Photoshop ninjary by BigDave.

After successfull predicting the subprime crisis and market crash along with obama being elected as president I have been getting droves of request for my 2009 predictions.  Here they are:

1) Google will find another decent revenue stream besides Google Adsense.  They have to.  They are running out of properties to stick Google Adsense and more people are wising up to the contextual deception.

2) The FTC will start to investigate some of these fake weight loss blogs and grant websites and make examples out of people.

3) “Professional” SEO’s will overtake lawyers and used car salesman in 2009 as most hated and joked about profession.

4) The market will market will bounce back to 11k+ by the end of 2009.

5) Facebook will get 2x more users then it currently has by the end of 2009.

6) Google’s Andriod operating system will be regarded as a flop and I will never even get to try it.

7) Yahoo will continue to suck at everything but flickr and delicious.  It doesn’t matter if Jesus Christ comes down to be their CEO.

8) Competition in the SEO/Affiliate conference space will continue to drive down prices making these conferences more affordable for those who could not before attend.

9) I predict a VERY litigious year for the affiliate marketing industry as a whole.  Affiliate companies are out of control turning a blind eye to what affiliates are doing.

10) My book will  finally come out after 2+ years in the making but nobody will buy it and I will be sad =(

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

130 thoughts on “2009 Shoestradamus predictions”
  1. LOL. Great post. I really enjoyed it,. Although I thought that there would be around 50 predictions in the post there when I read the heading because I believe you are a genius JEREMY (its flattery :D) ….
    I say the photo in the right about your highest check from adsense. I fainted when I enlarged the photo and read the details. Jeremy I never knew that one can earn that much from a blog.
    Short but still great post. I enjoyed the facebook one.


    1. That was back in the day though. It is likely that it isn’t going to happen so easily. It is getting more difficult to make money from Adsense.

      1. I agree, it’s definitely changed in a dramatic way. I’m sure people can still make big bucks from ad sense, but not shoemaker status.

  2. This is the best post in the history of… Really, I’m being serious this time!

    1. He is just kidding. I don’t believe that nobody will buy it. He will probably make another million from it!

      1. Haha Shoe is brilliant for sticking that in there, just to see if there would be interest. And we all know, sites like this have readers that put their money where their mouths are, that’s for sure!

    2. I wonder what Jeremy was thinking to say that nobody will buy his book, I support all prediction but not the last one. lol

    3. Shoemaker is a smart cat…well not literally. But he used a common tool from persuasive linguistics called embedded commands.

      “nobody will buy it…” Your subconscious mind always takes in things positive. So even though he said “nobody will”…, he still ended it with “buy it”

      Very clever shoemaker….but I’m on to you! jk 🙂 great predictions. Look forward to your book!

      AJ Kumar

      1. Hi you must be using the ancient trick of spelling my last name wrong to look dumb

    4. Do wish there were more off-line sources for reading, like printed books. Hate e-books that you print out on 50 pages and the “content” could actually fit on two pages.

  3. Damn…. nothing about a different search engine coming into play and knocking Google down a few notches off their throne – although that may get worked out with the facebook growth!

    Good list – especially the market bounce!

  4. Any predictions abut your blog Shoe? BTW what was the issue with the site?

  5. I would buy your book. I too agree that Google is looking for additional revenue streams … can we say .. TWITTER acquisition?????

    1. Twitter was co-founded by Biz Stone who works for Google, in case you weren’t aware. 🙂

  6. I think I’d squeeze into your list something about Apple continuing to eat Microsoft’s lunch in OS share; Apple’s tabletization of the computing industry; Firefox’s increasing webbrowser marketshare…
    Happy 2009!

  7. – Well, google has their “friendsense” that they most likely will put ads on.

    – I don’t agree with Android though, that will rock 2009.

    – Book? What Book?!

  8. Facebook will get 2x more users then it currently has by the end of 2009.

    I honestly thought this said ‘2 more users’ and I thought – ‘that’s cause pretty much everyone uses it already..haha

  9. Nice list of prognostications – but what about..

    Twitter? I have a hard time predicting what will happen with Twitter. Regardless of who owns it, I think the real question is who is going to change the game with how they use Twitter. Will we move beyond marketers with hundreds of followers who can’t actually follow anyone themselves as the most novel use of Twitter? What innovations are waiting in the wings?

    What about the rest of the economy? Feel like jumping in on the housing market, auto industry, jobs, green movement, etc?

    As an aside I chuckled at WP auto-substituting your #8 for a smiley. 8)

  10. Any predictions about how Google Chrome will do?

    Regarding your book:
    If it’s an eBook you’ll get your servers crashed, if you sell it on Amazon: Watch out Harry Potter! 😉

      1. I’ve been playing with Google Chrome and it does exactly what it has to, a bare browser. Firefox is becoming a bit of a resource hog with all the plugins I’ve installed, and Chrome is much faster. That seems to be the prime advantage to me at present.

