Ahhh lazy Sunday. I have been tweeting a lot about movies I watch and lots of times people ask for reviews.. thought it would be easier just to put them up here.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – Last night my wife and I went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I thought it was a really good movie. I really enjoy watching the Harry Potter movies and feel they are much better then the books. This installment really is a plot changer in many ways unlike the last movie the order of the phoenix. While I thought The Order Of The Phoenix was very good too it felt like it was kind of a filler movie so far in the Harry Potter series.

Now I did know the ending because this asshole on twitter setup a bot for people who mentioned harry potter then @replied to them the spoiler. You can see the message here (WARNING IT GIVES AWAY THE MOVIE).

I highly recommend this movie for Harry Potter fans. Its well done and ties together a lot of story lines while opening up a bunch more.

7 pounds – I personally felt this movie was a bit of a let down. After 7 attempts I still have not been able to finish it.

The Watchman Scored a screener DVD of this movie but was a bit dissapointed. I think Ironman has really stepped up the bar in terms of super hero movies.

Angels and Daemons Another scored DVD screener. Great movie although not as good IMO as the Davinci Code.

Madagascar 2 – Awesome animated movie for you and your kids. Great story line and the characters are hilarious. I have seen this probably 20 times and its a classic just like the first one. Highly recommend if you have kids.

The Hangover Nothing left to say that I have not said here

Taken – Actions seens are pretty good but the story line was amazingly predictable.

Gran Torino – Unbeileveable… absolutly MUST SEE. GET OFF MY LAWN

Knowing – I am a big fan of Nicholas Cage and I think he does a great job in this sci-fi thriller. Highly recommend it!!!!!!

I am looking forward to seeing GI-joe, Transformers 2, Bruno, Public Enemies.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

85 thoughts on “Recent Movies I have Seen.”
  1. Watchmen was a disappointment. Hangover was pretty good. I didn’t like Knowing… thought the ending was lame.

  2. I went on an On Demand rampage last weekend and rented Taken, Gran Torino & Knowing. Of the 3, Gran Torino was great. Taken was entertaining, and Knowing wasn’t exactly what I expected, so it was my lease favorite of the three. Finally watched Valkyrie last night. I was expecting a lot more from that one and I wasn’t overly impressed.

  3. Gran Torino was as predictable and flat as any other mainstream movie. I think people just fall in love with anything Eastwood spits out of his arse these days.

    Enjoyed Watchmen and loved the Hangover.

    Went to Public Enemies last week and definitely recommend it. Oh and just saw I Love You Man last night and its f-ing hilarious.

  4. Ugh. Don’t bother with public enemies.

    Saw it last week. Haven’t been that disappointed with a move in years.

  5. The Harry Potter movie is more of a commercial crap. I don’t want to put anyone one down here. It’s my personal opinion. Although, I liked Lord of the Rings trilogy. It build up my appetite for next chapter.

    Since, Mr. ShoeMoney blogging about Harry Potter so I like to take the opportunity give my TOP 5 Movies fro 2009:

    1. Quantum Of Solace

    2. Revolver

    3. Bank Job

    4. Ghost in the Shell – Innocence

    5. Crank



  6. I felt the same for 7 Pounds and had a hard time sitting through it, but it was the ending that caught me and made the movie fairly decent.

    Hangover is hands down one of the funniest in a very long time.

  7. I’ve only seen the hangover and Public Enemies out those you listed,

    Both were pretty good,

    Hangover was nicely done IMHO!

    Comeday and action is all i watch,

    no space for harry potter on my tv 🙂

  8. I have to agree with you Grand Torino and Knowing were outstanding! Do not waste your time on Mall Cop, unless your a big King of Queens fan..

    1. Knowing that ‘Knowing’ is not worth your money is probably your best bet in movies to not pay for this weekend.Lolzzz

  9. I thought hangover was really funny. I want to go see the new Harry Potter movie. Thanks Greg Ellison

  10. Just saw Harry Potter to and thought it was great. Watched Hangover as well and it was really funny. I thought Bruno took it a little far in some scenes, funny but not as good as Borat.

  11. I thought the moving Hangover was very well done and Harry Potter as well. I would have been furious if I received that spolier Twit. That guy should get banned.

    1. My only complaint about The Hangover is that so many excellent moments were ruined by the preview. The Hangover, particularly Ed Helms, is very funny. Don’t bring a family member and don’t try any of this at home.

