Most of last weekend when I wasn’t playing Mr. Mom I was creating landing pages and making facebook ads.

While we have had a ton of success with doing local Facebook ads… on a regular national affiliate offer level I have had no luck. So one of my goals for this weekend was to dive into it. Since last Friday I created a campaign and did 4-5 multivariate testing pages. Ad approval time was a little frustrating took about 12 hours on average. I made a lot of ads. I have gotten a good feel for what Facebook ad reviewers are looking for.

I failed to turn a profit and by Saturday afternoon I was down about $650.00. I had failed on almost everything I tried….. that is… ALMOST.

On Saturday night we had about 20 people over to watch the Affliction MMA event so I made some quick changes and then was not able to get back at it until early AM Sunday morning before my kids woke up. To my surprise I had not only earned back my losses but my campaign now was profitable… and not its off and running with a blast.

The awesome thing about Pay-Per-Click is you can fail a ton (the dip) but when you get it dialed in… ITS ON!

Now it wont last… people will copy it, steal my landing pages… blah blah but name of the game. But while its on… its hot!

Want to know what the secret was? TONS of testing and I mean tons. Services like clicktale, and website optimizer showed me what works and what doesn’t work… I quickly eliminated what wasn’t working and with Facebook reporting (initial reports anyway since there is a delay) I was able to get my demographic information dialed in to get me the lowest cost.

So I know people out there will write me and want a exact step by step account of what I am promoting… what landing page I am using… but guess what? If there is one thing I have learned its that doing that to you is the worst thing I could do. I have done it before on here many times with other thins (mostly google adwords) and what happens is the niche becomes completely saturated and my landing page is stolen..

I have even done step by step local affiliate marketing but … a bunch of jackasses started calling the local dentist leaving messages like “ShoeMoney Sucks” and filling out their contact form with all kinds of bogus info. So you can bet I will never be using a real life local example again =P. Ahhh lessons learned.

But what I will tell you is that (engage broken record) there is a HUGE market imbalance right now going on with Facebook and MySpace. The reason this imbalance exists is because ITS NOT EASY. Eventually it will be easy and there will be guides and complete walkthroughs and it will be pretty much impossible for any regular guy to make money.

But right now if you are willing to put in some work and bust it out its amazingly lucrative. This campaign I have dialed right now is earning about 800 a day I am hoping to tweak that to even more before people catch on and start copying it.

So ya…. last weekend I was in charge of 2 kids. A 6 month old and a 2.5 year old and they took up most of my day. Saturday morning I took my daughter to dance lessons and later on that night I hosted a party for 20 people that went on until about 11pm. On Sunday I took my daughter to swim lessons. I was up every morning at 6am (kids get up around 8-9) to bust it out and then when they napped from 1-3pm. But during this time I was able to turn a loss into a very profitable page and all just from continuing to test, test, test, test.

A guy contacted me this morning with a long sob story about how he lost his job and didnt know what he wanted to do but he wanted to start making money online. I asked him what he did last weekend. He said laid around and watched a Rocky marathon on cable. I have a feeling he does not have what it takes… maybe its just me.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

138 thoughts on “90% Failure At Facebook Ads”
    1. Jeff Iden rocks. He has helped me and Shoe tremendously. The facebook guys are really working to get the word out, and Jeff is right there in the trenches helping.

    2. Jeff, you’re a fucking loser. Get a real job. The LAST thing that people using Facebook want to see is some shitty ad for a multinational corporation.

  1. Well thanks for sharing everything you have. Too bad people respond like that. You’ve provided a lot of great information. Good to hear of the FB success.

    I’m a noob at this so it’s interesting to hear you sum up what happens and what will happen.

    1. First Thing: Are you using landing pages or just ads?

      Second: For some reason I can’t comment on the top level. Sorry Bill for the irrelevant reply…

  2. I bet its really difficult maintaining two opposite things:

    Being a good father and being a good affiliate marketer!

