This post takes me a long time to go together but I know a lot of people enjoy the recap.


Started off with a BANG. We were chosen Best Affiliate Marketing Blog, Best Contextual Advertising Blog and Best Conference Photo Coverage by the Search Engine Journal awards.

Google decided they were going to slap foreign web masters in the face by terminating the referral programs.

I made a post about why I do not like 95% of the SEO of “SEO EXPERTS”.

I talked about the importance of getting out of your comfort zone.

On January 21, I predicted a stock market crash and explained why I did not have much money in the stock market.

Michael Arrington of Techcrunch sent me press credentials for the Techcrunch awards and I got to roll with some pretty big names like Kevin Rose (digg founder) and Mark Zuckerberg (facebook founder):

Rocketprofit sent me a badass Video Camera that I use a TON!

Danny Sullivan came on the radio show to talk about my recent comments about SEO People.

Rebecca Kelley wrote a great post about how SEO is like Guitar Hero.

Undermat company sent me some undermats that were super pimp!


I wrote about how to approach people for interviews.

I made a post with a video showing all the free stuff we get from companies.

My post about Customer Support Does Not Matter In Online Commerce sparked a lot of debate.

I officially endorsed Barack Obama.

While driving cross country I answered some questions from readers.

Poetic Prophet performed a pretty cool SEO/SEM rap.

I talked about the power of negative press and why you should embrace it.

And I also explained what lead scrubbing was and how it worked.


At the end of February, I traveled to SMX and at the beginning of March, I posted a video with Randy from SEOMOZ about blog monetization.

I listed out the top ten extensions I think are a MUST HAVE for Firefox.

Who could forget this? I also had a little screw-up when I accidentally ordered oh, let’s say, an extra 30 iPods!


The first Shoeperstar, Aaron Kronis, headed to the SXSW conference with me and had a blast.

I also wrote a five part series about how to evaluate an Internet property. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.)


Started off April Fool’s Day with a little video. πŸ™‚

The Elite Retreat 2008 was kick ass and I gave a nice wrap up about the event.

I also explored different ways to make money with the YouTube Partner Program.

Then I wrapped up the month by answering a bunch of questions. Round 5 baby!


I really got some people talking when I said that I believed SEO has no future and that it would eventually die. I took the conversation a step further by emailing some industry people for their definition of SEO and here’s what they had to say!

I also gave some advice on how to keep commenters and their comments in perspective followed by a sixth round of questions.

In May, my wife J and I celebrated our fourth anniversary.

I also decided to vent a little and list the 10 Reasons Why You’re An Idiot.

And to kick the summer off, I also pimped out the ShoeMoney pool. πŸ™‚



My wife was about to have our second child so I was unable to attend the SMX Advanced conference. Instead, I recorded a video about buying sites for SEO purposes for all the attendees. I also shared it here with you.

From fear to motivation, I also gave my theory on why most people fail in business.

In June, I also looked at Google Trends compared to Alexa, Quantcast and and people had a lot to say.

Joe Daley’s start-up,, made for some interesting photos.


It’s a girl! I had my second child, on July 3, actually ten minutes before the fourth of July!  We named her Joslyn, and let’s just say – this was one of the craziest (and scariest) week’s of my entire life.

Here is my older daughter, Juliet, listening to baby Joslyn’s heart beat:


Know the Internet marketer’s drug of choice? If you don’t remember, caffeine barely beat out

John Chow also invaded the “Shoeplex!” – in other words, my office.

The .me domain registration got off to a crappy start (and almost 200 people had something to say).

I also gave a preview to the ShoeMoney Tools (which now has a ton of users and still growing!).

And at the end of July, the blog hit the 60,000 comment mark!


The Board of Advisers for ShoeMoney Tools was announced. Pretty sweet list of people.

I revealed that I am a recovering addict of MMORPG games. πŸ˜›

Tons of people signed up for the ShoeMoney Newsletter. (If you haven’t done it by now, you can still sign up here.)

