Last week on the History channel every day they have covered one of the seven deadly sins. Lots of people think they came from the bible but they didn’t.  Basically some smart dude sat down and made 8 (originally) things that hurts human kind and over time those became known as the 7 deadly sins.  So that started me thinking about where and why people go wrong with their sites and business plans.  So I came up with my own list.  Here it is;


Do you get excited about thinking about doing something? STOP. Go do it. Its not going to magically happen. As soon as you get a great idea in your head  and BEFORE you start picturing all the awesome shit your going to buy with all the money your going to make, go to your computer and start putting it to action. AND I don’t mean to make a list of stuff TO DO. I mean start making progress.

A couple nights ago I got an idea to make the shoemoney marketplace (which I have yet to officially announce). I got out of bed and started writing code. I SUCK at coding. I am a marketer but I just can’t stand to have a idea about something and just sit on it. Is it perfect? No actually it looks like crap but I did it. If people start to use it more I will do more with it.

Envy – I know SO MANY people who are SO INCREDIBLY TALENTED but they just hate on others. The main difference between Envy and Jealousy is that with Envy you wish to take away what the person you are envious of has.

In the last few months more then ever you see TONS of SEO’s outing others techniques and affiliate marketing “hater” sites up making fun of those who have achieved stuff.

Envy gets you no where.  It doesn’t help you.  If it doesn’t help you, why do it?

I get so pissed off looking at forums or on IRC and hear people do NOTHING but constantly rip on other people and plot to take them down. If only these people had the same energy to help themselves =( .


Do you go on forums or blog about how awesome you are? Well then you better suck it up when people make fun of you.

Listen up Chachi, its the law of averages, the more people who follow you the more haters you are going to get. Prepare to embrace negative press.  Most people can’t hack it.

Being so fat when I was a kid really makes me invulnerable to this stuff.  Its like I had training being made fun of most of my early life.


Did you just trip over a rock and fall into a profitable niche? Are you satisfied? If so don’t quit your day job. You better realize that tomorrow that shit is going to be gone!

5 years ago I tripped over a rock and killed it for years in the ringtone industry but without leveraging my position to start this blog, AuctionAds, the Elite Retreat conference and many other companies I would have to had to go back to work for corporate America and hate my life.


Did you just get major paid and you want to take a picture with you and a check? Did you just discover a profitable niche and you want to walk the world through it step by step and help everyone in . YOUR A MORON! Guess how I know?!?! Shut up and get paid. Feel free to help people and guide them but your a complete idiot if you walk people through it. Your profitable niche just went to shit.

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will steal out of your bucket” – Jeremy Schoemaker, SES San Jose, Contextual Advertising Panel.

I have this curse where I want to help everyone and I don’t just mean help…. like when I started hooking people up by doing their adwords accounts for them and making them 7-8x on their money.  Just ask Aaron Wall.

Why? Because I wanted to showoff. I think when I first started banking I wanted to show the world how smart I was to make up for all the years I was pretty worthless.

Fortunately now I am in a position now where I have a ton of responsibilities and it keeps me in check.

Anyway don’t be a showoff. Learn some humility. Trust me. Yes I am a hypocrite.

Inconsistency (AKA lazziness):

I have friends… close friends who wanted to learn how to make money online. They bust it out for a day or so… maybe every other day… then they take a day off, a weekend off, holidays off. WTF?

Hey Jerky – your biggest competition is busting ass because he sleeps on a mud bed in Nigeria. He is not only copying your exact stuff now but he is mass producing it.

You have to bust it out all day every day.


I don’t want to hear it.

I was 420lbs, 50k in debt, on my way to nowhere and somehow I pulled it off. What makes me so much better then you? Nothing!

I used to be an excuse master until I met my wife. Here was a woman who not only put herself through college/med school but put herself through HIGH SCHOOL because she wanted the best possible education and her parents could not afford it.   Do you need to meet a badass wife who shows you how to bust it out?  I did…

You can make excuses all day why you are not successful.   Just look at my comments.  Everytime I post on how to do something people always come up with reasons why they can’t do it. wah wah wah.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. Great post. I’m guilty of most of those from time to time .. but at least I can knock some code together. I think procrastination is my greatest sin. I could do so much more if I put my mind to it

    1. Interesting fact about the wife, Shoe. I know John Chow said the same thing about his wife (in terms of the fact that without her, he wouldn’t have stayed motivated)

      1. Me, I don’t have a wife. She left me. But I do have my dog, who will never leave me. But he’s not like your wife or John’s wife.. He’s a lazy ass. All he does is eat and sleep all day, and fart. But I love him anyway, because unlike humans, he will be loyal to me no matter what.

        But he is a lazy ass! Stupid dog.

        1. PokerJerk – please stop replying to the first commenter and not commenting on what they said. first/last warning.

        2. Sorry Shoe, won’t let it happen again. I respect you and your readers. Well except for that one from North Carolina who just started spamming my comments with how much he hates my site. There will be a Poker Jerk fanclub one day, I know it!

