All serious affiliate marketers doing substantial profit margins always have 1 major thing in common and that is a central “Dashboard” of all of their earnings among all the networks. Most marketers have several accounts, some even with the same company. And most of the affiliates doing 6-7 figures a month are 1 man shops.

So you can either build your own dashboard which shows you all of your earnings or you can purchase software to do it for you.

The guys at StatsJunky pinged me to check out their product and I gotta say it looks pretty sweet.

So what makes StatsJunky different from all the open source/hosted tracking applications?

Less Points Of Failure:
With hosted/open source tracking apps, you have to invest tons of time setting up your dashboard and generating tons of links for every campaign. Not only that, but running software like this can be risky. If the hosted server is down or delayed, this is going to drastically cut into your revenue – which is a HUGE point of failure.

If you use StatsJunky, all of the data stays on your computer. You don’t have to worry about a hosted application having all of your campaigns/keywords.

All major affiliate networks are compatible with StatsJunky and if there’s something you want – they will write a plugin for you.

Education They conduct DAILY webinars for StatsJunky users.

So StatsJunky sounds like something you need? Well, I’ve talked StatsJunky into giving away THREE FREE StatsJunky accounts with 1 year access. Want one?

To enter to win

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Good luck!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

105 thoughts on “StatsJunky Looks Pretty Sweet”
  1. woo… the numbers really stunt me…. I’m not a super affiliate, or any great affiliate but seeing the number really a very motivating way for me to believe making money online really is truly amazing…..

  2. This looks pretty sweet, my PPC campaigns are pretty small for my affiliate sites but having an account at dozens of different programs doesn’t make things easy to keep track of.

    I’ll retweet this the now as I’m sure it’ll help some people too.

  3. Yeah we have used these guys a little in the past and their system is pretty slick.

  4. I’d try it out on a free demo or something. I wouldn’t drop $80/mo on something I’ve never tried though.

    1. how would you be “dropping” $80/month when it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee? if you don’t like it, $0

      1. wow, do i save and check myself or do i pay to see it all in one ? what to do what to do 🙂

  5. I can’t imagine how useful this app really is because I am just getting starting in my affiliate marketing, but I’m sure that anyone armed with this much information, whether new or experienced, would benefit from this immensely. I’d be excited to give the free access membership a go… and to learn how to put up those kinds of numbers!

  6. Funny, I was just thinking about the viability of a central affiliate stats site like this the other day. I was told by a few people that they didn’t think it would work because the reporting wouldn’t be accurate enough. Maybe we were wrong.

    I’d like to try it out.

  7. I tried stats junky back in November and the trial was buggy. Statsremote is another program that I was looking at it too. I’ll check out this version. One thing i liked was the interface of statsjunky..

  8. This definitely looks interesting, as I have some issues with Tracking202. I’ve actually been writing my own tracking software to fill my needs. I’d rather go off the shelf any day though!

  9. Really like the looks of this. Been trying to track my earnings across multiple networks for months, and it’s a pain in the neck!

  10. Shoe i have just Twitted your post

    Looking forward to see StatsJunky account my way ….Cheers

  11. Looks pretty similar to a program called Stats Remote that I use for my Adult websites. Just more advanced. Looks very nice and I’d love to give it a try if chosen.

  12. Watched the video – looks awesome!

    I tweeted the article. How do you know that I’ve tweeted? It went to @StatsJunky

  13. Hey Statsjunky people reading this. I’m interested in trying but let me try for a month free. I’ll pay for it after that if it’s good. hit my site up and shot me an email.

  14. Looks very nice, all that’s missing is a mac version 😉 or on a more serious note an, iPhone app, maybe just light version of the full thing for when you’re on the move.

  15. Wow – that looks like an awesome tool! But then it all comes down to how the “loop” is implemented, as a couple of other tools have tried this before (and failed imho)

    anyway, need to win that one year to find out


    PS: FB connect is broken Jeremy!

  16. As a noob, this is a great way to creat automation and avoid the learning curve issues down the road when I can be making more money!!

