The much anticipated iNetMania iPhone game launched today and is now one of Apple’s featured applications in the app store.


The game is a lot like Monopoly but instead of buying real estate, you buy web properties. It’s pretty cool and right up my alley.

Key points about the game:

* Quick Play mode, easy to understand rules and low learning curve puts you in the game right away
* Achievement system (similar to Xbox 360 games) sets gameplay goals and allows you to compare your prowess against other players, as well as unlock bonus playing pieces
* Save your progress during any moment in the game
* Shake the iPhone as a die cup to toss the die
* Use the Accelerometer to shake the die in a 3D, virtual cup with real-world physics (a first for the iPhone!)
* Based on the award winning board game ServerMania!
* Un-lockable player game pieces – collect them all!
* Great graphics, featuring dynamic animations with fluid, openGL animations
* Gameplay is saved if you quit or have to take a call
* Swap n’ Playâ„¢ with up to 3 other AI or human players

Internet Marketers will see a lot of familiar faces in the game such as Neil Patel, The Webmaster World Crew, Myself, and many others!

The iNetMania game is $4.99 in the Apple store. We might have some contests with this in the future so it would be a good idea to brush up your skills now.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

41 thoughts on “Internet Marketing iPhone Game Launches”
  1. Wow congrats!, Shoe is this a first for you? I mean being featured on a board game? Do you get royalties for being featured??

  2. Those graphics looks crappy. I hate anything that makes me shake/drop/throw my phone. Looks like a 1.0 app. For $4.99, they can keep it. Maybe $.99 for a new/basic app.

  3. Talk about trying to take advantage of people by simply using “big names” and some internet terminology to bilk people out of $5.

    That app looks annoyingly slow and for any real internet marketer, I can’t see them using their precious time waiting to watch slow, rather poor animations/etc.

    For 99 cents, maybe I’d try it. But, I have the real Monopoly game from the iTunes store and it was $5 also. The graphics and animations on that are miles ahead of this poorly re-hashed Monopoly clone.

  4. Man these apps are just getting better..The iphone is taking over my life.

    Fingers crossed for the next Iphone.

  5. LOL. In monopoly i don’t think it’s really important to see how the dice rolls …. and in slow motion too ..

  6. Seems interesting. Have you played it yet? I wonder if they’ll ever create an app for the Blackberry (or maybe even a wii game).

  7. once again this is exactly why I love my iPhone. cant wait to get my hands on this app.

    1. Yeh I just recently got an iphone and stuff like this is what sets the iphone apart from any other phone on the market
      This is brilliant and I will definately be checking this game out

  8. How, so you’re funded through the Dharma Initiative? Happy April Fools to you too!

    Reminds me that I’ve got three episodes of lost on DVR.

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  12. Stupid Apple apps for Apple stuff, yew. A apple a day keeps the window away :@

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  17. This game seems like it translates well to web property, and it seems likely to help those who give it a chance gain a greater understanding of all things SEO. I think Monopoly is such a popular game because it represents the American way of life. And capitalism can be transferred easily to other areas, like this version with the internet.

  18. I find this application very interesting. But I don’t use an iPhone due to the limited functions related to what I do online.

    The price is a little bit too low… Usually people that are working in this industry are not that poor, just look at the conferences that take place.
    IT will be great for a couple of months and after that it will surely die.

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  20. Dude that is pretty Bad ass, if I had an iPhone that would be something that I would definitely be interested in.

  21. Neil Patel is certainly a pleasant face and with the clean image as well.

    But is there any reason because of which they have chosen him. I am sure that customer of this game will be most of the webmaster.

  22. Life has just gotten a whole lot easier due to the more specialist sites that have recently sprung up. Sites like this are not free, but they certainly provide an excellent service and ridiculously high value for money.

  23. I love these applications definite must have for people that uses iphone like me!

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