A couple months ago I wrote about how Twitthis launched a suggested user system and that I was going to heavily use it to see how many followers I could pick up. Its also pretty cool cause every time you submit a URL it shows you how many users have followed you because twitthis suggested them to.

Here is some of the things I implemented with Twitthis on my site:

1) WordPress plugin – This easily puts in a Twitthis button at the bottom of every post.

2) Javscript link – in my social icons I made it link using the twitthis js link found in the tools

3) Feedburner feedflare (RSS LINK) – Want to add twitthis to your RSS feed like I have? 2 years ago one of the Feedburner developers made a Twitthis feedflare and its in the official feedbuner catalog (but hard to find). When I implemented it I had a TON of people ask me how to do it so I made a simple video on youtube:

For those of you who use blogger there is a tutorial here on how to implement it into blogger.

From implementing Twitthis my twitter traffic tripped within a week and has not slowed down.

So that is great to get website hits but to really gain followers you need to do the following:

1) Click the twitthis button you see on sites – according to Yahoo! the button is on over 10 million sites now including some HEAVY hitters like official government websites like texas.gov and oklahoma.gov as well as the new twilight movie. Everywhere you see a page where the twitthis button is (or in a feed) that you find interesting click it and tweet it! Also when you do tweet it you will be offered to follow a suggested user. If you do both of these things you gain points and increase the chance that you will be suggested for people to follow.

2) Use the bookmarklet tool

Just click the link below and drag it to your toolbar or bookmarks bar like so:


Watch the walkthrough video i made below:

When you browse the web and see a link you like just click the bookmarklet tool and you will gain points to be the suggested user.

3) 1 click follow link. If you notice in every post I have a little footer that says you should follow me on twitter. The link goes to http://twitthis.com/follow/shoemoney which is a 1 click follow for twitthis users.

4) Contests!

After watching Patrick Gavin pick up over 4,000 followers in his week long contest for Do It Yourself SEO I held a contest on twitthis for 10 flip mino hd’s and got a pretty huge response. The contest ended August 1st and we just started announcing the winners (on twitter).

If you are your company is interested in running a twitthis contest give them a shout.

The coolest thing about this service is it does not give a crap who I am. I am on the same playing field as you. I only get credit for links i submit.

If you think I am a shill for twitthis…. I am. I really like Nick and the rest of the guys at Chuug. I just noticed the other day they are now listed as a top 50 most used twitter client…. which is pretty huge considering they only implemented it in May. I am hoping to get a interview with Nick for our radio show or on the blog. Fire away with questions!

O ya also if you want to see twitthis implemented on your wordpress hosted blog then tweet Matt Mullenweg

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

71 thoughts on “How I used Twitthis to Get Over 15,000 Twitter Followers”
  1. Thanks for sharing Jeremy, as usual great post and useful to all of us. Gonna go give “TwitThis” a try now…thanks.

  2. Lovely post, am going to implement the strategies outlined.

    Thanks Shoe.

    1. Just try amazon gift cards, as long as you can afford the price, that’s a good deal since I had tried that before lol

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  4. Shoe, I don’t use any ‘system’ to gain followers. I just don’t buy into the whole, ‘I’m a legend because I have thousands of users’. Since you are a legend regardless of any twitter systems, do you find that the people suggested by twitthis are good targeted followers or is it more of the same junk that most systems will deliver ie: spammers?

    1. hmmm you need to read my posts about how I have made money with twitter and specifically how the twitter ROI is better then about every other form of advertising (for now).

      But its good a lot of people do not understand it 😉

      1. I agree with your saying shoe. I have read your posts in past about twitter which has helped me lot in making some money using twitter.

      2. I just read your article about making money with twitter, very nice, can’t say anything since $250/tweet is a really great pay

    2. If I learn nothing else from you, I am determined to learn how you give such effective answers without actually saying anything 😀

      I guess I’ll have to give twitthis a try and analyze the results.


      1. I think Jeremy was responding to your ‘I hate Twitter’ vibe. I clearly picked up on it and felt his response was appropriate.

