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I am often referred to as a “Super Affiliate” and its always kind of made me feel weird. As I have said many times on this blog I never have considered myself a “super affiliate”.

In September I took a twitter poll on “what is a super affiliate?” and got some interesting responses. But not many responses from leaders in the industry. So I wrote to them and asked them what was their definition of a Super Affiliate:

NickyCakes, Reformed Blackhat – “Super Affiliate is a stupid buzzword used in the affiliate marketing blogging community by bloggers who want to make you think they make more money or are somehow better than you. When I had my first $1000 week at one of the very well known affiliate networks, they said I was now a “Super Affiliate,” which showed me that it means absolutely nothing. Anyone using the term “Super Affiliate” in a non-joking manner, especially when referring to themselves, has no credibility, and is an idiot.

Zac Johnson, Professional Super Affiliate – “As for a term “Super Affiliate”. I personally consider “super affiliate” status to be anyone making six figures a month consistently.”

Kris Jones, President/CEO Pepperjam Network -“A Super Affiliate is anyone who makes enough money as an affiliate to quit their day job and become a career sustaining affiliate marketer.”

Paul Bourque, Uber Affiliate – “Coining the term “super affiliate” in my mind is very dependent on the person defining the term. Someone making $1,000/day might say a super affiliate is someone who makes $10,000/day. To others, a super affiliate may be a person who makes $500/day. If I had to give “super affiliate” a definition, it would be this : a super affiliate is someone who is able to generate enough net profit to sustain their lifestyle without having to work any other job, over the long-term. To me that’s what makes super affiliates better than an affiliate just promoting things for a hobby or some extra cash. The super affiliates are the ones that make a career out of it and can live off the profits. UBER affiliates on the other hand, well that’s a whole different story ;)…”

Neil Patel, CEO, ACS SEO – “A super affiliate is someone who can make 5 plus figures a month in profit through affiliate marketing.”

Michael Jenkis, Founder/CEO Marketleverage – “Industry wide a super affiliate is defined as a person or company capable of generating a substantial amount of CPA conversions via legitimate means. At MarketLeverage we apply the word “Super” to affiliates who create traffic the right way regardless of their current volume capabilities. We believe that these are the affiliates who will show the most sustained growth in revenues over the next few years.”

Joel Comm – Author/Entrepreneur – “A super affiliate is a partner who drives large number of sales with one promotion. Whether through a large blog readership or sizable email list, they are the 1% of all affiliates who drive 99% of the sales volume in many case.”

John Chow, Professor of Evil – “A Super Affiliate is an affiliate that is super. 😀 OK, I guess the term Super Affiliate means someone is making a lot of money with affiliate marketing. The exact amount of money to be classed as super has yet to be determined. But I would say $100,000 or more per month would do nicely.”

Steven S. Richter, President Media Breakaway – “A Super Affiliate consistently generates $10,000 or more per month in net revenue for themselves. Super Affiliates are successful due to their ability to be creative and self disciplined.”

Alex  Zhardanovsky,  Co-Founder AzoogleAds – “A super affiliate is not measured by the amount of revenue they generate or the number of impressions their sites generate, rather it is someone that is very in tune with the ever changing landscape of affiliate marketing; someone that works closely with their partners and is either first to react to new opportunities or is able to capitalize on new and emerging trends quickly. All of these things, will ineviatbly enable the affiliate to generate more revenue than others and be deemed what many call a “super” affiliate.”

Pretty diversified answers eh? Even so I would have to agree with all of them.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

96 thoughts on “What Is A Super Affiliate? Again”
  1. Its definitely a label that gets tossed around and seems to have a lose meaning. I would say if you are in the top 1% of affiliate marketers that can actually quit their day job then you are a super affiliate (because you know something others do not).

    What I really want to know is, when can you call yourself a “super duper affiliate?”

    1. I honestly think that if you have great content, and even moderate skills at driving traffic to your site, anyone can become a super affiliate it jsut takes time!!

      Look at this blog, or john chows blog – they have been up and running for years – this is definitely not an overnight success kinda thing

    2. Is it really that you know something that others do not or don’t stoop to the tactics of others? Sure some affiliate offers pay well, but who really cares about acai berries or omaha steaks?

      At one point the digital divide will be gone and the snake oil won’t sell.

    3. The definition of the super duper affiliate is one that could be quite fun! Success should perhaps be measured in accomplishments like growth, etc, etc rather than in dollar ranges.

