Go-Girl.com is “the discreet, disposable, simple and sanitary way to urinate standing up.” Since I’m a guy, this has never really been a problem for me. 🙂 But for all you ladies out there looking to stand up while you pee – there is a product out there for you! (And for only a couple bucks.) Sure, I admit we all had a good laugh when we opened up the package at the office, but after talking to my wife she admitted it would have been pretty useful in her overseas travels (she volunteered for over a year in Nigeria). Hmm…

I have also heard this is useful for Girls peeing standing up at concerts where the toilets are super nasty.

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Me with the “Go Girl”

Me unwrapping the “Go Girl”

Me demonstrating how to use the “Go Girl”

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. Suits you Jeremy. I’ve seen a similar product advertised myself, can’t imagine many girls carrying one around in their handbags though!

    1. Ohhhh how little do you truly know women. Even the daintiest chick you think you know has attempted to squat at one point in her life. We also have bowel movements and get runny noses when sick, too.

  2. Haha, well demonstrated. A few friends of mine use them when we go to festivals. The one’s they had were called ‘she-pee’s’, here in the UK.

  3. Ooo, I want to get one. It has never been easy to pee outdoor since the public toilets are all screwed. By the way, great pictures there, especially the last one (chuckle!).

    1. It is fine to dispose the GoGirl after one use….or clean and reuse. Numerous people have told us that they have put their GoGirls in the dishwasher for cleaning.

  4. LOL!!! Can’t say I’ve never considered it before. But….couldn’t you just go out and buy a funnel?

  5. SWEET! Can you say early Christmas present for my girlfriend? hahaha Pics were funny as hell Shoe!

  6. cool idea, kind of weird though…lol. this line on their site is classic lol –

    1. Once you practice a time or two, using a GoGirl is going to feel like second nature. You won’t be like a man. You’ll just pee like one.

  7. These have been around a long time. I remember seeing them advertised in camping magazines in the late 1980s, and I’m sure they were not new then.

  8. If this goes mainstream (no pun intended), they’ll have to start putting urinals in women’s bathrooms.

    1. In 2000 at a festival in Europe called Pinkpop they had a urinal for women because of this type of product. It was a streaming success (no pun intended) 🙂

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  10. Hoda and Billy Bush were talking about it on the Today show the other day. I think this is absolutely hilarious. Although I do agree with Melissa-some women don’t need this invention.

  11. I can’t add anymore to the puns. I will say though that you look really sweet in that get up!

    I would probably use one of those if I were a girl since I am a bit of a germaphobe and despise touching anything in a public restroom.

  12. ok… this may have been one of the weirdest shirts I have ever seen you wear and product in “your” hands. I bet you had a hard time not laughing when taking the pictures.

    You should send some to “Disa Johnson” and be like if you ever want to remember what it feels like to be able to pee standing up these can help. And won’t cost you another visit to the plastic surgeon. LOL

    1. oh my gosh….why???!!LOL Um, I don’t know why a girl would want to pee standing up, but this is wrong on so many levels! :O

  13. Dope! Any girl that goes snowboarding with me will be using one of these nifty tools. Now there is no need to stop at the bottom of the hill ever besides getting on the lift!!

    1. Glad you like it. It is AWESOME for snowboarding and skiing. It is such a pain to take off the gear every single time a girl has gotta go

  14. That’s so funny and so cool. I can’t wait to send this to my wife.

    Great niche. lol. A the name is clever.

    Shoe… what’s up with the demonstrations… lol.

    1. Kenney..Your wife is a lucky lady! Not every guy can appreciate how many times a lady might need a GoGirl. YOU ROCK!

  15. Well now that is a very interesting product. I think girls should just stick with sitting on the pot. It would be good for girls that get drunk and seen to feel like they need to P outside in the public.

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  17. Makes so much sense to me. This would have been really useful when in some parts of Italy where the lady’s toilet was literally a hole in the floor. Or for portapotties…sketch.

    I’ll have to think about it. Already a happy Diva Cup user.

    1. I saw a similar product on TOp Gear once – the description of where to use it was the funniest bit haha

  18. You could’ve at least paid for a woman model. But it’s a lot more funny this way.

  19. Hi Shoe,

    How is your ‘Obama Stimulus Package’ adwords scam working out for you? Are you worried Uncle Sam could bust you soon? I hear they are going to go after you guys. I see your ads all over my site and it disgusts me how low scum bags will go to make a quik buck.

  20. Hmmm…because it’s a funnel, doesn’t it mean the girl would need to hold a steady stream of pee? An overflow would just make it more messy!


  21. Real question is….
    will the funnel end fit inside an empty beer bottle?

    No more road trip pit stops!!!

  22. OMG! Its a local (to me) Minnesota company! I gotta check this one out a little closer. They need an affiliate program….great niche!!

  23. Funny! Very Funny! I am a girl and I will never use something like that for sure. Lol

  24. I sense a contest coming soon. No not a pissing contest. You Go Girl!!!! giveaway…

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  26. Well….. I REALLY don’t like it, it was designed by a guy for sure…. And it is not hygienic (if a guy really knows how a woman pee).
    Totally disgusting.