  11. As a T-mobile employee and advocate of the Android OS I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that it will take off. 1.5 millions handsets in peoples hands with 4 more companies releasing handsets this year. Other than that. Great job on some very accurate predictions.

  12. I wonder if Google can even think about a diferent revenue stream? It seems they’re happy buying successful startups.

    If you thought your book would’nt sell you would’nt release it. 🙂

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  14. android will not be a flop!!

    can i add to the predictions??

    1. you will make shoe money playbook available for free
    2. google will have to sell video ads through youtube to make more money

    1. I hope it’s not free… that will mean it’s an ebook. And I’m looking forward to a physical book.

      Too many ebooks are being created these days. Almost makes them worthless.

      I predict real books on making money online are going to be a big deal.

      1. That is exactly what I was about to say, but I’d rather find it too boring to read books in real life!

    1. Just how many users has facebook got at present? Apparently the fastest growth in their subscriber base is in the over 25’s age bracket. Dunno if their numbers are gonna double though.

      1. Okay, Wikipedia says, they had 140 Million users in November.
        I thought they had 100 Million users when I wrote the comment… 😉

        1. Don’t sweat it brother, the exact numbers quoted vary from article to article that I read. Wikipedia is pretty much the most respected source, so we’ll look at a current baseline figure of approx 140 million users. Huge numbers, doubling that in one year will be friggin awesome, should be interesting monitoring that!

      2. Facebook is great when it comes to finding friends you haven’t seen in years.

  15. Bwahahhahahah – great post, and hilarious pic there – TOO funny Jeremy!! 🙂

  16. I predict that a bunch of people SAY they’ll by Shoe’s book, but don’t because they’re full of it. I for one will buy it 😛

    1. I’m full of it AND I’ll buy the book when it comes out.

      I’m actually really looking forward to it.

  17. I predict a lot of “professional” SEO’s are going to quit their jobs and become used car salesmans and lawyers, therefore debunking your prediction number 3.

  18. Your Android prediction is flat out wrong. If you followed tech, you would know Android is ALREADY a success and thats with ONE phone on ONE carrier. In 2009 you’ll see many more options and the jump will resemble iPhone 1.0 to iPhone 2.0… only it will be even bigger.

    1. Agreed, shoe, you couldn’t be any more wrong about Android. It is and will be the most successful phone OS to date in the next few years.

  19. 1 to 9, totally bogus.
    10. Correct.

    My prediction for 2009. Shoemoney will become a car salesman and sue his lawyer for bogus SEO.

  20. Or how about Google and Facebook joining to fully take over the internet now that they’ll have the monstrous Google, and the two biggest social networks youtube and facebook on their side. Maybe throw in Twitter and they’re golden.

  21. Agreed that GOOG had better find new revenue streams but wondering what can ever achieve the past growth of Adsense?

  22. Awesome picture.

    I thought Google was already dabbling in monetizing in Google image search?!?!

    And it’s pretty funny how the number 8 prediction has a smiley beside it because the 8 was read like an emoticon. But it fits perfectly that particular prediction. I don’t think it would have worked on any of the others. 🙂

  23. he he …I won’t comment upon your predictions but your Nostradamus attire and mustache is really funny… I couldn’t stop myself laughing when I saw it first in my reader.

  24. I wonder how many people would buy the book before it’s release if it were offered on twitter?

  25. The only one I am not sure about is the market bouncing back to 11,000 this year. Maybe by mid 2010…

  26. Have to agree on the Facebook prediction. Every day, my email has another invitation or two from a person I actually know. So, it’s definitely growing. Much better than MySpace also because I’ve yet to get a fake friend request on Facebook.

  27. I don’t think the 10th prediction is a real prediction…. maybe it is a superstition! 🙂

  28. 10 will bei obviously wrong and 3, too. Because only a few people know what SEO is …. the other predictions are all possible.

    I am not sure about number 1. Google AdSense is a good revenue stream, but not such a big profit stream. Or are you meaning Google AdWords in general? Nonetheless it is a good possibility that Google will find a good new revenue (and profit?) source.

    The most predictions don´t seem so risky to me. I am sure a few will be right …

  29. Great list Shoe. I think the economy will bounce back as well (right now people are holding onto their money out of fear) and more people will be searching for DIY programs more than ever before. DIY credit improvement to get in on low housing prices and DIY debt settlement to free up all the suffocating debt. DIY services will outdo pay for services.

  30. “4) The market will market will bounce back to 11k+ by the end of 2009.”
    Is it a typo or are you so confident…

  31. – The Ravens win the Super Bowl
    – I become the most talked abour blog
    – I move to WordPress
    – I sell my blog for millions of dollars

  32. “Yahoo will continue to suck at everything but flickr and delicious. It doesn’t matter if Jesus Christ comes down to be their CEO.”