    2. Procrastination is anyones greatest sin – if it never gets done, how can you make it work???

      1. Exactly. Procrastination is definatley a killer. Not only that, but it can end up biting you in the butt long run too. Putting something off to the side can cause unwanted fiires to appear which can become an even bigger set back

        1. I marched DCI for a year and then taught Drum Lines for about 10 years. the difference between great drum lines and mediocre is giving up before your body and mind does. And when the season is over and we lost by .10 we all look back and think. You know, I could have worked a whole lot more.

          Shoes, right about motivation. If you’re sleeping in a bed and that you no longer want to sleep in then you are going to do everything that you can to make it so that you don’t have to sleep in that bed anymore.

          It’s time to get to work

      2. There is another type of procrastination I think. Call it ‘procrasti-they-tion’ – that’s where you rely on other people to do their part of the project and, even though you know they probably won’t, you don’t just go ahead and do it yourself. Why? Because it gives you an excuse as to why the project failed…”Well, so-and-so never got the thing done like he was supposed to…”

        Well, that makes it your fault anyway – who partnered up with so-and-so to begin with, huh?

    3. Hey Owen,
      You are guilty of some of the points up there. I am guilty of all of those.
      I always thought that I have overcome them. But a small extent I am still suffering from envy. AND I am envious of Jeremy, john chow, darren rowse… LOL. Jeremy please don’t sue me for this comment. 🙂
      And Jeremy,
      I am too good at coding. I think you are get tough competition in coding from your fellow bloggers.
      And thx for the marketplace. When will you launch it?


    4. Agreed – I basically live and eat on the PC – sometimes I sit there and get so distracted with 100 different things so just wanted to add one more to the list of sins – DISTRACTIONS

    5. Owen, you should create yourself an effective working structure – even with a scorecard – and then set yourself a minimum target of points to get per day (there is an example of one on my blog) and ensure you get these points (by completing tasks you’ve set yourself)

    6. Love it, shoe! But..what jumped out at me is you are testing a marketplace of your own? What up with dat? Do tell. I will also google it and see what I can find.

      1. hey dude, the edit part of the mrktplace for those who created an ad is crap at present.. hope to have it better in future,,,

  2. Great post, I like this post. Some great points, There are excuses in order to be successful. You carry on regardless.

  3. Amazing, Most of the things resonate with me most often the Hope one. Thanks for hitting the nail on the head

  4. your right in most cases but there is one reason not to invest all your time into a new project, it’s education if you’Re still in school or some kind of university you need to concentrate on your education first because if you fail you’ll need a backup stategy……

    going to check the marketplace;)

  5. I just read Stephen Coveys excellent “7 Habits of highly successful people” and one thing he writes a lot about is to develop a win/win mentality and systems supporting it. Really an eye-opener and just what you mean with your #2 envy. There’s enough out there for everybody.

    1. There is enough for everybody, and that reminds me of a quote which is kind of a good thought to know.

      “You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.”

      Chances are people know what you know, but luckily, most people will just continue to envy.

  6. hey that is really good start of marketplace. at lease now we dont need to visit those messy forums to buy/sell stuffs. hope this place be free of charge. 🙂 hope to get some good stuff from it. thanx buddy.

  7. Mine is definately hope and inconsistency. I just need to start something and continually work on it! Great post for the start of the year.

  8. good points,
    specially like the hope one,
    i have seen many people who just tell and never do the work themselfes,
    even i used to be one of those lol,

  9. Great post. I’d like to add one more – Distraction! Emails. Blog posts, Newsletter, twitter – when you have a boat load of stuff coming in it’s far easier to get sucked into consuming versus producing info. So while it may seem like you are hard at it, you’re really just treading water.

  10. These are actually really good for people to follow. I saw this on TV also and though I didn’t actually watch it what you said it legit. I think if everyone at least loosely followed these everyone would be a lot better off.

  11. I think it is not a sin to teach people your secret success, a saying from East, you make 1000 students success then you will be more success 1000 times.But it all depends on your sincerity.Anyway like your article and keep it up bro!

  12. I think I do well on most fronts here. I am a bit inconsistent at times, but I’m constantly trying to battle that.

  13. Actually I wish I could show off! haha.. but not at the moment.. now here comes another sin.. HOPE

  14. This was a most excellent read Jeremy!! I totally agree with the part on being a showoff, as well as hope!! Both will get you sunk in the end – well they all will, but those two were my favourite bits

    1. One of my favourite sayings dates from the 2nd World War.

      “Loose lips sink ships!” is pretty much applicable here too.

  15. Very true. I commit all these sins everyday in my life. I hope to marry this year, hopefully I’ll become motivated like you. She showed some signs.

  16. Alright, so a little hate first off. When I read the title I thought it was going to be lame. Then I realized you were relating to the history channel show, which I watched and it was pretty cool.

    Then I read…and this is probably the best post I’ve read on Thanks.

  17. I’m learning so much in this post, there are so many sins I have in this post. In the new year, I should make better progress to my life.

  18. The basis for any successful venture always begins with a thorough investigation. You need to do some research online and find out what kind of internet marketing interests you. From there you will be able to narrow your search and select a company or product to promote those best suits your individual needs.

