No more worrying about the mortgage payments… No more worrying about putting gas in my car.

This whole spread the wealth thing is going to be so awesome!

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

178 thoughts on “Man Its Going To Be Great”
        1. Let me see if I got this right: If you believe in personal
          responsibility and you don’t the socialist tenant of “spread
          the wealth around” . . . . you’re a redneck.

          So if one does not support Senator Obama, one must
          be a redneck.

          Wow! Talk about bigotry!

      1. Yes they do.. I actually get 5 scams per day. And they are getting more and more legitimately looking..

    1. Ahahah that was funny… obama is not jesus ahahah… he is a smart man but he is not jesus ahaha.. anyway.. about this whole spread the wealth around..

      If people are not happy about that then next time IRS going to knock at your door… you will say “I don’t want to spread the wealth around so I don’t want to pay taxes at all” loool !!!!!!!!!
      I mean somebody got to pay for those road bridge police teacher and the list goes on…….

    2. Yep people are that stupid. I have read over both presidential candidates plans and actually Obama’s is less socialistic than McCain’s. What is terrible is McCain wants go and buy up homes AT COST, not what they are worth now but AT COST. Which means he would be taking our tax payer money and bailing out the banks in a way that they would actually profit instead of just break even like proposed before. I make over 250k a year and will see a small increase but have figured out that I will actually make more than the tax cut because our middle class will be strong which will allow me to sell a lot more product in my other companies.

      1. It’s amazing how little people know and how much they depend on mainstream media for their information..

        1. The problem is that people don’t like to think for themselves. They want it the easy way and they want the information chewed up and ready for digestion with minimum effort..

          I wonder if that sort of attitude has lead to our current state of crisis.

    3. I think she took it a bit overboard, totally misunderstanding the purpose here. But again she seems extremely excited so she didn’t really think about what she was saying. 😉

    1. Same here, once he was wearing a Barack Obama t-shirt, and now posting this video. I’m confused too Shoe! Please explain yourself, which side are you on? Just curious

  1. “No more worrying about my mortgage payments, no more putting gas in my car”

    Umm… NOT true! It’s funny seeing the mentality of some people. 😀

    1. I think shoemoney is just a smart marketer, post political bait, and the people- 1. stay on your site, 2. return to the site, 3. keep posting (adding organic keywords) to the site. The last post had over 400 comments last time I checked.

      I am not immune to having my buttons pushed. I think I posted three times during the last political post.

    1. Let me tell you, in my line of work that last phrase you just said has little weight. It’s annoying.

  2. Though I voted for Obama, these are the types of people I truly HATE: People who don’t understand what Obama’s policies, plans, etc are. She must either be really stupid or not understand his whole campaign. People overall are getting more stupid by the day LOL

    1. These are the kind of people that make me cringe…..both parties have them….and they are bad for both sides.

      Wake up!

      1. Yep these type of people are on both sides. I think the news has the responsibility of not letting stupid people talk on the news to try to sway one side or the other. I think Obama will win and that his policies will help our country out as a whole whether really rich or really poor.

    2. Yeah as well it does scare me how stupid people are getting. People voted for Bush twice and he was doing a terrible job. I see people who say stupid things about Obama and people who say stupid things about McCain. Do these people not read their plans at all or really think about what they are saying and what they can actually do. People are going to be really disappointed if they think either of the candidate will be able to do everything they are saying, like the world will change November 5th to what they have said. Being a small business owner I look at the presidential election but also look at all the local elections and statewide elections to see who thinks like me and who I like. I am voting for a few republicans on the state and local level as well as a few democrats but will be voting for Obama for the presidential ballot because his ideas are good and he seems to have the right things to get it done and I like how he has ran his campaign and he seems to surround himself with very smart people with track records, as for McCain he has economic advisers who have ran companies into the ground and his main Phil Graham was the one who helped deregulate the banking system working for many lobbying companies.

  3. I hope you still support Obama, Shoe. I can’t believe the republican scare mongering with communism and socialism, etc. Are we living in the 1950s again? If people look and review the plans at non-partisan sites that actually analyze these plans in unbiased manner, they’d see this hysteria is completely ridiculous.

