There is a great post on Skelliewag about not selling out. I think its a really good read that many up and coming bloggers need to read.

What really hit me in the post is how most people change what they talk about as soon as they get some readership and then try to write what people want instead of what they want.

As I enter my 5th year of blogging looking back its pretty amazing. I don’t think I have changed much about what I write about. But the site has changed… I mean it has more ads then a Nascar =P.

I still frequently talk about my favorite TV show (LOST), my favorite sport (Mixed Martial Arts), and talk smack when people attack me.

I think its also one of the reason I have been able to average 1.3 posts a day for almost 5 years.

I get probably 10-20 solicitations a day to write about someone’s product or whatever… If its something I am interested in then I write about it. But more then anything I try not to clutter the blog with crap. And when I say crap of course I mean what I think is crap.

I really enjoy writing this blog. Its a true blog. Its not a company blog… its not a news site… its just me and what I am interested in, with photos included.

I was on stage at Izeafest with John Chow and others on a blogging panel and one of his answers to “why do you blog” questions was something to the effect of “I blogged 2.8 posts a day when I made nothing and I still blog 2.8 posts a day. If my site goes back to making nothing I will still blog 2.8 posts a day”. – That is one of the best ways to say how I feel about I wrote it when nobody cared 5 years ago and I will write it 5 years from now if people read or not.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

91 thoughts on “Not Selling Out & General Blogging Thoughts”
  1. Couldn’t agree more about the blogging… it’s all about being consistent and persistent. I watched the video interview with Moller Marketing (I think that’s the name) where you talked about success equals hardwork plus great content over time.


    1. I definitely agree with you. Blogging is about being persistent otherwise failure is coming your way.

    2. I fell off the bandwagon a while back, but I’m starting to get back into the groove. I think it’s all about setting goals – even for a personal blog. You know… x posts a day, or x subscribers, etc.

    3. That’s the difference between blogging for money, and blogging for passion.

      And those that blog for passion usually don’t have any problem attaining the first.

    4. gary from wine library tv says the samething….if you have the content then you have to have the chops to stick to it… you? I had to ask myself that question too. It’s the dip my peeps….

  2. Too many people think that if they build a web site, they are set, it is soo much more than that as with my experience, the hardest part of seo is off page promotion than onpage.

  3. I think someone should blog about a topic that they enjoy the most or know the best. No one should have to blog about a topic because others want you to do so.

    When it comes to me, without my blogs…..I’m nothing.

    1. Yup I’m totally agree , you can go for 5 years, but you can far without passion . so you need a suitable topic that you can share and discover

  4. Too many ads? Is there such a thing as too many ads? Sometimes they are actually helpful to readers. Like your ad for the ShoeMoney Tool Kit. You are the best ad for blogging.
    Have a very happy day.

    1. Yeah. I read some articles saying there is no such thing as too many ads as long as they are well placed and organised together with great content.

  5. Couldn’t agree with you more. All day, I walk around and ideas pop into my head about what to blog about. There isn’t enough time in the day to write about everything you want to write about it! Money or no money….I think true bloggers would agree that it just doesn’t matter:)

  6. Hey Jeremy I here ya when you way you would still blog 2.8 a day if you made no money doing it, but what if you only had a small number of readers – say like fewer than 100/day. Would you still keep blogging then?

      1. Do you think you’d be more outgoing with what you say, or more conservative with a smaller reader base???

        1. I think it is nice to be more outgoing regardless – think of the show family guy – they are WAY out there, but are a huge success.I guess you just have to be careful how you pull it off

  7. I’ve averaged almost 2 posts per day for 18 years, or almost four per day for the last 10 and like you, it’s because I write about what I want to write about, period.

    Sure, sometimes I look at a post after I write it and think “That boopy is going to be a magnet for good paying ads!” but probably more often I think the opposite..

    Good post (like that’s unusual!).

    1. When I started it was a place I could just chronicle my travels in writing and in pictures. It was more for my family and friends that used to ask me what I was doing. Thought it was best just to have a central place.

      1. I wrote a post on my blog about what I think the future of blogging is and it basically states how you started, but on the macroscale. More and more people will probably start blogging to share with family and friends all around the globe.

        I think blogging will be like joining a social network. A lot of people don’t blog if you talk to an average person, but most are on facebook or myspace.

        Anyways, if you want to read the post its linked with my name

  8. I recently made a choice to slow my posting down… I felt I was beginning to write “Just to write” and keep up with the competition. Instead of the average 2+ posts a day, I have slowed to 2-3 posts a week, which resulted in more comments and engaged readership.

    This reminds me of a similar post you wrote about 2-3 months ago Jeremy… which actually influenced my choice then!

  9. Really. If they are hurry so much, that is OK.
    But when I started mastering websites, nearly 10 years ago, I wrote in almost the same way.

  10. Good insight – definitely important to do it for yourself and not for anyone else. At the end of the day, if you’re not blogging for what you love, it really breaks the number one rule of blogging – blogging about what you’re interested in.

  11. Posts are one thing but your revenue is all about brand and traffic. I could copy your exact posts prior to you posting them and it would still be words in space but since the brand and traffic is here it’s different. Excellent work on taking to a new level.

    1. There is a lot of people who do copy… but not for 5 years 😉

      People who copy are looking for a shortcut and wont last.

  12. Thats it! You speaked our mind and thats exactly how I feel too. Well I am glad you have reached a respectable level, now its time for the rest to climb up..

  13. Well writing what you like was the idea behind the blogs. Now it may have diluted a bit but still its good someone is following.

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  15. I believe writing about what you want and like is easier and more enjoyable so I totally agree with you.