  19. This really is great advice. it all comes down to being motivated. I know people that wait and hope someone knocks on their door with a check. Don’t hold your breathe people. Sleep is peoples worst enemy sometimes. I once had someone ask me how many hours a week I spend sleeping because this one single answer can determine your fate.

  20. I’ve got to say the same about my wife. She is the person that motivated me to start my website design company, to work a real job besides some fast food joint, and to begin my career with blogging.

    I think if you’ll look at how successful someone is, the ones with the most success usually have the motivating woman behind him.

    On a side note. I talked about writing a book for some time, but that’s all it was. About a month ago I finally decided I should stop dreaming and start doing, and I’ve been writing a little on it every day since.

    I’m also working on something pretty new and exciting that came to me yesterday morning. I was actually up until 5am this morning working on the details and designing a prototype.

    I’ve already got some friends lined up that are gonna get together with me today or early tomorrow to get it started.

    If you’re interested, I’d like you to be a beta tester when it’s finished.

  21. Great advice Jeremy. Another deadly sin which is not listed is “over doing it” — which I do plenty of times. I get myself knee-deep into a project and just can’t think straight. Sometimes I overload myself with things to do that nothing gets done or everything gets done half-ass. I find that when trying to be successful at something you have to dedicate your full time to that one project and don’t juggle multiple projects or take on a load that you can’t carry, otherwise you will meet failure.

  22. Awesome post Jeremy. I’d say hope or getting excited about an idea isn’t always a bad thing, as long as you’re still action oriented enough to actually get stuff done and put in the work. Having the mindset that you’re going to make it is a hell of a lot better than being negative and expecting failure. Definitely agree with everything else.

  23. i love the part “your biggest competition is busting ass because he sleeps on a mud bed in Nigeria”

    This is so true and Google adsense has expanded its payment methods to facilitate issuing to third world countries where most of them are going anyway.

  24. Great points. I always get a kick out of the cheesy “I make $50k a day with _______. Learn how.” Every time I see those I think to myself, “He’s either smart and full of crap and plans on duping thousands of gullible twits; or he’s an idiot and I don’t want to do what idiots do.”

  25. Thanks for the New Year’s inspiration Jeremy; a good swift kick in the butt is just what most of us need. For me, this is one of your best posts in a long time, except the ones where you teach us a little about how to fish, which are always my favs, lol.

  26. Content is king, and good content takes along time to create.

    I would say the most important thing is to have a solid business model and understanding of your space in the marketplace before engaging in anything else. Take time to develop that and you will be golden.

    Happy New Year ! ! !

  27. “YOUR A MORON! Guess how I know?!?! Shut up and get paid.”

    Shut up and get paid?


    $$ GET MONEY + GET PAID $$

  28. You forgot procrastination, which might be hope but when I read or hear of hope I think of something else like hope is a good thing and with out hope you would never start anything because you don’t think it will work or succeed. Second I like to help other people as well and the quote about the fish is funny but true, even though the ocean is huge there are usually only so many fish in a certain area.

    Mr. School Fundraising Ideas

  29. Feel free to help people and guide them but your a complete idiot if you walk people through it. Your profitable niche just went to shit.

    Thus, why you’re shoemoney and not showmoney!

  30. “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will steal out of your bucket” – Jeremy Schoemaker, SES San Jose, Contextual Advertising Panel.”

    Dude…this makes no sense whatsoever.

    1. I agree it is a little garbled. Funny that he attributed it to a specific conversation like someone would quote that as a truism

      maybe it should be more like …show a man your honey hole and it aint “your” honey hole anymore. :)..whatever… the point I think is that you create competitors for yourself by opening your coat so to speak

      1. It doesn’t literally mean he’s going to steal fish directly out of your bucket…It means more fish will be exerted out of the water due to your teachings of fishing to others…Which in return, means less fish for you at the end of the day..

        1. Actually, I think he means that if you teach the guy to fish, He’ll probably just let you go ahead and do the work for him – Why not?

          We all know people who enable bad behavior in others, right?

          The original truism is “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for life.” But I like the ShoeMoney version better, because in my experience, 9 times out of 10 that’s how it ends up.

          You could also ask, “why is a fish on a plate?”
          …”Because It opened its mouth.”

    2. It would have been clearer if he said will start fishing at your special fishing spot – but in essence that ultimately is stealing out of your bucket. You just have to understand the Shoe – he thinks three or four moves ahead.

      Teach to fish, they start fishing depleting the fish population, eventually getting to your special spot, depleting the fish there and thus stealing the fish you can put in your bucket…..

    3. The best way to illustrate this is from personal experience. As a youngster I worked for a boss, doing security installations. Once I had the necessary skill level, I started doing private jobs, mainly from his customers looking for a better deal. Scooping fish out of my boss’s bucket, quite literally…… 😉

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  33. Inconsistency seems to be my problem…Inconsistency to do something positive or find something positive that will turn into some cash. First, I sit on this fucking thing too fucking much looking for ideas and the new income stream. Some days I get places, some days I don’t which is my problem. I’m sure everyone has there bad days. Then when I get that Writers Block I just want to smoke a joint til time passes for that new spark…

    Sounds good ehh

  34. […] Go here to wager the original:  Seven Deadly Sins For People Trying to Make Money Online – ShoeMoney® […]

  35. good post shoe. It’s always the most basic and simple things that people forget about the most. It’s good to refresh on points like the ones you made.

