Scale Facebook campaignSo you’ve finally found a profitable campaign on Facebook. Hooray! The problem is, you’re only making $50 bucks profit a day. So how do you scale that? More importantly, how do you scale it to make 6 figure revenues per MONTH like the big guys?

Scaling in Facebook is something that I have been working hard to figure out.

Honestly, I’ve been so used to Google Adwords and other Pay per click keyword engines, that learning how to scale in Facebook was quite a challenge for me. You can see on my affiliate blog, that I write MOSTLY about PPC marketing tips. This was because for the longest time, I would fail at most Facebook campaigns.

I’ve always found however that if you fail enough, you’re bound to find some success. I mean, there are only so many ways you can do it wrong! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m used to scaling PPC campaigns (great video interview…) but I had to relearn most of what I knew in order to gain even more revenue through Facebook.

Now, my company is hitting 6 figures per month in revenue just from Facebook alone.

So here are some really helpful tips on scaling your Facebook campaigns:

  • More Ads! – Making more ads with little changes can have a big impact. Normally in PPC Engines, I was so used to just split testing 2-3 ads at a time and letting those run that I had to change my mindset. With Facebook, you can run literally hundreds of ads at the same time, going to the same offer.
  • Targeting – Targeting on Facebook is where you need to be creative. In fact, if you’ve found a small profiting campaign, chances are, your targeting is actually pretty broad. In my experience, most newbies target very little. So, target more specific things. Remember, people in one place in life might convert differently than another. People at one workplace might convert differently than another. Test them all… ages, geographical location, sexual preference, etc. People at x might convert different than Y. Most people group them all into one large lump of demographic targeting. If the ad is not profitable, you kill entire sub sections which might have been profitable. This might take time, but it’s worth the effort. You can put a small budget on each test to maximize your testing efforts.
  • Images – Images are well known as the main factor in producing a maximum click through rate. The higher your click through rate, (usually) the higher your ads get shown. It’s simple enough to know that you should be testing multiple images. If you find a new image that has a much higher click through rate, you’ve instantly scaled your campaign. Test as many images as you can afford. Some images are so odd but work amazingly well. Some images you think would work great, yet perform poorly.
  • CPM bidding – Seeing as I am a big pay per click guy, I was so used to the CPC model that it was very hard for me to break away from. Think about it though. Facebook is trying to maximize revenue. If they can get an advertiser to promise to pay a set amount regardless of clicks for 1000 impressions, they have just reduced a lot of risk on their part. Therefore, if you have a good ad, switching to CPM based models really can help you increase your traffic flow. Facebook favors the lower risk (to them) ads.

So now you should be ready to start making some bigger profits with Facebook. The trick is, of course, finding a profitable campaign to begin with.

I have a simple guide about Making Successful Facebook campaigns as well as Shoemoney has a couple great posts on running a successful Facebook campaign.

Now it’s just a matter of doing some actual work… ๐Ÿ™‚

(Disclaimer: Image ad used above is not my own, just thought it was funny and creative.)

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. lol. that’s insane.
    You make it sound so simple.

    I’ve gotta pick back up the ppc gloves
    and get back into it.



  3. testing is the keyword used in this blog post. You must always be trying new things to see what works and what doesn’t.

  4. I’ve been back in the Adwords game for a year and a half now and have yet to find something really profitable. Sure there’s small profit in it – but, man – finding the one that’s going to give me even 5 figures is tough.

    I’ll make the move into facebook before the end of the year – and read and listen to everything you and Shoe say – so make more videos and teach us more!

    1. You really have to just keep at it and test a ton. I used to write guides on exactly how to do it and exactly what I was doing but instead of people doing there own thing they just copied what I did and of course it was totally saturated by then and unprofitable.

      By the time you read any exact how to in a public setting its done.

  5. Thanks for the great info here. I have been working on Facebook for awhile. It can be tricky! I’ve had some success, but I have been focusing on expanding and scaling my campaigns. It’s good to know it can be done. Thanks again!

  6. Nice information and the links are a great read! I had ONE profitable facebook campaign and I think it was a 110% fluke, but it sure was fun to see a positive end to a PPC campaign ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. This is the scenario where things change very quickly. To try at that level or to earn for 6 figures you should have that much money to start with and also have guts if its wont work.

    But yes if you have that much money that you can try … and big bully always win.

  8. Good stuff, do you mind disclosing a rough estimate of how long it took you to reach 100K a month from FB?

    That’s pretty impressive.

  9. This is something we’ve been trying to get into in the past week. Thank you for the tips, I think I’ll start testing some very niche local campaigns to start today.

  10. $100K rev per month on FB is amazing. I’ve tried a ton of stuff on FB and nothing has worked. But I’m not giving up!

  11. Hi,

    Couple of questions:

    1. Do you have employees helping you with the FB ad submission?

    2. What is your profit?

    3. Do u use the FB ad manager tool by 4 hr affiliate? If so, do you find that that tool screws up from time to time thus you’ve to resubmit again which is a pain in the ass?


  12. Is it still a pain in the ass to get ads approved at Facebook. I was trying to get some relatively tame “Free iPhone” ads approved over there, and after 20 different versions being denied, I finally gave up. What’s the trick to getting ads approved over there?

    1. What’s the reason they gave?

      Email/zip submits are the EASIEST to get approved.

      There’s no trick btw. The secret is to keep resubmitting.

  13. Sounds like an interesting thing to test for parcel courier services……… will check it out!

  14. What category of ads are you guys promoting? The only real success I have with FB is email submit offers, higher payout offers just do dismally for me.

