It always amazes me how many new people every day are coming into affiliate marketing.

Mix that into the fact that when you refer a new user to one of these affiliate networks you get between 2-5% of what they make.

I was talking to some affiliate companies at adtech last weekend and they were telling me how they have some people who are making thousands a day in referrals alone….. wow… I REALLY missed the boat on this one.

Now I do make a couple hundred a day from networks but its not from my link referals. Its because they actually said my name when signing up. I am guessing I am missing out on assloads of cash because I was a complete idiot and didnt use affiliate links with companies.

A couple days ago I purchased Maxblogpress ninja affiliate dealio and added my referral links in with and azoogleads just to see how many clicks it got.

So whats the lesson here? Don’t be a idiot like me. Go register right now for every affiliate company on the planet whether you use them or not then pickup maxblogpress and put in your codes.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

83 thoughts on “Dont Be A Idiot”
  1. I wonder how many people are losing money with affiliate marketing? I have been very conservative and only paid the small setup fees for sites and relied on natural traffic. I hope I’m not missing huge sums by not paying the search engines for traffic.

    1. well bud, put it this way it depends what kind of marketing your doing. If your doing seo, craiglists’ posting,article marketing,or ppc you get a different approach when it comes to losing money. Are you paying for you marketing methods because all of the methods i mentioned can be done yourself without paying someone to do it and all are free except ppc which does cost you money from your pocket.

    2. One of the worst things to lose to an affiliate marketing scam is money but also time. Money is an obvious factor as people will cheat you out with products they want you to buy etc, but one of the main factors that people don’t realise they lose is time. By losing time you are losing money as you could have been doing something more productive in the time you wasted on an affiliate marketing scam.

  2. I always thought the best way was to gain referrals and just sit back. There is a small % that will do well, but you never know when you are going to the the “Shoemoney” referral that just kicks ass and makes you thousands a month or week.

    Cool plugin btw.

  3. wow that looks pretty damn cool..

    starting to play with a lot more text linking on my blog and id like to try using this..

    is it only for wordpress though? can you use it in conjunction with any other site builders?

  4. That looks like a fantastic tool! Hope it helps you rake in even more money. I might just have to use it myself now!

  5. Shoe, dude…

    “Don’t Be AN Idiot”


    Not “A”…

    God help us all.


    1. He knows that it’s supposed to be An “An” he put an “A” there intentionally unlike you he has a sense of humor if you didn’t already Catch On than you might not be reading his blogs at all

  6. I’m curious if it could be successful on my blog, which isn’t a MMO blog but a sports related blog. Might be worth a try.

    1. As someone who runs a sports blog, you can in fact make money online, however your referral income will be different programs. I ran some affiliate and referral programs with various merchandise that was NBA related, and saw mixed results. I will be trying it once again when my site redesign is done.

  7. I do think that you need to create a brand name first before you get a lot of “automatic” referrals in affiliate marketing.

    Infamous bloggers would really strive hard to promote, market and drive traffic to their blogs just for them to get noticed and then have their visitors look at what they’ve got to offer.

    Someone who does not have a successful experience in affiliate marketing would have less viability and credibility for sign ups under their referrals.

  8. It sounds like a great concept keep us informed how it goes. Unless it is a ploy to get us to sign up for because they are sponsoring you now days…

  9. Thats a excellent idea..!
    This is something what I call ” Thinking Out of the BOX “.
    Hats off to you….!
    I am surely its gonna benefit everyone who knows to make use of it in the proper manner.

    Thanks a lot…!!! God bless you..!


  10. I’m trying to decide if this post is sarcastic or not. Personally I think it is, but based on the responses, maybe I am not the type of person this type of post is targeted to.

  11. The post is kind of silly, but Jeremy, you actually mentioned this tool in one of your tweets last week (without a link) and I checked it out and bought it. Should have dropped a link into your tweet 🙂

    1. Really how well has it worked for you? Are you doing well with this tool because I would like a little more insight on this topic.