  17. Im interested in the free trial. we do quite a bit of AM and would love to try this out and see how it works….

  18. Commenting to win, well not actually. But you need to be way organised to get things right with affiliate marketing. Or better still this package sure seems worth the $$$

  19. Awesome I checked out the video Shoe, and this does look promising.

    On a side note I’d love to win a yearly subscription :).

  20. Hmmmm…was just getting ready to give Tracking202 a second try, but have been quite hesitant since the previous version a total dud. Will have to test statsjunky out.

  21. Looks like a really great application. Need to get myself a Twitter account so I can enter. PS you have a really cool site, first time here.

  22. I had no idea that this type of software was available. It looks great! It is a great option, instead of managing a lot of accounts with different platforms.

  23. Yeah, this was also recommended by another affiliate. I like it. Thanks for the feedback.

  24. Looks like a great system and I really like that it is a local app, not a hosted solution.

    Now, if only I was making that kind of cash.

    Great looking app.

  25. Awesome post shoemoney! I was lookign for somethign like this and I was thinking about building it myself over the summer, but thanks!

  26. i dont get it…just kidding!

    Making money online has evolved tremendously over the years. This product is just another example.

  27. thanks for sharing this great affiliate marketing tool shoe. hope that i win and looking forward to try that StatsJunky thing, hehe 🙂

  28. tweeted and commented :-p of course I never win, will probably just go buy it if its not stupidly overpriced 😀

  29. A little wary of some startup spying on my hot keywords. that’s the only ‘secret sauce’ of my business and I keep a tight lid on it.

    1. Isn’t that the whole point of using software that isn’t hosted? Looks fantastic (and secure) to me.

  30. […] StatsJunky Looks Pretty Sweet […]

  31. I’m actually on the prowl for a piece of software like this. Brilliant if i win. If not i’ll take a look.
    I guess their marketing ploy is working well 🙂

    1. Agreed, once I am making enough to make it worthwhile I think it’ll be worth a go.

  32. All I gotta say is StatsJunky is a very important tool to use. One of the best tools for keeping up. Thanks for mentioning this Shoe real gem.

  33. Maybe you should give the free copies to someone that is actually making some money.

    Probably the winner will now have access to check the $0 days he’s making across the networks.

  34. I am on my way to sign up for the 7 day trial. I like that the software is desktop as oppose to on the web.

  35. tweeted and here is my comment 😀
    Hope that I can win something, at least this is a digital product that I can get online, btw, I didn’t received the shoemoney t-shirt that i won… unfortunately 🙁

  36. My goodness this is excellent tool. Thats gonna make a lot of tasks easy. And no need to monitor your stats by login to each and every site.


  37. Looks very nice – makes me wish there was a Java/Hosted version for us Mac/Linux people 🙁

  38. Добавил в закладки. Теперь буду почаще читать!

  39. I don’t know what happened with them but their profit and revenue was very chaotic. One month it would be 43,000 then the next or in a couple of months it would be only 4,000. Now I’m not a master of business and financial but I do know that major fluctuation are a bad thing to have even if you are still making money.

  40. So they send you the product and say you can have it for free if you help us promote it and we benefit from a free year.

    1. Wow you are really missing the boat if you think this is like buggy ass tracking202. I cant believe anyone pays for that.

      Plus they steal your keywords and sell them I hear.

  41. Looks like a good piece of software! I look forward to winning this contest! LOL

  42. This tool is pretty simple in concept and it surely helps you quickly review what your clicks through rates, impressions if available and conversion looks like. It does all that calculation for you. For me, what really helps is seeing all the programs on one screen and able…

  43. I think it’s a pretty slick and integrated interface – saw it several times in Jasons screencasts.

    As I just realized, it’s $708 for 18 months of using it. That’s not even close to $2 a day. Someone who isn’t making at least that amount probably doesn’t need the software anyway. But still: free is better than paid here, so it would be nice 😉

  44. Bummer, it appears to be Windows only. But I’ll fire up Parallels on my Mac if I get free copy.

    1. Annoying aye! Don’t they know we all use mac now :p ha

  45. This one is really looking great … but to the clear idea I think we will have to try this one.

    Are they offering any kind of demo account ?