  15. Great post Jonathan, it is pretty complicated to run a good facebook campaign even after making the ad more attractive and going after a specific niche that you target…

  16. That is a great ad! lol. I bet it’s helping run a very profitable campaign for whoever it belongs to.

    Great post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Almost seems ridiculous to be making 6 figures on facebook ads. I never would have thought they could convert that way. Have you guys worked with myspace ads at all? I would assume those suck in comparison. Thanks.

  18. It’s definitely not that simple as you make it to be. Testing and testing and further testing are the keywords here.

  19. That’s some pretty awesome numbers from facebook alone!

    I’ve never really tried this on facebook, only ppc…

    Maybe it’s time for me to start ๐Ÿ™‚

    Talk soon,


  20. Great post with some useful info. Interesting that CPM seems a better bet for more traffic, will give it a go!


  21. Incredible income. I am always amazed by these kinds of results as I am struggling to make a small fraction of that amount.

  22. Wow, its a great information. I really appreciate your work in scaling facebook. It would be a challenging campaign.

  23. I haven’t tried advertising on Facebook yet. I believe that they are requiring a credit card fro anyone who wants to advertise on their site.

  24. I haven’t tried PPC with Facebook yet but I think you should have the same mentality as when you are doing advertising for content networks or doing media buying.

  25. Its actually so hard to figure out…
    I would say that its kinda very difficult for me.

  26. nice article! PCC can be of great help .. it does shows positive effect in low time

  27. It’s just a pity sometimes it could take a long time to get your ads approved. I was running a travel special for one day only and unfortunately the ad never ran

  28. I have never gave facebook ads a try and never believed on it.

    But, Will be trying it soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Facebook advertising seems to be more profitable because you can run more than one ad at a time, but I still could not afford six figures a month. That’s alot of money!

  30. Yeah, Jonathan Volk is a good guy. Good content… I like it! I haven’t tried Facebook yet, but I will be here pretty soon.

  31. Facebook ads are great. You build one and submit it, then 6 months later they approve it.

    Do you have any current coupon codes for Facebook?

  32. Facebook ads are fantastic! The pictures on each advertisement makes the content attractive to encourage clicks, and for searchers to request more information.

  33. I’m still a newbie who finds that online advertising is indeed a great and vast area to explore. It’s about getting into the right game and at the right time. Obviously the post here sure helps me a lot to point me to the right direction.

  34. Awesome info Jonathan, as usual.

    A quick question though, the showcase ad (Best Pick-Up Line 23) certainly will get good CTR, but if it just lands on, which has nothing to do with “Pick Up Line”, how was the conversion rate (sign up rate)? Thanks!

  35. I am just getting a handle on google adsense and now I have to think about facebook too.

    the social media is growing so fast, I should spend more time on it.

    Thanks for the post, I have yet more to research and work on instead of doing my real job ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. Like it! Hadn’t thought about images as well, but what do you mean about running hundreds of ads simultaneously? Surely that costs an awful lot?

    I’m a big fan of learning from other people’s mistakes so I’d love to know how you made it work.

  37. Yes, facebook was the think I was not able to understand. Really it offers great opportunity for veryone to make a great compaign

  38. Hi Jonathan,
    Dude, I agree that the pace of Facebook & Google Adwords & all can be quite different & you need to think differently about it than others. Facebook can be more targeted than others that makes testing easier & faster. Superior correlation of demographics & results makes the efforts, understanding & benefits much more valuable.

  39. Facebook ads has been a huge pain in the butt but now i’m finally getting the hang of things. I only wish I read this post before I made my first ad campaign.

  40. Facebook advertising is really an effective marketing in social networking websites. You can now reached millions of customers by facebook advertising. Nice info. Thanks

  41. We used to spend $10 a day on FB ads and got 100 clicks and 45 users signing up to our FB app.
    Then we ONLY changed the spending to $50 a day and got 500 clicks, BUT 90 users…
    So the ads scaled fine, impressions and clicks all improved by 5x, but users only improved by 2x…
    I read your post but cannot see any help for what we are facing, since it seems that with a larger budget we were not performing as well… Now we scaled down to $20 and get 60 users a day…

  42. “CPM bidding รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Seeing as I am a big pay per click guy, I was so used to the CPC model that it was very hard for me to break away from. Think about it though. Facebook is trying to maximize revenue. If they can get an advertiser to promise to pay a set amount regardless of clicks for 1000 impressions, they have just reduced a lot of risk on their part. Therefore, if you have a good ad, switching to CPM based models really can help you increase your traffic flow. Facebook favors the lower risk (to them) ads.”

    Depending on your CTR, CPM bidding can also lead to literally penny clicks (if enough of each thousand impressions clicks through) for targets which would otherwise cost 40 or 50 cents per click.

  43. Hi Jon, great post. But how do you scale a profitable campaign that is only profitable in a small range demographic? you can’t get more out of it then there are people converting and of course there can’t be more conversions then the amount of people, obviously…

  44. Thanks Boss, It’s really good.Think the land where ethnic people are live. They are more interest about your blog. They read your blog regularly. What a success!

  45. Completely agreed with what you said, it’s rare I find people with the same opinions as me!

  46. Your article is useless. The tips are so common and generic its ridiculous.

    Anybody that says this post was useful to them is an idiot and or a ass licker.

    //Wont be reading anything else from here. Keep doing your “100k campaigns” :)…. lol I bet its BS any ways.

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