The Elite Retreat is only 1 day away, and it’s bound to be one of the most valuable conferences of the year. I thought I’d highlight 5 reasons why the Elite Retreat is a can’t miss conference.

1. You’ll learn from some of the smartest and best entrepreneurs in the Internet marketing business. Check out this list of all-stars you’ll get to meet:

  • Shoe himself (who you all know and love), a man who needs no introduction
  • Seth Godin, best-selling author and extremely successful entrepreneur (really, do I need to explain who Seth Godin is? You bastards are lucky to have him as the keynote of a 35 person event!)
  • Neil Patel, Internet marketing wunderkind who makes more than most people twice his age
  • Aaron Wall, a veteran SEO expert with a wealth of Internet marketing knowledge
  • Brian Norgard, VP of the Fox Advertising Network and angel investor
  • Chris Winfield, one of the leading experts in social media marketing and VCB (Very Cool Boss)
  • Jon Kelly, my brutha from anotha mutha and President of SureHits and a man who knows the ins and outs of ad networks
  • Loren Feldman, founder of 1938 Media and expert Internet strategist

Seriously, that is one bad-ass line up of speakers. You should be drooling at the chance to spend two days with this group of guys to get invaluable business tips. Think of what each of them would charge for 16 hours of consulting — trust me, you’re getting a hell of a deal.

2. You’ll be networking with other savvy entrepreneurs and businessfolk. Jeremy doesn’t let just anyone attend the Elite Retreat. He’s waded through tons of applicants and picked the best of the bunch to ensure that not only are you learning from the top speakers, you’re also getting valuable information from other attendees. The networking and connections you’ll make in just two days will be invaluable to your business.

3. You’ll get spoiled like a mofo. I mean, come on, you’re in New York City, you’re staying in a gorgeous hotel, you’re getting fed and you’ll likely enjoy copious amounts of alcohol gratis. It’s not even going to feel like work to you. I can’t think of a better city, venue or group of people to hang out with for two days.

4.You have to wait another year to attend the next one. Elite Retreat is like the Halley’s Comet of conferences — this shiz doesn’t come around very often. There’s no “Elite Retreat West,” “Elite Retreat Canada,” “Elite Retreat Tex Mex,” etc. Shoe assembles an Elite Retreat less frequently than Ikea has storewide sales. He’s got a whole year to plan one conference that hosts a handful of attendees, so you better believe he puts a lot of time and effort into it.

5. You get to blame me if it sucks. As the Elite Retreat’s emcee, my job is to make sure that you’re happy and feeling like you’re getting your money’s worth. If you think you need more help with your business, I’ll find someone to devote extra time. If you want to get introduced to someone, I’ll instigate a meet and greet. If you’re in desperate need of a beer, I can (maybe) be your booze wench. If you love me, great, you get to spend even more face time with my half Asian ass. If you hate me, awesome! You get to spend two days telling me why I suck. Either way, it’s a win/win!

Trust me, the Elite Retreat is going to be pretty awesome. Now’s your chance to be a part of it. I’m really excited and I know I’m going to learn a lot this week. If you’re attending, I’ll see you in NYC! If you’re not, then it sucks to be you. 🙂

By Rebecca Kelley

Rebecca Kelley is the Director of Marketing for This or That Media. She also runs Mediocre Athlete, a hobby blog about exercising and training, and My Korean Mom, a blog about her harsh but amusing Korean mother. In her spare time, Rebecca is a freelance blogger for hire, loves food and movies, and trains for marathons and triathlons.

54 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Elite Retreat”
  1. Dude, I would definitely go if it was a little more affordable. Unfortunately, as a small business owner I can’t justify (or actually spend that much) to go to something such as that. I wish I could though!

  2. I don’t want to sound mean but isn’t this post about a month late? Since it starts tomorrow and it’s sold out.

    On another note…. From a guy that does not have a “business plan” and just dabbles with online marketing I wish I could go to this conference. I should really get some sort of product or real business so I can justify trying to go.