  36. Thanks for giving me another slap in the face! Sometimes you get overwhelmed and lose track of what needs to be done.

  37. Tell us how you really feel. After reading your post I just wanted to say “Amen, brother!”

    I’m trying to adopt the little engine that could mantra … “I think I can, I think I can …


  38. Yes, positive awareness is good and makes for great internet blah blah blog content, e-books and rip-off seminars, but let’s keep it a bit real here slick. I was in business for 20 years but this economic disaster has crushed me and forced me out of business. Telling people who have a great idea (in their minds) to just go for it is irresponsible advice. WE ARE IN A BAD RECESSION!

    Now someone with a bad idea is going to take your advice, run up a huge credit card debt, fail because we are in a recession and most folks are very discretionary in their purchases, and will want to ring your neck.

  39. For me it’s not my wife because I’m not married, but I can say my girlfriend thought me to “do it” instead of just “thinking” or “dreaming” about it. About a year ago I totally changed my mindset because of here. I can’t say I earn a full time income yet, but I earn decent part time money. I’m still pushing forward.

    I must confess I’m not always consistent…

  40. Hey Jeremy,

    Thanks for kicking my butt into gear!

    Today I’m researching the attendees for Affiliate Summit West 2009 and I plan to meet as many as I can, make my pitch short and sweet, no more than 90 seconds, and then follow-up with them after each days scheduled events at the Meet-Market.

    I’m convinced that I can make money on-line. Just need to go for it!


    Nicholas Chase – Affiliate Summit 2009 Attendee

  41. Hi Shoe, I am actually guilty of most of the sins here. Like the first comment, procrastination is

    1. Like I said procrastination is my greatest enemy and I am about to fight that this year 2009.

      And not all Nigerians are copycats some are actually innovative.

  42. […] you just don’t think you have what it takes.  Like Jeremy Schoemaker  said in his last post Seven Deadly Sins.., all these are just excuses! If you really want it, then go get it! If you are looking to blog […]

  43. I guess I am guilty of inconsistency. It’s hard to balance a 50 hour/week job and blog and website. Is taking a (short) break for self-care, take care of family, or just to have a day off really that bad?

    1. Im guilty of it too. What I want to do is wake up at least 30 minutes earlier than my family (or before I start getting ready for work) and go to bed at least 1 hour after everyone. This will give me just enough time to attend to my blog. I can make up for on the weekends with a few more hours here and there. Even automate the posts.

      Bottom line is I dont want to focus on my blog more than my family.

  44. I guess I am guilty of inconsistency. It’s hard to balance a 50 hour/week job and blog and website. Is taking a break for self-care, take care of family, or just to have a day off really that bad?

  45. I’m kicking ass and taking names in 2009. This year is my year and i’m not letting anything or anyone stop me.

    I’m tired of living NOT they way i want. Enough is enough. I’m getting mine. Get the freak out of my way.

    Great motivating post. (found via ref on Twitter)

    1. Yeah, I am with you. 2009 is going to be a good year. We have to stay motivated and concentrate on the job at hand to see it through. Wait…what was I talking about?

  46. Thanks for the inspiring post, Shoe. Makes me want to get down to work! 🙂 I think my biggest sin is inconsistency. Sometimes I get ramped up, work on things like mad, and then fizzle out… sucks, but recognizing that flaw in myself has helped me begin to push through it. Now when I catch myself beginning to fizzle, I remind myself of my goal, recommit, and refocus.

    I’m wishing you *massive* continued success in 2009, Shoe! ~Epiphany

  47. HaaHaa!

    Dude you hit the nail on the head for me! I get probably 10-15 ideas per month, if not more. I sit to plan 2-3 of them, identify one that may work and that’s usually as far as it goes. Several ideas I had, I have since seen pop-up elsewhere from someone else – and I think “If only I had capitalized.”

    Make no mistake, you have to have some idea of where you want to end up with an idea or project, but you don’t have to take months to plan and try and materialize it – otherwise someone else will have done it already and too-bad-so-sad for you.

    Great post and I like how you point out some things you have dealt with and still deal with and that you are even a hypocrite – too funny, but darn real.

  48. Great article mate… am guilty like everyone of this… it is human nature. You have to break those habits, apply yourself more, etc.

    I have a few projects that need this type of attention and may print this out and put on the inside of my entrance door – that way will see it when I am about to go out drinking, bragging and wasting valuable time.

  49. You all are sheeple. Followers, you will be here next year no richer. Why? Because you all are just the KoolAide drinkers of life and Shoe is your Jim Jones.

    Drink up.

  50. Just wanted to say thanks for an enlightening read. I am so guilty on the counts of Hope and Inconsistency. I may have to tattoo those two to my forehead so I can constantly remind myself what I need to be doing! Looking forward to reading more!