    The thing that I find so laughable is that all these broke morons are saying the government is going to take their wealth. What wealth? If you’ve ever lived in or been to a so-called socialist country… (Sweden always seems to be the scapegoat) You are well aware that they enjoy more personal liberty and have a higher standard of living than most Americans. I get a real laugh when McCain characterizes it as some bleak cold war hellhole with a failed economic system. Check out their GDP growth for the past decade. If you’ve ever lived their, you already know that we tell ourselves a lot of fairy tales about how great this country is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a patriotic American, but there are plenty of countries where the average citizen is richer and more free than here in the USA. If more Americans went out and experienced the rest of the world, they gain some much needed perspective and see all the things we are still doing wrong. I hate seeing our country fall behind and it’s happened because of fear and ignorance.

    1. Well said Marc. It’s funny that some people don’t know what the heck they are defending or fighting for.

    2. Don’t talk sense Marc not being able to have health care or having 50% divorce rates because the family is destroyed when both parents have to work, it’s the American way now. No one cares about anything or anybody else. Me Me Me economics.

    3. What I always find funny as well is that everyone thinks the Republican party is the wealthy party, when in fact the Democratic “elite” wealth spreaders have more money and are more educated as a whole yet they have no problem with it. Look around the people that get hurt the most are the ones who vote Republican. Never made any sense to me, but let’s face the social conservatives are dying. All these old codgers who think this country is still center right are going to learn a hard lesson real soon. Keep religion out of politics period, and the time has come to get these war mongering neocons out of office.

      1. coops222- you make yourself look dumber with every post you make.

        And you are a complete fool if you think the Democrat elite are using platforms to be altruistic and help everyone.

        They don’t care about spreading wealth because it isn’t their money they are spreading. Look up charitable contributions among these elites and you’ll get the true story.

        THEY HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH IT BECAUSE IT IS AN EASY WAY TO GAIN POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a complete fool to think otherwise.

        Wealth and education is not tied to either party. When the Dems want the Republicans to be stupid they call them rednecks. When they want to make them the bad guys they call them the rich.

        Conservatism is not dying. The world (esp. Europe) is figuring out that socialist policies do not work and conservatives are winning elections.

        People want government out of their lives. This is conservatism. All we need is our Constitution. It is the reason why our country is the best.

        I’ll agree that we need to get the neocons out of office though. Actually we need to get every incumbent out.

    4. I agree with you. Our standard of living in the United States has gone down a lot over the past 20 years due to the war mongering idealism of the republican party. I am a democrat but have voted for many republicans in elections but feel Bush, Rove, and Cheney have really tried to change what the republican party is all about. I think we need a change and need to go with Obama and if he can’t do it then in 4 years we let him go. But we do need to change because we can’t stay on this path at all.

      1. Our standard of living has gone down moreso because people have made poor decisions on their own.

        This is a generational problem.

        We have the worst savings rate among nations. Credit card debt per family is outrageous. Everyone wants the newest iphone, car, bigger house, etc.

        While government has gone to shit, one need only compare the Greatest Generation with the Baby Boomers to get the real picture.

    5. Obama says it isn’t about socialism. He says it’s about not being selfish.

      I believe him. I’m sending my direct deposit info to the IRS on November 5th.

  4. I can’t believe these people thinking they won’t have to pay for anything if Obama is elected!

  5. Jeremy, can we just cut out the middle man and you send me a check for say $15k to cover my mortgage next year. Thanks!

  6. Andy – I agree…

    This is a prime example of how America falls behind in the world of common sense, listening and reading comprehension. Last time I looked neither candidate promised that. I feel sorry for this woman, she’s in for a terrible disappointment.

    I’m still voting for Obama, mainly because if Sen. McCain were to run the government like he has been running his campaign, he’d be crash landing that plane too.

    Joe, you there…stand up Joe! WTF…how could somebody have not told McCain that Joe wasn’t there at this late in the game?

  7. “This whole spread the wealth thing is going to be so awesome!”

    Yeah, only if your broke right now.

  8. It’s really sad how smart our country isn’t. Have you heard the Howard Stern Interview in New York??? Half the people he interview thought that Obama was running with Sarah Palin. Stupid people should not be allowed to vote!!!!

    1. Also don’t be naive, Stern fakes half those interviews to get it the way he wants it because his show has to have comedy on it. It is just like Jay Leno and Jaywalkers segment he does, he probably has to go through a hundred people just to find 2-3.

  9. I don’t get it. So some of you think SHE thinks that she won’t have to make any more mortgage payments or a car payments?

