There is a post over at Techcrunch about a Microsoft/Yahoo deal.

So the deal is really that Microsoft would put up $5 billion to help a new management team buy preferred shares and warrants that would give it a 30% stake in Yahoo. In return, Microsoft would get a 10-year operating agreement to run Yahoo’s search business.

The numbers do not really make sense (as tc points out). According to this Microsoft is now ready to spend more for Yahoo’s search but will not have any control.

One thing I feel pretty sure about is that a MS/Y! deal is going to happen. I just don’t think the original source of this story had the right numbers.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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60 thoughts on “Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Back On?”
    1. I saw a sewer truck today that best decribed these dealings – #1 in the #2 business.

      1. Hahahahahah! Well put! This MicroHoo saga has dragged on and on for so long that I couldn’t believe seeing it resurrected again! Let’s see if something comes of it this time round, although personally I’m not holding my breath.

    2. I talked to a guy at yahoo, using linux for a decade. He said “its like selling my soul”

    1. Sure if it helps in creating a better fight place.. 🙂
      who are fighting by the way.. MS, and google?
      is apple in the war?

  1. The yahoo microsoft deal will happen it is just a matter of time before they work out the details of the merger.

    1. That’s my take after all the false alarms. The term “Cry Wolf” springs to mind!

  2. It is bound to happen. Yahoo is going down the tube, and Microsoft wants to compete with Google.

    1. I have never used live search in my life. Google all the way. In fact i hate microsoft.. every product of them sucks..
      shoe is a apple fan boy..

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  4. They were idiots to turn down the deal way back then – and I think if the deal still goes through Yahoo is REALLY lucky to have that happen

  5. If it happens i suppose it will be good for the competition but i still think they will struggle against Google unfortunatly.

  6. Microsoft should stick to what they know best, software (and even that’s a stretch these days). Microsoft could partner with NASA for all I care…they’re still going to have a rough time competing with G.

    Hey Jeremy, when are you going to post Q&A #17 answers?

    1. I agree with BB Pearl; MS won’t win the search battle with G. But the idea of a new investor group and management team sure makes sense for Yahoo! Somebody has to do something to keep G in check here for sure.

      1. Google is seen as a search giant. But there are other domains, which are worth competing for, for instance – docs, videos, mail and much more..

    2. was their one in particular you were looking for? Its getting to be about 90% repeat questions.

      1. That’s because most lack creativity. Hell, I don’t even care about your business anymore, rather just ask you what your handicap is and how you can swing your 8 iron?


      2. Monetize a new site right off the bat or wait a while (add content and hopefully get some traffic) before adding affiliates links, etc? (If that hasn’t been asked).

        I’m talking leaving it up for at least a couple months before doing this.

      3. No question specific that I can think of. I just wade through all the lousy ones to see if there’s any new ideas and good answers from you.

  7. Yea, they are just going back and forth but it looks like they are going to dab their hands on Yahoo.

  8. WSJ and MSNBC have updated their reports to say that top officials at both companies have denied any deal.

    Of course, all that means is that they aren’t ready to announce anything.

  9. Whatever to Microsoft. They should let Yahoo die and then pick them up for even less than they offered the first go around.

    There aren’t going to have anything on Google, ever….so if they really want to expand, buying Yahoo is a nice thought. Still, even with Yahoo, all they get is a huge user base with a bunch of apps that people aren’t using anymore.

    I am still with the merger, it will happen eventually, just wish it was already a done deal. My stock is going nowhere 🙂

  10. Just sounds like too many nervous folks at the top of both companies. If they both take deep breaths, relax and figure out how to make it work, could be good for both.

  11. If it saves Y! and most of Yahoo’s employees I’m all for it. The country is hurting now and we don’t need to see another company fall right now. I’m ready to start hearing some good news from the business front.

    1. I cannot save yahoo employees. They are against it.. linux all the way. california yahoo office – only macbok pros. They cannot stand windows..

  12. I really do hope this helps Yahoo! They are great for news and such, but they really have suffered in the search arena since they didn’t change and grow with what the net really needed.

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  14. Yeah, it’s gonna happen. Microsoft has a boatload of cash, and can’t figure out how to catch up to G on their own. Only a matter of time and how much $$ they’re gonna spend.

  15. I think it will be interesting to see how it plays out. It would definitely be a good move for Yahoo since they already appear to be hurting. Like mentioned above, we sure don’t need another large company to fold.

  16. Yahoo is still the number one site with all it has going on. Google does have the best search for now, what else? Maybe gmail and maps, but where is the cash in that? Yahoo has a lot of revenue sources, so they can be ok for a long while. The only issue for Yahoo is its shareholders and how to keep them happy. I figure the only way they can see money is with a bust up of Yahoo, 1980’s Gordon Gekko style. Because without Microsoft, who else has the cash AND wants Yahoo?

  17. First of all if Yahoo sells out to Microsoft they have no balls. If the deal did fall through, Apple would probably slam the door on Yahoo. No matter how hard Micro Nerds try they are never going to beat Google in search anyway.

    Microsoft is a window maker (which Bill stole from Steve in the beginning) and always will be.

  18. Hey Shoemoney. I have enquired about purchasing review posts and banner spaces. Still no reply. Good luck with the site mate. Hope to hear back from you soon.

  19. This deal is going to happen, whether at these numbers or some other numbers, because they just can’t compete. MSFT is sitting on all that cash, they’re gonna have to do something…

  20. Yahoo has a very difficult situation. The company can not escape herself. I think the deal will happen.

  21. Hope this deal will be happen and they will be one. Because i dont want to hear any words about this topic.

  22. Like someone else said, I’ll believe it when I see it. And even if it does happen, I bet you $5000 that Google will still come out on top.

  23. Will Microsoft and Yahoo! ever get the deal sealed? It’s damn too long we’ve been hearing rumors about their merger fro years now, but nothing ever comes of it in the end. I’ll give attention to it when it does finally happen.

  24. WOW! I didn’t knew that this was still going on between these two. Google rules anyway.

  25. I don’t think it will work for Microsoft Again as previously they failed this time also thy will fail..

  26. yahoo just did a lay off, do you think that is an attempt to cut cost/raise profits to attract a buyer?

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