Okay so Entrecard just made a huge move that is sure to start bringing them a boat load of money. They just launched a self-service ad network for the blogosphere, using their existing base of tens of thousands of blog publishers as participants. I gotta say, it’s pretty bad ass.

Entrecard, for those who don’t know, is a widget network for bloggers. These widgets display 125×125 display ads of other member blogs. Bloggers use Entrecard because it’s one of the best ways for a small to medium size blogger to build their blog. Basically you earn virtual money and then spend it to

  • advertise on any blog in the network,
  • buy blogging related products and services in the Entrecard Market ,
  • hold contests and giveaways, etc.

In addition, just by being a member, you get traffic from their highly trafficked blog directory and thousands of members using their firefox toolbar ( kind of like the stumble toolbar, but only for blogs, and it lets you advertise on any blog with just a click). It’s basically everything you need to grow a blog from the ground up and its completely free. That’s why their growth over the last year is so huge.

Entrecard Ad Network open for business

So I just got pinged by Graham Langdon, the CEO of Entrecard, about their latest move. They have taken 50% of their 125×125 ad inventory inventory across the network, ( that’s a lot of impressions), and opened up a self service ad network.

Just to give you an idea of the inventory we’re talking here, here is the Entrecard blog network, measured against a monster blog like TechCrunch:

Traditionally, the Entrecard network has only been open to bloggers, but now with their ad network, they’re opening it up to third parties who adhere to these terms. This is good news to everyone who just wants to blast an ad across all of their tens of thousands of blogs. The rates are pretty good too: 60 cents CPM across the whole network or target a specific category for $1.20 CPM. That’s a pretty sweet deal, and any blogging related product/tools/services are sure to do really well because its such a highly targeted niche.

You can sign up as an advertiser here and login here .

A new way for bloggers to make easy money

The coolest thing about their new ad network is what they’re doing with the money. They’re passing 75% (yes, thats seventy five percent) of the revenue from their ad network back to the members by cashing out their credits so Entrecard members can make some serious money. Right now, they’re cashing out credits for $1.00 per thousand, but Graham says that within a few weeks they’re going to move it up into the $3 range.

The cool thing about this is that there are so many ways to earn credits. You can earn credits by

  • “dropping” on other blogs (basically visiting them and tagging their widget)
  • publishing on your blog
  • having other members “drop” on you (visit your blog and tagging your widget)
  • selling products and services in their market (people sell web hosting, graphic design, wordpress plugins and all sorts of things)
  • selling advertising on your blog
  • winning contests / giveaway

So aside from launching a kick-ass self service ad network for the blogosphere, they’ve also launched a new and unique way for bloggers to make money -participating in a real virtual economy. Rock and roll.

If you’re a blogger and you haven’t tried Entrecard yet, you gotta check it out.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

62 thoughts on “Entrecard launches Huge Self-Service Ad Network for Blogosphere”
  1. I never liked Entrecard for because the traffic from them was very low quality. Furthermore the credits were pretty much worthless unless you decided to advertise on others sites.
    With the 1000 points per $1 however one could spend their day clicking on entrecards to make some dough.. If you open 1000 sites and drop a card on them per hour you could make a cool $1…

  2. I never really give Entrecard much attention, maybe it’s time to visit them.LOL

  3. Entrecard has some huge problems that began well before their paid ads went live. First there was censorship by Graham in the forums. The paid ads themselves created a huge problem with bloggers removing entrecard widgets from their blogs or refusing to run paid ads. Those who left the widgets on their blogs quickly learned that even though they did not approve paid ads, somehow the paid ads were appearing on their blogs. It became quite apparent that entrecard was manipulating the widget to show ads on blogs even though the blogger did not want those ads on their blog. Then Graham made a racist statement against Eastern Asians. More bloggers left. The recent Graham stunt has been his posting as another person in the forums. Associating your blog with a service guilty of censorship, racism, fraud and lies is not a good thing for the reputation of your blog. Many more bloggers have realized this and walked away from entrecard. The whole system has quickly gone to total junk traffic. Don’t buy into what Graham tells you. Check through the blogosphere and twitter for more information on what is happening with entrecard. It isn’t pretty and rumour right now is Graham has done a runner. If that’s the case, entrecard will likely be done by the end of the month as it is well known Graham does not have funds for his creditors who are threatening to close him down.

    gardengnome1 on twitter

  4. I haven’t really been into Entrecard either, but I try to keep up with it. I just figured it was one of those sites that will die in time, but it looks like they have a good team and if they keep coming up with ideas like this, the site should be around awhile, especially since they give back so much!