      1. The tool is great for cloaking links, which is what I use it for. It’s also good for large sites when you find a new affiliate program to promote – you can enter in the keywords and make sure that old posts with those keywords will hyperlink out to the affiliate site, instead of manually having to find and link out the keywords.

        1. A link cloaker helps to prevent affiliate commission theft. Other savvy affiliates can buy products you recommend through their own affiliate link if you don’t cloak your links. The best link cloaker I have found is Power Link Generator.

  12. Jeremy,
    My partner & I love affiliate marketing. We have tried everything and we find it to be the best passive income. And so we decided to just start our own. So since you are signing up for every affiliate program on the planet-sign up for ours (we will send you our product for free). If you go to our site check out the ad in the top right hand column-We offer a full 50% of the sales to our affiliates. And I will tell my partner about MaxBlogPress…sounds interesting-btw, love your blog!

  13. This is really a power packed plugin. i have installed to a couple of months ago. havn’t checked my stats latly , let me see how am doing with it.

  14. I think may have missing the boat on affliliate marketing. So I’m not going to “be a idiot” and sign up for some of these programs. Thanks Shoe!

  15. hmm…referrals can be a good income source…I never contemplated joining all the affiliates but rather took to of the companies that fit my needs…your perspective makes me second guess my actions.

  16. Wow impressive plug-in. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, I’m going to check it out.

  17. There is quite a bit of money that you missed out on! Oooops! Well, I for one, would love to see how much you make from just the referrals over the next month!

  18. Missing a few hundred dollars for you is just helping some of us because money will come to us one way or the other 😀


  19. I know! They are practically giving money away. If you ever need to buy something on the internet, I suggest you sign up for the affiliate program so you can get a discount via your commission. I was so surprised to see just how many programs are out there.

  20. Is it me of does $97 for a plugin that does many things you can get for free in the WP plugin open source site seem silly?

    1. Ive never seen anything close…. if you mean wp-affiliate I had some serious bad issues with that.

      If you are on a budget just write it yourself and call it a day ;).

      I just wanted something that worked

  21. Thanks for this post, my friend will be so exciting to check this. I really appreciate your work over here.

    1. yes you are right its not cheap but ‘ninja’ affiliate marketing generate a whopping income.

  22. As an affiliate for 75+ adult internet companies I too was a little bit late to the ref. link “game” and definitely kicked myself for it once I realized how much $ I was missing out on.

    I launched a “how to make money in porn” blog and threw up some ref. links and BAM I made $500 my 1st month with zero work.

    I have not yet tried ref. links in mainstream but I have a feeling it’s just as big a gold mine, if not bigger.


  23. I never thought too much about affil money via referrals. Thank you for this idea and I will check it out through your link. I thought most companies were one-tier and not two-tier. Good idea.

  24. Or you can use Wp- Affiliate plug in to mask links and and use the auto linker on the SEO master plug in for the same effect but FREE. I actually wrote a tutorial on it. But I will not post a link to it. I do not want to make Shoe angry.

    1. I tried the wp-affiliate plugin…

      got a bunch of errors on it on first run not something I would want to trust for the long haul

      1. When I hover over the link I see, just a little typo to bugger things up for ya.

    2. For anyone wanting to create affiliate income streams from blogs, the fresh content that a script or plugin such as WP-O-Matic generates will be a convenient and important tool for their ongoing success.

  25. There are so many ways to make money online. Just when I think I’ve seen them all there is another one.

    Haven’t really looked at this one before. I do have some affiliate websites but I push the product rather than the affiliate scheme.

    Might have to rethink my strategy.

  26. Max Ninja is a fantastic plugin not only for affiliate links but to market your social profiles. You can direct all twitter keywords to your twitter profil.e

    1. great tip…Fas…i didn’t know Ninja can help me out in social networking profile…..thanks

  27. Jesus Shoemeister, I even asked you on Twitter if you focused on downlines and you said no. I was actually amazed cause I thought you did it ALL.

