As I have recently learned while advertising my new 12 week course on making money online its SUPER expensive to advertise on Google Adwords for terms related to it.

For the last month or so I have notice news results on the subject peak in the top of the results (thanks to universal search).

Between fake press releases and all out exploits, these sites Google has deemed to be “news worthy” are owning. And I am sure its enormously profitable spamming them.

Let me show you some examples:

Fox News has myfox$cityname for every one of there websites. Most of these websites have a community page where the public can make postings. All of these appear to be indexed by Google News. Google shows about 20,000 unique urls for these sites.

These sites also accept meta tags which allow people to redirect to where ever they want.

Spammers have started getting wise to the fact and posting titles that will rank super well in Google (with universal search) and Google news:

and in search listings:

Check out this link to see where you go (while you can)

and for those who don’t make it here is where it takes you:

making money online


Judging from the amount of traffic those words are being searched for mixed with a $45 payout per conversion I am guessing that affiliate is making anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 per day from spamming these sites… not a bad profit margin either.

But the Fox websites are not the only problem. Google News has opened up the flood gates to about ever press release website too. Remember the days of PRWEB when they had super tight editorial controls? Its a bit different now.

Here is the listing in Google News (currently #1 but its fresh)

Here is where it goes

and here is what it looks like:

make money online

This is actually pretty smart… it only costs like 50$ to submit your press release and the normal rate for “make money online” or “making money online” is like $2-$3 PER CLICK in Google.

Can Google get a grip on its News system?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

89 thoughts on “Make Money Online Scams Owning Google News”
  1. The link just says “This post has been removed”.

    Boom! Nice thing though. Why am I not creative enough to spam like that…

  2. Fair play to them, they’ve managed to get there in the results, they’re not doing anything wrong!

  3. It’s amazing what people come up with. It’s shameful though that people that legitimately try, have to suffer because of this.

  4. Well this is really interesting Shoe, first of all i would like to thank you for showing some idea for making money online niche …lol

    At this point of time it is very early to say will Google get a grip on this deal or not.

    Online money GURU says he can teach any one to make $500 in 7 days ..looks like one more SCAM on Internet

  5. I’m not sure a ton of people come to Google News to do that search, but I’d mentioned the spam on Fox sites to the news team; I’ll check on the status of that.

    1. Wow ..comment from Anti SPAM Guru Matt Cutt on this blog ..amazing one

      I wanted to ask one offline concern to Matt that one of my websites has gone from Google past 3 months and no Signs of coming back after making changes if i can get some real good TIP in order to get my website back would be great.

    2. Right not on news but its showing in the search results with universal search.

      I am much more likely to click on the news story as I consider it an authority up to date site.

      1. dang it Shoemoney! you are supposed to send those findings directly to me and not tell the world!!

    3. Matt, the point isn’t that specific term, it’s the tactic. This can easily be expanded out to cover every conceivable topic, including ones that are marketable and are searched on Google News.

    4. Matt i wanted to ask you one more important question here.

      One of my website was penalized by google since past 3 months and now before 3 days it came back in to rankings again i was so damn happy after 1 day the website went off again ?? can you tell me what could be the reason behind that ?? i am so damn pissed off now that even after going with the webmaster guidelines provided by google, making necessary changes websites are getting penalized ??

      can you kindly explain me what is going on and why my website went back again ???

  6. To be honest, if people are scrambling to be at the top then I wish them well, but doing it the unproffessional way isn’t what is ideal alot is happening in the internet world and what saddens me is alot of people will eventually be kicked out by the old players

    1. Hey Matt Cutts, glad you commented here. Now I can vent on why I hate you and the evil bastards at Google. You may be touted as some anti spamming genius, but you are an employ of Google and not as good as you are promoted as. Google at the end of the day is a Wallstreet public company whore. So many reputable small business who put out concessive, honest relevant content for the internet never get the time of day with you folks. So many corrupt, scamming and misleading scum bags get the royal treatment and make the first page of your search results all the time.

      Yes, It aint easy for a good website to get indexed in Google, especially if you don’t have deep pockets or are a sneaky scum bag bastard. Is that a true genuine quality product for your users to find what they are looking for on your website?