    1. My mistake — I was told there were 5 spots left when I authored the post, but maybe they got snatched up when I published it. Sorry!

      1. Then call these people

        2. You’ll be networking with other savvy entrepreneurs and businessfolk. Jeremy doesn’t let just anyone attend the Elite Retreat. He’s waded through tons of applicants and picked the best of the bunch to ensure that not only are you learning from the top speakers, you’re also getting valuable information from other attendees.

  3. hmm, aren’t all the positions taken already ? If so, what’s this post point, other than creating awareness ?

    1. I predict (but don’t know) that shoe was able to open up a few more spots.

      Also Rebbecca is just a marketing machine, and nothing can stop her, not even a sold out event!

  4. Oh that seems a cool retreat. I thinks its a wonderful chance since i find the reasons reliable. Thanks for the info.

  5. It is such an exceptional group of people who follow Jeremy at the high end. They truly are the ones who control the internet.

  6. To say that I’m insanely jealous of anyone attending this is such a ridiculous understatement. I’ve been following Seth for over a year and wish he would post 5 times a day. The man is a walking encyclopedia of marketing genius.

    That doesn’t even count the others… I’ll be there next year if it is good as this year promises to be.

  7. “…you get to spend even more face time with my half Asian ass…”

    Rebecca, I think there might be certain audience members who might read something into this phrase that you didn’t intend :.)

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  9. Why can’t we get an event to happen in the midwest. I would love to come to something that didn’t involve me flying to the coasts.

  10. Looks very interesting, but a bit pricy for smaller fish… Need to be like shoemoney tools – free or discounted to try the first time to see how cool it is and pay 5K next time. 🙂

  11. […] 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Elite Retreat […]

  12. It’s the who who’s of successful internet marketers! If you don’t learn something there and start making money then you should find a different career.

  13. Rebecca,

    Thank you for the post. I don’t find fault with the Promo nature of this post since you will be the emcee.

    Where I DO TAKE ISSUE with you concerns some (not all) of your language. You are a clever writer so please tone down some of the profanity and in one case the racial remark. What I respectfully believe you don’t grasp is that YOU are not SHOE. Shoe has the liberty and license to use colorfull language BECAUSE we also get to see his other side in great detail. A devoted father and husband. IN this respect, we grant him a license to speak lots of profanity becasue we understand and see/read that it’s part of his total persona.

    I’m NOT inferring that you need to be “Mother Superior”, only suggesting that since we only see amd read one side of your persona, some of your language should not be used.

    Good luck!

    Cathy T.

    1. Really? WTF were you reading?

      profanity? ass…ass…and more ass?

      racial remark? Must have been something in between the lines I missed.

    2. I totally support Rebecca’s right to practice E.O.R. (Equal Opportunity Racism). What makes the shoe crew so cool, is that they (we/me) are like chocolate dipped marshmallows, hard and dark on the outside, but sweet and mushy in the middle. Rebecca is the sweetest, most polite, nicest person in this or any other universe. That tough look on the outside is about a 37th of an inch thick. Take one bite, and all you have is mushyness on the inside. 🙂

      1. I find the comments hilarious! I am also so proud to have gotten +5 rating on my comment, comment so far, which beats all the other comments by like +3.

        With the new comment algorithm, I don’t think a comment, comment, will get pushed to the top while the comment it is commenting on stays stuck low due to -stuff. This makes me angry and I want to smash a pumpkin or say ASS, or say Asian real loud!

    3. Racial remark? Really? I’m half Asian, so surely one of my butt cheeks is better at math than the other one…

      1. I am guessing that you are left cheek challenged when it comes to math. My vote is for the right cheek to come out ahead in a math comp.

    4. Are you infact inferring and or suggesting that becasue YOU are part of the “shoe crew” that they ** ALL ** indorse your “Equal Opportunity Racism” mantra? Think VERY carefully before you answer that question.