Jammed out at the CPA Empire Breakaway event. A little after hours fun.


At the SES San Jose Conference, I learned how to tip a maid. haha

Germany’s greatest SEO definitely threw down some rhymes. Beatbox anyone?

Logo Samurai transformed John Chow and I into animation domination.

And Harrison Gevirtz gave some great insight on how to optimize PPC campaigns.


Traveled to Denver, Colorado where Media Breakaway let us take a look behind the scenes of their company.

I wrote a post about how to get advertisers or sponsors for your website followed by a post on how to get users to your site.

Who could forget the quick approaching election and Joel Comm’s launch of the Sarah Palin action figure? Hi-ya!


I also gave some advice on what sticking your “pecker” out there really means and explained why I don’t respond to every email.

Shel Israel interviewed me!

I shared with you what I consider a successful blog.

I even explored whether or not affiliate companies could/should demand your Google AdWords account info.

Harrison made a follow up guest post about running an ad network.

Gave some travel info as to how I roll in Sin City and why I love the Stratosphere.

I also explained my SCREW GOOGLE! mentality.


It was scary times for the economy and I talked about my investment strategies and take on the whole bailout.

TechCrunch revealed that Google’s image search may include sponsored links.

I made a post on how to hold your own blog contest and answered the question we may all ask at one point – Is college worth it?

Nate Moller from conducted one of the best interviews ever.

And I asked the question, “Have you ever lost it all?”

Traveled to Orlando, Florida for a “Behind the Scenes” tour of the affiliate network Market Leverage and gave some tips on how to get 80% off your own travel.

Interviewed Ads4dough owner, Jason Akatiff about blackhat SEO and affiliate network and his perspective from both sides of the industry.


In 2008, I not only started using Twitter, but at the end of four months – I had seen the Twitter light. (Actually, I think 2009 will be the year for Twitter and we’ll see alot more users joining.)


Originally part of the ShoeMoney Newsletter, I re-posted this article on how to make money online with local affiliate marketing programs. It’s truly the new gold rush.

Google tells Yahoo! to stick it.

Joost de Valk did a great guest post on 7 steps to get more comments.

I followed that up with a post on how to incentivize users to get content.

My wife and I traveled to Vegas to see Madonna and had tickets for the wrong night. Whoops. Did a little social engineering to fix the situation. πŸ™‚

My Website Magazine article, “Beyond AdSense”, hit the shelves.

I announced the Elite Retreat 2009 line up and we were already 75% sold out on the first day.

I gave a recap of the ShoeMoney Tools and the tools we continue to add.

Traveled to my hometown of Moline, Illinois, and saw the festival of trees with the fam.



I started off my holiday shopping with a $500 shopping spree at Kmart.

Then I posted video proof that the recession does not affect online marketers. haha

Used a story about undercooked shrimp to demonstrate the importance of quality.

Affiliate Summit West let me give out 20 FREE passes to the conference this January.

After a few months at it, I also reviewed the MySpace MyAds advertising platform.

I’ve done alot of things, but now I can add auctioning myself on eBay to that list. It was a great way to earn over $10,000 for the Affiliate Marketers Give Back charity!


In the spirit of giving, I also made a post on how to get others to donate to you through Amazon Wish Lists.

Intel gave me an amazing gift of an Core i7 processor and system. And now I’m giving one away, too! What better way to start 2009?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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        And thanks for the interesting post – I enjoyed reading this on my RSS reader, as it seemed as though your site was down for a few hours – now with the pics, it is complete lol

  1. […] 2008 Year In Review 31 December 2008 1 views No Comment This post takes me a long time to go together but I know a lot of people enjoy the recap. January: Started off with a BANG. We were chosen Best Affiliate Marketing Blog, Best Contextual Advertising Blog and Best Conference Photo Coverage by the Search Engine Journal awards. Google decided they were going to slap foreign web masters in the face by terminating the referral programs. I made a post about why I do not like 95% of the SEO of Ò€œSEO EXPERTSÒ€. I talked about the importance of gettin Here is the original post: 2008 Year In Review […]

  2. It’s 14 minutes to 2009 here and I just clicked on a ton of links… looks like the year will be off to a good and educational start for me!
    But first the whole new year’s thing and kissing the ladyfriend a lot, then Shoemoney. Sorry J! πŸ˜›

  3. It’s been an excellent year for internet startup’s and geeks, lets just hope that 2009 brings the same.

    Happy New Years to you and yours Shoemoney!