      Why is this? Because the creeps butter your asses with tons of money. You are not a pure search engine, you are a who pays the most gets seen by the public search engine. Your company has been very succefull at brainwashing the masses that you are the best game in town in the 2000s as Bill Gates did in the 90s for software.

      The good news is you guys will be so yesterdays news as the next upstart geek comes up with a better way. He/She will be all shucks in the beginning only to turn greedy and be replaced by the next big thing. The Circle of Life.

      I can’t wait to see Google become a dinosaur because you folks are as rotten as Tony Soprano.

      Yeh, you all are big math geniuses. Well 1 + 1 = 2 which = Google Sucks = People who search Google are getting fucked by a greedy POS search engine.

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  8. Nice post, always got the latest News, if only I had your connections…Internet Marketing is a crazzzy world nowadays but I still want a piece of that action.

    Spammers and cheaters suck though. You gotta be all legit, like the big dogs (shoemoney) but of course with some Major “skills to pay the bills”


  9. Know what Shoe! I just don’t understand why they are doing all these when there are a lot better ways to earn. ha ha. They should learn from you!

  10. Wow it’s too bad the legitimate sites are getting pushed lower in the search engines because of this garbage. I’m sure it’s hard to keep track of so many websites – and regulate such things (for Google). There are other ways to gain a high ranking without PPC and without spamming.

  11. Yeah that’s too bad they must resort to such tactics. There are other ways to gain a high ranking in Google – just takes a little work.

  12. I’ve been reading a lot lately in various SEO publications about how totally screwed up Google Local is, and this is a big part of the problem. Step in with News or Local listings, and edit like crazy. Google doesn’t care to stop you.

    Honestly, it makes my job a little more crucial for smaller businesses. If you can’t count on real local listings or real news listings, then you have to rely on SEO techniques to fight back.

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  14. You just costed somebody a lot of money. 😀
    It’s funny… Spammers are getting smarter these days…

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  16. Hey, great post, very well written. You should blog more about this. I’ll definitely be subscribing.

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  18. It seems like GOOGLE has lost control and these little scammers know all the rules !!

    1. So, in a[n] Arabic word, you mean to say “Kabir” – yes?

  19. its a shame that legitimate operations like SM have to ministrone along in the web with the rest of the so called make money sites. its okay to want to make money if you have something to offer, but making money from just selling your program that has no value is a shame and a down side to the net. Thank you jeremy for having real products with real solutions

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  21. Its been going on for a few weeks now, MyFox are actively removing spam type of posts, but normally google news are quite strict on what sites they publish news for.

    1. Yeah, its pretty amazing that the news sites let people post this in a first place, but I think google should be able to filter through the content even on the trusted sources and flag the news articles with even slightest posibilities of a scam. There is always some scam on unmonitored or partially-monitored user input sites…

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  23. Google should solve this issue quickly or their news will become worthless and people will move on to Yahoo! Seriously.

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  25. Great stuff here..

    I gotta say.. thats quite creative..

    That 1 Billion site just looks super dodge.. could there be more hype?!

    1. Well they was always smart and one step ahead from those people who create anything.

      Just showing the power of negative energy and positive energy.

  26. However wise spammers be I am sure people are smart enough to identify what is right and what is not.

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  29. Any kind of scam in Google product is not at all acceptable. Because what google shows to a normal internet users … have faith on those results.

    So this should be fixed.

  30. Very interesting article and great way to get lots of attention for the keyword “Make Money Online”

    Smart man you are Shoemoney!

    Love it!
    Lets Make Money…
    Nathan Hulls

  31. Well they was always smart and one step ahead from those people who create anything.

    Just showing the power of negative energy and positive energy.
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

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  33. Damn good idea. Why didn’t I think of that? I don’t give a fuck – I would do the same shit.

  34. You have a lot of valuable information that I have studied with great interest and actually I am happy to see that today there is a lot of focus on solid basic business rules like ROI. I think that during the upstart of the Online Marketing many companies paid more attention to the PR value of a website and did not consider it a very important marketing tool. Today they have learned that profitable marketing is a must.

