One of the most frequent questions I get is how to monetize websites that have mostly foreign traffic.   Some networks will have some offers but there has never been a network that was focused on specifically international traffic…. until now.

Globalizer has the most complete selection of international offers that we have ever seen.  Whether its:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Music
  • Ringtones
  • Personalized Video
  • Search Toolbars
  • Baby/Family Related Deals

There is a good chance Globalizer has something for you in a country you are targeting.
Globalizer is owned and operated by my good friend (and 2x elite retreat alum) Mark Colacioppo.
Why do I think Globalizer is a good choice, well besides the fact that this is a smaller network, that is actively involved with their publishers.  And Mark and his team ALL have run affiliate networks, done media buying for well known properties (, eMusic, RocketProfit, Traffix, FreeLotto and others) and have been Super Affiliates themselves.  This is not your average affiliate network.

  • They use Hit Path technology for tracking which is known for being far more accurate than some of the other technologies being used by other networks.
  • They’re all about educating publishers on how to best monetize their inventory whether search, email, display, social or incentivized and share the tricks they’ve learned since running online media since 1996.
  • They offer a 2% referral program on the network.
  • They are open to affiliate feedback, taking your input and evolving their network based on your suggestions.

Want to check out the GlobalizerNetwork offers? Mark agreed to hook up the first 100 ShoeMoney readers who sign up (and are approved) by Globalizer network with 25 FREE songs from eMusic.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

66 thoughts on “How To Monetize Traffic Outside Of The United States”
  1. Globalizer has global reach as far as advertisers are concerned & it offer wide variety of options for publishers who are interested in joining their network, addition to this they have team of experienced professionals involved in this ball game.

    I am going to sign up in next couple of minutes.

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  3. This looks great. One of the sites I’m really trying to grow right now has about 40% international traffic so this is exciting.

  4. Shoemoney you are a retard. You and your passe of foreign followers have no clue about business.

    1. sooo…you’re saying you don’t like what Seth Godin has to say about anonymity???

    2. bud I don’t know what your on but the info he has stated in his blog are way beyond your mentality

  5. Actually most of the team here has worked in the space since the late 90’s and have been Super Affiliates, search marketers since the days of and/or mailers at one time or another prior to running networks.

  6. The internet is so great for marketing your product to the global world instead of just a local area.

  7. “who sign up (and are approved) by Globalizer network with 25 FREE songs from eMusic”.

    Basically, it does not look as a good promo, there are lots of places in the net where it is possible to down load FREE songs of your choice. Besides, I cannot understand why Globalizer is different from thousands of other similar companies.

  8. Globalizer is an excellent bunch of people to work with. They may be a network, but they sure don’t act like it. They extremely sharp and up with the times. They have more of an agency feel but with affiliate network pricing. I would definitely recommend working with Globalizer.

  9. This is a team of straight-shooting veterans who know how to make money, plain and simple. Nice to see them getting some recognition on Shoe Money. If you have foreign traffic, sign up right away. You won’t regret it.

  10. Globalizer rocks, been working with them for a while now, I highly recommend them.

  11. I have been hearing some hype around globalizer, i am willing to have a look at it surely.

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  13. Hmmm… Interesting. Shamefully forme there is not many offers from Latin America.

  14. The beauty of the Internet is in the scope that it provides. With an online business which has a presence worthy of mention on the internet, it is never difficult to get customers and visitors from around the world and anything that can be offered to a visitor from one country can also be offered to another from a different country, unless you are involved in a physical product that cannot be shipped across boundaries or, your niche is such that it focuses on something of that sort.
    Having said that since it is Shoe who is recommending Globalizer, there has to be something in it, so I would surely check it out.

  15. eh, maybe I just don’t get it… its cool but somethings missing… can’t pinpoint it.

  16. Nice… I only used adsense on international traffic so far and get 20 cents a click in a good time. 🙂 Need to give it a try and see if it will produce any better. Tried cj before, they have some good international offers, but no luck. 🙁 Adsense usually outperformed.

  17. I’ll go read the details to see if there’s any relevance to Caribbean and latin America

  18. I’ve heard of globalizer before, but I’ve never really tried them out.

    After reading this, I think I might just give them a try. Hitting foreign traffic with ads will help bring in some revenue.

  19. Sounds nice. Would be cool to use this network for proxies since they get a lot of traffic from other places than the US.

  20. Globalizer, so it’s getting an international attraction, anything else that makes this interesting. Might sign up!

  21. Excellent information, I had 30 sites with 80% foreign traffic at one time…

    1. really now that’s what I call real weird especially if a site gets about 80 percent of foreign traffic I personally got at one time 60 percent of foreign visitors but now it’s a lot more different

  22. We monetize global (non-USA centric) properties using advertisers that have global reach (eBay, Amazon) and ideally apply geotargetting when possible. EPN has really improved this; we started on AuctionAds (hat nod to Shoe for that idea and subsequent flip) … but one of the big challenges is finding networks that target in non-English languages yet have enough traffic to make it all worthwhile.

  23. Amazon and Clickbank are two affiliate marketing that can be used outside of US.

  24. I tend to use Amazon as my global monetization tool. But I may have to check out what this service has to offer. Thanks Shoe!

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  26. Globalizer did well for us. They helped us generate new registrations at well under our allowable.

  27. This should help. A good number of the visitors and most of the sales on our website are international. (Once adding more language support i’m sure that will grow even more.)

  28. well this is great, it’s help everybody, its quite amaizing, also I think that with this your website could increase a lot of traffic you can never compare a national traffic with the international traffic: more people, more computers, your idea will be spread for all the world so thats awesome for everyone.

  29. while yes it can be done, I really hate dealing with foreign traffic. Especially Chinese traffic.

    Just seems like a lot of work for minimal return. Then again maybe I am just not seeing things clearly.


  30. I really haven’t dealt with foreign traffic too much. It would be great to form partnership to get to know each other market a little bit better. That would be soooo cool…..

  31. Nice…What’s next!?…I guess once we colonize other planets…then it’ll be all over…taking over the galaxy!

  32. I’m going to sign up with Globalizer. I’m starting to see a trend of more networks moving to Hitpath…

  33. I might help you monetize international (latam) traffic on a different scale. If you’re interested contact me thru twitter. My user is zeekr 🙂

  34. […] is featuring Globalizer and GlobalizerNetwork on his blog, There is a good chance Globalizer has something for you in a country you are targeting. […]

  35. Good way to monetize traffic from whole europe is this affiliate program: (detailed description available here: )

    They are paying 20% of their income and have 3 levels of the affiliate program.
    What is more you don’t have to know the language cause their ads are automatic 🙂

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  37. Thank you for this valueable information. To monetize international traffic is really a problem these days.

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