Interesting question I got asked last week:

Hey $hoe, I have a question. Why do you think Google continues to allow high ranking spam sites to run Google AdSense? I thought they took a hard stance on this?

If you think about it what would be the most ideal webpage for Google AdSense. The way AdSense works as the publisher, you ONLY make money if someone leaves the website. So a site where you would want to actually retain the user with great content so they want to come back or book mark the site for later use would not be very ideal for Google AdSense.

This is also why you see a lot of SEO’s use Google AdSense as their main form of monetization. They rank for all kinds of terms but yet they don’t really have good content for them. Instead they put up a huge fat Google AdSense square because its more relevant content they have to the search.

Lets be honest it all boils down to money. While the user experience may be shit its super profitable for Google. Last figure I saw said that 90% of Googles income comes from AdSense and of that I would guess a HUGE percentage of that is sites that are purely made for AdSense.

Jason Calacanis said years ago while on a panel with Google AdSense Employees (SES San Jose 06) “I make Google AdSense too much money for them to ban me” in response to a person in the audience asking if he was worried about being banned since he was violating many of Googles Terms Of Service.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

88 thoughts on “Why Does AdSense Love Spam & Scraper Sites”
    1. With everything Google gives away for free, the only way they can make money is through adsense, Google Earth Pro, & maybe a few other minor things at random.

      Just like with any job you have, if you’re violating some rule they have in place, but are making them a huge profit, they’ll overlook it.

      1. If they are making 90% from adsense than they should seriously look for some other options as well.

        As depending 90% on one source is a serious business.

    2. Interesting, but I can totally understand when the all mighty dollar comes into play like this

    3. 90% is a huge amount. I just cant believe that they earn so much through Adsense only

  1. If you make money from adsense, it means G is also getting their share, there is no reason for them to ban everyone especially Big players. Though the adsense for domains is a useless program making the domain owners create MFA’s

    1. Mate if they have created this than certainly they will advertise a special part of same kind of advertisers at there.

      They are not stupid and they know market as well. I am sure this is only trailer of coming movie.

  2. Like you say Shoe… it all boils down to money at G. Whatever site, they will just include it onto Adsense without a care…

  3. Google loves it because they make money. Big G isn’t always ‘Do no evil”… but how do you compete with these sites? Does buying links work? I bought a few via ebay from PR3 & PR4 sites… hope it helps me make more money too.

    1. They had to drop that slogan the day they became a public company. Stockholders are some of the most unforgiving people.

    2. Links from ebay … this is the new thing to me. Sorry if this sound awkward. 🙂

      Would you like to share with us the price of such link for 12 months.

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  5. I think if the site is just bad content there is no reason to adsense ban this site. But if the website dont respect the rules of adsense they should be banned. But Money vs Rules money always wins!

  6. Great answer ShoeMoney. Never tought about it like you said it.

    The way AdSense works as the publisher, you ONLY make money if someone leaves the website.

    Your answer sums it up pretty good. It’s a bit sad tho.

    1. The Big G will not ban your site for dupe content. It will just not rank it high enough for anyone to find it…… 🙂

      1. I have mixed feelings about dupe content. I know personally I ran a test with 2 mini sites a while back one was ranking for a fairly competitive keyword. I put the exact same text onto another domain that was brand new and out ranked my older domain within about 4 weeks. Both had the exact same content just different templates

  7. hey shoemoney, I have seen you interviewing some black hats before, but the king of them is bluehatseo , is it possible to invite him on your show. I know he thinks you and John Chow are just celebrities. He did an interview with Aaron Wall so he would do one with you.

    1. Would you like to share such interview links with us … lets see what is King going to tell ?

  8. I think what Google really love is when somebody searches using one of their competitors (Yahoo/Live) and ends up on a MFA site. Even though the searcher hasn’t used Google they still end up with the money. Splogs and crap are still very easy to rank on the other search engines but people probably wouldn’t bother if they were 100% banned by Google.

  9. that was an insightful perspective…i agree that as long as a person is making money, why fire/ban them (this usually applies to all business) as at the end of the day, its all about revenue. We all wish it was not like this when it comes to those spam site ads but again, its the all might dollar that prevails.

  10. It’s a real paradox…

    Does anybody know how that spammy adsense site is ranked in Google?

  11. I guess Google is big enough that they can pick and choose when to apply their own standards. It’s sick and twisted, but who’s going to stop them?

  12. Through their blogspot program many people and kids are earning good money.

    But however its good at least economy is rolling … lollzz

  13. Shoemoney,

    You have to publish a guide to producing a MFA website then you can push profits lower.

    But have you met this Eli, bluehatseo guy?

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  15. Well of course – it makes sense that Google wants to make the most money possible from its own form of advertising.

    Annoying, mind you, as I’ve had quality content sites banned while I’ve seen scraper sites like you mention rake in the big bucks…..

  16. If I could find a better alternativ to Adsense I’d drop them in a heartbeat.

  17. Jeremy,

    This is still the ‘Wild West’. The ones who have the biggest guns, and the most gold, still ‘make’ the rules and can ‘game’ any system.

    My challenge is finding enough money to finance my campaigns.

    Why don’t we form a Search Engine company of our own and leave Google in the dust?