    1. Yea I was kinda surprised to see that the site was out of order for a few hours there myself

      1. Nah, I had the same problem. I just figured something happened with the servers.

  4. I have only been following shoemoney since the top affiliate challenge, so the the first half of the year was full of good suggestions. Lets me know of some good reading.

    1. I’ve only been on shoe’s site for about 3 months now, but I’ve learned a hell of a lot!! At the very least, its an entertaining read!!

  5. Happy New Year. Glad you had a great 08 in a year when many did not. Lets hope things get better for all in 09!

  6. The blog was definitely great in 2008, and I’m looking forward to 2009. Keep up the great posts!

  7. Shoemoney!!!!

    Happy new year! awesome accomplishments for 2008

    Wishing the best for an even better 2009!


    1. His wonderful creation helped me get in touch with friends I hadn’t seen/spoken to in over 10 years!

  8. lol, dude.

    CRAZY year. I wanna know more about that iPod Mess up.
    Anyway, good luck in 2009 maybe you’ll get a bigger pool then.

  9. Good luck for 2009, ehhh like you need it? Give me some luck…

    All I have to say is thanks for showing me that $130,000 check to give me an uplifted spirit.

  10. Congratulations Jeremy! thats a wonderful list! all your accomplishments are beyond admirable and I will be paying very close attention to some of the post you listed in your review…many thanks!

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  12. Yo Shoe,

    I’m heading to Moline this Sunday for business. Got any recommendations for food and fun?

    Thanks, KK

  13. oh boy! you’re blog has come along way now and I can say 2008 is maybe the best year for why not give all your readers a shirt to kick things off for 2009? πŸ˜‰

    1. shoe have much and i think he make a post about this stuff he have ” he asked us to tell him what he do with it ? ” sure all here answer ” send it to me ” :p

  14. all i want to know is what your predictions are for the market this year, and for our hometown blackhawks, sox and cubs shoe?!!!

  15. Awesome recap. I was an everyday visitor last year but this past 6 months I’ve closed my bookshop and found a new job so have trolled the net like in the past. Coll to get up to date on what I missed here.

      1. Oh yes please! That is exactly what I want to hear. Winning a MacBook Air will be something else!

      1. That sure is a pretty safe prophecy….heheheheh…..taking a guestimate at the actual numbers could prove to be a bit more taxing……

  16. I just popped out about 7 stories that I must have completely missed – and that seem interesting. I’m also headed to ASW09 in a week and I’m interested in reading the Sin City post. Good post. Are you doing a 2009 goals post?

  17. Wow, you’ve had an amazing 08′. Hats off to you my friend. One of my passions is learning how people become successful. It’s a pretty cliche’ passion, but I go the extra mile. I’ve persistently study human communication, PERSUASION, hypnosis, MINDSET, and how the people make decisions. Like many of your readers I have a blog where I teach in an easy to digest way.

    If you can sum up in 1 sentence or to make it more challenging, 1 word, how were you able to get where your at today?

  18. Why are the last posts on all your threads always weird? Are those some kind of SEO thing for Google?

  19. Do you wish you could sell your blog for 15 million dollars like Johns Wu did for his?

  20. Hey Jeremy,
    first of all you just gave me an idea to sum up all the top posts and make a post about them with some other big news related. So thanks for that firstly.
    Secondly, I really liked that you auctioned that for charity which shows how generous and kind you are. I really like people like you who are there for the needy.
    Great to see that you got so many bests in the starting of the year.
    Lastly, I want to wish you a very happy new year. I hope you get back something for what you are giving us.


