The Dip by Seth Godin
The Dip by Seth Godin

I was listening to the book “The Dip” – by Seth Godin, on the way back from Vegas when it hit me how much this book has played an influence on my my life. It hit me so hard that I felt compelled to write Seth a note and thank him. In the email I gave very specific examples to Seth about how many times his book “The Dip” greatly influenced a decisions I had. And many times these decisions turned out to some of the biggest turning points in my business(s).

I was not expecting any response from Seth. I kind of wrote the email more for me then him. I think you guys know what I mean by that.

When he did respond I was very nervous to look what he had said:

From: Seth Godin
Date: November 12, 2008 7:25:35 PM CST
To: Jeremy Schoemaker
Subject: Re: Your Impact On My Life

holy smokes

what a fantastic note Jeremy

that means a lot. You get all the credit for your success, but it’s great to know you!

I thought maybe this week I would kind of do the same on my blog. I know many people who have read the book “The Dip” but I don’t think they really comprehend it well. Also a lot of people think “The Dip” is just about powering through tough times. Its MUCH more then that.

I listen to the book at least once a month to keep it fresh in my head.

Anyway this week I will probably making a few posts about how the dip has effected my life. If you have not purchased it yet… its only 9$ on Amazon and it will change the way you look at things.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

87 thoughts on “Have You Read The Dip?”
    1. I have not heard the book, but a friend of mine suggested me this one. I saw a remarkable change in the energy, once he “dipped”.
      Looking forward for a nice read/hearing..

    2. Jeremy has a lot to learn from you Mr. SETH

      Once i sent Jeremy a mail requesting a small favor from him. I waited for sometime when he didn’t replied i resent it again. but it was all in vain. Out of frustration i sent him one last mail asking him “IS HE A LIVING PERSON OR A DEAD MAN -COZ HE WAS IGNORING ME LIKE HELL”

      fortunately this time i was lucky to get answer from him; look what Jeremy replied in that mail :-

      from : Jeremy Schoemaker
      to : Shanker Bakshi
      date : Tue, May 13, 2008 at 11:02 AM
      subject: Re: Shoemoney – Skills To Pay The Bills

      I am living

      President – Fighters LLC

      Its very easy to preach about certain things but hard to follow
      -Shanker Bakshi

        1. I’m very sorry for you. I wish you know whom you are talking to. Love your life a little more. It’s precious.

    3. More than just writing a note and getting a response shoe… just gave us an example about networking. I don’t think i read it from anyone else. sorry if i missed. Shoe, you wrote to seth and gave specific examples as to how his work has affected you.

      Everyone wants to know that what they put their hard work into means something. So you focused on seth first and then didn’t even ask for anything back.

      Then Seth comes over and makes a comment. SHWEEET! Great job shoe on showing that even when you are up like yourself that you still need to abide by the first law of networking. GIVE VALUE FIRST aka…FOCUS ON THE NEEDS OF OTHERS!!!!!!!

  1. You got his okay to print that, right?

    His emails usually end in “this is off the record unless we agree otherwise”

    Just sayin…


    1. I am sure Seth wouldn’t mind because Shoe is promoting his book and it is not a very personal email either.

        1. Click at the BOOK above it will take you to AMAZON BOOK STORE, Jeremy has included his affiliate code in the link.

  2. No this is one a newby for me. thank you for the recommendation.

    I am subscribed to his blog and he is amazing. I just went to Portugal on vacation with my girlfriend and I read his book Purple Cow and it is such an eye-opener.

    I believe I’ve read 3, 4 maybe 5 books of him and all of them are simply amazing. He is real example to alot of marketers.

    1. Purple Cow is a great one, too. He has some good videos floating around out there. A recent one is him condeming the phony networking of sites like Twitter and what not.

  3. Great book – that should be required reading for entrepreneurial training – in addition to a go-getter attitude, and business ‘sense’ (the 7th sense), having good ‘dip’ judgment is critical. I’ve pushed many dead horses thinking that I was the problem, but turns out the idea was lame.
    I must have 20 start up experiences (not failures, experiences :)).

  4. I was thinking about reading The Dip again today…it’s one of those books with a messages that sticks with you and pushes you towards smartening the fuck up!

    Highly recommended!

      1. is where I get audio books on CD. I heard about them from a blind friend.

  5. I stumbled onto several of his presentations just last night and have to say… I was mesmerized by his presentation methods!!

    I think I watched 2-3, 40 minute vid clips… until about 1am this morning!

    You must be a mind reader Jeremy… My intent was to look deeper into what he offers on Monday AM, then I see this!


  6. I know Seth Godin and some of his books. And i got one but last 3 months didnt have a concentration to read it(not just it any book). 5 minutes ago i read this post and it makes me to search about the book and i find out its just 4$ in Turkey and i learned that dip=dip in turkish. And after all i aim going to buy it to read asap.

    Thanks Jeremy for this advice.

  7. You said you “listened” to the book. I would love to get an audio copy for my car so I don’t have to read the whole thing. Where can I get this?

  8. Seth has wonderful manners! I wrote a complimentary email to him about a blog post and he sent back a very nice thank you note. We should all emulate.