    You think she thinks the Obama is going to make those payments for her?

    I know what she said, I’m asking if you think that is what she thinks?

    Because I voted Obama, too. I stood in line for 4 hours on Wednesday so that I can could cast a vote for the person that I think would have avoided the need for the government to nationalize banks and bailout wall street.

    The funny thing is, the party that made that necessary calls my candidate a socialist. And that party gets much mileage out of pretending that everyone is trying to get over but them.

    And that’s the purpose of little videos like this one. But it ain’t working. So get ready to pay 39% Jeremy (you lucky dog).

    1. I don’t think that most of the people who read this forum buy this kind of thing….. It’s the people like the lady in the video that would be swayed by this.

      Unfortunately, both smart and dumb people’s votes count the same….

  10. She thinks that if she votes for Obama that he’ll say “Thank you, here’s financial freedom for you and your family”. Sad to see someone so ignorant actually make it onto the news. Much like it’s sad to see people who think Obama is a socialist-terrorist.

  11. I can’t believe I am jumping into this. I have managed to stay out of every online political debate up until this point…I guess because I voted this morning the weight is lifted off my shoulders or something…but here it goes…

    The reason she is saying that is because she is an uneducated voter and it is what Obama DIDN’T SAY that is the problem.

    Please note: What I am about to say can be applied to all politicians today…not just Obama…he just happens to be the one in this example.

    Obama does say that people are going to keep their homes, gas prices are going to go down, you will have health care…etc. What he does not say…at least at rallies or in commercials…is HOW you will get all of those things that sound so great during a speech. So what happens? Uneducated voters (by uneducated I mean that are uneducated when it comes to politics and what the candidates are actually running on…) make their own assumptions on how that is going to happen. And I’m sorry…you can support Obama for your own reasons…I respect that…but spreading the wealth?

    Politicians in today’s political arena have figured out that you get more votes by making broad comments than how you are going to fix specific issues. It is mind blowing to watch all of the commercials and debates. No one answers the question anymore from either side of the spectrum.

    So that said…are you guys really surprised to see something like this? I’m not…

    Great blog Shoe…long time reader first time caller here…


    1. Rob,

      Have you even been watching the debates? You must be kidding when you say both candidates have been dodging questions. Obama has answered all questions directed to him, while McCain has decided to dodge many questions.

      I will agree with you on the point that there are indeed many uneducated voters on both sides who clearly do not understand the issues.

  12. And I look forward to handing out your food stamps. Siege heil Obama! Savior of the World, no – The Universe!

  13. So Shoe, are you insinuating that you’re for McCain with this post, or just pointing out that there are people out there who don’t understand Obama’s policies? Not sure what to make of this.

    In any case, I voted Obama, even though I know he won’t be paying my mortgage… but that was never his platform anyways. I went with the candidate who actually addressed the issues with intelligent policies.

    I decided that the guy who was constantly flip-flopping on his positions, attacking his opponent with BS soundbites, had no clear economic policies, and picked the worst possible running mate was probably not the best guy to run our country.

    1. That sounds like EXACTLY what America needs in a leader!

      It’s gonna really come in handy when he meets with Ahmadenijad, Kim Jong IL, and Hugo Chavez!

      Man It’s Going To Be Great!

      (Will someone PLEASE tell me why the ability to get people to follow you is a bad thing in a leader?)

      1. It all depends on the leader and what he’s asking people to do. Personally, I’d like to keep my money. I’d also like to make over $250,000 per year. And keep that as well.

        I say if you want the money, earn it. If you earn it honestly, you should be able to keep it without having someone take it from you to be fair to someone else. If they can physically/mentally work for the money, they should. It’s not right to depend on other people.

        1. You’re fighting America’s progressive tax code. Obama didn’t invent it. I’ts been in place since at least the 1920’s. Feel free to take the issue up with Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Reagan. Especially Reagan, who came up with the Earned Income Tax Credit that specifically gives thousands of dollars to people the government decides aren’t making enough money working.

      1. You think I’m blaming the tax system on Obama? No…I’m not that stupid.

        But it is broken, and I’d love to see the Fair Tax instituted.

        And as someone who works my butt off, both online and offline (especiallly offline), I get the EITC. The difference is that I actually want to work hard to make a living and support my family. I try to better myself every chance I get so I can make a better living. And when the day comes that I reach that goal, I do not want some socialist telling me that I have to give up MY hard earned money that I worked for so that someone who wants to sit at home and feel sorry for themselves and not try to better themselves can be treated ‘fairly’.

