One of my friends I have known for a LONG time hit me up last night saying they were going to launch a game based around Twitter. When I checked it out I was totally blown away….

The game is called SNODS and if you want to skip through my review you can just check it out here.

What is SNODS? Imagine a real time strategy game based around twitter. You kidnap people based on their value (followers) to collect money. You can also complete missions to earn cash and even steal from other players:

snods attacks

Once you have cash you can use it to buy upgrades like guards and stuff to defend your captured twitters:

snods upgrades

Pretty fun and addictive without spamming the crap out of your twitter feed. (you can control what gets sent to your twitter feed in the communication settings)

Checkout SNOD

POSTSCRIPT: Hey assholes quit capturing me.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

65 thoughts on “SNODS – A Fun Way To “play” With Twitter”
  1. It looks pretty fun. I need to try that when I get home from work. Greg Ellison

  2. Hey, just a quick FYI. Your post has a link to at the bottom of the post. Not sure if that was intentional or not. is where the cool site is.

  3. Wow, some people are REALLY creative. I bet twitter is amazed with the ideas the community comes up with.

  4. preetty cool game I will try to do it a soon a arrive to my home is preetty amazing and seem that I will have a lot of fun with this

  5. Can’t play it. When I click the “Enter” button I get to a Twitter error page that states:

    “This page is no longer valid. It looks like someone already used the token information you provided. Please return to the site that sent you to this page and try again … it was probably an honest mistake.”

  6. Shoe,
    Another time suck that I’ll probably play for a week. Max out the possibilities and enjoy.

  7. Shoe.. I saw you tweet this lastnight, and now I’m completely hooked! Thanks for letting us know about it.

    Now, I need to figure out how I can waste time on this while still making money.. heh.


    1. That’s funny! It sounds just like my spam:
      How to waste time on this while still making money!

      I really want to know that too.

  8. Wow. Thanks for the shout out Shoe! And thanks for the positive comments everyone. It’s been a fun game to develop and there are some big content features in the game that we’re holding off releasing until the player numbers get up there a bit … they are designed for when then game has more players competing.

  9. Sure to be a hit. The first game for the most popular micro-blog is going to be huge. Nice innovation.

    1. But only twitter will be able to play this game and hence its have a limitation as well.

  10. Twitter is just becoming so much more in such quick time! I’ve only done my account recently (and still got my name, phew!) and am starting to come to grips witht it. I think the exposure Ashton Hutchner vs CNN caused really gave twitter a huge boost. I’m signing up for this game, for sure!

  11. Snod is lame and very annoying, shoe is spamming me with this stupid crap. It will be horrible if more people “play” it.

    1. There are going to be lots of these game on twitter and right now twitter has no controls so each game has to build in there own. We have a communications options panel under the players Dashboard and they can turn off all the public tweets if they want.

    1. OMG, you’re SUPERSPAMMER! I have five HUNDRED comments from you on my blog. You’re like a superhero of spam. With an S on your cape!

  12. Very creative and looks like a blast. I’ve gotta check this out for sure later today. I’ve noticed twitter is like the hot topic for everyone’s blog nowadays.


    1. Yes everyone is trying to capitalise the real fun of twitter and this one is addition to that.

  13. Looks pretty Fly – can we still say that? I’m too white to be cool. I look forward to trying it tonight. Lots of possibilities. Thanks for the info.

    I’m also starting on your 12 step (I mean week) program tonight! busy night.

  14. I’m just glad TweetDeck has filters, so I can ignore this snods stuff. I’m sure it’s a great game, but I don’t need it pushed on me, all day long.

  15. I think it’s time I stay free. Loved it. But still got lot’s of work to complete. But it’s fine, really.

    1. TweetDeck! I just found out about this yesterday. You reminded me to install it. It really is a lovely application.

  16. Oh no…. Great game, but I hope those games don’t start to bother people who don’t want to play games like it is happening in Facebook.

    1. You have to go in and hide everything otherwise you get all those Mafia Wars wishlists and “What tropical fish were you in a past life” quizzes.

    1. “POSTSCRIPT: Hey assholes quit capturing me.”

      …best line ever.

      My Response: Hey, Shoe! Quit stealing from me!

  17. This is Really cool one Shoe. Your badge is looking like you are FBI agent

  18. Next thing will be that twitter give all users fan page like in facebook. Twitter games what a great idea!

  19. […] SNODS – A Fun Way To “play” With Twitter […]

  20. What a great idea. A psuedo-stalking tool with a game where you can kidnap your stalkee.

  21. […] SNODS – A Fun Way To “play” With Twitter […]

  22. […] SNODS – A Fun Way To “play” With Twitter […]

  23. Breathtaking. I just cannot stop thinking about this game. I read your review and I think it is good entertainment. I always liked strategy based games that gives more value to brain that movements. I love this because there is lot of scope for using my brain here. Thanks for the information. SNODS is a winner

  24. Creative mind but in wrong track. But however perfect marketing can make it hit and marketing should be done by targetting top followers.

    He have perfectly started by selecting you for telling the people.

  25. Very creative indeed. However I think i would give it a pass because I am thinking of stopping using twitter. Too much addictive. LOL!!!

  26. Twitter is amazing indeed.
    What is it that will come out of it is beyond imagination. Today you search for twitter related apps and websites and you will find millions of them. A few of them will become noticeable like SNOD and yet others will fade. But, the fact remains that there is numerous enhancements for Twitter, yet in the waiting.

  27. Is that a typo or is it really snoDs?! If proper English is considered, shouldn’t the D be a ‘T’ ? Shoe you’ve admitted that you are a poor speller/grammer man but just checking.

  28. I don’t really agree with everything you’ve written here, but it was still an interesting and actually quite enlightening read. Thanks.

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