    4. I agree that the words “super affiliate” seem to get thrown around loosely. There are boards I’ve been on where some people seem to call anyone making money online a “super affiliate”.

  2. Like the old saying goes..sort of.. “there are liars damn liars and.. super affiliates”?
    Maybe? 🙂
    Im just having fun playing around with fluff and nonesense.. which obviously means I am NOT a ‘Super Affiliate’ I spose 🙂 LOL!

  3. Since we’re reposting…

    @jcoronella (John Coronella) says: Affs who make enough to have ‘Fuck You Money’. So far I only have ‘No Thank You’ money, but I’ll keep trying.

    1. Jeremy, by the way I won the comment contest but never got an e-mail for the shoemoney t-shirt… how can i get that? 🙂

  4. I think a super affiliate is one who make a day job income from affiliates.. Hmm, around 50-100k per month…

    Nice variants there. 😀

    1. that what ris Jones, President/CEO Pepperjam Network said. Well, if this is the case then I’m a super affiliate b/c I live in the Congo

  5. I think a super affiliate is certain a relative term depending on market, revenue, etc. I’ve enjoyed seeing all the responses from the powers that be though.

  6. Interesting spectrum of interpretations. Whether the term should be taken very seriously, or with tongue in cheek, I don’t think I’d be complaining if someone used the label for me some day.

  7. Like I said the first time, a superman-ish logo can help make you a super affiliate 😛

    1. The lights just went on! I know exactly what logo tou’re referring to! I do think the big cheque would serve as an entry into that exclusive order though!

  8. Glad you were able to rescue this post as it was very interesting to read what everyone had to say about the term

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  10. By some of the definitions, I am a super affiliate. I certainly don’t feel I am. I got laid off from my day job just before Thanksgiving. I’m struggling whether to keep looking for a new day job or try to make affiliate marketing my only income source.

    1. That woudl be quite a story to write! “How I Became a Super Affiliate by Being Lazy” lol 🙂

      1. That is exactly what people want to hear about! Maximum return for minimum effort is the nature of the human beast, after all….

  11. Agree in some way with three of them: NickyCakes, Paul Bourque and the Professor of Evil – John Chow.

  12. Jeremy – AuctionAds would be a superaffiliate but is not super at present as having logged into my account I was shocked to see that the campaigns, payments and email info all belong to soemone else on a different continent! Has anyone else noticed this??

    1. I didn’t even realize people were still using it. I liked it better when Shoe was still in control.

  13. As a general rule of thumb in most businesses , it’s said that “20% of individuals generate 80% of the business.” It’s amazingly true in many many fields.

    I figure a superaffiliate is someone who fits into that upper 20% (Maybe it’s 10% in AM).

  14. Super affiliates are the slim few (1% of all active affiliates?) who represent 90% of all affiliate revenue across all affiliate networks. None of them have a blog professing their “super affiliate” status. They don’t share their secrets and don’t need a blog to feel important. Only the top AM’s know who the real super affiliate are.

    1. Why do you say that?? Do you know something that he doesn’t want us all to know??

  15. Like I said before…

    Paul has the right idea with his thought about what a super affiliate is. Now some people were saying making $10,000 profit a month wasn’t a super affiliate…Some were saying $100,000 was too…

    Truthfully it’s all personal opinions. If your making 10 grand a month and you got a wife and five kids to take care of…Then your super affiliate status is smashed. Now is your a bachelor making 10,000 a month, I think your a super affiliate.

    It’s how you manage your lifestyle…If you want to be eating at wendys, that might be the super affiliate making 5-10 grand a month…If you want to be dining out at a five star, 50,000-100,000 a month would be you…

  16. Jeremy, You know what, I’m sick of this shit, you super affiliate shit. Instead of “What’s a super affiliate” Why not “How to become a super affiliate”. Was this guy born into a lot of cash or what? If he started from zero on food stamps, I’d be impressed.


    1. I don’t see anything wrong with Shoe’s post. It’s a honest question.

  17. I like Zac Johnson and Kris Jones answers best. Seems to me Super would be those who can 1). sustain themselves online without additional income, 2). get preferential treatment from affiliate programs (and be recruited by others), 3). and make a set amount of dollars monthly.

    That is why I like Zac Johnson’s answer, it an unequivocal “six-figures.”

    1. I agree – I think 6 figures is an above average salary – and if you’re making that off being an affiliate – then that’s pretty super!!

