By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

419 thoughts on “Twitter Flip Mino HD & MacBook AIR Giveaway”
          1. Depending on who does this competition, it has a viral Kfactor of not so bad to awful. I shamelessly copied it here to promote renewable energy (if you want to register for another one)
            I had a few friends tweet it to 4000+ people… with very little response. That means it, like, doesn’t work for me. Looks like you had much more success

        1. Awww.. Been shopping around lately and the Macbook air just keeps getting my attention. Hope I Get lucky here then.

          1. It’ll be interesting to see if he gets the 20K followers to even give it away. We’ll see.

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  2. Great idea for a contest Jeremy. Just entered, thanks for the opportunity. Contests like this are great.

  3. Just entered! Should be interesting if I win! I’d give the Macbook to my wife, her laptop is falling apart.

    1. I’d probably sell it, and use it to buy contest prizes of my own, and pocket some cash

  4. Yay, just entered this contest, entered may be xx times in your contests and never won 😀 May be i need to contact my astrologer to the chances of my winning and then enter next time :p j/k
    @amitbhawani >

  5. More Twitter spamming, I saw john Chow did this during the week aswell.
    Don’t you think you are starting the downfall of twitter by encouraging spamming?
    I wonder when twitter will put a stop to this?

    1. I’m fine with this sort of thing. The moment people start linking to commercial links is when I stop following them.

    2. not quite sure what you mean by spamming….

      I challenge you to find one of my tweets that are spammy

        1. The thing I really like about twitter is you only see things from people you choose to follow. So its a choice to retweet and participate or not. Unfollow those who do it if you think its spammy. Thats whats great about a free market system like twitter is that it will correct itself.

          Spam by definition is unsolicited messages. By following people you are opting in to getting their messages.

          If you follow people that spam you… that your call. Not mine.

          I have never spammed anyone on twitter and dont plan to.

          1. Ah Jeremy… still a proponent of completely free markets after everything that is going on in the world. Free markets will not correct themselves – free markets will cause people to take and take and take and take!

            Just entered.

            I have a question – how do you know if people have entered if you aren’t following them?


          2. Fair enough Shoe, but If I choose to follow someone it is because I want to hear what they have to say not what what someone else wants them to regurgitate, at that stage I do unsubscribe.
            I still think it’s a thin line though and still wonder when twitter will come down on those sending the same encouraged tweet (making it spam in my opinion) to their followers.

          3. You’re a genious! Great idea. Great tweets too! I see nothing resemblng spam in any way. Looks to me liek some wish they had thought of it first. 😉

      1. This is not spam! Its a contest.. Its good to see people use Twitter,Feedburner etc etc in the useful way.. Good luck guys! 🙂

      2. Just ignore him, he keeps commenting on your blog either directly or replying to the first commentor. Why not move all his comments to Spam or else use some kind of Report! plugin for wordpress like this and let your visitors report the useless comments which are made for huge self promotion!

        1. I remember Shoe saying that all comments are moderated… And a good debate never hurts. 🙂

    3. If you really think someone typing a single tweet about entering a contest is going to lead to the downfall of twitter…then I would say that you don’t give it very much credit.

      1. I don’t think anyone sending a single tweet will or should ever bring down a service like twitter, but I do think multiple people sending the same tweet devalues the service and hope that kind of practice will be cut down on soon.

  6. Another very cool contest adn easy at that. I just did the twitter thing. Thanks Greg Ellison

  7. Excellent, would love to score the Flip – can’t wait to add some video features to my site @ <a href=”

  8. That flip looks sweet! I’m really curious as to whether the contest can bring in another 4k followers to reach the MacBook AIR giveaway. Will be interesting to follow.

  9. I tried getting the Flip mino from amazon but they dont ship it to India :'( Would be great if i cud win this here!

    1. Well haves omeone in the states purchase it for you and then mail it to you in India. Or check out Ebay. 🙂

  10. The giveaway is awesome…I’m following (well, actually I’ve been following you on twitter for sometime now) and I retweeted the tweet too 🙂

    Thanks, this is too cool…I want a ShoeMoney Flip Mino!!!!