  51. I’d like to say a word about a sin called satisfaction that I like to commit when the great job has been done.

  52. “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will steal out of your bucket” – Jeremy Schoemaker, SES San Jose, Contextual Advertising Panel.

    LOL!!!! I think you are right about that. But you can still teach him how to fish.

    because teaching an apprentice, does not mean that you have to show him everything.

    You have to keep something to yourself, so you can stay ahead of the game.

    Just teach him how to survive but not how to get your food later.

  53. Wow Shoe looks like you hit the nail on the head!

    My Wife motivates me as well, but for different reasons. She is the most caring, honest, loving person I have ever met in my life. We just had a beautiful baby girl in Aug.

    I guess my motivation is that I want to be the man that they deserve….

    Another great post shoe!

  54. Nice read – I am completely honest in saying I fall into a lot of the categories. I think most affiliate marketers do.

    Ahh well – maybe we will learn.

  55. Awesome list. Great series on the History Channel too.

    How about adding “ignorance”? Taking the time to REALLY understand how a system or concept works is essential. You can turn a blind eye to something but it only comes back to bite you.

  56. I think the important lesson is there’s enough to go around for everyone.
    Just focus on what you’re doing and don’t obsess over what everyone else is up to.

  57. Great post. A lot of people tend to envy guys like you or think that you had it easy. I look at it as encouragement that with hard work I can get there too. Plus with honest posts like this I know your not just selling me some ebook here.

  58. Argh!!!! thats me!!! hehehe nice posts!!! can i copy and blog about it? hehehe i lie it its really like for me!

  59. Consistency… with a Capital C.

    Ever get carried away with something, do a terrific job, then realize at 9 p.m. that an important “other” action had to be taken this morning?

    Today I decided I have to put my daily and weekly “must dos” on a spreadsheet.

    Did I create the spreadsheet? Umm… not yet.

  60. Thanks Jeremy,

    one of the best posts i have ever read, to be honest one of the best things i have ever read!! Piece of art!! Thanks alot man


  61. Great post.

    “Go to your computer and start putting it to action” should be a banner above every online business owners PC.

    Remove the the word, “but”, just take action.


  62. 8th Deadly Sin: Distraction

    1. You come up with an idea for a site — you love it, it’ll be great!
    2. You start working on the site….
    3. You come up with another idea… (Go back to step 1)

    So you never actually finish anything – and you just keep starting projects!!!

    How do you deal with that! “the dip” book didnt help me 🙁 I just always feel that the new site will be better. How do you decide which to do?!?!

    p.s i had to rewrite this comment — as for some reason, your new comments leaves the word (required) at the end of the email address, so i got an error — but i love the new tags 😉

  63. Well said. Excuses are the biggest hurdle to success that I’ve found. Most make way too big a deal about meaningless stuff!

  64. Seven sins?This is too mush,Mr shoe I suggest you send the sinners to were the belongs,seven is too mush 😀
    Thank you for your great post showmoaney,we newbies are prone to be making mistakes but thank God for a wise man like you.A helpful post!

  65. Holy popular post batman!! And interesting setup for the new comments – fresh!!

  66. Did you make it do a reverse order situation with the comments on purpose?? I wouldnt normally expect the last comment to show up first on the page

    Also, the autofill information for name/info not only autofills what you’ve previously entered, but it tacks on (required) to both fields even if its autofilled information

    Just a Heads up on those two things incase they were unplanned

  67. This is a magnific post.

    You have obviously defeated many obstacles. And by now you know the mindgames we have when we are not as successful. I’m tired of my own too. I need to get everything put on paper from now on, for months to come. I just get to either dreaming or just waiting for a brighter day. Not to talk about the time I spend on forums, trying to show of my theortical brilliance. I need a wife who can kick me in the buttlocks and get me straightened!

  68. Laziness and leaving everything for tomorrow are my sins, have to overcome them inorder to succeed, btw nice post Shoe.

  69. […] SEO’s outing others techniques and affiliate marketing “hater” sites up making fun of those Seven Deadly Sins For People Trying to Make Money Online – 01/05/2009 Last week on the History channel every day they have covered one of the […]

  70. Excellent post!

    I understand what you mean in regards to hope. When I come up with an idea I become very excited about it until I eventually lose focus and just lose interest all together eventually and that idea would fall by the wayside.

    Or if I get an idea I then start to lose myself in the detail. Like if I was designing a marketplace I’d think “holy shit this is a mammoth task” and end up doing nothing!

    But yeah you’re right. Fuck excuses, I’m gonna just start TRYING shit again. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Either way I’ve tried something.

    In summary, fuck hope and embrace failure as the learning tool it is!

  71. Yea, I don’t like this comment change. It seems like some of my comments have been deleted…Who knows why ; )…

    However it says theres like 133 comments. There is probably only 50…

  72. Great article Jeremy. I think showing off is my fatal flaw. I want to help so many other people that sometimes I forget that I need to help myself first.

