In the last couple days I have received numerous messages on social networks, twitter, and emails about my photo being used in a advertisement for the Google Money Tree system.

The ads appear to be placed by the Hydra Nework or one of their affiliates.

Somebody did a rather large ad buy as the screenshots we have been getting are on some pretty big properties like,,  and some Newscorp properties like and

Here was the ad on

and from fox:

We also have screen shots from many other people who saw them and sent them. Please if you see this ad take a screen shot and email it to me (jeremy@) along with the links it goes to.

Thank you so much to those out there that have helped so far.

Special thanks to @JtChandler and Hannes Johnson

This Google Money Tree system appears to be one of the biggest scams on the internet and I can’t tell you how pissed off it makes me that someone is severely tarnishing my brand by associating my picture with this scam.

We sent paperwork on Monday to about every address and email associated with this (including Hydra Affiliate Network) to immediately cease and desist.

I want to be very clear we are not associated with this trash.

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I want to be VERY CLEAR we are not associated with these people in anyway. Please do not be confused. We are currently taking legal action against the person illegally using my photo.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

333 thoughts on “Google Money Tree Scam & Hydra Affiliate Network”
      1. Glad to see in the other post to you will be filing suit. Affiliate networks always end up hurting themselves right after they pop up and get a name. I would say for the good of Hyrda’s company they would just give it up and cut their losses in both money and reputation. Being involved and reading up on many cases this usually means they have some sort of involvement in which by giving the person up they give themselves up.

  1. Desperados, that’s what they are. Those idiots are giving honest internet marketers a very bad name. 🙁

  2. Jeremy
    How does this kind of stuff still happen like this? Have people not realized that this not only tarnishes your brand, but all of our brands and the industries reputation. This is one of the reasons Google and now Facebook and others are starting to tighten their inventory to make sure that the user experience is about quality in relationship to their reputation.

    Sorry to hear about this and very happy to see self policing going on and catching this. The social web makes this possible and swift!

    1. I really think he should – what better way to show a scammer whats up than to take them to court

      1. For sure – its one thing to steal the intellectual property of Joe Nobody, but when you’re dealing with the big fish, you can’t just hope it won’t go unnoticed!!

    2. And he’d probably have a case considering the fact that they’re using his picture to commit fraud.

      1. Exactly – despite that fact that they are as anonymous as possible, there will still be pentalties for taking a good persons name and associating it with such BS as the google money tree

    3. The Shoe must Sue! It even rhymes! If these guys got enough cash to spend on an ad buy of this kind of scale there must be room for compensation in here! Maybe it is just about time for somebdy to really take these morons on and make a good example. It should also lead to lots of links, that’s for sure!

  3. You know you’ve made something of yourself when your image is used to promote junk that you have no affiliation by scammers! I wish you the best of luck with handling these guys!

    Jon – Create Unique Memories

  4. It is amazing how easy it is to trash someone’s reputation and brand on the net. This is where the vaunted automated systems and “algorithms” fail.

  5. I did see that ad in the last couple of days but can’t remember where. I just thought you were branching out.

    I’ll see if I can backtrack my browsing history, but it is probably gone by now.

    You have a great image Jeremy, don’t let the bast&&ds get away with it.

    Rich Hill

  6. Those assholes…I swear I saw this the other day on MySpace, I know for a fact I saw this ad…what a bunch of losers. On their site in “shipping & other fees”

    “After seven days, if you choose not to cancel you will be billed your first monthly membership fee of seventy two dollars and twenty one cents for the membership fee for the membership.”

    Ridiculous how they hide that in their Terms and Conditions already pre-checked to “I Agree” …grr gotta hate the net at times for scams.

    1. Hello Kolby, I’m an idiot I guess and fell for that. that $72.21 converts to almost $100 in Canadian and have neglected to check my MC bill for 3 months. ‘Busy, you know, Catching up on bills today, those bastards have been charging me for 3 or 4 months and when I called UT 1-888 (google treasure chest) number about it, I got mad and the chick just hangs up on me. I called my CC company and yes, basically, I had to pay and had been scammed. (oh yeah and when I was getting mad, I had shared that I was expecting a baby and this is the last thing I need and she says “Shhh, your baby can hear this…”
      All I have to show for it is a CD Rom with VERY little writing on it and some bogus software! F__ what a tool. I wonder where I can warn people in general about them. Have you? Do you have a site? I don’t have a blog.

      1. Sorry to hear about your situation. I would say go to Facebook and market the word to as many people as you can know personally or professionally about the scam and how it doesn’t work. It is a virus floating around the Facebook circle.

        I’m sure that 888 number leads to someone’s personal home line, and they probably don’t have a legitimate business to run.

  7. Sorry to hear about this unfortunate situation. Have you heard back from anyone you sent paperwork to?

      1. @tonyrocks: Thanks for the comment, I’m not an English native
        speaker, that’s why I missed this extremely important comma!

        Merry Xmas!

  8. I have seen your pic floating around a lot, I also thought you were branching out, since I rarely click on ads I see. On a side note, has anyone seen the cheddablingblog ads all over pages?

  9. Shoe its one of those thangs! Cost to be the boss. Bad Press is good press. Bad love is better than no love.

    BTW….I still feel your pain…..You should have made the 100k a day thats being made on this ad. It is your genius pic!

    Take care~


  10. You should link back to that post where you were talking about what you do when you get in a legal dispute. I don’t remember everything it said, but I do remember something to the effect of: “when I do go for it, I go for the throat.” Good luck getting them man.

  11. Dude thats brutal!! I can’t believe someone actually thought they could get away with something like this – what a bunch of morons 🙁

  12. this is ridiculous – they definitely deserve a legal slap from shoemoney. this is not acceptable.

    1. a possible ban from the ad network is possible. nothing else i suppose. But i wish he was busted

  13. That is terrible how someone uses your picture making it seem like that it is them. People unaware of this will for surely fall for this scam…Id be pissed off extremely.

  14. Go Shoe! Get after them as much as possible. I know I saw this one the other day too but just ignored it like I do all other adverising.

  15. Lawsuit? Give me a break. Showing damages is more expensive than the recovery if it goes your way.

    Why drag Hydra into this? You know good and damn well they are just going to do it with another network.

    This goes with the territory Jeremy. Don’t like it? Don’t go public. Good luck fighting it, but you know and I know how these guys think & operate. They don’t give a f–k.

    1. There still has to be some way to get a hold of these people and what not.

      I know if it was a bigger company they would not be taking it lightly at all!!

    2. So you don’t think someone should do something when their picture is being used without their permission for a fraudulent act? Please sit down with that rubbish.

      1. Totally – you can’t just say “Oh its the internet no biggie” Thats not how the real world works!!

    3. Something like this you have to put the smack down fast and hard. Years ago, I was a sys admin at a school, one of the brighter students setup a system as a ftp server and was serving Star Wars Phantom Menace when it came out (maybe before). Lucas was all over that, came in one morning our dedicated line was down. Called our provider and they hard turned us off. Gave us a number to a lawyer in California, we got it resolved but shows how one has to protect their property. Give up and everyone will come running stealing everything. If you want to grow big, got be ready to fight to keep what is yours. To stay a small timer, don’t do anything. Besides no one will want anything you have anyway.