  5. CPM is good if you have high traffic, if you are new to the blogging scene you should try CPC like Adsense

  6. This si a great way to blast across the blogosphere, reach is one of the biggest problems on the internet.

  7. I have basically the same feelings at Best CD Rates. While I met a few other good blogger via Entrecard, for the most part the only traffic it generated was drive bys from other bloggers, just dropping their card and not even staying long enough to read anything, let alone becoming part of the community or purchasing anything.

  8. It sounds like a good idea but how valuable is the traffic you would receive. Is it possible to target the advertising so you adverts appear on more relevant sites? If this is possible it could be a great marketing tool.

  9. I have to say that I really thought that Entrecard was becoming a thing of past until I read this.

    It seemed like a lot of bloggers had the widget and then, just as quickly as they appeared, they were disappearing from those very same blogs.

    I wonder if this will cause those bloggers to rethink things and add the widget back to their sites.

  10. Shoe,

    Where have you been this is so 3 weeks ago!

    Anyway, yeah it will be nice to finally make some money of entrecard. The traffic is crap lets no kid ourselves. Then again some “crappy” traffic is better than no traffic.

  11. Never really heared of Entercard before, but it does sound like a pretty cool idea, and is sure going to bring in some extra $.

  12. I’ve been using EC for a few months now. EC and Adgitize are two of the best services for getting the word out about your blog.

  13. I would love to check it out but I didn’t check if they allow blogs in german language too. But the commtens seem like I should think about it a second time

  14. I used Entrecard on my make money blog but didn’t brought me any money. The users there are mostly ones who drop on your blog and that is it.

  15. Wow, that was a really well written article Jeremy. Maybe the best one you’ve ever written. Very few mistakes. Have you been working on your writing skillz? 😛

    I remember when Entrecard first popped up and a lot of bloggers were using it. I never signed up, but I wish I had so I could have saved up some credits. I’ll check it out 🙂

  16. i do not know nothing about Entrecard, so i am very thank you to share about that…Thankyou

  17. Entrecard is kinda stupid. The traffic you get from them is nothing sort of fake. High bounce rate and you waste so much time dropping cards. Better to do something productive in the time being.

  18. I haven’t ever really looked at EnterCard, but I suppose nows as good a time as ever to give it a bash.

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    […] each solution requires widgets to behave in a different way, and every, and for someone extending Entrecard launches Huge Self-Service Ad Network for Blogosphere – shoemoney.com 04/19/2009 Okay so Entrecard just made a huge move that is sure to start bringing […]

  20. I understand the complaints about EC, but let’s keep something in mind: when you are starting a blog from ground zero, almost any traffic is good traffic.

    I’m sure some people only stay long enough to leave a drop, but at least he/she gave me a point I could use for advertising. And if most who visit my blog through EC don’t even bother to read the blog, then there’s probably something lacking in my content.

    I wrote an evaluation of EC a few months ago:

  21. There are a lot of issues raised by members in the Entrecard forums that are not addressed. One of the main concern I have is the mechanism of exchange EC credit for cash makes Entrecard comparable to a PTC site. As a result, all the people’s adsense account is can potentially be banned for violating Google’s policy.

  22. […] Entrecard launches Huge Self-Service Ad Network for Blogosphere […]

  23. I’ve recently dropped Entrecard since the good blogs have all but dropped out. Now it’s just a lot of spam.

  24. Shocked to see you promoting Entrecard here Shoe.How much did Graham pay you for this post or is it just the promotion of your shoemoney tools through entrecard that sparked it.It should not take you long to tire of Grahams BS.

  25. Entercard is all together Unique platform in Its category & Traffic is also good from Entercard at this point of time & at the same time it has its problems which is really bugging all the Bloggers.

    When it got launched there were ton of bloggers who were using it but now the ratio has decreased.

  26. I was literally like “bla bla bla more blog stuff” then I read “Its completely free.” Then I perked up and started reading into it more and became very impressed.

  27. Considered using Entrecard some time ago but a little check online and there were so much complains about it that I had to drop the idea. But if they are cooking up some more services that may be helpful to the blogosphere then taking a peck will not be a bad idea!

    1. You are right on your part that there indeed is lot of criticism about Entrecard on the internet. But if your research a bit more into it, you will find that these are from people who have not really benefitted from the Entrecard network or, who were banned because of some kind of suspicious activity. Every service will see a group of people bad-mouthing about it. But, I would personally suggest that you look into each of them yourself and then decide.
      So far as Entrecard is concerned, I have been able to generate some decent amount of traffic to my websites and I am fascinated by their service.

  28. @Shoe, i personally think that EntreCard is alot of Spam, do you consider running it again on your blog?

