Since I last talked about making money with twitter a couple weeks back I have completed 7 “sponsored tweets” on for just less than $2,000.00…. not exactly enough to quit my day job but worth it none the less.

Listen up advertisers. When you are buying tweets on sponsored tweets let the tweeter write the ad for you. I can tell you right now the ones that I write versus the canned ones you try to write get 3-4x more clicks.

This is because I know my audience and they know me…. and they know when its not me and that converts like ass.

Also you still get final approval/rejection before it goes out. So why not let the person write the tweet for the most conversions?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

121 thoughts on “How Not To Buy Sponsored Tweets”
  1. I’m still not a big fan of twitter sponsored tweet, however thanks for the post 🙂

  2. You got $2000 because you have very good and respected number of followers but I do not think that other people are also effective as you are so they wont able to get even $1000

    Yes this is very nice concept but before sending tweets I think approval from advertisers will be also good … so that both party can have clear idea.

      1. Jeremy also invested huge amount of time and distributing free prizes with contest to gain such number of followers. He have now 80K + followers.

  3. Wow, I only got one offer until now.

    And of course I agree with you about the points you made.

    1. you get one that is good, until now i don’t get it, hmmmm how much fallower need for get for this job

      1. Yup Denise, i have a question same like that, any body can you tell us ?? i am just newbie, Thank’s

  4. Teach me, will you, Mr. Jeremy? Please? I need to fight with my conscience. Teach me how to follow my interest. Takecare and thankyou, very much.

  5. The ROI must be terrible for sponsored tweets. Curious clicks do not convert, and that’s all you’re going to get.

    Intention is everything, that’s why search clicks are so valuable.

    1. Andrew makes a good point if the clicks are coming from people in your stream and they are ONLY curious, and not actually digging in to investigate and possibly be won over. But there are more people that use twitter search to find information.

      If they do a search, find something that fits the bill, then do some research and build their trust in shoemoney as the tweeter, that could be powerful.

      That last model I mentioned is of course a bit complex.

      1. Many a times it happens that when some one from your circle comes on the website out of curiosity and likes the website, there are definite chances that he will pass that to people he knows. So indirectly there also you are getting benefited.

  6. They should probably have a ‘celebrity’ service that does stuff for people like Shoe or Aston or whomever you like to add in that category.

    I would be interested in their algy. I have 18K followers and get paid $28/tweet. Shoe has 81K and gets $300(ish). But it’s almost impossible to go from 18K to 81K so there doesn’t seem to be that much premium.


  7. I have only had the opportunity to do 4 tweets for a total of $55.50. I am pretty excited about that, but haven’t seen a new opportunity in about 2 weeks…

  8. I just can’t beleive companies pay this sort of money 🙂

    Crazy new phenomenon.

    I haven’t even embraced twitter yet! Don’t follow the sheep is my moto. But then i think i’m too old for my time 🙂

    Technology moves at such a fast pace, perhaps i should be jumping on every bandwagon?

    1. If you have 82K followers than your single tweet can give exposure to anyone’s product and after that such tweets will retweet as well.

      So you can imagine the effect of that.

  9. I can’t believe someone buying your “sponsored tweet services” would think they know how to message better than you.

    1. I don’t think it is a question on weather they can message better than him, I think they want to reach him Loyal Fan Base.

  10. Shoe $2k is really is really cool one i guess …i’s good for me to quit my day time job

    1. This simply depends in which country you live and what is your standard of living.

      In many countries whole family living on $100 per month.

    1. I don’t think that he doesn’t care about the advertiser, yet I think if they want someone with a strong fan base and notoriety then they will have to pay for it. As Shoe stated earlier “Sure on paper it might seem like a lot but I keep getting offers from the same companies so they must be making it work.”

      So i don’t think it is because of that.

  11. This advice rings true for most advertising/advertorial – you should usually be prepared to trust the media owner who has spent years analysing and building up a sense of feeling for their own audience. 1) They won’t want your ad/message to flop and 2) They will be able to tap in to something that is worth more than money, knowledge of what makes their own audience tick. Amazes me how many advertisers get precious about controlling the copy/message when someone is actually giving them the opportunity to tailor something for them. These advertisers are usually the first to complain when their ad flops and will blame the media owner rather than their own copy.

  12. Sweet deal Shoe and a big fat NO KIDDING on the tweeter writing the ads. What kind of numbskulls are running these advertising departments?

  13. Very good point! If it looks like an ad, people are less likely to click on it. Too bad no one wants to offer me any sponsored tweets!

    1. Erika 🙂 If you have more followers on Twitter i am sure you will get many offers ..haha

          1. is John Chow’s new business venture. You sign up on the website, and just start following people who promise to follow you back & vice versa. If someone doesn’t hold their end of the deal, there is a mass unfollow feature that allows you to unfollow anyone who is not following you. I wouldn’t have near as many followers as I do now without it, & I only just signed up 2 days ago.

          2. Do not forget to check out these two options from your twitter account otherwise you will get tonnes of email –

            New Follower Emails
            Direct Text Emails

            If you are new in twitter than this will be good to give a good start. After 15 days you should slow down

          3. Haha! Now you tell me! I had to learn that for myself… One thing that pisses me off is that there’s no way to keep direct messages from being sent to my cell phone unless I turn that device off on Twitter. I have a few people I like to be alerted to when they post & now I can’t even have that because Twitter is lacking this very vital option!