  16. Screw the legal system… just send over a few of your UFC buddies to beat some sense into them. 😉

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  18. I sent you a message on Twitter about 10 days ago with links to where your image was being used, but of course, you didn’t get them.

  19. It’s a double edged sword. On one hand it’s TERRIBLE that someone stole your pic & is using it to sell their JUNK. On the other hand, once it gets out to the public more people will come and see what YOU’RE REALLY ABOUT.

  20. Lawsuit will definitely cost a lot more than the loss. Man, i agree with someone above. Send some of your UFC guys to smack them.

  21. I know it’s annoying I’ve had to file cease & desist papers on my photography before … in my case it was against a local photographer wannabe and not a huge deal just more of a stupid annoyance. Now in your case, I would go a step beyond the cease & desist. We are talking about federal law now. 🙂 Plus the image displays your face and obviously they do not have access to a signed model release contract, which can also lead to additional lawsuits under state laws as well, depending on where you live. In a nutshell, you can take any profits they have made combined with your losses (you are in a position to come up with some losses) or you can choose to go with statutory damages of up to $100,000 for each instance of infringement. I’m not sure what would be classified as an instance in a case of internet banner advertising. I doubt you would be lucky enough to have each impression considered an instance. However, you could probably have each campaign considered an instance. For example if they used it with Hyrdra & Google .. that would be up to $200,000 .. plus if they have previous accounts of infringement it could easily escalate to payment + jail time. I would definitely be checking into how much money this company has scammed from people .. if they have a bankroll .. it could become your bankroll. 🙂

  22. Can’t say I’ve seen the ads for myself, but you getting the word out there should help. Some people need to get lives.

    On a somewhat different note, it’s ironic that this ad showed up on The Huffington Post since the news site was just accused of stealing content from other sites. There’s an article on about it:

  23. Why just a Cease and Desist Shoe?

    You could claim material damages from the reputation damage. Couldn’t you sue them and try to get some compensation?

  24. Jeremy please make sure to let all know how this unfolds with an update or what happens. This is very interesting to follow.

  25. omg, i’m so sorry to hear this. Someone need to shutdown that site to stop stealing and accusing people from their pic!

  26. Shoe, I can understand how you feel at the moment. I have to agree with many of your readers. Find them and sue them. Once you win, blog about it.

  27. That stinks that they’re using your pic. There are about 100 similar sites, including many with a pic of a couple on vacation standing in front of the Eiffel tower which someone is alleging was stolen.

  28. This totally sucks, f’in thieves, you should sue their ass and put them out of business.

  29. Sorry to hear that this has happened. Hope Hydra shuts them down quickly, and other networks follow suit.

  30. That surprises me that Hydra Network would not check into this one. I always thought they were above this kind of thing. Figures it would show up on the huffingtonpost site. Can’t trust the left wing media to save your life. I would sue their ass.

    1. To the person who said they couldn’t believe Hydra would run this – MANY of the major affiliate networks, including Hydra run incredibly scammy offers along with their more mainstream ones.

      When you look at traffic rankings you’ll often see some of the most horrible products with really high rankings – and often that’s because they’re traffic is driven by affiliates from the major affiliate networks and those networks other partnerships with owners of huge mailing lists, etc.

  31. In the end it means free publicity for you shoe – people will know you are not associated with that stuff.

    1. I don’t agree. I think lots of people who have heard of Shoemoney but aren’t that familiar with him will think he’s promoting that program. Others will wonder because they’ve heard he makes a lot more than $1700 a week. Anyone that has never heard of him before and then finds out about him later will already have a wrong preconception about him after seeing the ad.

      All around it’s a very bad thing and one which I’d have my attorneys all over if I was Jeremy.

  32. do I have a feeling that the guy intentionally grab your pic (knowing very well it is one of the most recognizable pic online) so that this sort of things happen (shoemoney blog about it) to grab free publicity?

  33. One thing you can say for sure is that their using YOUR proof shot 😀


  34. so tell me…..who are all the people in the pics with Google Checks then? Whats all that about? And how come you have one too?

  35. That sucks but you have to admit when someone uses your likeness, picture, to do a scam then you have made it into the big league.
    Good luck with this issue.
    Mr. School Fundraiseing Ideas

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  37. I’d like to hear how things are going with this? Did they quail in fear or are they giving you any guff?

  38. Jeremy,

    That’s really sux! Another identity theft case that damage you credibility to certain extent. But having clarification post such as this letting your readers know that you’re going legal for this is the best move, IMO.

    Good luck!

  39. That’s really shade, it’s a shame that some people are willing to steal to make a buck. Good luck with the fight!

  40. How bad! These cheapoes should be sued! Imagine that scam with your face on it… it’s the number one thing that keeps popping up in my spam box…I hope the lords of cybercrime do you justice!

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  43. […] increase their earning by follow google adsense program, was being used in a advertisement for the Google Money Tree system. It was not right for me, because don’t you realize that the program, […]

  44. They probably used your picture because it doesn’t really show your face just your eyes. However the good news is that you ca sue them and buy another scooter. lol

  45. i got scamed by google tree . i found an unauthorized charge of 72.21 on my bank account and so the bank and i called the company to try to get a refund for the charge and told me the couldn’t refund any money back to me . the lady told me that i had a seven days to cancel so i done this on jan 2 , 2009 and seven days would be on jan 9 , 2009 . also she told me my trial started on jan 2 , 2009 and jan 9 , 2009 was 8 days istead of 7 days .this company should be shut down and reported all over the place . people that they scamed should get together and make a case aganst them .

    1. I got scammed by Google Tree also. A $72.21 charge posted to my credit card account for something I never used or received. They said they sent an email with a password to look at some info and it gave instructions to call and cancel within 7 days if you didn’t want it. I never got an email from them. They said it probably went to a spam filter and that was my problem. I am disputing the charge with my credit card company. We’ll see how that goes.

    2. I totally agree my friend, I’m ready to do that, these ass wholes have to be stopped immedialy!!

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  47. […] on his social networks, twitter, and emails about his photo is being used in an advertisement of Google Money Tree system. It is quite surprising though, since Jeremy is not a member of this program and the picture […]

  48. […] You can see which photo that the scammer uses to promote his or her business called Google Money Tree system. From this stealing alone each of us knows instantly that the business is completely a trash […]

  49. Definitely a scam. Tried the free trial for a few dollars. While the cd was being mailed I saw quite a few negative opinions from people about googlemoneytree. Called them and cancelled. Was told ok, will cancel. Called back when I saw they didn’t cancel and charged me the full price. Would not refund my money. Told me that since I didn’t have the name of the person, too bad. The cust. ser. rep also said this, “We get fraud calls all day long. Do you think that every time we get a call to cancel, that we are going to do that just because someone wants to cancel”? My response? “You get fraud calls all day long”????? “What does that say about your business.”? After a lengthy debate with the rep for 5 minutes…he then comes up with needing a cancellation number. I was never given a cancellation number. If they were a good and reputable company, he would have cancelled my account and moved on rather than make up things as we debated to keep making me out to the one reponsible for the entire occurance. If I had told him the name of the person I talked to…if I had kept it…I can imagine he would have just said…oh we don’t have anyone that works here. Really bad service, and as of this writing I don’t have the product they charged me for, which will be another phone call…we’ll see what happens to that….I imagine I will be trying to solve this for some time to come.

