provides marketers and site managers with a suite of tools perfect for managing their SEO efforts. From analytics tools & reporting to SEO task management, just about anyone can use the site to find out more about their sites’ performance on search engines like Google and Yahoo. They even have a sweet SEOiQ test for your site. Great stuff!

Thanks for the shirt, Jeremy! 🙂

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Current ShoeMoney Weight: 219 lb



By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. Shoe, I got to be honest. I think your giving yourself too little with that 217…I saw you in that picture last post….(yea the side view, not lookin too good buddy)…Theres no way…217 sheeeshhh….

    How tall are you? 5’4″? hahah just playing

  2. Thats cool looking T Shirt I must say … but they should also choose some other colour … like maroon or black.

    But on you every T Shirt looks great … (Just trying to make false compliments … lollzz )

  3. Love the shirt and love the statement “I’m a freaking Genius, what’s your SEO” – very marketable…..I see you’re back up 2lbs from the last weight in – lets not fall off track my friend..

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  5. Nice slogan, but the shirt is kinda boring. The site itself sounds pretty cool though.

  6. Hey Shoe, just tried the “Free shirt Friday” link in the post and it turns up an error.
    I wanted to see what size of shirt you wear now and what kind of shirts you prefer, long sleeve, short sleeve, or ringer T because we got them all. Then what are your favorite colors?

  7. Shirt sounds awesome! I would personally wear it at racing events, flea markets, etc. and see if anyone recognizes what SEO is…I bet 0!

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    1. Maybe he can get a laptop and do some SEOing while he’s on the elliptical…that could get messy though.

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  11. The site actually gives you some good data especially regarding yours and competitors links. I have used it many times and really like it.

    Jeremy, the guy who created the site, is as good as they get. He has actually been in two air disasters and lived to tell about it. He camera phoned and live blogged during one of them on a commercial flight.

    The guy does SEO for a huge site and knows his stuff inside and out.

    1. Wow thats really cool that he blogged live during a air disaster, that is pretty cool that you got to see it.

  12. Cool shirt, I like designs that have front and back to it. Its also a great site, thanks for sharing it.

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  14. […] now: By Popular Demand – we are going to giveaway 10 SEOiQ T-Shirts! We got SO many requests after Shoemoney featured them on his “Free T-Shirt Friday“, we figured we would do a contest ourselves to get more SEO crazy bloggers/webmasters wearing […]

  15. Cool t-shirt and I hope you end up getting to the weight you are aiming for. 🙂

  16. Wow.. can i have that free shirt also? hehehe I’ve tested the software… i left beyond by shoemoney and mattcutts. Why? just a jest… hehehe

  17. I am “freaking Genius”,well I don’t think just that is I am now.cause after I try my link SEO so far my point is only 198 that I think yet deserve to be called Genius enough,however thanks for the tools.I use it now to measure my SEO action weekly progress

  18. I think Mack Michaels is a Freaking Genius haha. Have you guys seen his club?

  19. I just finally got a chance to look at that tool. That thing is cool. It’s got a lot of features, and stats, and it seems real easy to automate. I like it. Thanks.

  20. You have a nice, professional looking website. I would like to try your free trail.
    But you need to transform a boring T-shirt into something sexy and stylish…

  21. Shoe… I have a great idea for you!

    Open a store for your t-shirts… I’ve seen you with hundreds of t-shirts 😀

  22. Возможно, это один из интереснейших блогов, которые я когда-либо читал :). Актуальные статьи, Отличные комментарии. Так держать! 🙂

  23. А это Вы написали на основе личного опыта?

  24. if you use the right tools, your ind is free to do the actual work of creation. a good seo house is itself a tool.

  25. “I’m a Freakin’ Genius” Free SEO T-Shirt Giveaway | Searchsavant - The SEOintelligence Blog says:

    […] By Popular Demand (Again!) – we’re giving away another 10 SEOiQ T-Shirts! We continue to receive over 100 requests a month for our Tshirt (ever since Shoemoney featured them on his “Free T-Shirt Friday“). […]

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