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  12. Awesome, just entered. Great contest, I have a Mini but it has very little storage. I could most definitely use a new laptop too. Good Luck to me!


  13. I have a Flip video camera already and it seriously rocks. Think back to the 80’s when video cameras had to be big enough to stick a VHS tape inside of them. This thing is smaller than most regular digital cameras. My kids love it too. Awesome stuff.

  14. Spamming twitterville too …. genius idea Jeremy. So who ever won the Macbook you were giving away for reaching 10k followers by the end of 2008? I don’t remember seeing an announcement.

  15. Another great giveaway! Seems like there’s no shortage of Macbook Airs to giveaway.

    The Flip Minos look really good with the logo on them.

    1. Yea.. Macbook AIR! Its everywhere lol.. I’m seeing Macbook air give aways like they have been floating around and the blog owner just grabs them and hosts a contests.. lol Btw, how much does a Macbok air costs? any idea? Just lazy to check @ ebay ^_^

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  17. I’m already following you but I just tweeted the message. 🙂

    Hope you’re having fun in Vegas.

  18. Entered and re-tweeted to my peeps!!! (good luck everyone)


    p.s. cute flip hd mino with the shoemoney logo.

    1. I don’t think that matters.. better not lose followers by spamming them lol

  19. Damn i am pretty sure you will get past 15k followers really fast 🙂

    Nice idea and Yes i am in too 🙂

  20. I just sign in 4 the contest … yep … I’m following shoemoney and … yep I sent the message … hope I’ll win 😛

  21. I would love to win MacBook .. I’m all about the contest. I plan to implement one on my blog’s..

  22. […] It looks like Shoe is making the move to 10,000 Twitter followers. He’s holding a contest to give away a couple of Flip Mino HD and an Apple MacBook Air. All you have to do is follow Shoe and tweet about his contest. […]

  23. […] so we almost have the Intel monster system contest coming to a end so time to start a new […]

  24. Hi J, actually not really understand how the contest work. Is it like lucky draw? Mean that, u will pick any of twitter.
    Or, how is it?

  25. I think this will be my first contest … hope I will win and use that mini device for webcasts and podcasts.

  26. Great contest idea. I’m already a follower, but I tweeted anyway.

    Did you ever give away the macbook and the macbook air from Oct/Nov?

  27. […] Twitter Flip Mino HD & MacBook AIR Giveaway […]

  28. […] It looks like Shoe is making the move to 10,000 Twitter followers. He’s holding a contest to give away a couple of Flip Mino HD and an Apple MacBook Air. All you have to do is follow Shoe and tweet about his contest. […]

  29. Thanks Shoe. Just enetered, but wow, the odss are 216:1! 😀 Reminds me of college apps last year… 😉

  30. Keep it going, Jeremy. These are mouth-watering giveaways. I can see lots of other bloggers are talking about this contest. You will surely end up with more winners than you can handle, 🙂

  31. I’m in, too! However, as The Daily Minder said on a previous comment, I also wonder how will you tell when someone’s entered your contest if you’re not following them on Twitter?

  32. Indeed a great contest. That are not hard requirements, maybe a bit to easy.

  33. This was one of the easiest giveaway i have ever seen or entered into lolx

    Thanks, and good luck for the 20k T. Followers milestone

  34. […] about the contest and then you will be entered for the contest. If you want to read the post then Click Here. I already entered. It is very easy to enter. If he gets a lot people to do the shout out then he […]

  35. Entered too! I hope I get some luck and win either the macbook air or intel comp from you. Laptop just exploded and went down.. Feel so handicapped at this moment!

  36. Just followed your Twitter profile and also retweeted. I am not much of a tech guy but am stuck with an old PC (with windows!). Would definitely be the happiest person if I could win the Macbook Air.