  21. Let me congratulate you on all your successes and professional achievements! Please, feel motivated and inspire all us for future communication.

  22. It looks like you’ve had a full year in 2008. Wish you all good luck and many more achievements in 2009!

  23. Glad to see you are back online, you’ve accomplished a great deal in 2008, I’m looking forward to see what 2009 will hold for you πŸ™‚

  24. Lol shoe I really love your swimming pool. I wonder how much you spent to pimp your pool? Would be glad to have that one day as well..

  25. lol…… this must be my favorite post ever! I followed your links, bookmarked several. I invested one full hour and I must say Thank you! I missed my morning walk, (not too bad, I will walk indoors) What a wonderful recap. yes..Madonna Rocks! πŸ™‚

    1. Lots of people think so too, Laura. I for one think so too. It’s like the best of the best, but seriously, isn’t that what this post is? πŸ™‚

  26. That’s a busy year!

    Is Mark Zuckerburg really as small as the pics make him appear?

    Great pics of your kids.

    1. I’ve heard that Mark is somewhat tall, but I’ve never met him in person, so…

  27. Nice list Shoe! This must have taken forever to put together… Thanks for an awesome 2008. See you at ASW.

  28. Well it looks like 2008 was good for you, and good luck in 2009. All I know is that 2009 will be a good year for me, well especially May 9th which is my college graduation.

    Happy New Year

    Mr. Fundraiseing Ideas

  29. I was deeply impressed by your swimming-pool. How nice it is! Great achievement for your family.

  30. The annual post mortem very well executed, I must say! I first discovered your blog around March 2008, and it has been a really interesting and educational journey. Keep it up, I am looking forward to tons more in 2009, may it be a great one for all of us!

  31. Great post!

    I’d forgotten that you met Mark Zuckerberg & Kevin Rose. Must’ve been quite the experience.

  32. Great overview of 2008 , Wow ,I can me believe that the year went by so fast. I can vividly remember reading 2007 year in review!

  33. Dood. That was the longest post ever. For those of us that have been reading your typos, er I mean posts all year, it’s been instructive and fabulous. We really do sort of live vicariously through you. The personal anecdotes and photos you use draw us in, and the stuff we learn keeps us coming back. Keep it up in ’09!

  34. I like the New Year Tree decorated with soft toys! At the dentist’s on the eve of the holidays I saw a tree decorated with upper and lower jaws and different kinds of teeth.

  35. […] 1] Google will buy the International Space Station and plaster it with a combination of AdSense and “hostile environment” bumper stickers. The Hubble telescope will be purchased, turned about, and permanently focused on ShoeMoney’s swimming pool. […]

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  37. Your pool is nice, but your yard appears to be small, is that fair for your kids? They have nowhere to play…JK….your place looks great and congrats with all your success….I just recently found your website online and have fallen in love with it! All the best this new year!!

  38. Blogistan Panoptikum KW01 2009…

    Der letzte Rückblick des Jahres 2008 stand ganz im Zeichen 51 vorangegangener Sonntag respektive Wochen, die erste Blogistan-Panoptikum Ausgabe des neuen Jahres riskiert einen Seitenblick auf einige andere lesenswerte Rückblicke. Man muss ja …

  39. It Looks like you had a great year, good luck in this year. Oh and by the way what happened to all of those iPods and notebooks?

  40. Your kids are really very cute. Year 2008 was awesome for you even though the world was hit by terrible recession.

  41. i will do my best to do something like you in 2009 as I’m starter and hope i can so i decide to join good blogs and start to understand how big bloggers think , maybe i learn something.

  42. hey, looks like your prediction came true: “I think 2009 will be the year for Twitter and we’ll see alot more users joining.)”

    what else you got for ’09? πŸ™‚

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