  18. I just wanted to say that NickCakes is my new favourite “make money online” blog. Great stuff!

  19. I think A Super Affiliate is a pretty some of money/it is pretty for everyone in different ways/ + some mental stuff just for self -development.

  20. I always figured that a super-affiliate was someone that resold affiliate products? I.E. AuctionAds? Just a thought…

  21. A super affiliate is just the same as how we call people dot com moguls.


  22. I like NickyCakes’ answer. Very blunt & to the point. I agree with him. Then again, I’ve never been one for labels, especially when they get thrown around like marbles.

  23. i am agree to NickyCake’s answer. If you are super affililate whatsoever, there is no need for doing affiliate thing anymore, you’re rich !!!

  24. Truthfully I have never really heard of a Super affliate until now, I know I’m a newbie, but from what I read I came to the conclusion that it is someone that can support their lifestyle from just blogging.
    Mr. School Fundraising Ideas

  25. Большое спасибо за то что просветили, выводы сответственные сделаем. 😉

  26. At the moment of being I would rather agree with John Chow and share his oppinion that Super Affiliate means $100.000 or more per a month.

  27. I agree with John Chow opinion that Super Affiliate means $100.000 or more per a month.

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  29. Interesting post, and replies.

    Between these definitions and the ones posted on 09/16/08 there seems to be a general consensus that a “super affiliate” is one that can afford to do affiliate marketing for a living.

    To me, as an affiliate program manager, super affiliates are, first and foremost, characterized by a high level of professional and psychological maturity (they are both able, and confident) which enables them to be (and do) all of the things mentioned in the definitions.

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  35. “Мебельный” and “Dr” = Russian spammer(s).

    Jeremy, their comments are nothing but spam for the sake of backlinks.

  36. the super affiliate is someone who makes over $10,000 / month,
    and the hyper affiliate is the one who makes $100,000 / month or more…

  37. the super affiliate is someone who makes over $10,000 / month..
    hyper affiliate is the one who makes over $100,000 / month….LOL

  38. I think that A Super Affiliate is a partner who drives a nunber of sales and all the rest.

  39. great definitions but for me, a super affiliate is one who is able to dominate any promotion i.e takes the lead in any promotion and really making a killing with it.

  40. I could only dream about super affiliate for now. Imagine of the effort, time and idea needed to reach this goal.

  41. Super affiliate is usually defined by the companies as their top 0.01% affiliates whom they have time to talk to and they generate enough money to be worth talking to.

  42. From my understanding and what I’ve read a super affiliate is someone that can support themselves by just blogging. Some day I plan on doing the same thing, but probably have a part time job as well.

  43. A super affiliate is a person who doesn’t tells everyone that he is a super affiliate.

  44. действительно, довольно интересно…

  45. Wow, NickyCakes, that’s pretty harsh, but yes you are right – some folks just make too much noise about their super affiliate status. But hey – if you got it, why not flaunt it? 🙂

  46. A super affiliate is like the employee that gets the largest promotion for bringing in large amounts of money for his employer’s business.

  47. This post is great. most people agree that super affiliate means “someone is making a lot of money with affiliate marketing”
    anyway can i have permission to copy this post to my blog Jerem . LOL

  48. I don’t but affiliates never seem to work for me. I prefer PPC ads.

  49. To have a Good Concept is da first thing that will u push up into the G**gle Index fpr good affiliate results !!!

  50. Nearly every “super affiliate” over the past 5+ years we have come across at W3i (, formerly could be qualified by saying someone who is willing to pay for advertising to drive traffic.
    Affiliate marketing didn’t use to be this way.

    From 1995 to about 2000, it seemed all a guy or gal had to do was put up a simple website, find out the email address for a Yahoo directory editor, and boom, you had an instant “super affiliate” for virtually an type of offer. Man, do I miss the gold ole days.

  51. I never try affiliate program, but I knew you can make some money or more what you’re thought ….

  52. I don’t think there’s any such thing as a super affiliate simply because everyone does things differently and one will always have more success than the next, so superiority cannot be accurately measured.

    An affiliate is an affiliate and if you can manage to enjoy any sort of success then this is super but not a super affiliate.

  53. A lot’s of definitions of super affiliate. Good list make super affiliate and able to make 6 figure income.

  54. I am writing an article on defining different marketing terms. And your definition is a good addition. Thanks.

  55. Thanks for sharing your pool results. I think we need to ask definition from big big affiliate marketer to know what they think about being a super affiliate marketer. 🙂

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