    And that pic where you are holding up that adsense check like you are a magician or something :jealous.

    1. Oops please delete that post :P, anyways the shoemoney flips looks amazing and the mac book air too hope the contest goes good!

  37. worth a shot =) im in

    btw the standard flip is not cheap or crap 😛 it is pretty sweet actually 🙂
    got it as a gift

  38. Don’t think this is working for people who have locked down their feed to friends only. Shame 🙁 Perhaps you should auto request to follow people who follow you with protected feeds?

  39. Hey shoe, great contest you got going here. I want to win that camera! 🙂

  40. Oh this is fantastic! Love the idea of going viral on twitter!

    I’ve entered!

    Would love to win the MacBook Air. Trying to save up for a laptop but money, of course, is super tight. Thanks for the chance though!

  41. My laptop SUCKS, just ask Neil. Beside the weird line in the middle of the screen, it looks and performs like an old dinosaur. The mac book air is PERFECT BABY 😉

  42. Win Flip Mino HD & MacBook AIR at ShoeMoney | Indo Contest | Find the Latest Blog Contest on the NET says:

    […] Here Jeremy Schoemaker, The WebMaster of ShoeMoney, Skills to Pay the Bills is giving away  Flip Mino HD & MacBook Air on February 27th!! This contest is sponsored by Pepperjam […]

  43. I’m following and posted the RT yet I’m not showing up on the entered page. Could I have messed up such a simple process?

  44. […] his blog post Twitter Flip Mino HD & MacBook AIR Giveaway he outlines how you can win the Fip Mino HD with the following […]

  45. Shoe this contest is flawed, and while you’re up to about 500 tweets a day, it’s not as viral as it should be.

    The reason is, when someone puts @shoemoney, the only people who see that tweet are those who are following both the tweeter AND you. That is the default setting for Twitter.

    So out of those 1000 or so tweets, probably only very few of them every get seen by anyone. So those 1000 people are just readers (and probably a lot of dupe accounts)

    If you really want to double your followers, you need to take @shoemoney out of it!

    1. ^^^ Disregard that, I was wrong. I guess Twitter just isn’t as viral as I thought it would be.

  46. I’ve just entered Shoe! Commenting on this has become a bit of a pain with the pre-entered values (required, Your message). It seems like I have to delete them first before I can type anything. Can’t you make them disappear the moment we click in the text field? Just a suggestion. Happy New year!

  47. It’s a great prize.. I believe everyone would follow your twitter 🙂

  48. Hi Shoe, could you please adjust your comments back to the way they were, this new set up is driving me nutts! The pre-entered (required and Your message) text make it a pain to enter text. You first have to remove them, then add your info. Could you atleast make them dissappear when we click in the text fields rahter than have us manually delete them first. Plus I have to re-enter my info everytime I comment. Eish, it turned into a not so satisfactory experience commenting here. I’m surprised no one has complained yet.

    Happy New year! (I just got back from holiday) 😉

  49. Thanks for an EASY contest to enter! Am I weird for being more excited about the Flip than the Mac? Probly.

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  51. Cool contest, Thanks.
    I’ve been trying to get my hands on a Flip HD, hard to get where I live … now I’m praying for Twitter to go down to keep the odds high 😉


  52. […] all he’s requiring to enter the contest is that you Twitter about […]

  53. I left a comment but it didnt show up, but all i said was “this is awesome” haha good luck to everybody

  54. ok, I’m still not on the entered list and I’ve RT twice, the second time verbatim. What’s the secret? What did I do wrong? @AlaskanBest

  55. Just entered! – I’m envisioning me opening the mailbox, awww man!! There’s the Flip Mino I won from SHOEMONEY!!! – I shall transmute my thoughts to reality… Yo ShoeMoney… Hit me up! LoL

  56. I got sqat for my birthday today lol so I want a gadget. I entered the contest, I got nothing to lose have I? I am fairly new to Twitter and am beginning to like it!