  73. I read the 7 deadly sins and like it very much, every time I am down, I read it and suddenly I became diligent.Thanks for motivating people

  74. Your post is right about laziness.Every day one must overcome it.That sin is the root of all evil.

    1. That’s funny, laziness gets us all. It’s not until we get this fire under our ass or we get so fed up with our situation that we just can’t take it any more, before we get up and do something about it.

  75. […] Matt on Jan.07, 2009, under Blogging This post is in response to Shoemoney’s article about the Seven Deadly Sins For People Trying to Make Money Online. I stumbled across it yesterday and it really made me think, so I thought it’d be useful for […]

  76. I like what you said about hope. There have been times where I came across people that only sat around, talking about how they would love to do this & that. I’m like, well get off your ass & DO IT.

  77. And another great posting… I loved hard at the “show-off” text, you’re so on point – and still most people never ask themsevles why all those moron-gurus went from making money to teaching 🙂

    1. “those moron-gurus went from making money to teaching” I agree with that but on the other hand there are also a lot of great gurus resources. when Jeremy’s book drops I’ll definitely pick one up..

  78. woow great post man.i completely agree with you. i am usuing internet mostly for entertainment. But some people use it as a bazaar and earn money

  79. Envy is not a deadly sin, it is motivational to other people.Vanity is deadly sin….lol

  80. Your Message – Nothing! Just want to say, good post, but frankly the world wont learn. Keep the good work anyways.

  81. Inconsistency is my main sin, though others pop up on occasion too 😉
    While this is all good and nice, I need to stress that focusing only on your work for too long could turn you into an Internet ghoul 😛 So be smart!

  82. I think that hope is one of the greatest things in life, and not even in a religious since. Without hope I think that humans would have never crawled up out of the mud, or hold onto their lives. So hope can change a person, whether it drives them to move forward or turn over and die. Hope is everything it just depends on what you do with that hope will determine success or failure.

    1. “I think that hope is one of the greatest things in life” wordup man.. But there is a fine line between hope and ignorance.. I spent the whole entire day working on my site but I am not deluded into thinking that it’s going to make me a millions dollar..

  83. Seven deadly sins it is. Most of it are bloggers attitude. Not taking a break, every day and every week is like 365 work days. I prefer to take off at least once a week.

  84. Laziness is my biggest evil with so many plans and so many project in mind. Just because of this laziness they just stay in mind never see the light of day. But will try to turn the tables this year 🙂

  85. “Do you get excited about thinking about doing something? STOP. Go do it” yes totally.. Doing more and thinking less is something I’ve been working on with all of my business idea..

    On a side note when leaving a reply in the comments why not have the required field clear automatically? You have to delete the reply before you can start type..

  86. All excellent points. I also have trouble with time management. It is more a problem with distractions than it is procrastination. I am finding something interesting online while I am in the middle of one project, so I start the next one… I need to keep on a schedule in 2009.

    krissy 🙂

  87. Jeremy-

    Great points here, especially the ones about Envy and Showing off, I personally have friends with these issues and it leads to quite a conflict of interest among the group.

    I probably suffer from laziness if nothing else. I am also a bit slow to bring my ideas to market but that’s generally due to my crappy codewriting and decent design skills…I’m often too much of a perfectionist.

  88. […] the web this week, I enjoyed the Seven Deadly Sins for People Trying to Make Money online, from ShoeMoney, and this Grey Alien Games post about indie sales […]

  89. yes …..iam lazy, sometimes feel boring…..,not easy discipline on posting daily. okay….let’s making better on 2009

  90. Weekly Blogistan Round-Up no. 02/2009 - Internet, Rules, Twitter, This, Facebook, Tweet, Video, Mind - says:

    […] a constant annoying noise. But enough complaining, let’s turn our heads and look back on the 7 deadly sins of online-marketing compiled by […]

  91. This is a very inspiring post Shoe. It just shows that as long as your willing to put a lot of effort into something you can do whatever you want in life. I really look up to you when you write posts like this one.

  92. […] you’ll do something that you are proud of, instead of talking about it, keep your mouth shut. Showing off will not get you anywhere. On top of that you probably want to shut your mouth when it comes to […]

  93. I really enjoyed reading this article. It relates to a lot of people including myself 😀


  94. Great post Jeremy, I’ll definitely have to keep this in mind. Keep posting helpful info Thanks

  95. hey Shoe:

    can’t agree more on the consistency.

    I am pissed whenever I heard people said “4 hours week” rah rah rah..

    Problem is it takes a lot of efforts to reach that stage..

  96. woah man. Some of what your saying is true I think, but you might want to take it easy with the whole “no weekends or holidays” or your liable to lose the wife who motivated you! Not that I know anything about your personal situation, but it’s fairly crazy to tell people they can’t take days off…. You still need to live life and enjoy life. Relaxation is an important part of life.

  97. […] ton of money with affiliate ringtones and everyone copied him.  He recently did a post called the seven deadly sins for trying to make money online where he touches on not revealing exactly how your making a killing […]

  98. Always wondered how badly it affected you to tell your ppc secrets. And you’ve still got haters for your Adsense check. I run across a new one of those probably weekly. Great post, but I’ve gotta shut up and do some work now!