    Nicholas Chase

  18. It should be easy for google to get rid of MFA sites since entire networks use the same Adsense account.

  19. Of course it’s about the money. We are all working online because of the money. And freedom…and we get to help people 😉

  20. Brothersoft is a good sample. I used to search software application in Google search box. Now I goto directly to avoid spam site brothersoft!

  21. Somebody told me that google is getting like 75% of the CPC and the website owner gets 25%, anybody know if this is true?

    1. They have never revealed that information. If they don’t tell us they can change it whenever they like. AdSense used to pay much more than it does now – and AdWords used to be a blessing to advertisers.

  22. It’s pretty sad really that sites with more interesting content where people actually sit and read it make less money than those where there isn’t really anything there and the ads are more interesting than the content!

    There has to be better ways to make money than advertising, it just pushes things into the wrong direction.

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  24. Then Google should allow us to make a point on our sites to tell the lazy users to click our friggin ads!!!!!!!!!!

  25. That’s cool if google is making 90% money from Adsense, Well if google is earning a lot then it can not ban the big marketers.

    1. I totally agree with you, without those marketers, Google never make big money..

  26. We need to accept also that google ads is very powerful and one thing also their have many ads appearing on our site. Being tough with their TOS is not an issue since it started when publishers abuse their service.

  27. Google has as special program specifically designed for Parked Domains and Made for AdSense (MFA) sites. You can read the official information at

    Those sites are only one of the ways that Google commits what ppc consultants refer to as “Distribution Fraud”.

    Do a search on that phrase and you’ll see that it is a far larger issue for unsuspecting advertisers than Click Fraud.

  28. I think nothing doing with being banned by Google’s Ads.Google also is eager to make big money and needs extra space.

  29. Very good answer, the truth is that I never thought that Google would agree to the sites where readers leave the site quickly, but its true.

  30. ha people taking money to allow others to break their rules that is just crazy…right (sarcasm) 8^)

  31. It does all boil down to money. Google’s a nice company but they ARE a business which means they care about profits. But mostly I think the problem lies in Google’s sheer size and the fact that 99% of all the work is handled by bots and things that aren’t human. If I had to bring in a star trek reference here. Google is like the borg meet vulcan… where they think that things like site relevance and content quality can be determined logically by a simple mathematical formula. Which really isn’t the case when you see some sites rank higher than others when any moron can tell the difference between an arbitrage site and quality content site lol

  32. I definitely agree with this. Lots of those SEO masters who earn some good amount of money from adsnese doesn’t really provide quality content for their readers although a lot of SEO techniques say that a blogger must provide quality content for a link bait.

    But for my case, I try my best to write quality articles for my readers and not just pure SEO. A satisfied user can easily market the link of your blog thru word of mouth if he finds it useful.

    1. This sounds weird, sue G and win. I may take into consideration this If I felt aggraviated by G.

      1. The key to his winning was small claims court where they coul not use attorneys. It would take REALLY deep pockets to sue them in open court.

  33. >90% of Googles income comes from AdSense
    – you surely mean AdWords, as in overall PPC model run by Google?

    As for “advertisers paying for nothing” – people, you are so wrong, imagine placing your ad on a site that gives you say 50% CTR – wouldn’t you as advertiser be happy? Do I as publisher have to pre-sell your products – of course not since I am not even supposed to know (by AdSense TOS) what sites’ ads are placed on my site. I just have to send you traffic and then it’s up to you what you do with it. The traffic is as targeted as your keyword choice in AdWords, so you get what you pay for.

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  35. AdSense is Google’s primary source of income and I’ve seen posts claiming 30% of AdSense income is from MFA sites.

    Google services are not free. Read the post linked to this comment to find out what they are costing each of us.

  36. Why should they remove sites that are actually making money for G?

    They only ban sites that don’t convert for the advertisers to keep their program fair for advertisers… But, If a spam website converts in anyway they will never ban it

  37. Google adsense has poor customer service. They dont know how to handle their customers in fact they just leave you hangin when you have problems.

  38. “I almost wish i could get banned from google for making too much money”


  39. Hmmm Let me think the answer.. Well maybe because they are interested with the business’s standings? or maybe because they are also seeking for informations that will benefit them too.

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  41. It would be a lot better if Google is actually able to curb these spams but since it is about making money which is what is the most important issue, I think they will continue to allow them.

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  43. OK then. What about the “making the world better” mantra though?

    Wouldn’t it be better with better content and less (no) spams?

    You bet

  44. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  45. I wonder what they’re going to do once Microsoft’s pubCenter goes live for all US residents to join. They’re already a few steps ahead of Adsense with some of the things they’re offering.

  46. Hey gang

    Google does not derive 90% of its revenue from AdSense. A quick look at the SEC filings will tell you this. A lot of revenue comes from advertisements, which belong to the AdWords division and product line.

  47. Problem is some of us like to share some valuable content on our sites and blogs. But it seems this means less adsense revenue. It really is exasperating

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  49. Even if it does not matter if google makes 90%, as as long a there are humans on this earth there will ads and more on Online now onwards its a golden business for them and off course for publishers also….

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  51. This is the place where the adwords publishers get their referrals from. During one of my adword campaign, i got visitors from either hacking sites or spam/fake websites.
    better to go for back links rather than PPC.

  52. My website was once blocked from adsense cos of lot of spammers. so , i do not agree that google loves spammer 🙂

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