    Good Luck


  3. I keep hearing about people having a difficult time getting ads approved. I signed up a couple weeks ago, put an ad together for a cell phone offer, had it approved in a couple hours and was off and running. Could be a fluke, but seemed easy enough.

    Shoe, not trying to pin you down, but are pitching a product or service with this campaign? What is your CPC? I found I had to be in the $.20 PC range on my last campaign to get any impressions?

    1. Hey Shoe, I do have one question, if you get a chance can you post about what is helping you get your ads approved, and what they are looking for or don’t like. Thank you in advance.

    2. started out about 65 cent but quickly went down to about 25 because of CTR. Actually as of right now its about .23

  4. Great post Shoe. This is probably the most important parts of advertising… testing. Like you said, it determines whether or not you have a winner or a loser, and allows for you to turn losers into winners and winners into BIG winners.

    Thank you for this post. I have been wanting to test Facebook ads, but have delayed. Maybe I get with the program now. I have been reading your post concerning them for a bit.


  5. Here you have some Facebooks coupons if you want to try them. I think there is one of $50 and the rest are of $25.


    I have tried twice to set up an add but they wasn’t approve, so I can not talk about this PPC service yet.

  6. Glad to hear it’s working out for you!! I am always impressed at how you squeeze so much time to do these types of things. Over the past 2 months with the development of, I’ve barely had a second to breathe!!

  7. Like Christian, I set up one ad an FaceBook and it was approved in a couple hours. I don’t get much clicks from FB but boy do they convert well!

  8. I haven’t had much success in Facebook ads either. I can get my ads approved pretty quickly… it’s the dang offers that aren’t converting!

    1. I’ve sent over $100 worth of traffic and not got a single conversion. May be a small amount for people like Shoe, but is fairly sizable for me.

      I called it quits after that.

      1. Well he was down $650 before he go into the green. I guess just make sure you keep testing, ads, offers, landing pages, & your hook.

        1. It’s a bit tough to “keep testing” though when you’re getting no conversions… since there is nothing to compare it to.

  9. Good Info, I’m not on facebook at all, I guess I will have to make the switch over from myspace. Good work and congrats on turning a good profit.

  10. I thought you said you only had 1 hit? Haha, 800 a day would be nice, you should give that method to me…

  11. Yeah, the dude watching rocky after being laid off will definitely not hack it. Anyone in a desperate situation such as that should be working from dusk till dawn. No excuses.

  12. Thanks Shoemoney. I’m still a beginner when it comes to making money online. I’ve heard “You must learn from my mistakes” a hundred times from top bloggers. I guess it’s more important than I thought (and likely still why I’m a beginner at making money online)
    Thanks again,

  13. “but guess what? If there is one thing I have learned its that doing….” Ok! You need not present a current project but could tell about a previous campaign, as I figured out on Uber*.com site when he said the same things this past week. But, i think that you guys are affraid to spill beans by killing a lucrative market for us suckers! (yes present co. included) I don’t watch TV but I need to limit my time on sites trying to stell info., by the way i’ve included your $1,000 night Youtube for my blog.If i made that kind of cash,I would be downtown seeking another kind of tip from a hot babe. Thanks for the tee-shirt subsitutes — cool!

  14. Great Post Jeremy! That’s awesome – and it makes sense that you don’t share step-by-step and disclose all your ad details. If someone were to expect that – then they aren’t willing to do the “work” and don’t deserve to make money off of what you have discovered. The last paragraph was a good point- if you want to make money online but aren’t focusing on it and learning and putting anything into action – well it isn’t going to happen. It takes sacrifice, long hours, time and someone who is willing to do all of that. Thanks for the great post – it is inspirational – and google website optimizer is awesome!

  15. I see you talking a lot about the Google Website Optimizer. However, I couldn’t find a tutorial _anywhere_ on how to set this up if you can’t place a conversion pixel on the merchant site. In fact you just want to meassure the clickthrough rate, ok, but it wants me to fill in a Conversion Page. What do I fill in there then?

    Thanks a lot for any hints,

  16. not everybody can afford to risk losing $650 the way you can.