  50. Well I didn’t do my due diligence and I just became victim of the scam. I just got charged the $70-something fee to my bank accounr and haven’t even received materials in the mail yet. WTF kind of trial is that? Do we have any recourse? With our bank? The BBB??

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  59. I have been getting charges over and over from Google tree, and several grant sites all of which have told me they do not see my name or the charges. I have previously spoken with people at these “businesses” who assured me I would not be billed and not be on their membership list etc.
    All of this resulted from my trying to apply for the $1000 gas card. These “businesses” were listed as sponsors, and I was required to get free info from them about their services.

    Trying to get this fixed is maddening. My bank account is in the red, and was nearly close because of this “HYDRA NETWORK” multi-headed scam monster.

    These guys are big time thieves but will serve no time.
    “Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you King.” Dylan sang.

    They need to be shut down.

    How do you contact Google Tree?

  60. True, a lot of scam artists are operating these days. Scam of nigeria emails. Google scams, Debt settlement scams, loan scams, i guess the word scam is a scam. Everything is a scam. Sad but true

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  63. […] sites, but I am a bit apprehensive since there are news that some of it are scams , just like the Google Money Tree . I dont know why some people can do such a thing. Like use others name for a scam, or worse, even […]

  64. Google money tree can eat my a## ! For anyone caught in their trap, you have to call them up and cancel your membership personally. I tried to unsubscribe on the bottom of their web page and that doesn’t work. Good luck.

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  66. These people were draining my account, I had to close and cut up my card to open a new one due to these people.

  67. Your Message
    Unbelievable! I was just checking my credit card transactions from last month and saw one for “Google Tree.” Not having a clue what this was, I got on my Google acct and saw no history of a purchase there. Next typed “google tree” into Google’s search and found this site. I have no idea how they got my credit card #, but there is also a charge on this month’s transactions also. I would be happy to join your cause…. sue away… you should come out on top!!

  68. I got a fraud notice on Saturday 1/17 regarding Google Tree. They took $72.21 from my Visa account. After speaking to them this a.m. Google Tree refuses to refund my cash.

  69. I was scammed. 7-day free trial is fraudulent, as is the satisfaction guarantee. The customer service is a joke, as it is only available M-F 9-5 Nevada time, so don’t expect to be able to cancel on the weekend (as I found out the expensive way.). If you haven’t been scammed yet- steer clear of these con-artists. If you have been scammed (or fraudulently associated with these people) don’t just take it, file a dispute with your bank, and report to everyone you can- the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, your state Attorney General, as well as the state of Nevada’s attorney General. I have little hope of getting that money back, but I would be mildly satisfied if this “company” were shut down and it’s proprietors jailed for theft, fraud, and misrepresentation of products and services. They violate their own terms and conditions, and then deny you any claims against it. I am currently trying to find out if there really is a google affiliation with this company, as I have always trusted google, and now this.. well I’m a little angry to say the least.

  70. I was just scammed out of $72.71by “Google Money Tree.” Please post them on any scam website you have.

  71. GoogleTree scammed me out of $72.00. I’m on my way to the bank to try to get my money back since their ‘customer service’ is a scam as well. If you live near:
    2375 East Tropicana Suite 8, Las Vegas NV. stop by their office (if it really exists and of course they can’t be reached by phone) and throw a bomb through the door.

      1. By the way, google maps will show you everyone at that address and the Suite 8 is register to a handyman business and a construction business with people named Cook. What that seems to be saying is that small operators hook up as a partners to run the “bait and switch” scam.

        1. that offer google money tree is from a company called Bloosky. Owners are Cook, Matt. i just found it online

  72. I’m also one of the many who have been scammed on that very dishonest web opportunity. I will be very cautious about anything with the name GOOGLE attached to it for a while.

  73. Oh no, I just saw a post by Ronald Schlegel which is my DAD’s name – hopefully it’s not my dad!

    He’s supposed to check with me on anything like this.

  74. Yeppers. I too just got $72 scammed. I even cancelled before the date ended. I called to cancel but I live in Hawaii so there’s a 5 hour time dif, so I emailed on Friday, knowing they were closed Sat and Sun. Sun is when it expired.

    Yes, I have filed a Better Business Bureau complaint in Neveda against them.

    I am verrrry pissed because I cancedled within the time frame!

    If you got scammed, file one at

    Maybe we could get a lawsuit out of this and make rip-off companies accountable!

  75. Man, it IS my dad who posted up above (Ronald Schlegel) even though I have a HUGE discussion with nearly 500 posts so far going on at my blog where people are helping each other with how to file complaints and get money back.

    Ugh. He’s supposed to ask me about this kind of stuff first!


    But you know. Despite all the complaints and the instructions we’ve put up at our site about the various agencies to file with and where to file and our offer to help it seems like people would rather just complain than try to actually take those kinds of actions and STOP this.

  76. googlemoneytree is a ripoff!!! do not be taken in – they will start billing $72.00 per month and they never sent the “kit”

  77. You’re all right, it is BS. It was obvious to me right off the bat that this sounded too good to be true, so I first did a search through Google for “Google Money Tree”, which brought me to this site where I confirmed my suspicion. Then I went through the process as if I were going to buy the kit and noticed the little box with the check mark in it stating “I Agree to the TERMS & CONDITIONS”. Did any of you see this?!? If you click on it and “read” it, it states very clearly what is going to happen. I definitely agree that it is BS, however, realistically all they’re really doing is taking advantage of people that don’t read the small print. Quit acting like a bunch of victims and take responsibility. It’s nobody’s fault but your own for not looking into it more. Good luck to all of you, I think you’re probably going to need it.

    1. Yep, you’re right. But, again the FTC has clear rules and one is that everything has to be prominantly displayed, so people can’t miss it. And if the box is pre-checked, when you go to read the T&C you’ve automatically agreed before reading. That is deceptive and that will get them in hot water with the Feds.

  78. […] Source:bGoogle Money Tree/b Scam amp; Hydra Affiliate Network – ShoeMoney® Author: Time: Monday, January 26th, 2009 at 9:00 am Category: Google Money Tree Comments: You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. RSS: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Navigation: « VH1 VETERANS DOMINATE #39;BI BLOVE MONEY/B/B#39; 2 | SULAMPITA.COM BEST WEEK EVER » BLOG ARCHIVE » THE NEW BGEICO MONEY/B-WITH-EYES ADS B…/B » […]

  79. Yes, it’s a two-way street. People need to read the terms and the company’s need to make them clearer and if they do NOT make them clearer you have to wonder why.