  99. Jeremy,
    Great post, as usual. Not diversifying while you are on top of your game is a very common mistake. Be careful that you don’t jump into the wrong venture with your free flowing cash. Paintball dodging for free gas? Love it! Imagine your venture when gas was $4+

  100. I totally agree. In order to make something happen, you can’t just dream about the outcome, you must always be active, expect to have critics, and not let anything get in your way.

  101. Really great post Jeremy. I’m going to print this post out, frame it, and put it on my desk for a little daily dose of reality. Thank you!

  102. You are right about hope, Jeremy. As important as it is to be hopeful, the good book says “hope delayed makes the heart grow weary” or something like that. So, in as much as it is important to be hopeful, it’s best to be hopeful and WORK towards that which is hoped for.

  103. Hi, the “Showoff” one really made me laugh. I’ve always wondered about that, sales pages that promise to walk people through everything they need to know in order to exploit some new, untapped, virgin territory with no competition. But now the eBook that teaches how to compete is being broadcast to thousands of people.

    It reminds me of receiving a promotional email about the worlds-best-kept-secret tiny village in Central America. Undiscovered and unspoiled, nary a tourist in sight. The land of your dreams, you should go there now before its too late! It’s called “….”

  104. Your quotation was one of the best quote i ever read…“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will steal out of your bucket” GuRU Maker 🙂

  105. I agree with a lot of what you say…writing is very similar…you have to face a lot of bad feedback and rejections before you can get anywhere.

  106. Hi, too many waste their time moaning & making excuses when they should be concentrating on addressing their own weaknesses.

  107. yeah, i always in inconsistency in making money online.
    like one of the seven deadly sins for people.

  108. That was a great article.Thanks a lot 🙂
    I especially liked the first point.There is nothing to get excited till we get what we wanted .

  109. I enjoyed this post! This post has a lot of knowledge about earning from internet. Thanks!

  110. Being focus and not distracted is very difficult only people on master level can do that, only 10% will make it to this business.

  111. Great motivation from this post, however I just caught myself being lazy again by spending the last half an hour reading thru your site instead of promoting my own sites.

    Some day I suppose….:)

  112. I have been on the wrong side of these sins many times. My main problem is the inconsistency/laziness… it’s a real problem to stay motivated when you work from home. I find it helps to get out of the house and go work at a cafe or something.

    Baby steps.

  113. Dang good post Shoe. You made me chuckle on the first one, HOPE… Stop Just do it… because it’s so true.

  114. Start making a life time long stream income from working at home for just a couple hours visit i promise youll make lots of money

  115. […] Seven Deadly Sins For People Trying to Make Money Online – Seven things that people go wrong with in their online business plans. […]

  116. […] Seven Deadly Sins For People Trying to Make Money Online […]

  117. […] post is in response to Shoemoney’s article about the Seven Deadly Sins For People Trying to Make Money Online. I stumbled across it yesterday and it really made me think, so I thought it’d be useful to […]

  118. Hi Jeremy … Now I follow your blog but this article in particular is very nice, so so so so so so nice. Well first because I learn how to leave those sins by the bitter road, I have an idea and start to invite friends to complete it, in that time I knew just basics about coding, so those “friends” just wanted to count bucks and pesos but do not wanted to learn code and nothing about that, my girl just leave me because it seems that I am married to my laptop, and now I have a nice project growing fast and cool … and I want to add something more about taech peope to fish:

    -When have a cool project and your analysis & marketing study says “hey today is a good day to spend your life coding”, just get it, in silence, no noise, do not tell anyone unless you trust in him, just tell to the people that seems to be interested-

    Avoid the sins you mark us in this article, make people thinking and doing. Stay in tune … do not be a sins doer.

  119. I really like how you’ve dissected some of the less obvious obstacles for creating success. I have been down the road of failure more tha I can count and all that saved me was my consistency and determination. I learned to throw away things that don’t work and replace them with those that do.



  120. So ture. The worst thing is to start off and actually get the backlinking going.

  121. Regardless, it is always good for getting an outsider’s perspective in web design. We are looking outward, from inside. Yet, our work has been intended for people who were from outside, but rarely have a time to “look in”. So being able to view how they see is worth our time. Too cool, I like them, thank you!

  122. I think I should of come here before listening to the dudes at a three letter forum starting with a p. They really cut on you and you offer quite a bit of free tips I just found due to looking for a myads coupon code. Sorry for trusting a secondary source before just reading up on you myself. Hope to here a lot more from the Shoe as the days roll on.

  123. That was a great article.Thanks a lot
    I especially liked the first point.There is nothing to get excited till we get what we wanted .

  124. Make money online is a famous issue of thinking now a day but people should learn about its proper use before start.

    Thanks for the nice post.


  126. Interesting post… A little harsh but very motivating and it has a ton of truth to it… For the past few years I have been chasing the image of you holding that $132k Google check, it is what motivates me. I may never get there and right now I’m not even close, but that is what drives me.

    BTW, just listened to a podcast you did on WebmasterRadio.FM with Seth Godin back on April 2, 2009. It was very informative. Seth really had and has his finger on the pulse of marketing and how to reach people. I especially like the comment he made about not trusting people to do the right thing when money is involved.