  12. I liked Gran Torino very much and also Taken is a really good movie. Taken looked somewhat crappy in the previews but ends up being one of the best movies you’ll see this year when you sit down to watch it.

  13. watched The Hangover after reading your last post…absolutely recommended…thanks for the review

    agreed on the Angels and Demons..it’s quite good but i have to say, not as quite as good as the Da Vinci Code…can’t even get close to National Treasure !

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  15. Fricken loved Gran Torino.
    True, absolutely love anything clint spits out.
    Loved it when Clint goes next door to the party. Way super uncomfortably fantastic!

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  17. Hangover was awesome! I thought it was going to be ‘meh’ but ended up being very cool!

    I never got around to seeing ‘Watchmen’ in theaters, though it seems more of a ‘long-better-to-see-on-the-big-screen-while-inhaling-mass-amounts-of-fattening-popcorn’ sort of movie.

    I think Angels and Demons was ok…on Par with Da Vinci Code (The movie), but well below the book (Of which I liked Angels and Demons better)

  18. That’s funny about the Twitter spoilers. People seem to love spoiling Harry Potter movies. I downloaded Evan Almighty before and someone edited Harry Potter spoilers into the TV that was on in a bar scene.

    I’m surprised you didn’t like 7 Pounds — I actually liked that one more than I expected to.

    The Hangover was great!

  19. Dang man . . you watch a lot of movies.

    I don’t think I am on the only one, but I just cant stand to set in front of a TV that long after I stare at a laptop screen all day.

    I get more kicks out of reading books and going to the park.

  20. Transformers 2 is awful, absolutely awful. Don’t waste the 2.5hrs of your life on it 🙂

    1. There’s a lazy cynicism to “Transformers 2,” from the dubious comic-relief “ghetto” ‘bots known as the Twins, to the rump-in-the-air introduction of Fox’s character, to the general air of militaristic fetishism. The chief human antagonist is an Obama administration security adviser who keeps pushing diplomatic solutions while the Decepticons kill, kill, kill. Near the end an aged Autobot, waling away at his enemies atop a pyramid, mutters the line “I’m too old for this crap.” No matter, pal. You’re not in the target demographic

  21. Shoe – Your undying Love for Nicholas Cage has clouded your judgment.

    I was kinda disappointed with this movie (Knowing). The last good Nicholas Cage movie I liked was National Treasure.

  22. I haven´t seen Harry Potter yet, but I have to I agree on all your other opinions. The biggest disappintment so far was Transformers 2 …

    I was really disappointed about “Angels and Daemons”. The book was far better than the Davinci Code, but the film ….

  23. Shoe, maybe its just the geek in me but I noticed you have it too.

    Angels and Daemons (is this a movie about a network service on unix?)

    or Angels and Demons?

    I think your still spending too much time at the computer. 😀

  24. I like to see NEW Matrix or Ghost in the Shell trilogy start again..



  25. I really enjoyed Harry Potter movies and feel they are much better then the books.

  26. Watchmen should not have been made into a movie, at least not this movie, but I do hope you fanboys enjoy your three-hour music video of your favorite graphic novel. I am so disappointed in this film for its own sake, never mind for the sake of the origi

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  28. I did not see a mention of Transformers and Terminator.
    Didn’t you see these movies. Transformers especially is a very good movie.

  29. loved nicolas cage in knowing but the bunnies stole the show for me. they were awesome, cute and stuff. 😉 kind of like the pig was the best actor in college road trip with raven simone

  30. Shoe all movies are really cool. I have recently seen Transformers 2 and i can say it was Thrilling one for sure.

  31. I’m glad you enjoyed Harry Potter. I’m a big fan, and I was really pleased with the movie. I thought it was way better than Order of the Phoenix which strayed very far from the book. What I particularly liked, is that instead of feeling like they left a lot out from the book, I liked how they added things in (the scene at the Weasley’s house with the fire), so I actually felt like I was getting to see more in the move, that was in the book. Here and there they actually quoted the book verbatim, which I appreciate. My only concern is that they did not explain the appearance of Fenrir Greyback – so for someone who has not read the books – they would not know the menace of this character.

    It is going to be REALLY interesting to see how they handle the last two movies (yes book 7 is going to be a two parter!) and bring all the plot lines together.