    Actually you should check out what the Y! acquired Right Media is doing. The B to B part of what Y! does is where the money is and MS knows that which is why they want it. The next two years will be huge for that part of Yahoo.

  33. Your book will be overselled
    Regarding sensex yes it will move up for sure
    Regarding Google we cannot say about new options!

  34. Great post, if anyone knows the history of your predictions they should put some weight on these and try to prepare or take advantage of them.

  35. Lol all are possible except for facebook X2. No way does this happen i would predicted a dropoff of members.

  36. Whyare you so pessimistic about your book fate? This is your creature,your fruit, Protect it with the help of your positive thoughts.

  37. It seems as if almost everyone is already on facebook. 2x more huh….sheesh, that must mean the natives from the jungles of South America will be sending me a friend request soon.

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  39. Great List!!!
    And regarding the book ,I’ll definitely be buying it Jeremy.

  40. Considering all the seo blogs I have read searching for something useful on seo your third prediction can’t be wrong

    I am waiting for that book.

  41. I would hope with mortgage bankers, Wall Street rip-offs, and the automakers the FTC would have more to worry about than fake weight loss blogs and grant websites.

  42. Love the pic! So cute. I agree that FaceBook will see 2x more users, all media outlets, entertainment sites and business use Facebook more than any other social site. Of course I would buy a book! Authographed, please! 🙂

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  44. First off the “Shoestradamus” picture is awesome. Second is prediction number Two, I agree that there should be something done about all the fake ads out there on the internet. I think that these adds have to prove that they are legitimate businesses, and actually provide the service that they advertise for.
    Then there is prediction number 7 about Yahoo sucking… I hope not because I run my business through Yahoo Small Business, and if they suck then my business will suck and that IS BAD.

    Mr. School Fundraising Ideas

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  46. I agree about Yahoo, I love Flickr, but everything else isn’t as strong.

    I predict people that can build CMS’s will be in the highest demand as more business’s go online.

  47. re:
    Point 1 – no doubt google will expand; will be interesting to see how though as they can do ‘link sales’ possible expand into adds in games / programs akin to their earlier trials with advertisements in flash.

    Point 2- again this is inevitable; as the legal framework to prosecute for false advertising is there; couple this with the crunch desperate people will cause action to be take.

    Point7 – No I dont think that the android would flop; it already looks to surpass the current Mobile OS’s and throw in the opensource program compatibility it will be a hit.

    Point 8 – ofc! lawyers cant let affiliate markets become the most hated!

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  49. Nice predictions..I do follow your blog. It’s nice and informative. I am trying to make money by blogging, but not even touched $5K mark during my 2 years of blogging. Any advice?

  50. I agree about Facebook. Some people are saying that they will get less visitors, but I honestly think they will get loads more.

  51. I agree about Facebook’s visitor number growing, as well as Google. I wonder what Google will come up with next…

    And why such low expectations for your book?

  52. The market will bounce back to 11k? Wow, that is quite a bold prediction. I personally don’t see it happening because as certain countries around the world who are in milder recessions come out of them prices will go up, but we will still be facing a recession. Add in the inflation from the massive overprinting of money that these bailouts and stimulus plans are going to call for and we will have very high prices and still a recession. I don’t see room for investor or consumer confidence in that situation and really don’t see the Dow Jones index going back to 11k. I really hope you are right, but I doubt it.

    1. “The market will bounce back to 11k? ” I disagree. I think we have a long time before it starts to correct.. But what do I know.

  53. The Picture is pimp Shoe.
    I hope one of your predictions will become false, #7. I want it to become false because I run my business through Yahoo Small Business, and if they suck that would in turn mean my business would suck.

  54. “Yahoo will continue to suck at everything but flickr and delicious. It doesn’t matter if Jesus Christ comes down to be their CEO.”
    I just signed up for Yahoo marketing to try it out. It absolutely sucks compared to to Google. Although, I was able to get a $50 sign-up bonus which is pretty sweet. $50 in free advertising I did have to e-mail them 5 time to get. I’m thinking about playing around with myspace next. anybody know of any sign-up incentives for myspace?

  55. very insightful, and I agree with many of your predictions…however I’m sure you’ll sell a plethora of copies of that book of yours, if it’s half as good as your blog you can put me down for one 😉

  56. Very good redictions. I think this year will be very interesting – many will change in the world and I hope this will not harm Internet.

    Please do not be so sad 🙂

    I will buy your book and I wll suggest to do the same too all my friends (I have many). So you will be successful 🙂

    My best wishes to you and to all your projects!

  57. Yeah right. Time is ticking and ticking pretty fast. Let’s see how right or wrong you are, Jeremy. It’s just a matter of time, 🙂

  58. I agree about the Facebook prediction, it is just getting bigger and bigger, I wonder how the servers will handle it

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