        1. OK well that wasn’t the intention. I don’t hate twitter I hate the numb skulls that use is a spam platform.

          I tried John Chows wefollow and all I got was a bunch of spam out of it. Nothing very useful at all.

          Just by being me, and without any systems I’ve garnered almost 1800 followers. I guess I could have made it to 5000 or more by now but seriously what is the point if they are 90% spammers?

          As I’ve said before I’d rather have 1800 targeted followers who listen to me and take action when I tweet than 50K followers who are all spammers using auto tweeters and not doing much for me at all.

          I’m working on a principal of quality rather than quantity. But I could be wrong.

          1. Sorry I did not know I needed to point out the obvious.

            Yes if all of your followers are bots or spammers then that is not going to work.

            Company’s are only going to pay for what gives them a positive ROI.

          2. Very correct shoe. Without positive rate of return who the hell will pay you.

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  6. Awesome knowledge about Twitt shoe. Thanks a ton for sharing. Appreciate your thoughts of sharing with all.

  7. Now every addition can give you something beneficial. But you will have to find out which one is more beneficial to you so that you can use them at perfect place on your blog or at your post.

    This one is heavily used by everyone and because this one is smooth to use so even a newbie can also give it a try.

  8. I don’t believe that gaining subscribers using a system produces valuable followers who are responsive to your tweets.

    How much response do you get with your tweets on average, Joe?


  9. I tried twitthis on one of my sites, but got a lot of complaints from the users about how it was slowing downthe page load – as soon as I removed it, everything was fine. Have you noticed any performance issues?

  10. Thanks for all the information and the how-to videos. I particularly enjoyed the ‘how do I make money on twitter’ post. Very Interesting.

  11. Pretty interesting, I may think about getting that one. But I doubt I’ll get the same results as you did 🙂

  12. Thanks man for useful tutorial. I’m not a very big fan of Twitthis before this. I was stuck with tweetmeme plugin, though this one seems to be much better.

  13. TwitThis is great and as mentioned, it really is started to gain some attention. I’m a big fan of it 🙂

  14. I have used TweetMeMe on a consistence basis. What is your opinion comparing Twitthis to TweetMeMe?

  15. thanks for the tutorial shoemoney! great news on your side, I believe you are happy with that extra 15k followers 🙂

  16. Thats alot of info there Shoe. I think most social bookmarking tools should adopt twitthis with them.

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  18. […] How I used Twitthis to Get Over 15,000 Twitter Followers (shoemoney.com) […]

  19. I was just reading a book at B&N yesterday on how to get more Twitter followers by Joel Comm. It’s pretty amazing how many folowers people are getting.

  20. gratefulness you for your report and it helped me in preparing my college assignment.

  21. Effective use of Twitter and other social media can be a brandbuilder. Many business are learning how this medium fits into their overall strategy.

  22. Shoe after reading this i have started following you way and now i have more then 8k followers. Let’s see how much money i can make now ??

  23. Twittthis sounds like a nice way to get more followers, thanks for sharing this great idea

  24. 15,000 followers is a lot. How long did it take you to accomplish this? I see that you’re currently sitting on 76,000 odd twitter followers, which is the population of a decent sized town!

  25. True, you really deserve to earn million online.
    You know how to do it and you tell everyone how to do it.
    Still many can’t do it.
    Why So?

  26. Dude, that is a butt load of followers. When you speak, thousands of people listen. Remember that line in the Spiderman movie… with great power comes great responsibility.

  27. charming post. simply one decimal where I quarrel with it. I am emailing you in detail.

  28. Thank you, Jeremy…again!

    First you tweeted my how-to on Blogger post from my site with TwitThis, then linked to it here.

    You (and the creator of TwitThis) have been responsible for making that post the most read page on my blog.

    Much appreciated!

  29. i already put that plugin into my website. now just wait and pray hope that working ……

  30. hmmm is great, i must try this plug in
    Thank’s shoe
    In here i get a lot of method to earn online money

  31. Since this one is simple name such as Share this … so every people know about this.

    Once the plugin popular than this will give you more return and thats happened here as well.

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