    Can’t wait!

    Also – can’t wait to see GI Joe, the special effects look incredible!

    1. Harry Potter has it’s own unique identity across Globe & i am sure it is one of the Biggest HIT ever happened. Each part looks like you are looking at something really spectacular & thrilling.

    1. I’m totally ageed with you Dean, I’m not really interest in this movie, the reason I watch it just because there’re so many people want to watch this movie

      1. Yeah some time you will have to go as per the choice of your friends.

        So how many stars you will give to Harry Potter. Generally this movie is getting 4 Stars.

  32. Angels and demons was great. Have you been to Rome? I had just been so it made the movie much more enjoyable.

    Try public enemies also. Great movie

  33. Harry Potter was extremely entertaining, but a giant let down for me as I am a huge fan of the books.

    I mean in my eyes they removed 2 major story linesm 2 major scenes, and added 2 completely irrelevant scenes. But I am not going to complain too much because I still enjoyed it and will be anxiously awaiting the final two movies.

  34. for me of all this new movies harry potter and the half blood prince is the best one all the mistery and as you said ties a lot of stories and open a lot more I have seen also transformers 2 and it was good but not good enougth than harry potter is the best movie at this moment

  35. Hangover and Gran Torino have got to be my favorites from that list.

    Clint E is great at being that grumpy old curmudgeon.

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  37. My friend saw the movie in a dome theater and said she did not understand one bit because she did not see the previous version.

  38. Still, “knowing” is the best so far, I had seen those movies above, Harry Potter took almost 3 hours to watch, so tired

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  40. I would love to invest my time on Hangover and knowing. I am sure Hangover will take put more and more energy on my lungs and on my brain as well.

    Planning for this weekend.

  41. The latest Harry Potter movie is top of my viewing list. It has just been launched here in South Africa, and I’m waiting for the crowds to ease up a bit before going to watch it myself. The last book in the series has been split in two movies, so there are going to be two more installments of this awesome franchise! The movies really work better than the books for me.

  42. Have you seen “Next” with N Cage also? Awesome movie… Gran Torino was great too.

    1. If I am not wrong than Next released in 2007 … or this one is new one.

      I just see movie enjoyed it and forget it … 🙂

  43. I agree that the last Harry Potter movie seemed like pointless filler. I did like Angels and Demons better than The Da Vinci Code, but both movies are “meh” in my eyes.

  44. wanna watch harry potter soon, but have no time in this month…maybe next month..

  45. Hey shoe nice list of movies! whatever you do don’t waste your time watching Bruno I was kind of dissapointed and wanted to leave in the middle of the movie, if it wasn’t for my girlfriend I would have done just that!

  46. The ending of 7 Pounds is the best part. It is pretty crazy. Unrealistic but dramatic.

  47. Another good movie I think is Ice Age 3 – my son loved it and I even found it really entertaining and great.

  48. Knowing was totally kewl…Nicholas is kinda hit and miss with his movies in my opinion, but this one was great…

    Now 7 pounds……you really gotta get to the end to for it to be complete…if you leave that movie in the middle…you really can kiss it good bye..A VERY slow flic…I almost didn’t make it myself…

  49. hi shoe,
    i have to dis agree, {for the first time i guess, }that you are wrong. the books are far, far too good and especially the “half blood prince” on comparison with the film. This 6th part not only missed to show a lot of things which were written on the book but also the stuff that is shown dosenot match with the book, for example the initial minister to the other minister conversation is absolutely missing… Honestly, after reading the book 20 times, am seriously disappointed with the film.

    hope they make the next part, “the deathly hollows” a bit better.

  50. I found Gran Torino boring – the only thing that I did not see coming was the end.

  51. I don’t think the average moviegoer will like Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie. Its just targeted at children. My 4 year old kid gave 9 out of 10 rating.

  52. I saw the Half Blood Prince last week and unfortuneatly I was disappointed. It was a let down, I felt like scenes were rushed and many important things were left out. No where near as good as Order of the Phoenix.

  53. Bruno was stupid IMO. However, everyone has different taste. I Love You Beth Cooper was good.

  54. well….hangover was hilarious comedy..though.,..i don’t want to watch the much awaited harry potter…cause mystery sucks!

  55. Any other movies on your TO WATCH list … please share those names as well with us.

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