        You know what fair is? Fair is pulling your own weight if you are physically capable of it.

  14. Scarrrrry!! Shows you the mentality of the people who think Obama is going to GIVE them everything. I’ve heard that some people think they may not have to work anymore once/if Obama is President. Absolutely LUDICROUS! Where do they think the money is going to come from? Oh, yeah that’s right, it’ll come from you and me who WORK. It’ll come from the educated people who understand that the GOVT is not here to fill up your gas tank and pay your mortgage.

    1. “I’ve heard that some people think they may not have to work anymore once/if Obama is President. Absolutely LUDICROUS!”

      That you’ve heard such a thing sounds ludicrous. Where?

    2. Kris,

      You’re sitting there making fun of the lady in the video, but it’s clear that you don’t understand Obama’s tax plan either.

      Try to understand this simple concept: If you make less than $250K, you will not see a tax increase. And, if you make even less, you may even see a tax break.

      What is so confusing about Obama’s tax plan? Stop listening all the propaganda that the Republicans are spreading.

  15. I think that train of thought (or lack of thought) is strongly represented in both parties. Most people have already decided long ago who they’re voting for (whether they admit it to themselves or not), and after that it’s all about hearing what you want to hear.

  16. Unbelievable… I’m surprised by how many marketers out there support an anti-capitalist, socialist. What happened to the America of less government that our founders gave their lives and riches for?

    1. You need to wake up most of our true founders had no riches LOL. Ask Ben Franklin how many riches he gave up. Read a few books it does the mind good.

      1. You have obviously never read the Declaration of Independence:

        Last sentence…

        “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

        You also don’t seem to be aware that John Hancock was one of the richest men in America at the time, let alone several others being wealthy. They gave up their land, time with their families, and even their own lives.

    1. The ignorance on both side amazes me….
      People amaze me….

      Do you remember when extraordinary things were the things that caught you off guard?….Extreme ignorance is what surprises me the most these days… The level of stupidity on both sides of this election just blows me away…

      Do people read anymore?

  17. Slow down here people. Take a step back and think about what she said. She believes that a vote for Obama is a vote for a better economy. This, in her opinion, will help her financial situation to the point where she won’t have to worry too much about paying the bills. Please don’t just insinuate that this women thinks if Obama wins, she can just sit on her behind and let the money pour in through the front door. If you come to that conclusion, then you are no better in your thinhking than you believe this woman to be.

    1. You think she said a vote for Obama is a “vote for Obama is a vote for a better economy”. What she “actually” said was very different.

  18. I think it is being taken out of context. I think she was saying that her life will be better under obama (due to the economy, more likely due to obama’s tax plan etc) which will allow her not worry about paying her mortgage and putting gas in her car . She never said the government would be paying for her mortgage etc. She has a mortgage which obviously mean she is not on public assistance.

    2nd, Shoe stated he was voting for McCain (or alluded to it) earlier this week or last week.

  19. In the end someone has to pay the mortgage… and I have a huge feeling it wont be the Government…

  20. What do you think shoe?

    Your taxes will go up under Obama’s plan.
    I think I’ve read you take home about 170 a year, plus your wife’s salary you should be well over 250.

    Who you voting for?

  21. LMAO. I got a stake in Obama’s campaign too, but this is hilarious.

    But I would have to bet that this is the first time this woman has been so involved and excited about our political process and that’s why her expectations are so high. Boy is she going to learn the hard way 🙂

    I would rather have someone be over enthusiastic about our political process (who will eventually come to realize things) then be a moron who sits on his couch and says “I’m not going to vote, it doesn’t matter anyway.”

    Everyone he who is passing judgment on this woman better fucking vote.

    1. I did. I voted for McCain. *blows raspberry*

      How can people be so delusional to think that Obama’s plan will *only* affect those who make lots of money?

      Who do they think pays the employees?

        1. Of course it does remember the other day when one of McCains crowd gathered, took the mic and said he was an Arab. 25% of the hillbillies in these states think he is Arab. I mean really who is the uneducated ones?

        2. There are a bunch of uneducated hillbillies, yes.

          There are also uneducated city-dwellers, hippies, geeks, scumbags, the whole “Ferris Bueller is a Righteous Dude” crowd.