      1. Shoe never ran it on here, but Graham paid ProBlogger and JohnChow to run the widget.

        1. The only reason I ever signed up was because I saw Darren running it on his blog.

          I regret ever starting it….

  29. Well I kinda admired how they actually planned this one. Entrecard seemed to be really on a crisis a month or 2 ago. They just basically ran plenty of contests, improved their forums and then this one.. I’m intrigued actually why the system makes easy money and whether my blog would really do good with them or what..

    nevertheless anyone must try it…

  30. This is a great idea and also a great opportunity for small and medium size blogger to grow up as a company. The interesting part of it is that just to become a member you get right away tons traffic.

  31. For a well-established blog Entre card is not a great idea, but for a blog that just started it is almost invaluable. It gets the word out to other bloggers that you are there, and even if most of them just visit only to get the drop, some of them may start to build a relationship with the new blogger.

    In my opinion, the relationship building is the most important, and second is the ability to get your brand out on other blogs, even if only for a day!

  32. Shoe, you would be surprised at their “ACTUAL” numbers of active accounts on Entrecard.

    Sure a lot of bloggers still have the widgets, but those blogs are dead. A buddy of mine pulled the whole database of Entrecard and came out with only about 1,000 e-mails from the forums.

    Most are just duplicates or one person with many accounts.

  33. I’ve tried entrecard for a few blogs I’ve worked on, it was great for getting a little more traffic but there are a couple of downsides. The main drawbacks being

    1) it takes a lot of time to drop cards so be ready to invest a whole bunch of time on a daily basis.

    2) The traffic you get from entrecard is low quality traffic, people just drop in for a few secs to click on your widget

    Otherwise… entrecard is a great and unique service.

  34. Not sure why some of you are hatin’ on Shoe for promoting a legitimate service–who cares if they paid him? It’s called CAPITALISM.

  35. Next time you post a review, try checking the facts first. I just lost any respect I may have had for this site. “Tens of thousands” of blogs? Entrecard owner must have paid you well to pass along that lie.

    1. Where are you getting your information? there are tons of blogs on entrecard from what I’ve seen.

    2. I concur. Just type in ‘Entrecard’ into Google and take a look at the negatives on page one.

      Any service that has an equal number of negatives on page one for their own name is seriously suspect in my opinion.

  36. EntreCard has a great idea in using widgets for placing ads. I appreciate your post for telling us all the helpful accessories it’s included with. Thanks!

  37. That’s a pretty decent expansion from Entrecard. The Self-Service ad network sounds pretty sweet.

  38. […] couple days ago, Shoemoney, a supposedly highly-read and admired blogger stooped to a new low by writing a exaggerated review […]

  39. Entrecard is too spammy, I never got any traffic and there’s few blogs on Entrecard worth advertising.

  40. I have applied for cashout feature but it has been pending for a long time ago. Does anyone have the same problem? Thanks

    1. I have applied for their “cash out” about three weeks ago and I have been already paid. No problems. See my latest post for more info.

  41. There is no scarcity of ideas and such kind of things are the perfect example of that. These people know how to gain money from everything.

  42. i heard it was really good a week ago but it doesn’t seem like its doing very well anymore

  43. Hmmmm….I use Entrecard on my blog, but I haven’t taken consideration on doing this just yet, but the benefits sounds good. The traffic on Entrecard is not bad though, I still use them.

  44. Shoe? Are you serious? You can’t really be promoting EC…it’s the most worthless service a site can put on their site.

    Their system is filled with bloggers that do nothing but hit your site, drop their card, and then move on to the next site. This cranks up your bounce rate the more you use EC and wastes your server resources.

    Not only that, but the staff and management, specifically Graham, is well known for censoring people who have a legitimate gripe and are only trying to find some resolution to their issue.

    I guess if you, Shoe, are only in Blogging for the money and not truly to help others, then this post makes sense. I think you are misleading people, IMO.

    EC is ONLY good when you’re starting out and want to meet some new people and get some traffic to your site to make you feel better about your efforts. And you don’t even need EC for that, so really, what the hell good is EC?

    EC isn’t a good site, and Graham should shut the albatross down.

  45. Entrecard is great for bloggers starting their journey. One of the main reasons why I think it has quoted negatively in the past is because it is too spammy and generates high bounce rates for blogs running the program. However recent “bold” changes from them made them stay alive a while longer and coupled with the fact that you can now “cash out” your credits makes it more appealing.

  46. Entrecard is fun and is a powerful tool to generate some decent traffic to your websites. But if you are not careful about the time you are spending at Entrecard, you might end up only surfing Entrecard and not doing anything productive the entire day.

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