  35. Online money making scams are at large. I see many services in Digital point offering guaranteed first position in Google news. i am not sure how they do it, but I am pretty sure these opportunities give way to scammers. legit sites have to rot in the SERP’s because of these people

  36. I think the real question is do these ‘make money online’ scams still sell? I laugh when I see them and wonder if there are still enough suckers left out there to fall for this crap.

    You see this garbage all over twitter too. Twitter has become a spam portal for these knuckle heads. Ha, you should do a post on twitter spam. I love the clowns who spam ‘How To Get 60,000 Twitter Followers’ and they only have 40 followers.

  37. […] it has something to do with the fact that only a few hours before that I posted how spammers are owning Google News (and still are as of this […]

  38. Spamming has become a business in itself. The other day, I came across a person who was making millions from spamming. He would be with one ISP and run something and earn a fortune out of it and then when the earning start to decline after people regain their senses, he moves on to a different one. He then invests the money he has earned into stocks and fixed deposits and is doing quite well.
    What an idea as a Spammer? I wonder what the future has in store for people who are into legitimate business like us.

  39. (forehead slap)… I didn’t even think about the meta tag. I was showing this to someone I knew the other day and didn’t put 2 & 2 together. Oh well… I might’ve had 3 days tops before it got outed.

  40. It’s amazing. Once you think you’ve seen it all a new scheme shows up every time.

  41. Somehow spammers have managed to get away with this kind of thing! I guess, spammers just know better…It’s just frustrating to someone who have legit purposes though.

  42. whenever a site says anything like “a quick and easy way to make money” this should raise suspicions

  43. Damn, this is crazy I didn’t know about any of this… but Google has got to get a hold of the problem! otherwise advertisers are losing money to these spammers.

  44. Wow Shoe – you just “recently” learned that those keywords are expensive?

    This leads me to believe that your main income cannot be from least not from Adwords? 🙂 for your observation. Hmm..nice. I might want to order some more press releases…obviously they work? 🙂

  45. finding a easy spamming way to make some bucks… i think some body will also say the same for yahoo news or msn news ..or even one day bbc!!!

  46. I don’t think many people actually search for “making money online” on Google but yet it’s a nice idea used by many black hat’s to game Google news with the press release spam.

  47. It´s actually not so easy to get into Google News like that. You have to pass a manual controle process and at least look like a site with news items at first.

    And even if you are in, within Google News nobody searches for “make money” and those spam-terms. There is absolutely no guarantee that you will make to to SERPS in the oneBox.

    So it´s a lot of work in order to appear there and a high risk to get caught really fast.

    If you are a spammer, I´d suggest this scam is not worth your time…

    1. Radicke,

      not entirely true.

      If i enter “buy viagra” in google right now, the FIRST entries which appear (above the other results) are the ones from Google News.

      It’s #1 position, and i do NOT explicitly have to go to “Google News” to see the results.

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  49. […] on a related note, there have been multiple reports about spammy search results showing up in Google News, and the timing of this problem […]

  50. Google has slacked off in recent months.
    If they dont watch their back – Bing will be catching up 🙂

  51. […] on a related note, there have been multiple reports about spammy search results showing up in Google News, and the timing of this problem […]

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  53. It’s a cat-and-mouse game. Eventually, it could lead to Big G’s dethroning.

  54. Its a great way to make money and no selling is involved … its recession proof

  55. Can Google Staff get a grip in reality, in that they are letting one gmail account holder spam many Google groups, even those this person has been reported many times over many weeks.

    Maybe Google won’t do anything, as thiseperson works for Google (IP Address is Google) or Google pays this person to spam?

  56. I found your post informative , helpful and easy to digest.
    You have got my best recommendation on this. Keep this coming!

  57. I reallly want these spammer and scam can just diaapear… one of them that got into this …they toook my money without my permission and lucky i found out ab this early…and now my bank try to investigate about this,

  58. It’s been over a year since you made this post and these dudes came up with another twist. They started selling packages on how to launch G News sites. Take a look at Flippa and see how many people are selling G News sites.

    The thing is, I’ve tracked these sales and many of the pre-built G News are getting yanked almost right after they change hands… so buyer beware.

    In terms of what can be done? These brazen slicksters are going to keep evolving with every change Google makes.

  59. I don’t understand one think, you pay to Google for advertising in Google news, how they receive money back from their visitors, is it some CPA offer?

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