  46. Honestly, I know $80/month sounds okay, but I know I’d be using statsjunky for years… I’d rather pay $500 up front for a lifetime license 😉

  47. Good if your making mad money but for alittle guy its down the road before we can go with something like that.

  48. This looks brilliant – thanks for the video Jeremy, and the chance to win!

    I think Hexatrack need to be worried.. 🙂


    1. I thought the same thing, but I figured it up and one of their packages comes down to less than $1.40 a day and it would save at least 15 minutes of my time each day (probably more like hours). I know I can use those 15 mins to make more than $1.40

  49. I’m looking forward to learning more about StatsJunky. Please enter my name!

  50. This will be a great help Jeremy. Hope I win one, never won a contest yet though. fingers crossed 🙂

  51. Hadnt heard of this kind of system before but sounds like a great idea.

    Does it pull info/stats in from the major networks?

    1. did you click on the link in jeremy’s post? supports even the smallest networks. if they don’t have something, just ask. they’ll add it for you.

  52. This looks like a pretty useful tool for affiliates like me who have multiple accounts.

  53. I had checked this software out before but I believe it was not launched yet, I was surprised to see it here. I’ve been on their free trial and I can’t believe the amount of time it saves me each day. Thanks for the post to remind me about it.

  54. i will try it Hope it works well for me too

    Many positive feedbacks

  55. This looks awesome, I’m checking it out.

    It’s beyond me why they don’t make the default stats in cpanel a little better.

    Maybe this will be the kick in the @zz I need to get my stat tracking properly organized.

    Thanks guys!

  56. I’m definitely going to enter this, I have been using their free trial for a few days now and just having all of my stats in front of me in one spot is amazing! I just started keyword tracking but am afraid my trial will run out before I really see my winning worries there though, I believe I will be buying a one year membership. I should be able to make that money back in no time.

  57. “You don’t have to talk to anyone” – my kinda software (I hate calling/chatting with CS people–waste of my time usually).

  58. I’ve just started getting back into the game since some heavy life responsibilities are easing up a bit. Organization and management have always been my biggest roadblock to staying on track in this business. Sounds like StatsJunky might just be the solution I’m looking for.

  59. I’ve been using the free trial and wow! I especially like the ability to break down each campaign and only see that campaign, really helps when doing my research.

  60. I will be going to try out their no obligation trial. Companies that are not afraid to show first are usually better applications.

  61. I was just using this software on their free trial when I saw this post. Just wanted to add something neat I found out today. They have a part of the software that allows you to add custom income and expenses! So now I can throw in things like my hosting costs and see true profit, it’s not the wheel but it’s just another thing that makes my life that much easier.

  62. Knowing where your campaigns are at any moment is the competitive edge. And keeping your information (keywords, successful campaigns) private is essential business security.

    Other software I’ve looked at are server based and therefore compromise your security and access.

    This is the solution…l can hardly wait to win!

  63. I came across this article while looking for tracking software, thanks for the information. I’m going to go check out their site.

  64. Did you ever actually end up using StatsJunky Jeremy? The program doesn’t work at all anymore and they’ve been stiffing people on refunds. On top of that, their customer service is the worst I’ve ever had to deal with. They take forever to respond if at all, and when they do, they are completely unhelpful.

    StatsJunky really could have been a promising product, but instead they’ve resorted to scamming people. Really sad.

  65. I am just getting into placing ppc ads and probably facebook. This would be a godsend. My dad and I are going in on this as a team and we are putting all our eggs in his one credit card, so to speak. It’s make it or break it time baby. This I could really really use. I don’t know how I would afford it right now. Will start the free trial tomorrow for sure. I hope I win! Thanks Shoe!

  66. I bought StatsJunky Lifetime offer 3 years ago upon Jeremy’s reco, and ultimately they turned out to be a bunch of scammers. Took people’s money and trust and ran. What a waste of my dollars, time and patience… Very disappointed…

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