  16. That is so awesome, that is exactly what I am doing. I started my own blog a few months back, and still only have around 15 subscribers, but I write about what I like doing, It’s like my personal journey and story where I can record my thoughts, and will carry on writing, even if it doesnt attract more people. I totally agree with your attitude! Awesome blog!!!!

  17. This is so refreshing! I am a virgin in the blogging world.. enjoying my initiation though 🙂 Anyway, I have read so much stuff about blogg money and monetisation etc..which is great and brill to get information.. but my blog is a bit eclectic.. cos I am I guess.. I was beginnning to think I was too disparate and not focussing enough on one tiny subject.. I think blogging plays homage to the self-indulgent part of us.. and what’s wrong in that? Long may you continue to regail us with your thoughts, wishes and wants Shoemoney x

  18. Many people are jealous……you’re doing what you enjoy doing. You’re also inspiring lots of people along the way……..hopefully allowing others to do what they want to do in the future…..

  19. What is all the fuss about “selling out”? Don’t see why this is a big deal. Bloggers are just people and people change opinions over time.

  20. very consistence…….5 years is very long time to blog in consistence 1.3 post a day, very great job shoe………you are really enjoy on your blog…very appreciate

  21. I like that… Well said… I guess there is kind of a thrill of being able to just blog, because you can…

    Take Care!

  22. What an inspirational post, Shoe. You’re the man! 😀

    Which reminds me, time to send you a soliciting e-mail 😉


  23. Nice one…Blog regardless if anybody who reads it. I’ve been blogging once a week(yes, that’s how lazy I am) and I’m not making money from it. Well maybe when I blog more often, more people will visit my blog but honestly, I don’t care.

  24. I enjoy this blog 64.7% percent of the time… but it’s pretty obvious that many of the posts are paid posts. Or so it seems. I think too many get rich quick/affiliate blogs spend too much time bragging and not enough time writing good, solid posts. Is this blog a smokescreen to keep the competition away or does it speak the truth? Ahh… only spaghetti cat knows the answer to that.

  25. Would you heck. If nobody read it, you wouldnt bother. I’ve seen new bloggers – all they do is check their stats to see their readers. If they dont get any after X amount of time (depending on the blogger), they give up.

  26. I remember when I first started blogging it was all about SEO and how it would improve the PR of my website. It wasn’t long after that I fell in love wiht blogging. So much so that I now have too many blogs going at once. I must admit I do have my favourites and they’re the ones that I concentrate on the most.

    Rather than making money, although I won’t knock any back that come my way, it’s all about writing posts that encourage people to comment. Getting those comments is a real high for me and checking my emails to see how many I scored is the first thing I do when I log on.

  27. nice post and i think its good blogging what u think and knowing what others doing, its not always about posting review and writing about some sites ,and much ads some times irritates

  28. I write about some fairly controversial topics on my blog and my language is usually less than conservative. There’s not a brand out there that would probably touch me. My choice, my blog, my consequences. That’s what it really boils down to. If you are happy with your blog style, that’s all that really matters. If you have good, consistent content, the readers will come.

  29. Jeremy,

    Great post man!. That is why I BLOG!

    Early delusions of turning my blog into a ‘money machine’ have faded, with the reality that I must give away from myself first in order to build the necessary trust with my future customers.

    So, now after careful contemplation, I write post’s from my heart first, and then my brain.

    Your blog has provided many insights into how to interact with the larger web community, and determine my place there.

    Our conversation at BlogWorld Expo has crystalized my approach to all things Web 2.0, and helps me to ‘get it’.


    Nicholas Chase – ‘the video guy’ at BlogWorld Expo 2008

  30. Coming late to this party, I am surprised to see so many thoughtful comments to this post. Means people feel strongly about their topics and how often they posts. Interesting… It would be an interesting study to follow Shoemoney’s readers for a year or two. See who still blogging and reached new heights.

  31. Well I’m glad to know you’ll both still be blogging regardless, though that’s probably a large reason why you have so many followers. The online marketing tips are always great, but sometimes it’s nice to hear from bloggers on a more personal level, especially if you can relate to their hobbies.

  32. No offense, I like John Chow’s blog, but I find it funny to read such a quote when, today, his blog’s first page only contains one post out of five actually written by him.

  33. Great Post,

    “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” Albert Schweitzer:

    1. Indeed!! Didn’t you make a post about this on your own blog Arfan?? I could have sworn I saw something like that on your blog

    2. I like what I talk about and put a lot of effort into it. I hope to one day have some good money coming from my online ventures.

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  35. I love when bloggers I read admit to loving MMA. It makes me feel like I shouldn’t hide my love of it from my other blogging friends.

  36. this a very encouraging post for a ballsy blogger who doesn’t get much traffic and sometimes wonders if it’s because she’s too outspoken! but yet who won’t change the way she states her (my) opnions.

    i mean, if i do that, then what’s the point?

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  38. I would never sell out either. You’ve heard of Television Without Pity right? Well, many people think they sold out after they got bigger, saying their writing changed & the way they moderate the message board changed. I’d never do that.

  39. Jeremy,

    Thanks for the heads up about the economic report TV show.

    It’s refreshing to read about your moral feeling with respect to blogging.

    In the long term, I know it will hugely pay off for you (and me, for that matter).

    People are clever and can see right through a “shallow” blog.

  40. amazing concept. made nothing, did 2.8 posts, now that you do, you still do 2.8. I feel shamed not being so consistent. I’m barley doing 1. Not that I’m struggling to do so, but I procrastinate. I’ll stop. I will start doing 2 a day starting today.

    AJ Kumar

  41. That is encourageing, really. The simple truth is that you blog for yourself and no one else and it is something that you like to do. I only wish that I can someday say the same thing about my job, and life.
    Good luck to you Shoe
    Mr. School Fundraising Ideas

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