    I love your post, but you seem to forget that not everybody who reads this blog have the financial resources that you have.

    Taking a risk is one thing, but knowing that your not gonna drown if your jump at fate lands you in deep can make that decision a little easier to make.

    1. Just adjust your budget to what you can work with. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to start making a profit very early on. The key is to test, test, test. Cut the ads that aren’t converting and roll out the creatives that are.

  17. Thanks for sharing this great info Shoe! I’m sorry to hear you fail big time, I never tried facbook ads till now.

    1. He ended up turning the campaign into one that produce very good profit, so that’s good.

  18. That’s such bullshit that people were spamming the dentist. What a bunch of little kids.

  19. Never been very good at affiliate marketing and the proof is in my bank balance, but maybe it’s time to explore new avenues….thanks for this post, it definitely got me thinking…

  20. congrats on the facebook ads. It goes to show that persistence and perseverance are rewarded. Many fail to try different ad types and once their first attempt flops, get discouraged and move on to some other losing venture. Great motivation!

  21. I too Believe Experimentation is the best way to learn any thing..You cant learn until you try and fail… I think this Should be the universal rule and it is.

  22. Facebook Ads is definitely some kind of art form. I used it in its early days and made quite a bit of money, but then put it on the back burner for a while. After coming back to it around Oct-Nov of 2008, I lost a lot of money and broke even when I wasn’t down. I’ve also gotten a sense of what the editors look for, but they really need to improve their ad approval time, especially on weekends.

  23. I’m not running an offer on Facebook yet, but I have been running an ad for impressions and have seen quite a spike in my traffic the past few days. Best part is that I’ve set my budget at $1/day and am running the impressions campaign (compared to CPC) – get 12,000+ impressions at less than .10$/CPM. One trick I’ve used is to put my URL as the header – seems to be a way to make a lasting impression on a person to get the traffic at a later date.

    My ads were approved right away for the first campaign I ran, not approved for a diet campaign I ran.

  24. This is certainly valuable and useful information. lol. However I noticed alot of spelling errors while I was reading. Now no one is perfect and it sounds like you were working dilegently as well when you wrote this but if need someone to edit your copy I would love the opportuntity to work with and help you on your quest for profit turning.

  25. I’m glad you didn’t post the exact method to advertising on Facebook. The only way people will learn is to experiment by themselves.

  26. Thanks for this great info. I find that if you really want something you need to spend the time to work at it!

  27. Good to see there are those out there that still want to make money online, but spend their free time sitting on the couch watching T.V. 😛

    1. I have seen you avatar a couple of times and gotta say it make me laugh each time…funny.

  28. hahaha…..this is a great post, but the part about the guy watching the rocky marathon might have been the best part.

  29. Maybe you could be generous and help teach a man to fish instead of being a prick about it? … a “guy contacted me this morning with a long sob story about how he lost his job and didnt know what he wanted to do but he wanted to start making money online. I asked him what he did last weekend. He said laid around and watched a Rocky marathon on cable. I have a feeling he does not have what it takes… maybe its just me…” delete the comment if you must, but in the end all we are left with is the help we’ve provided others with. Frank honesty in your conversation might have gone a long way, when applied with helping hand, could make a difference.. Just my humble opinion..

    1. funkright,
      You must be new to the shoemoney site because if you knew or ever read this blog you would realize you are DEAD WRONG about Jeremy. I’ve been unemployed for six months now and thanks to I have been able to replace a small portion of my income. Nothing big but the knowledge I have gained at 50 years old is worth millions. From knowing nothing about website, design, marketing or the biggie Making Money…to building around 30 various sites and blogs all started with a post right here on the Shoemoney Blog. I rarely post here due to the time I spend Learning and Working and I have never paid Jeremy a dime, unless it was affiliate income. I’m not trying to flame you for your post just want you to know that if you are here reading you must have some interest in affiliate marketing and/or making money online. If so understand that there is a lot of crap on the internet telling you how easy it is and most of the people promoting that crap are the ones making millions of people watching TV. That said my workday generally starts around 5AM and ends at Midnight, TV has not even been turned on in the last 3 months. If my stats are correct I’ll net over $1200.00 in January on one site, then it’s rinse and repeat on the other sites that are built and ready in their own niches. That said Jeremy Did Teach a Man to Fish, ME, and he continues to do if everyday for others. Jeremy Schoemaker is a God Send to me and my family. Frank Honesty, I can only hope that your are applying your thoughts “but in the end all we are left with is the help we’ve provided others with” as well as Jeremy does. Just my humble opinion.
      You might want to stick around awhile, you’ll soon understand the kind of man Shoe is.