    For example in this case the initial shipping & handling charge is written out numerically, but the MONTHLY charge is written out in WORDS which makes it much harder to find than if it were written out numerically.

    1. Yep, there again, very clever they think. But, it’s so deceptive. I just have to make some noise about this because some smart folks, as crooks often are, are putting good law school training to no good use.

  80. Can anyone help me? I was also scammed by google money tree. Who do I conntact? I went to the bank today to find a unatherorized charge on my account for 72.21.Is there anyway we can get our money back?Is this listed on rip off reports?please help Jennier

    1. Exact same thing happened to me today. A charge for 72.21 is pending my account and a week ago a charge for 3.88 went through. I figured the first one was something I bought and forgot about. But I wouldn’t forget a $70 charge. That’s when I looked up “google tree” online and got this scam info. I called my bank and filed a claim. It will take up to 90 days to go through, but they are refunding the posted charge now and closing my atm card. It’s a hassle that I have to go get a new card now, but at least I won’t have to worry about these people hitting my account again.

  81. […] promoting the google money tree system through the hydra affiliate network illegally using my images.  We received tons of complaints […]

  82. Your Message This whole site and product was misleading. I tried to cancel im the10 days and could not get ahold of them. What a scam. Is there a list we can get on to do a class action? GJ

  83. Guess you can add me to the list of people that have been scammed, just noticed on my credit card bill a charge for 72.21 from google tree. Looked it up on the internet to find out what the hell I was being charged for. Will call on Monday and deal with the a-holes.

  84. […] easy money program somewhere on the net phishing us with attractive and persuasive words promoting Google Money Tree. Slightly, it is very convincing that if we apply the formula offered there, we are able to grab […]

  85. There’s a person claiming to be a representative of GoogleMoneyTree offering to help with refunds on my blog, however I would strongly urge you to read my disclaimer I posted after his offer to assist with refunds before considering pursuing this avenue:

    Offer is large post in the comments section.

    Note: I have no proof either way that he is or isn’t who he says, although he’s only asking for first name, last name, City and State. Do NOT provide any other details such as Social Security Number, Credit Card Number, Bank Account Number, etc.

  86. I hoe a lawyer can see this blog and decide to do a class action suit. I will definitively will signed.

  87. Hey, I just saw your cheque on facebook. The ad says you can earn £75 / hr. guess what, i did not apply. Remember scams only work due to preying on our greed, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is & it it isnt, someone else will have the job! good luck on getting some payback!

  88. […] damages for people running ads of them on Facebook to grant ads. He read about my case with the google money tree and wanted to know the proccess we went through to find the guilty […]

  89. this is a rip off people , be ware they are scamming you , i just read that and talked to my bank too., these people are a bunch of losers with no job except to play online on pepople’s money especially that they can get some people with no clue as to how to read terms and conditions and believe me the system is so fragile they are loose …something lawful should be done

    1. GOOGLE MONEY SYSTEM is working for me. I purchased that a few months ago…im not making 100k a month, but I am making money. I am not losing money. the first month i only made 100.. but hey, better than nothing right? Im doing about 2k a month now… they do conference calls and help you.


    1. Hey ken,
      can you please give me the number so i can contact them? I have an 800 number but it doesn’t seem to work. I would really appreciate it.

  91. Unfortunately, I’m one of the victims of “Google Tree”. I was desperate, trying to make some money on line by posting links on Google as they said…So, these ass holes ripped me off by making unauthorized payments taken from my account..To see more many victims like me plz look at:
    I am just trying to aware people so they will not got ripped off like me!!!
    People, NEVER EVER deal with these ass holes: GOOGLE MONEY TREE , GOVERNMENT LOANS… I just wish I have the authority to determinate these bastards from the earth!! FK them all!!

  92. Man!! I just wish I have the power and the authority to terminate these assholes of GOOGLE TREE, AND GOVERNMENT LOANS… from the earth !!! bunch of bastards!!

  93. To dear jim baukner who wanna know why they do answer the phone:
    They do answer the phone to hear that his an asshole or she’s a bitch like you another asshole!! They are just people like you with no moral or denety who feed their children from stoled moeny!!

  94. Its pretty shitty that they use your picture in the scam… I saw it a bunch of time (including on facebook) and I was sure it was some random guy, not someone working in the field…

    For the guys who bought the scam:
    I hope you have learned a lesson….

    How can they post ads on facebook if they charge only 1 dollar?
    Would someone that work 10 hours and make 5000 dollars share his secret? NO, he would work 50 hours and make 25 grants!! He would definitely not make you pay 1 dollar for the secret!

    So you guys want your money back? Your too dumb to take care of yourself so the court has to do it for you? You will go explain how you believed that making 5 to 10 000 dollars a month doing nothing seemed totally possible for you??

    1. Money for nothing and your chicks for free. When you get it call me. Rules of the internet, if someone finds you, don’t buy. Search the company name see what it has to say. If there trying to burn you, guess what there were many others.

  95. Hello Everyone……Please anything that you see will, “Google Money Tree” on it. Please don’t even waste your money. I was scammed. I did not receive any product. Spoke to a customer service rep. And I explained if I don’t get any product. I will tkae this scam to the BBB and further. These assholes needs to be reported for taking people money. Now $72.00 is gone from my account. And the customer service person, I spoke with was nasty.!!!!

  96. I am replying to O. Eaton because your post is today! I fell for the Google Money Tree “bait and switch” which is illegal advertising. So I filed an online complaint to the FTC about their deceptive and misleading advertising. I wrote the NV BBB and the State Attorney General’s office,and filed acomplaints,online also.Since then, I have found out that the Las Vegas address at 2375 E Tropicana, Ste 8 is a mailbox company, where people can rent mailboxes and have mail sent there..It may be rented to some small business people by the last name of Cook. I also have a name of a Philip J Danielson in Sandy, UT who registered Google Money Tree in that state. Yes, the call center people are very surly, because the folks behind this outfit had good attorneys draw up legally bidding Terms and Conditions, but the automatic check mark in the I accept box and even the obscure placement of the T & C link is strictly prohibited by the FTC. So they have been made aware and are investigating. Please note also that in NV and UT and most other states, you have to register your company and renew it. GMT is set to renew in may of 2009 and if they don’t do that, they’re license to do business will be revoked and their name may be taken off the state database. I don’t know if UT operates like that, but just be aware in case GMT disappears.
    The business is registered at Google Money Tree, LLC, and gives the Danialson name and a home address and another company address. That can be found on the UT state website under Secretary of State under “business entity search.” Also the Tropicana address can searched the same way on the NV state website.

    I’m a writer and a business reporter. Look for a story in the business news about this operation.

    Hope this helps

    1. Bryant “Thank you” for your information. I will jump on it. I will make sure that these assholes go down…………………….

      1. There are another two places to go and report these assholes!!! & On the same page there is a link for Internet Crime Complaints Center. Please complete the information. You will be given a complaint number. Please do it I was involved with Environmental Waste Agency. They did the same mess. I got my business started. Passing out the information. Thses people would not call back so I can sign up my customers.