          4. I already sign up, but alot of them when i clik to fallow the result is error, that why i stop it ? it is somenthing trouble ?

          5. I get that too, I’m not sure why. I figured maybe those profiles no longer existed or something. No clue.

  14. I’m not that familiar with sponsored tweets. I’ll have to do a little research

  15. great job … whatever you touch makes $$$$$$’s … wonder how much they will offer my auto tweets service??

  16. Yeah I really don’t understand how sponsoredtweets advertisers can be happy about their ROI.

    1. Sure on paper it might seem like a lot but I keep getting offers from the same companies so they must be making it work.

      1. This will be also better if they want to spread a message about their new products without intending to get conversion.

        This can be first stage of their marketing and after this they will concentrate on conversion.

  17. I totally agree, we are working on some other things that will totally help both advertisers and twitter’s. You should check us out, we’d love to have you aboard.

  18. […] How Not To Buy Sponsored Tweets […]

  19. Nice earnings there Shoe! I never know that there’s this thing as Sponsored Tweets. I guess it will only apply if you already have a lot of followers?

    1. That’s very much correct Tyrone. You got to have atleast 3k followers in order to jump in to this 🙂 my friend.

      1. Actually Chris you only need 200, you just might not get paid much to do the tweet. Also take into consideration many different t hings such as the location and fan base to name a couple. A guy may not have a ton of followers but the ones he may have are solid and no BS. On the other hand one could have a bunch of meaningless followers that are not solid. Who do you ask to tweet.?

        1. Valid point made. It is all the more important to have good and meaningful followers than dummy and activity-less followers. It is only then that such paid ads will make sense.
          But another point worth considering is the way your profile will be evaluated by these companies. They will only evaluate your profile on the number of followers that you have, right.

          1. I already have 900 fallower, but i am never get job. what must i do to get a job from sponsored tweets

  20. Sponsoredtweets is a scam, scamming stupid people out of their money!

    And the stupid advertisers deserve it if they are dumb enough to dump money on this load of shit!!

    On the other hand, congrats shoe, acquire all the money while u can 😉

  21. This will only work if you have more than 50k followers. For those who has less than that, I don’t think its worth it.

    1. Getting big quantities of followers is apparently not a big issue with some of the twitter offerings out there. It would make good sense to build big lists and then rent out your space. You’ll have to add some good value inbetween too, if you want significant buy-in.

          1. Oh come on guys.. are you serious about getting this bots?

            Get real followers, that’s the way to go.

      1. Filtering out the bots seems to be the key here. Responsiveness is a good term to describe what having real followers offer. Well put, Shoe.

  22. At $2000 for 7 sponsored tweets we’re looking at close to $300 per sponsored tweet. It definitely adds value to have the well-paid expert word your tweet for you, especially as tyhis gets offeredc as a free value-add.

    1. That is great money, it can add up very quickly and I agree the wording is very important on the tweet

    2. Effective baiting of the trap is the key here. Just like in fishing….but not fishing with dynamite….heheheheh

  23. That is the best tip for sponsored tweeters there. It saves the advertisers time and converts too.

    1. You are right. It no doubt will save a lot of time for the advertisers. In addition to that, you get better results on the offers you have opted for.Less of headache and more of outcome.

    2. the main thing here is not to make the sponsored tweet like a big advertisement

    1. Your name is really interesting and would love to see what you are offering in your blog or website.

  24. That is my one huge gripe with sponsored posts.

    I suspect that some of the advertisers write their anchor text blindfolded at times!

  25. $2000 for only 7 tweets is a huge amount. Is it that they offer you such high payouts because you have a huge count of followers or, it is because of your credibility.

    1. I think here both play equal important role. But first one is the number of followers … and after that your credibility.

      Combination of both are like dynamite

  26. They have got a boost start but seems to me its bit down now …

    Even John launched its twitter project

    1. Yes i recently saw John’s new Twitter Project ..seems really interesting 🙂 Zubin

  27. At this rate it won’t be long before advertisers will pay twitter users NOT to tweet on a given subject.

  28. i think this is a nice idea, but can you tell how is it diffferent from revtwt. they r scammers.

  29. I couldn’t agree more Jeremy. The most sucessfull campaigns are written by advertisers.

  30. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I was not into twitter but now I will check it out.

  31. That’s another cool way of making money online. I ‘ll obviously give it a try hoping i ‘ll also get same kinna results.

  32. The site interface is nice and has improved but ad inventory seems very sparese as yet.

  33. I agree, publication on tweet will get more exposure if you’e famous, let the expert do their work for you not the opportunist that just looking for you to spend more money on them

  34. Very cool. I always learn something new when I come back to your blog. I really need to get the rss.


    Jason Berkes

  35. $2000. Man, you sure have some followers. I just started promoting CPA through my twitter account. No luck as of yet. Might dive into FB. Nice way nevertheless.

  36. This will be a excellent site, would you be involved in doing an interview about how you created it? If so e-mail me!

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