  57. Love twitter contests! Love branded Shoemoney items more! Maybe a Shoemoney sticker or something for the runners-up? Please?

  58. […] Shoemoney and John Chow have just started Twitter competitions, where to enter a chance to win some prizes, […]

  59. What’s with all the party poopers??

    this is a great contest. I love contests! I followed, I tweeted, I’m in:)

    My kids are going to look really cute on video!

  60. Let’s see…..your pool, your flip minos…..what’s next to get the Shoe$ brand? Maybe a tattoo?

  61. This contest is brilliantly simple! Heard about it via Jack Humphrey. Always looking for a cool contest to model:-) Can’t wait to see if I’m a winner.

  62. The Fiery Source could use another Flip around here, hehe…I just entered and thanks

  63. I hope it isn’t too late for me to join here. Been following you on twitter since I registered there. And just tweeted this contest.

  64. […] is going to giveaway ShoeMoney Flip Mino’s on February 27th. And these are the High Def ones not the regular ones! And its so easy to […]

  65. I’m already following you, but can’t pass up a chance to win cool prizes! Thanks for the chance – just tweeted at @kimarketing

  66. The lesson learned here is “ASK!”. If She hadn’t ask for a sponsor we’d not have a great contest. Fun abounds!


  67. I tweeted about it. I’ll try anything for my students. We need that flip camera. I can think of ways to use it every day

  68. Followed on twitter ….

    I Participated in many contests and never got through, Any way its awesome contest.


  69. Sweet and easy contest. I’ll take a 1 in 600 chance for a few seconds of my time any day.

    Maybe you’d be interested in selling a lot of these on my wholesale blog?

    (A “lot” as in a group or batch, but also “a lot” as in very many.) Glad we cleared that up.

  70. […] It looks like Shoe is making the move to 10,000 Twitter followers. He’s holding a contest to give away a couple of Flip Mino HD and an Apple MacBook Air. All you have to do is follow Shoe and tweet about his contest. […]

  71. […] in entering? Check out the official contest blog entry! Share and […]

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  73. Cool.. That MacBook AIR giveaway with your cool logo. Love it very much. I’m entering this contest.

  74. I would LOVE to win the flip camera or the MackBook. I am a WAHM and a blogger – they would be a huge help for me to move to the next level!! Thanks for the great giveaway! DAWN


  75. Hi Jeremy,

    Awesome contest! I just entered by tweeting it!

    Thanks and I look forward to seeing your tweets!

    Kimberly 🙂

  76. Great idea Shoe, I am going to steal the idea to give away a Lenovo S10 at our site. My wife wants the Flip but you can keep the (Hot) Air, we run a ThinkPad X301, its a real ultraportable! No second thoughts, if we win the Air send it, we can always put it on ebay!

    re tweeted the link, superb idea!

    Cheers, Ian Orford, Editor –

  77. You got me but how you gonna send my prize to Thailand, you can bring it yourself (that is the laptop) I got a spare room, good value

  78. Get Paid Taking Offers & Survey » Blog Archive » ShoeMoney is giving a chance to win a Flip Mino HD and a MacBook AIR says:

    […] Read more on how to follow him on twitter and what to tweet at […]

  79. Tried to find shoemoney on twitter, but it says the search function isn’t working right now, going to try to find another way to link up on twitter!

  80. Hewww…. i just entered the contest. Thanks to johnchow for buzzing my email to enter the contest…

  81. totally in LOVE with your blog. great info presented in a refreshing manner. entered and retweeted! good luck to me!

  82. Brilliant.

    What an easy way to enter, thus promoting more follows, exposure, and traffic.

    Social Media at its finest!