  27. Three questions:
    a) Does Go-Girl have an affilliate program?
    b) For accounting does is their unshipped inventory considered ‘liquid’ assets
    c) To avoid gender discrimination, do they have a product enabling men to urinate while laying down?

  28. To those of you who are saying this product id disgusting, you obviously have never used a toilet in the 3rd world. I assure you, peeing standing up is a much less gross alternative than sitting down on the 3rd world toilet in the country.

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  30. […] yang membuat senyum saya berubah menjadi tawa adalah foto bagaimana ShoeMoney memeragakan cara memakai GoGirl dengan gayanya. Sungguh […]

  31. The funniest part of this post is the look on your face in the last picture. Reminds me of our old vacations when you would torment me in the backseat and get me in trouble! That’s the face you would give mom and dad lol

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  33. I think Shoe do that because her wife say so ,he he ,hopefully there are not and about the shirt,that kind a cute shirt.and is there any site I can buy that for my girl?Just the shirt first.not That “Go girls thing for now

  34. I never expected it in shoe money

    very funny and its good product ….Really funny i couldnt stop laughing for 10 min


    1. same here frd … i too had never thought of something like this on Shoemoney ever … and yea the last pic “Jeremy demonstrating how to use the “Go Girl”” is so funny that i couldnt stop laughing … ha ha ha

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  36. Pretty Interesting concept…. I didn’t know standing up and peeing was a big deal for the ladies. I learn something new everyday. Shoe I don’t know what it is about that shirt but you look a lot thinner… maybe it’s the hat?

  37. The crazy ideas that people come up with!?!? What a phenomenal product idea – hope they make it huge … I’m sure they will.

  38. These three photos will make you more famous in girls and female community Jeremy.

    Your demonstration is really great and thumbs up to you for that.

  39. I wonder what are the comments of those ladies who already used this innovative product? Any testimonies?

  40. Haha! It’s awesome huh! I was shocked a little when I open your site and read your topic dude! That’s really cool stuff..

  41. There is another product, a disposable one called Sweet Pee that I have used for a couple years….in porta-potties. Locally we have a 4 day seafood festival and I usually volunteer for most of it. By night time, those Porta Potties are not nice places particularly and the Sweet Pee stiff paper scoop shaped run-ways are great.

  42. These have been around a while, I htink I’ve seen them called a “she pee” at Glastonbury festival a few years ago!

  43. Its really cool product and i think shoemoney has good experience in wearing that …Very good demonstration .

    But frankly this was not expected in Shoe Money blog

  44. It is a great invention of the whole mankind,ladies really can not go without it.

  45. Hey,,,
    Do they make a larger size,,my D**K
    will not fit inside the one that’s for sale,
    or is this just for the girls to use.

  46. My girlfriend actually has something similar in her bag.
    I can see how this can be useful on long trips and in bathrooms with toiletseats that have doubtful hygiene. (read: strange stains and funky smells).

  47. This is a great idea. I could have used this many times while out riding. I wonder how easy this is to use in a car?

  48. Now, that is some crazy stuff. Useful I suppose for the ladies that would like to use this.

    Don’t see it becoming the dream item of every woman though.

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  50. Nice piece, looks like you might need a bigger size……lol.

    by the way this a Great site…

  51. LMFAO I can’t hate on it. It’d be great for public bathrooms because most of them are pretty nasty. I think this product will come in handy then!

  52. LOL. There is this joke that on the 7th day, God is just finishing off allocating all the differences between men and women. The men are all lined up on one side and the women on the other.

    God looks down at his clipboard and says ‘OK, we’ve only got two differences to go and then we’re done. Right, who wants to be able to pee standing up?’

    All the men rush forward – ‘Oh God, God, we want to pee standing up! PLEASE God, let us pee standing up!’

    God shouts ‘OK, OK – you got it – the men get to pee standing up! Now get back in line!’

    God now turns to the women. ‘OK ladies, I appreciate your good behaviour and I left the best difference for you. You get to get the multiple orgasms.’

  53. I still say you should send one to Disa Johnson and say “No hard feelings, I know how sensitive you are with your procedure you underwent but if you ever wanted to remember how it felt peeing standing up here you go.”

  54. I am sorry but I find this gross. Not too appealing to me.. But if there’s a large female audience reading Shoemoney, then I guess this “picture” is right on the money..

  55. I seriously think that is the coolest idea every. I used to go fishing and camping with my husband. I had to actually hold my pee in b/c I refuse to go and squat in the woods (I’m too afraid of bugs jumping where they don’t belong).

    Also, I’m originally from the US but now living in Istanbul. Not many people use modern toilets and EVERY time I use the “floor” toilets I pray I don’t wet myself.

    I can see how this product would be helpful.

  56. i don’t get it, i don’t get it. i don’t get it. i don’t get it. – – – hmnnnn… did i happen to mention, I don’t get it? :/

  57. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  58. There’s a way to do this WITHOUT the use of funnels and other devices! For women tired of squatting outside, using filthy bathrooms, waiting in long lines for the women’s room, you can learn through the Stand2pee.com DVD!

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