      David G.

      P.S. Shoe, Thanks for all you do for others. You are the man……

  30. […] information to people who are going to spend money in the real world.  While I envy guys like Jeremy who can pay their bills by selling Facebook ads, my web site is a lot like a hotel’s site […]

  31. Hi Shoe, maybe I’m too green for your site. I don’t get what you are “selling” in your ads? Is it ringtones? Trying to get people to come to shoemoney?
    Help me get it. You spend money on facebook ads that go where and earn you money how?
    Love your site but I think I’m outta my league…

  32. Hmm, can’t say I have ever been realistically interested in trying to make ads, or anything of the sort. But I have always been curious about the process and am delighted to have some light shone on the topic. Thanks!

  33. I didnt have much luck with the Myspace ads but I cant help but notice that Facebook is getting bigger by the day. I didnt think it would ever take over Myspace, but it has gone way beyond.

  34. Alright, you’ve done it…Inspired me to be better!

    I decided about 6 months ago that I can’t compare myself to others (when it comes to determining my success ranking). I need to compare myself to how good ‘I can be’, that’s it.

    Thank you for the inspiration to push harder!

  35. I’ve been dabbling since your panel at ASW. Are you picking up after being motivated by the same thing?

    Oh, and thanks for fixing the comments. (Can’t remember if I said that somewhere else….)

  36. Um, but it was a ROCKY MARATHON! How could you expect him to pass that up? That was the first thing I did when I got the pink slip. 😉
    When you say – some day it will be easy and then you won’t be able to make $ – do you have a ballpark of how long that takes? A month, a year?
    I know very little html, no php, never created a landing page or even signed up as an affiliate (only read through about 5 different contracts/TOS) – do I have time to learn and cash in before it is “easy”? – a month is probably not long enough – a year sure. We are talking blank canvas here.

  37. I’m too not having much success with the facebook ads.

    CTR – 0.07% ..hhhmmm

  38. You have to be careful at the moment lots of blackhats are getting new accounts with the $350 credit and burning them.

    The CPC’s are all over the place and skewed and people who aren’t cheating are getting hosed.

    I hope the coupons out there expire soon because they do not have adequate controls in place to stop people from getting multiple accounts.

  39. I just realized I have a question:

    Do you use landing pages, or are you just optimizing the ad?

      1. Good to know. Knowing you, you design them yourself… correct – to reduce turnaround? I’m just curious what one might look like? I’ve gotten the vibe that you’re not the worlds best designer – please don’t get offended, lol.

      2. Great post. Can you explain “remarket” does that mean you drop a cookie when they hit your landing page then if they ever come back to any landing page in your network you remember them? Or do you use this cookie to retarget them with one of your ads on Facebook? Or…is data collection in a form and how do you remarket? Thanks!

  40. Pardon my ignorance but how does this work? Do I have to have my own product to advertise in Facebook or should I find a product (e.g. Amazon) then create an ad, and the url should contain my affiliate id? OK, I’ll google it now.

  41. I dunno…seems easy enough to get ads placed but getting traffic isn’t. Can someone post an ad that’s getting traffic to their landing page?

  42. Ok, now I’m fed up with Facebook Ads. I built some landing pages, created ads, submitted them, and they came back unapproved 5 times. I just can’t get these people to approve them. Even after I’ve fixed all of the issues they list. I’m about over it.