  28. Thats a excellent idea..!
    This is something what I call ” Thinking Out of the BOX “.
    Hats off to you….!
    I am surely its gonna benefit everyone who knows to make use of it in the proper manner.

    Thanks a lot…!!! God bless you..!


  29. While the cloaking feature is attractive, there are many free cloaking apps available.

    If your primary interest is measuring link performance, why not choose a free one like tracking202?

    1. Yes Elaine you are right. Who would be go for paid tools? Its free tool available and working well.

  30. Come on Jeremy, who in the world would want to be a ninja? If this was a pirate plug-in, I’d probably install it… if the same functionality wasn’t available for free.

  31. affiliate marketing is the cost-per click method. Wherein, the affiliate earns commission every time somebody clicks on the advertisement which is displayed on the website. But this method of affiliate marketing is not that popular because the possibilities of fraud (like indexing sites which are useless, sending spam and creation of ad ware) are very high. Therefore this system is not preferred.

  32. Good post and I too have forgotten sometimes to add my links to affiliate programs I recommend, thanks for the reminder

  33. Data plays always an Important role in Affiliate marketing Industry. If you will not be careful there is greater chances of loosing thingd rather then Earning ..!!

  34. I still can’t decide if this is a good way of making money for me or not

  35. Yep, I always stuff my afflinks everywhere… I’ve also started commenting to drive traffic 🙂

  36. Funny how we always hear about people who make thousands or millions on certain programs…yet the ones we meet usually aren’t making jack. This is a decent example of one that seems pretty decent, but they all seem much easier to get rolling than they really are.

  37. Affiliate marketing is still good! The only thing that counts is the product that is being sold IMO. Many marketers sell things that are worth it. If you are making money with affiliate marketing then you obviously have a great product that is being sold. I haven’t heard too much about the ninja, but more likely I will have to try this out.

  38. That is how also makes a substantial part of his blog income. His money maker page has been copied so many times, I am sure you wont do it even if you knew it would bring you a hundred or so a day maybe,,

  39. Good info,

    I have seen other instances of the same type of app, but this one looks to be as good as all of the rest.

    You certainly should have this function automated, and readily available at the drop of a hat.


  40. i thought maxblogpress’s best tool was the auto banner pro plugin they have. i guess they need to get info out about their new plugins better. this one sounds interesting. we use commission junction for our affiliates. anyone wanna sell DJ equipment on the side? let me know.

  41. i think everyone should be signed up as an affiliate with as many outlets. makes it easy

  42. Just wanted to recommend this plugin, been using it for a while on several blog, works like charm, well worth the money

  43. I found out this discount for exactly that plugin:

    It’s $30 off, but it will only work for a few hours..

  44. Thanks for sharing these great tips.i will follow all of them…nice job..

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  46. Your ninja link for is spelled “” just FYI so you don’t have future broken links.

  47. […] in seinem Blog über das wirklich praktische WordPress Plugin “Affiliate Ninja” berichtet, welches ausgewählte Keywords automatisch in Affiliate Links verwandelt. Das Plugin bietet […]

  48. Hi, interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for blogging. I will likely be coming back to your posts. Keep up the good posts

  49. Can you use the JavaScript with this plugin? Specifically the new event function _trackEvent in Google Analytics?

  50. I’m using go codes plugin but it lacks few functionality. I will have more closer look to this plugin and if it seems to be good I will love to buy it.

  51. […] outgoing links (ie masks affiliate links). Missy recommended the MaxBlogPress Ninja that Shoemoney has been pimping, so I may have to give that plugin a […]

  52. This seems to be a nice income stream worth exploring. I have never referred any affiliates as I never bothered to look at this option as a viable money making option.
    Think I need to try this out now.

  53. Couldn’t be written any better. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

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