    2. Found out the hard way myself The outfit is a boiler room somewhere in England. Possibly run by a Nigerian as far I can imagine


        According to his Linkedin, he is General Cousel at Infusion Media, Inc.

        (Former?) Managing Attorney at
        Danielson Silva Attorneys at Law Llc PC
        1987 Riverside Avenue
        Provo, UT 84604
        (801) 371-0200

        Search Infusion Media on and we are back to square one. lol

        Though, it may be linked to a company called InfusionSoft. For example, go here:

        Same scam, different name. Hope this helps guys!

    3. Not sure how old this information is:


      Law School
      Brigham Young University

      Graduation Date

      License Number

      1311 River Forest Drive, ROUND ROCK, Texas 78665



      Jul 11 1967

      1311 RIVER FOREST DR

      ROUND ROCK 78664

      Last transaction date
      Jun 14 2007

      DANIELSON,PAULA (wife)

  97. Hey Bryant…..Thank you so much for your blog. I will be writing till the right person stumbles across this infomation. And those assholes needs to be brought down. Because they are making money from individuals that don’t have money to be wasting. We all are trying to make some money due to this crazy economy. I completed a complaint at & on the same page you will see a link for “Internet Crime Complaint Center. Once you file the complaint you will be issued a complaint number. My next stop is the FTC and the BBB. Have a good day………………….

  98. I am furious with this scam.. They deceived me into believing they were ligit. My card will not refund the two charges of 72.21. I called this company when I discovered the charges on my card and they said the charges were spoken about in their info. I never found it. I never found a phone no. to contact them until now. I am so angry.

  99. when you sign up for the google money system they give u an email address and contact number to contact them on but neither of these work. Con artists.

    1. I got GOOGLE MONEY SYSTEM, and it has an email and phone number, they hold conferences and stuff over the phone, and I actually made some money. Not tons yet, but I am working on it.

  100. Google Tree Money – They have been calling me for days on my cell phone and they won’t quit. I finally talked to a lady her name was Laura Flores, she said she wanted to send me a money making kit and that all I needed to do was pay the shipping. I told her no. She would not take no for an answer, so I had to hand up on her. Well she called back time and time again. Today she has called 5 times and once while I was trying to put my number on their do not call list. So I took the call. She would not listen and kept wanting my credit card info. I finally told her no and to take me off her list and do not call me again. We will see.

    1. Obviously they don’t care that their name is being used for fraud, they are making plenty of money from the scammers running their ads. I thought Google was a trustworthy search engine, and they are huge to put it simply. I won’t report anything for them, they aren’t paying me to watch out for them. They will only pay attention when it hits the big news. Michael Moore should do a new movie on this type of theft, he tells it like it is.

  101. OK, these guys don’t stop. After I filed over 97 complaints with facebook about the ads I decided to complete the first section of the ad and now they call me 10 times a day. When I call them back, it puts me in a loop. Looking at the CA Atty General’s office now… this is ridiculous.

      1. I just got off the phone with these crooks, same story as all the other victims. I have to close my account to get the charges to stop. I am in on a class action suit.

        1. There’s a class action suite? Do they need participants? I can write off my $220 but I would like to give any support to person or organization who can bring a serious penalty against these people who blatantly flaunt the laws of sound business and valuable technology to pray on unsuspecting marks. I do not agree with the fellow who said we should all stop whining and pay attention to the small print. This is a deliberate attempt to defraud and we should make very loud protest. Our economy is never going to recover if we have to live our lives in a suspicious debilitating crouch. Where do I sign up?!

          1. Tu apellido me es familiar y creo que tambien fuiste timada y enganada, y no solo es con la comunidad americana si no tambien con la comunidad latina y eso es lo que mas colera me da y si estoy dispuesto a llegar hasta las ultimas consecuencias para que esto termine y si se puede recuperar mi dinero. si sabes de algo dejame saber.
            Let me now where

      2. say I was reading these comments and was pissed off becuase I recived a damn cd thats so confusing and I am a single mother of four with no job trying to make ends meet these B****es said it cost 3.88 but when I went to the bank my shit was empty how am I going to pay my rent I want my money and some

        1. Constance is the prime example of why these people need to be penalized. Playing with savvy technoids and sharp young people who have plenty of time and know how to root out the scam is one thing. But that’s not who GMT are trying to dupe. The target market for this scam is the desperate individuals who are already hurting for cash. They target people who do not have the time or the resources to investigate, test, apply and validate every scheme. They used the Google name that everyone trusts and offered a life line – it was a deliberate attempt to defraud a specific market demographic. I think GMT should have provide a college education for all four of Constance’s children.

  102. I was just reserching the net. about google tree when I ran into your site.My question is why google is allowing this to go on?

  103. I almost went for GMT until I did some research on it and found this web site. So, google money tree is a scam?

  104. Iwas scammed here to by google moneytreePHONE# is866-870-4257 call all and give them holy hell!!!!!

    The Dudeoflife will go and get them!!

  105. I made the mistake of signing up for Google Money Tree. I am now being charged $72.21 for something I never used. BEWARE. If anyone knows how I can get out of this charge let me know!

    1. Same scam. After much politically correct discussion with their call center in Las Vegas I was promised to receive 50% of my money. We shall see if such will happen. I am not optimistic though. I have informed my local chamber of commerce as well as my local TV station to spread the word. On Monday, March 09, I am informing the Security and Exchange Commission as well, My Attorneys have been informed and are willing to contemplate a CLASS ACTION SUIT. Would you wish to join. Let me know! Sorry for your troubles.

    1. Trust me Google will be brought into this in a Law suit. They are the fact cat to chase.I shall let the Attorneys sort out the details.

  106. Gee, I tougth I was the only one to be suckered by GOOGLEMONEYTREE. I just hang up the phone with their call center whereby I got the song and dance and kissed good bye to half of the $ 76.09 they debited from my account. I received no kit as of this write up, yet I signed up with them on Feb 12/09.
    My name is Hamid, and I am of mind to speak with my Attorney to see if a Class action Law suit, as these folks have violated the federal wire transfer system, plus the truth in advertising rules of commerce. Since I see there are plenty of us who have been taken by these, I am certain a CLASS ACTION SUIT is warranted, and if there are any of you who wish to join me, I will take the lead to set up. I can be reached on or you can reach me on MSN live as
    My attorneys have been informed, as well as my Chamber of Commerce. I shall not take this laying down.

    1. I was scammed too, however through my Visa Debit card. I received a call from the Visa Fraud dept telling me they wanted me to verify a suspicious charge on my account of $47.50. Being aware that another scam of that type of call is also going around I would not give them any information, that I would check it on my account and contact the bank. When I found the charge on my account I called the bank and questioned them about the charge. They told me it was from out of the country. They immediately cancelled my card so no further charges would be made. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and the FTC to report it. They both have web sites for reporting. I went to my bank and filled an affidavit of the incident which was faxed to Visa Fraud dept. My account was reimbursed within 3 business days. The FTC should shut this company down immediately and prosecute those involved. I believe the real Google should be fined for running their ads, Red Flags should have gone up by the use of their name which is Trade Marked. This scam is like something out of a horror movie, and as big as the Madoff scam or bigger.
      I am in for the class action suit, but I believe the real Google should be sued as well.

