end (sign up for a newsletter, RSS, buy a product)

      The two things are very similar.

      Hope that helps…

  16. Justin…the line you wrote “….Most people shutter when they think about upping their prices…” NEEDS a copychecker…cause the word should have been SHUDDER….




  17. Copy writing really is an art form. Anyone can sell or rant AT someone, but the ability to engage your audience and convert them to your way of thinking is truly something that only comes with practice and lots and lots of reading!

  18. Great stuff Justin! Love the Ogilvy reference. This stuff has been around awhile, but everyone insists on trying to reinvent the wheel. Keep it simple, stick to the basics.

  19. “Shoe was overweight and indebt over $50,000 – now he has a multimillion dollar business with a sweet house, a snazzy pool and a lifestyle that a lot of people would love to have”

    Haha i totally agree, that’s what got me following you!

    Dino | Dinono.com

  20. awesome write up and points, I def agree about having your own story that’s key, in order to connect with your readers.

  21. If there were a secret to Internet marketing success, and there isn’t, but if there were, Copy Writing would be it.

    Great Post

  22. Great post! Yes, it’s true. If you always focus your story align with your headlines, then the readers will continue reading your story ’till last.

  23. ‘Every post or article you publish should have a call to action in it.’ Asking for a comment, for your reader to subscribe to your rss feed or newsletter, or to go on to purchase your product or an affiliate product is a must do for bloggers.


  24. About 25 years ago I ran into a guy on a ski lift that was a free lance photographer, when I asked him how his business was doing he said “great now” and I ask what had changed. He had been charging $200 a day for his services and had no work, when he changed his price to $800 per day he had more work that he could handle.

    One of the first impressions a customer has about your quality is your price, especially when you are starting out. If you are priced way below the competition your customers will assume you don’t know what you are doing, and you will never get a chance to show them.

    Thanks for sharing your insight and I look forward to shaking your hand one day.

  25. “Shoe was overweight and indebt over $50,000 – now he has a multimillion dollar business with a sweet house, a snazzy pool and a lifestyle that a lot of people would love to have.” Damn it, that the best story ever told. I read it a couple of times, and now I’m working hard to be the same. I’m not overweight, though. Do you think that’s going to be a problem? 😉

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