    P.S. I am going to send you a t-shirt soon for my college planning site:

    Always a pleasure!

  127. I know what you mean about point 1 & 2 but not entirely sure I agree… mmmm I see the ethical dilemma but then scarcity and time insentives work.

    Ok – in future I think I’ll honour all my time sensitive or price statements but… I just have to make the time (or find the script to action them!)

  128. I have been trying to be an affiliate promoting ads. I have 10 websites up but nothing is happening or I have not done something right. I have sites on I have one on bettingsecrets on websites,bmw,art and not one has ever made a penny, I have a family of 5 to support and no work in the horizon. Now I have put in alot of work and I am willing to put in alot more,Just what does it take to make money being an affilliate. I have been doing this for months with no luck. where do I turn to can anyone help me please I am about to lose everything.

  129. i dont have a website although i would love one i just cant seem to figure it out .its so overwhelming to me and that sucks,i cant figure out what im supposed to do with your site and this making money thing why would they give me money,please help me to understand, thank you for reading todd

  130. This entry is ancient in social media time, but seriously this is the best damn piece of advice on PSF marketing I’ve read in a while. I’m going to re-tweet as if it’s brand-spanking-new.

  131. Are you overwhelmed by all the social media information out there? Do you need visual aid to help you wrap your mind around social media marketing and how to use it to grow your revenues?

  132. Your comments are RIGHT ON! Action and humility are sometimes much easier to spell than to live. Thanks for providing motivation to live in action and humility as opposed to just typing those words. Nowdoit.

  133. I think this is great list….And can say ive done some of those try to help instead of shutting my mouth! we live n learn!

  134. i think there a deadly sins that is lot of people get brain wash which everyone come toward to earn fast money . Make money online are not easy . Is not a place to earn fast money . ofcourse it maybe less costly and more easy to setup but to be success , you maybe have the face the same problem again from what you face in physical.

  135. I listened to Charlie Munger say that you can pick any one of the seven deadly sins, envy is the only one you won’t have any fun with. Haha.

  136. Either you are a genius or you have too much time on your hands but I do appreciate the end result and find I have to agree with you on this one. Thanks for the realistic entertainment and getting me thinking.

  137. This is so very true! I am working like a dog every day to get my site going but I didn’t quit my day job!

  138. Excellent list! Some of them are just so true and I’ve experienced them all myself. Procrastination would be my biggest one as I say I’m doing something one minute, and think of a new idea the next. Anyway, thanks a lot although this comment is 2 years later, the info is still very helpful and relevant.

  139. This is a very relevant article, you dont get all the gurus telling you about these. You have to conentrate on one thing at a time otherwise you could be destined to fail.

  140. I hate sitting on ideas too.. I wear many hats, that because i have go getter kind of attitude.. I believe in myself so much that if i have a idea that NO one can ever break my focus on it. I will WILL it to happen.. Kind of like the law of attraction. A good dvd on that is called The Secret, i recommend it to any and everyone…

  141. Hey There. I discovered your blog the use of msn. That is an extremely neatly written article. I?ll make sure to bookmark it and return to read extra of your helpful information. Thanks for the post. I?ll definitely return.

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  143. Thank you for the good writeup. It if truth be told used to be a entertainment account it. Look complex to more brought agreeable from you! By the way, how could we communicate?

  144. Shoemoney!@ they talk of you the first day of college, and now i’m so interested in making money online since as we know competition is fierce.

    I wanna read your blog all the time and learn from it then one day I hope to earn that picture of me and a cheque,

    I love this money makin on line stuff but to tell ya the truth i’m no good, i want to do passive income from adsense but i get the feeling you need a super site with alot of traffic going through it not just an article pasted onto a site. I get this from you, and your ringtone site nextpimp? anyhow any advice i would truly cherish, but thanks for showing us all, good day

  145. Holy cow .. I like this post, It’s cool when you can rant and educate at the same time,,, skillz.

    and by the way .. just above this comment as I write is a whiner asking .. why can’t I make any cash .. whinner LOL

  146. first off all thank’s for the post, on the first “sins” HOPE yes that’ s right always take action..again and again…

  147. Great post shoe! My favorite post in long while!
    You make your own success, no one is going to do for you. Just recently I sold 2 of my websites, and bought my dream car! ~ not the smartest use of my money.. but i’ll make more successful websites. =P I’ll see you on SC..

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  150. […] Seven Deadly Sins For People Trying to Make Money Online […]

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    […] or you just don’t think you have what it takes. Like Jeremy Schoemaker said in his last post Seven Deadly Sins.., all these are just excuses! If you really want it, then go get it! If you are looking to blog […]

  152. This is so damn good post, I have saved it into my bookmarks. I was hit expecially from the First Sin, but actually I do all of them. My favorite part of this, which really switched me on is ” AND I don’t mean to make a list of stuff TO DO. I mean start making progress.”
    Wow! Making too much preparation is a kind of procrastination.
    And you know what? As I sit there and simply put the things in action, it is not so hard at all… So there is no need for any procrastinaton.

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