    1. Since posting, I have gotten a response from somebody who got scammed like the rest of us, and he support a CLASS ACTION SUIT. Before I can proceed I need more of you People to join. It cost us nothing, and the Attorneys get paid if they win the case. Let’s join efforts and get these scam artists to pay for their sin. My my Let Googlemoneytree contact me I am public with the fact that I wish to sue them.

      1. I’ve been had also. I have called and bugged them the last three days only to get their stupid answer such as there is not a supervisor to speak to and they will tell you the same thing NO REFUND. I would love to see a suit against them

  107. Just to conclude folks, I have read all postings! Well HE –double sticks what are we going to do about the situation? Taking it laying down, heavens not, not I by all means. Let’s joins forces and have a :Boston Tea Party” in the face of these crooks. How about it, I have left my emails accross this board. I will take the LEAD.

  108. Does anyone have a corporate number for Google Money Tree? I have charges on my checking account for $220.56 and the numbers listed all get me to the same place where I am told I have to get a “case number from my local authority” to establish a “fraudulent access to my computer” or “ID theft”.

    Where no goods or service were received, a reputable company would courteously provide a refund. Who are these people?!

  109. Well I was scamed like so many others!! CALL 1-866-870-4257 They would not take back the charge of $72 but you can cancel them from charging you in the future! Hope this helps even though the funds aren’t returned!
    CALL 1-866-870-4257

    1. Well I just called to cancel being this is my 7th day of the “free trial”.. So what, you were able to get on the website… oooh..! I messed up before and didn’t read the fine print, so I made sure I did this time.. my “kit” (CD) never came in the 7 days and when I asked about it they kinda shuffled away from a straight answer..

      1. On the seventh day… I ask again: Who are these people? Who owns GMT? What organization is responsible and do they have any other scams going on that we have yet to discover. When I called, they would not give their last name, they do not provide their supervisor’s name, they will not put their supervisor on the phone, they do not give out the telephone number for the corporate office. Who is in the “corporate office”?

          1. I’m 85 yrs. and desperate for
            additional$$$. They took me TWICE FOR $72.21 EA. time.
            I am sick over this !!! Please help with anything to do.
            THANKS & BLESS.

  110. I made my third call today. The first operator said I would get a refund, after some argument. Called again after no refund and was told the refund had been denied, I couldn’t speak to a supervisor or anyone else.
    called back again and talked to Mike, employee#12028. Was told the first request hadn’t been submitted properly, again asked for my reason for wanting a refund, then said I would definetly get the full refund back, probably within 5-6 days. Told me if I had anymore problems to call him back personally.
    I asked if I was being scammed, if so jujst tell me so I could seek another course of action. He promised I was not. We’ll see.

    1. You need to be firm and do not take NO for an answer. I got the same song and dance, and I received half of my money. Wish it was all, but not a total loss. Read my postings and you feel you wish to join us let me know.

  111. just got my first bill from moneytree also, and like the rest of us, a big shock. So, from reading these posts, i assume the $72.00 is gone, but what do I do to ensure I am not going to be billed for more money?
    Open for any idea’s.

  112. Hello Everyone!
    I have been on various websites submitting everything that I can to bring this company down. While talking to my bank. I was told to submit documents of this scam and the monies will be credited back into my account. Now the bank is investigating this company. I have faxed copies (42) pages of the emails to my bank. I did the same for Juno & Yahoo. They are aware. Because I not the only patron that this scam has happend to. The USPS, FTC, Consumer Affairs, Scam Alert, Fraud Alert, Yahoo & Juno are aware. Because I was very upset of this matter. Because I put my information on the screen, and after reading the terms of agreement, I went back to erase my information. But not knowing that this company have schims on the website. Your information is immediately copied into their computer system. This is how you get scammed. I was informed with this information from my bank. Everyone lets work together to bring this down, so we can get our monies plus some. Who knows how long this junk/mess have been going on!!!! Peace to all.

    1. please contact me. I thought I was smarter and able to spot a scam but I gave these ppl my debit card info for the 3.88 charge. I didn’t know they were going to steal my money. What should I do? contact me at

  113. So. obviously my next question is, “is anyone aware if Google knows that a scam is taking place using their name and brand?”

    1. I have never been on the google money tree site and my account was charged 3.88. I called them and the customer service told me that she couldn’t find anything about me in their system. I said then how was my account charged and then she hung up on me. I called my bank and they are going to reverse the charge. Luckily my bank put a hold on my account as soon as this came thru. I don’t know what is going on! Has this happened to anyone?

      1. Change your debit card or credit card account. You are in their system, so they will be coming back again and again if you don’t yourself and your money. Your bank is your first line of defense. Good luck! Join us for the lawsuit against these thieves

  114. Hey I don’t know for sure but I think I just got scammed by these Money Tree
    Google guys. So far it’s only been a $3.88 charge. Nothing has arrived in the mail. If it does should I refuse it? Should I close my bank account? I can’t believe this. I just wanted to help send my kids to college.

    1. Carolyn – they just pulled $73 out of my account without authorization! Better head them off while you can – I will have to go thru Visa to get my $$ back! Still don’t have anything for my trouble!

    2. Make sure to inform YOUR BANK URGENTLY, because Googlemoney tree will debit your account within next 2 months for $ 78.Alert your Bank and put a BLOCK on your account or maybe have your debit card changed. The scammers habit is to take the first 3.98 and about 15 to 30 days they will debit your account for the $70 plus .

    3. please close your account asps before they charge you another 72 bucks. this is a total pure scam.

  115. Since my last posting 2 things have happened: 1/ they have credited my account with half of my money: $38.00.
    2/ 6 people have joined me to see if we can start a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. I am determined to do so if , I can get more of you to join. Please let me know:
    Also, I wish to inform all about another scamming outfit located in Las Vegas: FREE GRANT MONEY. They just got for $ 98.04. My bank is handling the refund as well, as this outfit is being reported for Fraud. I am meeting with my Bank on Friday to see what can be done.
    Good luck, and keep your money safe. I had to change my debit card on the advice of my bank.
    Stay in touch!

  116. Wow this is incredible. I was billed the $3.88 and I was actually waiting for my kit. I got nothing but another bill trying to charge $72.00 to my account but it was declined. I am so happy I used a prepaid debit card.I only put the amount of money I need for a transaction. Now I just throw this one away and get another. Thank God I was only take for $3.88 because I couldn’t afford any more.

    1. Google Cash has nothing to do with this.

      However, on a related note there are a lot of hidden negative option offers that are using “Google Cash” in their name

    2. thay took me too try to stop payment on my created card and and i see thay took another payment out for google money tree this is going to have to be stop takeing peoples hard earned money what a scam can,t google do nothing about this.