      I can appreciate your description of R however what you fail to grasp is that the majority of people have never met her so they do not know the other side. And, for better or worse will judge her by these post. Matter of fact, before a high level “pitch” and or business meeting dealing with millons and some in “Suits” it’s rather common practice to Google folks to see exactly what they are like prior to a meeting. Exactly how that plays out can be very detrimental to a given sides position.

      I don’t care if your 100% Asian. If I go to see a stand up comic in a show I have a clear exspectation of what they will say and do via self deprecating remarks. They even rate them via “Adult Content”. I actually enjoy this however this venue is NOT a Vegas Show.

      The tradegy is that you really don’t have to get “hard core” with some of your remarks. You have the smarts and writing skills to be totally effective without this exstra “noise”. I’m realistic and don’t think I will confince anyone else on this Blog, however I can’t wait to see the answer to my question.

  14. Here’s one reason why you shouldn’t go….$4995! Are you serious? In this economy who would be foolish enough to pay that? And why would you even promote an event with that price tag?? Huge mistake.
    Hell, I wouldn’t pay $5k to see Jesus!
    What a pathetic attempt to try and drive traffic to your site.
    Is your field social media or sales?

    1. Honestly, with the amount of 1 on 1 time you get with a wide range of experts (social media expert, affiliate marketing expert, ad expert, SEO expert), it’s well worth the cost. You’d spend at least that amount on consulting hours, if not more.

  15. I liked the light humorous tone of the post a lot. It’s fabulous to see that you made such a serious topic of discussion into a fun yet informative post.

  16. When will we see Elite Retreat Europe? I know there has been rumors for a couple of years!

  17. great tips and I would say I agree with all of them! 🙂 the post should have been up before though IMO

  18. I hope to make it next year and for the young guys like me who are working hard to make it happen, don’t hesitate to look for a sponsor to send you.

    I don’t get how some of the “small business” owners above can’t put money into education that in return will bring 5X if they haven ounce of talent.

    If you can’t drum up the 5K to make this happen you are probably wasting your time even reading Shoe’s site.

  19. I can’t believe this counts for writing these days. I TAKE ISSUE with this line –

    “It’s not even going to feel like work to you.”

    Vulgar and inappropriate once again Rebecca. Why can’t you have 2 or more arbitrarily concocted personalities?

  20. i do see 100% why I should be there. I just cant make – I’m not sure I even have a real excuse.

    As far as price – I spent $40k going to college – Spending $5k to meet some of the greatest marketing minds of today seems like a deal? I’ve spent more money before on stupider things

  21. Sounds like a blast Rebecca. I hope to make it to one of these confences sometime in the near future.

    1. me too! really wish I could afford this kind of conference. Sure its not cheap but like the TED conferences I’m sure you get for what you paid for.

      Still, Shoe you should get preview, videos and stuff of old event on the Tubes!

  22. Elite Retreat is absolutely a brilliant name for such a conference of top money suckers of the industry.

  23. Elite Retreat’s investment cost is not pricey to me. It reflects quality over events (I’m not downplaying the worth of other events) that are free or lower in cost that are attended by thousands of people, giving you no chance to network with speakers and others in attendance.

    The only reason I cannot apply to attend is a prior speaking engagement.

    If I’m presented with an opportunity to network with individuals who’ve mastered their industries, price will never be an issue.

  24. And 6th main reason will be Rebecca.

    Yes your presence is also important. Because from past few months we saw and read some interesting posts from you.

  25. Didn’t see anything on the list relating to Rebecca Kelley being scheduled to appear on the catwalk in a toga…

  26. me too! really wish I could afford this kind of conference. Sure its not cheap but like the TED conferences I’m sure you get for what you paid for.
    Still, Shoe you should get preview, videos and stuff of old event on the Tubes!

  27. i have to agree with you .. we need to learn all over the time… this will make sure we get the news to make more money online

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