          Common sense is more important than education, in my opinion. I know he’s not an Arab. I still didn’t vote for him :p

          And for the record, Ferris IS a righteous dude.

  22. Bling, Bling!!!! Our Saviour has arrived… There is nothing like telling the masses you will solve all of our problems at the expense of the people that do work. This whole campaign makes me sick.. either he has to raise taxes to an astronomical rate and kills our economy or he is full of BS and doesn’t give his promised entitlements… I pray McCain finds a way to pull it off.

  23. Oops, it is the end of the month and I haven’t paid my mortgage. If Obama wins, I’d be alright then huh?

  24. And guess what America we love you…
    How your country is viewed from ashore, we do find this all pretty funny.

  25. IMHO one’s interpretation of the video is a HUGE tell of the interpreter’s personal belief sets, specifically around cultural and racial stereotypes.

    There’s two interpretations:
    1) The woman literally believes she’ll somehow get free gas and can skip out on paying her mortgage, if Obama is elected.

    2) The woman believes that Obama’s strategies to address the economy will be successful, and therefore she won’t have to worry about paying for gas or her mortgage… because she’ll be able to pay for gas and her mortgage.

    People are unwittingly giving themselves away in these types of discussions. Really interesting.

  26. Someone has a rude awakening coming….
    Ignorance doesn’t care what party you belong to…It will be your friend either way.

  27. Shoe-

    You’ve really got these guys guessing. I’m enjoying watching you play with your readers. The tee shirt you posted several weeks ago got them thinking/hoping that you were going to vote for B.O. I’m not buying it. Next Tues. night should be interesting!

  28. I love how the democrats are trying to spin this video. she didn’t say a vote for obama is a vote for a good economy. come on – you haven’t drank enough of the kool-aid to NOT realize exactly what she said.

    On a side note, if Obama wins, she is going to be pretty pissed she still has to pay for gas and her mortgage. I want to see that video on YouTube.

  29. Is she uneducated?
    “No more worrying about putting gas in my car” – so how will she run her car? with water or air? or will she sell her car? This type of people are really dangerous when they face reality. After vote, if Obama gets elected they will realize that they got the wrong idea and they will blame Obama. “OMG! Obama you are a liar!!” – they will cry, they will feel that they are being cheated. I think this type of video will lower the popularity of Obama rather than making it high. Sincere people may not like to join these stupid people’s party! Every great leader is so unlucky because they always have such kind of stupid supporters.

    1. Not only will Obama be a liar, but the Republicans will get blamed for blocking whatever he wanted and making him a liar.

      You know that’s what will happen.

  30. I believe the lady in the video is being taken out of context.

    Obama/Biden/Pelosi/Reid do however want to spread the wealth.

    This is nothing new. Democrats have always wanted to do this.

    1. I agree, she probably is. Maybe she should learn how to communicate better.

      Obama’s policy still sucks, either way.

  31. I don’t think that woman meant what she said… Lately people from the middle class and poorer have had a hard time paying for gas and their mortgage. These things are great burden for people trying to feed multiple children in a place with no work.

    These things make you worry… So she probably meant her family won’t have to worry about these issues, because we won’t have to rely on money trickling down from the rich people.

    Think about it, you give more money to the poor and middle class people and it will be spent.

    Would you rather pay a little more taxes on more profit, or the same on less profit? If you want more profits vote for Obama…

    1. When you take money from the employer, it reduces the profits available to pay employees with.

      Is NOBODY seeing this? Obama is selling himself to the people who don’t understand how businesses are run. And unfortunately they are eating it up. Why? Because they don’t have a clue how things work!

      Those that do can generally see through the crap (see also: Joe the Plumber).

  32. Uselesss. Redistribution of wealth just makes it lazier for people to work and Entrepreneurs like you and i to actually work harder because not much to look forward to when your income is just going to be taken away.

  33. People who want something for nothing typically get just that…NOTHING!

    I wonder who this lady will piss and moan to when she learns this.

  34. Human first.
    We have bilion to spend to Irak not a million to build up a modern health system.
    Why Irak need more my dollar pay tax than my own people?

    1. That’s a Very Good Question, George Bush Invest in the War against Terrorism, spending billion of dollars in Iraq War and Afghanistan while they are killing innocent, so doesn’t that make him a terrorist as well. He could have used that money and spend it on something else more like the Country itself rather then creating more enemies.