  117. […] some time, ShoeMoney Media has been trying to find the person who had been using our copyrighted image without our consent.  Since we began this search and the associated legal action, we have been getting a few emails a […]

  118. Many cpa networks have these offers as some of the top campaigns. Seems to me one of the easiest things would be to put pressure on the networks to stop promoting scams. They are complicit in the scheme.

    Quite often affiliates sign up not knowing they are promoting a scam, I say this because I am one of these affiliates. I actually have a google money tree banner on one of my sites which i will immediately delete. I am so embarassed. Luckily, its on a site that doesnt get much traffic and nobody every signed up from my page.

    So how about it, Advaliant, Azoogle, Neverblue, Hydra what are you going to do about this???

    1. Yes! That is exactly right in my opinion.

      Going after the owners of these offers will do NOTHING for the following reasons:

      1) There are nowhere near enough resources (FTC, FBI, etc.) to go after the insane amount of companies operating this way (I think we all know that one).

      If you watch the FTC’s videos from their 2007 Negative Option Workshop you’ll be alarmed at exactly HOW few owners of deceptive negative option offers ever get prosecuted.

      2) According to Lyndell Edginton of Eagle Research Associates the FTC often gives these companies a “clean up period”. Of course during that clean up period the companies set up new corporations with new officers and put their offers up under different names…and the networks have NO problem running them again even if they KNOW there have been thousands of legitimate complaints.

      3) Some of the affiliate networks are actually DOING the creative for these types of offers.

      4) Some of the affiliate networks put a lot of pressure on the owners of even LEGITIMATE products to run them this way.

      So, I couldn’t agree more. The way to solve the problem is to put pressure on the affiliate networks to cut off the problem at the knees.

      So the big question is how to accomplish that.

  119. And what about the many acai berry and colon cleanse scams that are doing the EXACT same thing. Promising a trial and apparently charging a montly fee that is impossible to get refunded.

    I bet there are more people out there being scammed on these physical products which people actually ingest. That is a scary thought.

    1. I dont think the are using my picture. If they are please forward me their info.

  120. really shame on they, its very bad, is king of affiliate masters.

  121. this is a total scam,people have to realize that you don’t get anything for free especially free money……..hello wake up people

  122. I sent for the google money tree kit for the s & h fee, and another $72.00 was taken out of my account without my permission! Never did get the kit!

    1. Please do read my many postings. They will tell you what to do. Also contact YOUR BANK IMMEDIATELY, so they can freeze your Debit/Credit Card. Also, your Bank will inform the Banking Fraud Unit as my Bank has done on my behalf

  123. What a crock!!!! Im in NZ and they scammed me!!! Taking un-authorized amounts of money out of my account and not sending the success kit. To all people that want to clear their debts faster, this stupid google cash money tree thing is definitely not the way, you lose more money than you make!!!

    1. These Folks have no conscience of whatsoever.Was thinking their dirty deeds were limited to the US and possibly the UK, however now I realize they have getting out of hands and reaching Worldwide.Please do contact me, 10 people like you and I are trying to do something about it. Regards. Hamid

  124. […] no im not a hypocrite cause we had a lawsuit with the Google Money Tree. That was because they were using my image not because I had beef with what they were […]

  125. I fell victim to this shit too. I’m currently in Iraq and my wife has recently had surgery and now we have these damn charges coming up. I read about the $3.88 on one of these boards before and notified my bank via email as soon as i saw that. They didnt say much, there was also a charge from Googmoney for $1.95 and an international fee for $.04, kinda hard when the card is america. Today i saw that i have $72.21 pending, Ive emailed my bank again telling them it is unauthorized and pretty much if they do not stop the transaction that i will seek legal advice. I’ve contacted my OSI who are like the military FBI and notified them of this as well. So hopefully something comes up soon, but as for the guy/girl who is doing this, i hope they get what they deserve. People like this make me sick and i hope that he/she gets gangraped in prison!

  126. SO – I have a unique frustration with this nightmare! I am an author of a new book released in October 2008 called “Google Your Family Tree” and it deals with genealogy and family history. It is a legit, serious, well received book – – – but for months I’ve been receiving nasty email and threats (most email, some phone) from people wanting refunds of $72 or amounts close to that. We kept checking our records and never found any such charges nor orders from the emails or names of those complaining – – only today did we learn that our name is FAR TOO CLOSE to the name of this “Google Tree” scam. I have more than 100 emails saved of victims – all very upset. I’d be more than willing to work with someone who wants more information. It helps us all expose these scammers.

  127. First off Google Tree is in no way affiliated with Google. google tree customer service is based in draper utah at a company named platinum teleperformance 405 e 12450 S. they do customer service for a number of these scams that are all the same, just use different websites. The employees are trained to not give any refunds even when a refund is do. Only way to get a refund is to return the disc that is sent, but most of the time you are lucky if they even send one out. As for not being able to talk to the supervisors, they don’t exist. They have “managers” but they are nothing more than the person sitting next to them on the floor.

  128. GOOGLETREE IS A CROCK OF SHIT!!! Silly me for falling for it! 7 Days after I ordered it I noticed 72 dollars came out of my acct I called and they said you get a 7 day risk free trial. How do I get a 7 day free risk trial when I haven’t even received anything. I asked them to cancel it. It’s been 3weeks now and still haven’t received anything and when I called today they said they can’t give me a refund without me returning a cd but I never received one to return and when you ask to speak to a manager HAHA they say they don’t take phone calls. It’s a bunch of shit and I don’t think this is fair that innocent people are getting their hard earned money taking!!!!!!!

  129. Just to say again that the Google Money Tree
    it.s really the biggest scam I got into it.
    I lost $ 91.88 cdn. for nothing.

  130. i also have applied for the googlemoney tree,last week i received the Cd to find out that all that contains is videos and it actually does not work, it does not ahve a number to call. asfor my money i cant get it back,how can Goggle accept theses scams and not even take the time to assist us at least on getting our money back.
    i deal with compliants every day all day,so i am taking this all the way to watchdog and if i get hear to the not taking kind of thing.
    if Google is reading this PLEASE take action at least to give all of us OUR MONEY BACK!!!!

  131. I tried Google Money Tree, and I think, they provided some useful things, but no clear guidance or direction. Kinda been on the hunt for some online opportunities while looking for employment as well. I don’t remember how I came across the the Profit Lance Course. I paid a 1 time payment $87 for it earlier this week. What I received with the $87 was video tutorials, ebooks, customized affiliate links, and sound advise. The site makes no false get rich quick promises and advises that it takes time to make money. It took me a few days to actually begin to see a profit. As of yesterday, I am $85 richer. This at least makes it legit for me. I believe that there are money making opportunities out there, our task is to differentiate ourselves from so many competitors I guess. Here is a link to the site:

  132. I hate to say but anyone that falls for these kinds of make tons of money quickly scams gets exactly what they deserve. There isn’t any such thing as quick/free money. You have to earn it just like everyone else.

    Those who wasted money I hope you are mad enough not to fall for such things again and I hope you try to educate others about such scams. That’s the best thing you can do.