  9. Shoe, shouldn’t you of been listening to the latest tupac album that just came out yesterday?

  10. Weird

    I was reading this book while traveling the last two weeks. Amazing book about when to quit. I read all of Seth’s books. The new one is called tribes. I want to read it too. Nice to see you at PubCon Shoe. Did you get my emails? Not sure they might go to your spam box 🙂

  11. I read it, and it’s so much more than digging three feet from gold. There are some businesses and ventures, where it’s best to NOT waste your time.

  12. Thanks for the heads-up on the new book by Seth; this article here is my first news about the book, so consider it revenue-generating link-love for Seth 😉

    Off to check out his feed now… (as soon as I’m done watching 60 minutes, petting my hotties on FB, dinner, laundry and wondering if I should order Shoemoney Tools.) Busy Sunday night.

  13. this just goes to show that as a successful blogger and internet marketer one needs to respond to every email and comment..anyone listening ?

    1. Yes I agree ZK – mail to any big shot he will definitely listen to your word ( may be that’s why he/she is a big shots)

  14. Thanks for the heads up Shoe. Just placed my order on Amazon. I’m sure the guys over at Amazon will be like “Why is this selling even more all of a sudden? 😉

  15. Just got mines for $7.95 from So much easier to multitask when listening to the mp3 instead.

  16. Thanks Shoe. Just got the audio version tonight. It is a really good listen. I definitely can see how to apply this with important decisions.


  17. I agree with shoe. I know we all have our favorite Seth books, and Tribes is getting the buzz now. But The Dip gets personal, we have all been there and know we will be back there, that is the way things. But for something so obvious, few write about it. Everyone wants to write and read about the mountaintop, few want to write and read about the valley.

  18. I have not read this book, but love Seth Godin. Just downloaded from Audible and it is syncing to ipod now.

  19. It’s funny that you posted this today. I’ve been in a dip for a few weeks now and am still struggling to see if it indeed is a dip or, otherwise it’ll turn out to be a cul-de-sac. May be Godin’s book will help me find out so I’m ordering it right now.

    Take care


  20. I am an avid reader of Godin and have most of his books. While sometimes I don’t ALWAYS agree with what he thinks/writes/says, I find his take on marketing a breath of fresh air and completely out of the box.

    I have emailed Seth several times about everything from his books, to garage sales to airport security and always received a response. Seth is a swell guy!

  21. My favorite marketing book is, Purple Cow by Seth. It inspired me to really think about how my business can stand out. Anyone else read it?

  22. I love to read books rather than to listen to them! So I’m off to the nearest bookstore!


  23. I have been checking seth godin out on youtube for the past few hours and I already feel Like I have gained so much, Thanks for this post shoe.

  24. You should also get his new one called “Tribes”. I think it’s something crazy – like .95 on iTunes. I’ve read/listened to almost all of his books and it’s my favorite so far.

    And don’t think Seth was just responding because of Shoe. I emailed him a few years ago and got a response within a day. Seth is the real deal.

  25. I sent Seth an email as well about 2 weeks ago thranking him for everything he has ever written, and how much its helped my life and business.

    He responded the next morning, saying I made his day!

    Quite accessible for the big guy that he is….


  26. I think Godin is the best business writer I’ve read in a long time. I’ve read most of his books as well as listened to several (like The Dip). I loved the book but to me it was primarily about just working through the “low” times.

    Obviously Jeremy sees something I didn’t (big surprise), I’ll listen to it again….

  27. I haven’t read The Dip, but if you like then I will have to give it a look. I already like Seth. He puts out some really great books.

  28. I read The Dip after I was fired from a job in 2007. The book really helped me get through the early stages of shock.

  29. […] Seth Godin fan, but I had just never gotten around to reading The Dip.  But on the strength of Shoemoney’s recommendation I grabbed a copy, and thoroughly enjoyed it.   To synthesize it in a sentence: Never quit […]

  30. […] Shoemoney had been talking about the book the dip and I found myself at the library looking for this book. Unfortunately it was not on the shelves, […]

  31. I purchased the book when it first came out and took a ‘long view’ of exactly what I was doing with my business…Cul de Sac City!

    You’re right Jeremy, there’s more to learn from this one little book than any ‘How To Make Money’ tome currently available online.

    Good to know someone else ‘got it’ too:)

  32. Just finished listening to this from Audible. It’s an excellent book. Basically telling that the hard times are there to make the act of getting through them that much more valuable. It’s about quitting the right things and persisting to become great at the right things. Definitely worth picking up.

  33. Godin was really ‘purple’ at times. Now, I think that he’s becoming more and more green (yup! $$$ green). But the book is worth the time&money.

  34. Yes sure I have 🙂 All of Seth’s ebooks kinda look funny and interesting… not sure why I have that feeling.

  35. it was a great book, I bought it a while back off of ebay for $4! I looked at it the same way you did as the dip being the hurdle to cross to be successful. The bigger the hurdle you build the harder it will be for your competition to compete with you

  36. […] completá-la, tem que ir adiante. É também o que Seth Godin chama de O Mergulho no seu livro The Dip, mas é algo universal. Você já foi testado? Você teve sucesso? Algumas pessoas estão no […]

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