Published the November Newsletter this morning. Pretty good feedback so far:

@PreSellPageMan (PresellPageMan) says:
@shoemoney really love your Local Affiliate and PPC Guide – great job!
@thinklikeansob (thinklikeansob) says:
amazing info. and out of the box thinking in @shoemoney newsletter. thanks @shoemoney
@richaffiliate (richaffiliate) says:
@shoemoney Great newsletter Jeremy – anyone who hasn’t signed up for Shoemoney emails, do so now! This advice is worth $$$$$$$’s
@ChrisMonty (ChrisMonty) says:@shoemoney That was a fantastic read. You need an affiliate program for sign-ups to that list. πŸ˜›
@cmaddison (cmaddison) says:@shoemoney WOW- you could have published this and sold it as a $97 ebook! Fantastic newsletter. Printing to re-read later.
@moneyreign (Zac Johnson) says:@shoemoney good stuff in the newsletter today!

I have a few other topics I want to cover so might make this a bi-weekly thing.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

105 thoughts on “November NewsLetter Feedback Pretty Good!”
  1. I thought it was really good this month too shoe. Good job. The time you spent on it really shows. I can’t wait for next months.

        1. I guess I have to sign up for this newsletter given all the greate feedback from your customers Shoe..

  2. That was an amazing newsletter; I know of several people who will benefit immediately, and very generous of you to go into such fine detail. I was a little worried when i didn’t get it, but then noticed that. Gmail stuck it in my spam folder (which it hadn’t done for previous newletters) so you might want to remind people to white list you.

  3. Shoe… was I the only one which didn’t get this month’s issue? I checked the mail server logs and it definitely never came through. I also re-checked all the spam folders it could have been diverted too… nada… How do I get a copy?

    1. You weren’t the only one. I didn’t get my copy either. Should have signed up under more email addresses to ensured that one would get through.

    2. I didn’t get it either! I even signed up under two different email addresses and confirmed my subscription.

      I’d still really like to read it. Not really sure what’s going on.

        1. I accidental deleted mine in Spam, even though I have been really looking forward to this issue.

          Is there anyone who can forward it to me. Would highly appreciate it!

        2. Found it in the spam!


          I’ll forward it to anyone who wants a copy…just post here with your email.

    3. Yup same problem here. Checked spam folder, server logs, no go. Got September issue, but Oct. and Nov. never came

  4. Just a heads up Shoemoney … I was surprised to see this post, as I had not received your newsletter .. however I looked again and gmail put your newsletter in my spam box!

  5. Great Newsletter…. It got me thinking about a few of my projects in a different way….

    Thanks again!

  6. Its worth it… great newsletter.. maybe you could start looking at formating in pdf format as an option… πŸ˜‰

    1. neither did I for some reason, I am sure I am signed up can someone please be generous and forward me a copy “”

      Thanks David

  7. Loved the newsletter. Great information, Shoemoney. Will this be like the infamous ringtones post? Haha.

  8. I’m glad you mentioned this. I panicked because I was interested in this one, and I’ve been receiving all of them up until now, but I didn’t get this one today. For the first time, I found it in my spam folder. I wonder what happened?

  9. I’m using Gmail and for some reason Shoemoney’s newsletter was marked as SPAM. Until I saw this message I didn’t know that Shoemoney had e-mailed the newsletter. Looks interesting. I’ll definitely have to read up on it now! I

  10. The newsletter had a good idea. As far as the comment contest goes, how does it randomly draw a commenter? Does it assign each a number and choses a random number?

  11. Yes, this is a great newsletter. How many is the “we” you talk about? I’ll keep reading your blog to see if I can find out.

  12. That sucks, I deleted my Gmail spam without looking. Any way to have it sent to me again?

  13. The Facebook coupon does not work. I tried entering it manually and by using the link, both gave this error:

    Sorry, the code that you entered was invalid, has already been used, or has expired. You can try to enter the coupon code again on the funding sources page. If you want to avoid incurring any charges, please pause your ad.