  133. jeremy, put a tracking pixel on your images so you know where your images are being displayed. yeah there is always a work around, but its another layer…

      1. it always says “call back during normal business hours” even if it is. i cannot get through there

        1. wow, that is really bad… where do people get this far with this sort of stuff…

  134. Spammers really should give me a break too. crap, i hate scams. Sounds funny, thanks for the info though. They start billing every month but no kit is seen.

  135. Topics about Scams | Comment on Google Money Tree Scam & Hydra Affiliate Network by… says:

    […] put an intriguing blog post on Comment on Google Money Tree Scam & Hydra Affiliate Network by…Here’s a quick excerptWebsites promising to earn you money with are total scams! Don’t ever give them a penny even for shipping. […]

    1. I got scammed too and even worse I had wellsfargo close my accounts before they charged the 72 dollars and they only closed one account leaving my savings account open, and yet its still my fault because they didnt close the account and itr was still charged. Stay away from wellsfargo, they will screw you over too!!!

  136. […] marketers started making fake blogs (aka flogs) which make it look like someone is recommending a Google Money Tree system, or weight loss product or whatever. I am sure you have ran into a flog. The FTC is hot after them […]

  137. Does anyone even know what the “Google Money Tree” is supposed to teach people?

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  139. Wow, people are using big brand name to make money. Thanks for letting us know about it..

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  142. I think its bad when you don’t give authorization & money is taken out of your checking account it’s not good i never agreed to anything now i want the money put back into my account ASAP.

  143. Believe it or not I have heard of some folks who are doing ok with that program, but this is just heresay. I bought a copy myself awhile ago and it didn’t appeal to me because I didn’t find it to be very user-friendly. I cancelled with no problem though.

  144. I personally, use the wealthy affiliate program (click on my name, if interested). It’s about a $29.99 initial investment with a 7-day free trial. It makes no gurantee of wealth, which is realistic. All it does is put you through an 8-week training course on different ways to make money online, and you pick what avenue is appealing to you. I like websites that keep it real.

  145. Ten Lessons Learned from Flogs & ReBill Offers | Inside the Secret Life of a Super Affiliate - Zac Johnson dot Com says:

    […] improved. Weight loss blogs focus on weight loss stories and pictures, while biz opp flogs focus on check photos, and how the program has worked for other and show their checks in the comments section. […]

  146. It may interest you to know that these same bunch of internet cockroaches are running other scams. One in particular is an AGGRESSIVELY deceptive “blog” that offers FREE* 15 day trials of ACAI and COLON CLEANS products. I say products, because they have multiple websites and product labels. I googled “bloosky” – the apparent owner of the shipping account – in an effort to trace these people. So, here I am. There is almost no way to keep them from separating you from at least $100. I actually read their Terms & Conditions and still fell for it hook, and line, and sinker.

  147. Ahh, I’ve seen TONS of those ads around during the fall / winter of 2008. I never really paid any attention to them because the sites looked so scandalous. I’ve also seen people with pictures of their Revenue Canada checks, claiming it to be money they made from adsense and other affiliate ads. There are more than 5 Canadians in the world.. don’t these people think that Canadians will come across it and know it’s BS? Anyways, I haven’t seen anything like that lately, of course now I’m aware that the picture is from the owner of Shoemoney. I didn’t know that before. I thought it was just another one of those BS checks (like the Canadian Revenue checks) used for scams.

    1. By the way, hopefully they get what they deserve for using your photo… I read about a teen girl (14 years old) who had a beautiful photo of herself from her photography class, and it got stolen from Flickr and used for the cover of porn DVDs, and there was nothing she could do about it legally, other than have the guy stop publishing it

  148. How can google not notice this? I think google is partly responsible for not warning people about this….

    I hope these scammers get it big for messing with google, since they’re a very, very large company with the power to crush those darn scammers.

    1. Google hate the people like that but the problem is google have a lot of thing to do. I send them email before about my problem (about google pagerank) a couple years ago, till now have no response 🙂

      carbon copy pro sites

  149. I, a CPA, too got suckered into this, but was VERY LUCKY to have found this site and others like it.

    I cancelled my card and cancelled before the trial period was up.

    I then received a phone call from a friendly sounding woman at 866-311-7023; she, Roxi Minkkinen, said I wouldn’t be charged. When I called this number back, a foreign sounding man answered and when I complained about their devious practices, he laughed and told me that “you Americans are so stupid and think you can get something for nothing”. He then told me that my personal financial and identifying information was being sold to a group in NORTH KOREA!!! When I began to curse him out, he laughed as loud as possible and hung up.

    So the true purpose of these scams is to get information for ID theft from U.S. Citizens and sell it to NORTH KOREAN criminal organizations.

    Yes I guess we are pretty stupid…

      1. Calling someone a moron was a bit harsh, don’t you think?

        Google can certainly refuse their AdWords ads just by reviewing their landing pages. Sure, you’ll see these clowns in the organic results, but what about all the sites hosting AdSense ads where they show up constantly? You can only ban so many advertisers and it’s damn near impossible to catch all of them. On the other hand, Google could refuse their ads in a heartbeat, especially since they supposedly review all ads and all landing pages. If that’s the case, they’re deliberately allowing it.

  150. […] management on the internet, otherwise known as squashing a$$h:)les, and after watching some of Shoe’s tricks on reputation management have become a huge fan of it, and quite skillful, inventing many of my own highly effective tricks […]

    1. only one reason ……to show off …….i did numerious times before …….what wrong with that uh ?

  151. These types of scams have made crooks millions. Why dont we report this to CNN and MSNBC to investigage for us ? They’re always want a good topic …….this is a good one !! Google Money Tree is BS ……im gonna spend some of my time making a vid and report it to CNN ……hope the media doing something about it … least to alert the public about these scams

  152. I have looked at a lot of so called systems that appear “too good to be true” and then I remember two things that my dad would say: “If it sounds too good to be true, then It’s probably “NOT” true”! “You won’t get something for nothing”! So, when I see these advertisements, I consider what he always said.

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  153. You CAN get your money back INSTANTLY. Just call your bank and talk to the the Fraud Department. They will reimburse you instantly under investigation. They WILL investigate as it is in their interest. If your bank recovers the money, which they will, you will then keep the money. There is always a way round anything. If you do not believe it, then you are just lazy. That simple. I did it and the bank get them. Trust me. Just don’t give up and DON’T fall for such things. Good Luck.

  154. […] “identity theft”. The connection comes from associating a known brand, such as the case with Jeremy Schoemaker in 2008. This matter was one of the first notable cases I have seen reported. In this case,  the Hydra […]

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  159. Oh for goodness sake it happens every day with companies subtley advertising with quotes and pics of top internet marketers displayed unobtrusively in the background.If everyone took to litigation it would be chaos! Sharp practice has always existed and always will as humans are greedy

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  163. So what were the results of your legal actions against the party that did this? They should be prosecuted just because of what they were doing, with or without your photo in the mix. But it is very unfortunate your pic got caught up in that mess.

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