  43. Thanks for sharing this, Jeremy. You are right when you said it’s all about testing and testing and testing. Most people don’t do enough tests and they jump around and say something doesn’t work. I am guilty of this as well, 🙂

  44. Yadda yadda. Same old same old.

    At least your kids sleep till 8 or 9.. Jeez if I had that much extra time I’d be killin it ! ($800 is piss money) 😉

  45. […] Ads. … I have been wanting to test Facebook ads, but have delayed. Here is the original: 90% Failure At Facebook Ads – ShoeMoney® Add this to : Digg it Save to Subscribe to My RSS […]

  46. Well blogging requires you to test alot. I keep testing the ads myself with different colours and positions.

  47. People want to learn how to do it right without losing their shirts. Can you blame them with all the liars and scammers online?

    I get so sick of some who say you have to work hard and test test test.. I’m sure many would love to put in the hours if the pay back was worth it. Some folks do not have the capitol to test adwords and Facebook out an watch what little money they have get vaporized with zero results. So yes, ask away, you most likely won’t get help or a straight answer, but it’s worth a try.

    People who have been laid off can’t afford to have Google eat the last of their funds on a bad campaign.

    1. you don’t have to start using adwords & others as facebook direct , you can try and get a profit after that you try these ways , or you try them free money to test it ” facebook offer 100$ and adwords now have 250$ ends in 31 January ” , so you will not lose anything if you try .

    2. What ?
      Common sense among the masses ?
      Here ?!

      That just wont do !

      If it were me making the referrals, I’d be making money the moment you set up your acct. I’d continue to make money when you spend, even if you lose. I’d want you to keep testing testing testing, because all the while I’d see %age.

      But then thats just me spinning the digits..

  48. I’m just as curious about those people who can’t get their ads approved. I’ve gotten three up with no problem and one still pending. FB almost hits you over the head with what they don’t want.

    My ads are straight forward, with action words and keywords are things I see relevant traffic from in other tools. I’m getting lots of impressions but few clicks and no orders.

    At the moment I’m using my affiliate landing pages and trying variants on my ads.

    Having some information on what not to do would be almost as helpful as spilling the beans on what’s working currently.

  49. i tried much with facebook ads but i only gain visitors ” actually expensive visitors ” and i don’t like to spend more if i didn’t get a profit from long story with them , but i’m sure someday i will get what i’m planning for .

  50. Conversion rates from social networking is always low and I think that’s why Orkut and Facebook is not getting that much business which they should have at such a top level.

    1. Yeah it can take a bit to get those campaigns green. But as Shoe showed, it can be profitable to do so.

      1. depends on the niche you promote and the product quality if you use it for marketing , but it need good skills to get this profit .for me in facebook ads the campaigns don’t send good traffic if i didn’t raise the bidding to +0.20$

  51. I have been using FB ads for months. Coming from Google AdWords this was easy although I never did figure out how to edit; ended up making new ads.
    Need to test landing pages more. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. You can’t edit. You have to pause or delete after making a new ad. FB wants to review each ad to make sure of them.

  52. Wow Shoe this is an impressive article. In 1 weekend you got a 800/day profit campaign that is sweet.

    Could you at least share the demographic that is so eager to complete an whatever the offer or buy?

  53. Im glad to see you have had success with Facebook, it sure is a good way to target traffic

  54. I’m also noting that while my ads get approved, and I get lots of impressions with a few clicks, once they’re up for a day the impressions seem to slow down and the few clicks do also. It’s like FB runs them to death the first day and cycles back or something.

  55. It would be nice if FB gave us some marketing information, like maybe they provided some sort of breakdown page of keywords or user’s stated interests. That way you could find hot markets and tailor your campaigns to what there’s a demand for. It would have the benefit of raising the click rate so they could make more money too.

  56. Just as someone else asked you ealier..How can you squeeze so much time for everything.. testing, building and making it profitable in just 2 hours?

  57. You are right about the approval, it takes quiet a while maybe because it might conflict their interest. I’ve also done some testing on my community site and the conversion (number of sign-ups) is satisfactory. I got some free advertising worth $250 just using their promo code.