    1. Didn’t work for me either.

      Got the message “the coupon you have entered is invalid or expired…”

  14. Definitely a gmail issue you’re having Shoe…I was signed up under two emails (didn’t realize it) never got it in my gmail account got it in my other though.

    1. Same here, nothing in my gmail, even though I still have the email that says I have to opt-in (when i click the link it says I have already done it).

  15. Fricken awesome newsletter. I heard you talk about facebook for marketing, but never quite got how it worked.

  16. Hey shoe, for whatever reason I didn’t receive the newsletter. I know I subscribed and clicked the confirmation link. No idea what is going on.

  17. Some good information in the newsletter.

    I was surprised… was expecting crap but got some solid ideas from it.

  18. I think I’m subscribed by at least one email, but still didn’t receive your newsletter. Strange.

  19. Sorry Shoe, I looked at my spamfolder at gmail, and there you where. πŸ™‚ The weekend is saved.

  20. I signed up long back but didn’t get the Nov Newsletter.. It’s not in my Spam Folder as well. Is there any web version?

  21. Hey Jeremy thanks for this great newsletter. The idea in the newsletter is great.You seem to do a lot of work to prepare this newsletter.

  22. You are really doing great job Jeremy. Just go on like this and hope this is minimum, i hope you will done more.

  23. This is the kind of “MEAT” that should be in all newsletters. You mentioned that you worked hard on it and it shows. Thanks for putting this together and all your other tools!!!!

  24. So great I must read twice. You gave everything a person needs except for the legal contracts to make the deal happen. I am glad I gave my email address to shoemoney….Now its time to make MONEY.

  25. I didn’t get it in my Gmail either and I can’t find it in the SPAM folder?? Boo… Is there anyway to resend it to me? LOL

  26. I didn’t get it, wtf?

    I remember subscribing when you made the post. It was called shoemoneynl or something on Aweber.

  27. I was thinking your newsletter was boring now I change my mind. That one is good. We always need a CHANGE and yes We CAN

  28. Great newsletter. Your advice and info always appreciated. I missed the last 2 Ask Questions before you closed. Bummer. πŸ™‚

  29. Jeremy,

    Thanks for all the info, at 50 years old, with 10th grade education look what I have built. I have been following you for a year and you continue to provide the best. Still in the Build stage and very cheesy looking, I am getting results. I am doing things on the computer/internet that I never thought possible, at least for me.You Rock…..

    Thanks for making a difference for people,
    David G.

    P.S. stay tuned and watch out for autoequalizer…….

  30. hi, can someone pls forward it to my email too ? i didnot receive it ? my mail is ” takeruyazen ” [(]. i hope spambot cant read it… its just the word inside the ” ”



  31. That newsletter rocked. This site is an inspiration as I continue to build sites and create relationships that keep driving me forward every day. It’s so nice to catch up on the latest trands and love how much you keep giving us.

  32. Excellent newsletter, this is standard of what newsletters should be. You just gave us a way we all could be making six figures from this one plan.

    Thank you!

  33. Given all the greate feedback from readers I guess this newsletter is a must for signing up..

  34. Still looking for an update regarding the $50 facebook coupon. What is odd is all the facebook coupons I’ve seen have the format:
    and the code offered in the newsletter does not follow that format.

    Were we misled, or is there a valid coupon forthcoming?

  35. I still never got my newsletter for Nov. Can someone please forward a copy to me? jbh [at] northstar – productions [dot] com


      1. could you forward it to me too? I know I’m late to the game…
        leapfrog78 at gmail dot com

        Thank You!

  36. Very informative as usual. I really didn’t put too much thought into running different versions of the same ad at the same time. I think everyone by now knows to create different ads in order to track which one produces a better conversion, but now I will stick with just campaign at a time.

  37. pretty late to react.
    It was a god article on the local affiliate networks. But i am bringing something to your attention. These things are affected geographically. Not every city is new york or vegas.

    Less than 3% of my country’s population use credit cards and believe in online advertising.

  38. Just a heads up Shoemoney Ò€¦ I was surprised to see this post, as I had not received your newsletter .. however I looked again and gmail put your newsletter in my spam box!

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