  83. Somehow my name didnt get in there..
    Nice contest, Im in, need both of these..
    heres a copy of my tweet; helobuff “Just entered to win a flip minoHD. Just follow @shoemoney and retweet.” less than 5 seconds ago from web

  84. nice little camera to make some sweet valentines vids with the wifey haha..oh wait..i mean to post informative video blog posts..yesss…thats what I meant

  85. Can’t copy your text!!!! WTF? How are we supposed to retweet something if we can’t copy the **** text????!

  86. […] Twitter Flip Mino HD & MacBook AIR Giveaway – ShoeMoney®. No TweetBacks yet. (Be the first to Tweet this post) […]

  87. Your Message
    How do sign up for the contest.
    I looked everywhere.There it is and I just entered.
    I wish I’m going to win the macbook air.

  88. Hah. Just tweeted that I’m looking for a sponsor for a blog series – ad space in exchange for a flip mino. Then saw someone tweet this contest. It’s worth an entry – stranger things have happened!

  89. did it. would love to get the flip mino, but i’m sure you ship it to some one in the same country.

  90. Followed. RT’d and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Flip Mino HD! Thanks for the great contest!

  91. Cool.

    Thanks ShoeMONEY!

    I just tweeted!

    I want that flip mino HD!
    or the macbook… that will work too lol.


  92. Hey mate, I have entered the contest by the username Squintoo, i have been visiting since dont know when.. its a great blog and it inspires me everyday i Visit there,,

    I am hoping that I win something, i dont really care for that hd thing, I will be glad if you can just mail me or something,, that would do 🙂

    but anyhow winning something wont be bad 🙂 It would be cool, hope you have a great success ahead..


  93. Entered the contest. Added you on Twitter and tweeted the message. My username is bobbytco. Good luck everyone 😉

  94. Hi!
    Nice competition!
    I hope you arrive to 20,000 followers 🙂
    My nick on Twitter is Altrotiroaltror.
    Thanks a lot for the chance 🙂

  95. Oh, and did I win? Just in case the “you’re a winner!” email got caught in my junk folder. 🙂

  96. […] Contest are always be the most interesting event that everyone will not missed out. Check out how Shoemoney giveaway a free Flip Mino HD & MacBook AIR if he can get from 15.000 to 20.000 follower. 11. Jump Into Other People Conversation Unlike […]

  97. […] build your Twitter audience fast you can start some sort of contest or promotion (like John Chow, Shoemoney, and even Namecheap). Just be aware that whenever you run these types of campaigns your followers […]

  98. […] build your Twitter audience fast you can start some sort of contest or promotion (like John Chow, Shoemoney, and even Namecheap). Just be aware that whenever you run these types of campaigns your followers […]

  99. I just entered the contest and tweeted as qiwoman. I am getting married this afternoon so hope I am lucky lol.

  100. Nice to see that there are blog owners that care about their blogs and not post all kind of useless stuff but rather try to keep it clean and valuable for the sake of their subscribers. You’ve done a great job and i thank you for that and also for not traumatizing me with useless garbage and spam.

  101. I missed the contest. Please let me know if there are any contest in future.

  102. There is clearly a bunch to identify about this. I think you made some nice points in features also.

  103. The thing I really like about twitter is you only see things from people you choose to follow. So its a choice to retweet and participate or not. Unfollow those who do it if you think its spammy… Thats whats great about a free market system like twitter is that it will correct itself. Spam by definition is unsolicited messages. By following people you are opting in to getting their messages.

  104. Howdy, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam comments? If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can advise? I get so much lately it’s driving me mad so any assistance is very much appreciated.:)

  105. I missed the contest.
    Please provide more new contests and notify the users about it.

  106. Have you ever considered creating an e-book or guest authoring on other sites? I have a blog centered on the same ideas you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information. I know my visitors would value your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an email.

  107. The tips you provided here are incredibly useful. It had been such an enjoyable surprise to have that looking forward to me after i woke up now. They are always to the point and simple to learn. Thanks a lot for the thoughtful ideas you’ve shared above.

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