  58. I’m new to the online marketing thing… I’m having some difficulty staying focused and putting in the time. I will do my best to follow your example and keep plugging away at it.

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  60. […] 90% Failure At Facebook Ads – ShoeMoney® (tags: Facebook) […]

  61. Didnt you do a frikin presentation on FB ads ??.. from what it sounds liek this is your first time ever really doing FB ads…”I have gotten a good feel for what Facebook ad reviewers are looking for.” LOL n00b

  62. well FB is definitely much better than myspace, you can now even earn from their ads.

  63. […] information to people who are going to spend money in the real world.  While I envy guys like Jeremy who can pay their bills by selling Facebook ads, my web site is a lot like a hotel’s site […]

  64. Facebook ads are getting more important by the day. We too lost money initially but are now turning a profit but it took a hell of a lot of testing and brutal changes to make it work

  65. […] start turning us a nice profit again. If Shoemoney and others were talking about how great of a market imbalance there was regarding these sites, there had to be something to it. Lo and behold, our instincts […]

  66. well I rarely use facebook my self,however I appreciate that you give the clue of your observations using google website optimizer and the clicktale.well I am sorry to hear that unexpected situations that I think you already used to ,next time I will wait more your share here shoe,I will keep my eye on your fixing of this

  67. I ran a test on Facebook and had a lot of hits to my landing page but no conversions. Didn’t cost me anything because I had a coupon from Shoemoney. Thanks Shoe. I will try again with a different landing page.

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  69. […] Shoemoney’s 90% Failure At Facebook Ads […]

  70. Shoemoney! sick post as usual. I love the shoemoney angle; test or die. (feel free to use that as ur new tag line 🙂

    i really think this facebook ad platform feels allot like the early days of adwords – and im excited to do it all over again.

    This time im blogging it at – check it out – thks

  71. Great Post Shoe. I plan on diving into the FB ads this spring. Learning alot from your trial and error.

  72. I just started with FB ads, is there a way to see the demographics, location, or age of the people that are clicking on my ads?

  73. “guy contacted me this morning with a long sob story about how he lost his job and didnt know what he wanted to do but he wanted to start making money online. I asked him what he did last weekend. He said laid around and watched a Rocky marathon on cable. I have a feeling he does not have what it takes… maybe its just me.”

    Seriously, that last line cracked me the f**k up lol. I get stories like this too and I too ask the very same question.

    Some people are serious, some are not…whata gonna do???

    – Josef Benjamin-

  74. Does anyone know of any plans for Facebook to provide a conversion code script for the PPC ads like Google provides?

  75. Facebook Ads Perform Embarrassingly Bad | Three Deep Marketing – Strategic Consulting, Search Marketing, Interactive Marketing firm in St. Paul, Minnesota says:

    […] I cannot definitively say that no advertisers have had positive experiences with Facebook (Shoemoney’s Facebook Ads article from earlier this year is still the best example of success that I have read to date), I can say that I have had poor […]

  76. I loved this post, yeah that guy doesn’t have what it takes and I know people like that. Advertising is a numbers game and if you don’t calculate the numbers right you are screwed.

  77. […] You can pickup facebook ad coupons from sites like digitalpoint for about $15 which will give you $140 providing it is a new account. But take a read of this of why 90% of facebook ads fail, it will give you food for thought;…-facebook-ads/ […]

  78. Absolutely worth the $97 a year as far as I am concerned – it made that investment back in 3 weeks with 2 sites

  79. Hmm, can’t say I have ever been realistically interested in trying to make ads, or anything of the sort. But I have always been curious about the process and am delighted to have some light shone on the topic. Thanks!

  80. Facebook ads worth nothing. Google adwords for ever!!!

  81. Facebook is very good but not like google adwords… My opinion is that the article is 100 % correct!

  82. Facebook competition is very hard, i tried ppc ad at facebook and had no success at all , people there dont spend money , they just have fun…

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