  35. Three things going on here with this post. Being Bate Gold And Traffic related to the terms in this post as google trends has election searches on full steam.

    The 3rd being that distribution of wealth. Why would anyone want to be wealthy if you have to give it away. Then all us that work 80 F@#$ing Hours a week would have no drive to do that anymore building our business.

    Hell we can all collect food stamps and be government dependent sloths. If the are going to take my double time and give it to someone sitting on there ass…. Why Build Business Or Work?

    Good Point Shoemoney….

  36. YES! We are days from a Democratic Utopia. Heaven on earth in my lifetime…

    All because Barack Obama arose from the earth in Illinois (or was it Hawaii or Indonesia?) to lead us to the promised land.

    1. And this is where I try to distinguish sarcasm from an opportunity to roll my eyes and slap myself in the forehead.

  37. GAAH!!

    Stupid Halloween Theme on Nov. 1st.

    I keep hearing screaming noise and can hardly read any of the comments.

  38. I wouldn’t want to see the US turn into a country like Canada where the average person is in debt only 15k (compared to US where the average person has a debt of 40k), has more sex, drinks more beer and works less hours.

  39. Hey BHO supporters, I have some swamp land in Kansas for sale. Any takers. You can use the wealth you are going to get with his redistribution to pay me for it.

    1. Deal!

      Please send details.


      P.S. I wish your father had made the same offer to my father back when Reagan was redistributing the wealth through the EITC. Or your grandfather had made the same offer to my grandfather back when Teddy Roosevelt or Eisenhower was redistributing the wealth through the progressive tax system.

      I’d be…wealthy!

      (We’ve been redistributing the wealth in this country through taxes since the early 1900’s. You flat-taxes and no-taxers should take up your socialist/communist/marxist concerns with the Greatest Generation and stop pretending that redistribution is an un-American concept that some radical thought up during the 60’s.)

    2. BHO?
      BHO = J”KKK”M

      You really suck to be a part of that society calling that guy Hussein. Wake up dude.

      OOPS.. sorry, maybe its G “KKK” G

  40. Thanks for posting this. I’m so sick of seeing Obama’s Orwellian crap everywhere. “We can believe in magical change,” plus the posters of him staring towards the sky look a lot like Communist and Nazi propaganda posters. Not that McCain is great either…

  41. I would like to see the rest of the video. Anyone will still have to worry about gas and their mortgage for god sakes.

    1. That is Very True you need to see the whole video because you can cut of any video and make anyone look stupid

  42. I don’t who is dumber the people who say these things or the ignorant people who buy into the old goats spreading the wealth around message. Who do you think makes people money? I guess Reagan spread the wealth around as well as taxes were higher then Obama is raising them too; which happens to be where they were before the hillbilly running things now. By the way the only time in the last 20 years we had a balanced budget was with a wealth spreader so I guess that’s why all the “elite” who are generally the educated and wealthier of the group actually understand this. Why does Warren Buffet realize this he’s the Oracle of your state. People only care about themselves and you wonder why the wealth disparity and this country are in the crapper. The last time the income inequality was this high was in the depression. Keep worrying about yourself as your business won’t matter before long because those leeches in the middle class who are 70% of the GDP will no longer buy your junk. Keep up the great work that make this country so loved by all.

  43. God you Obama votebots are morons (and traitors at that.) They recently reported that Obama’s aunt had been living in the US illegally and has illegally donated to his campaign, all while unlawfully collecting WELFARE. B. H. Obama won’t take care of his aunt because he expects the government to do it for him, which means using YOU and your TAX MONEY, even when it’s ILLEGAL. That’s been his whole platform to begin with: no accountability, lawlessness, reparations, and expecting the government to solve all our problems using trillion dollar social programs that he thinks can be easily funded just by letting the Bush tax cuts expire.

    Obama’s whole campaign has been illegal, funded by unknown entities here and abroad, and God only knows what kind of return investment they’re going to expect for their money. Obama is a Manchurian candidate who promises people the world, and the misguided soul shown in this YouTube video is merely but one example.

    Wake up America. While McCain was being tortured by communists, Obama was being tutored by them. We only have one real patriot on the ballot this year, and that is John McCain.

    1. Hot damn! Your post makes me love even more that I voted for Obama! The kind of overheated divisive and blatantly false crap you posted is EXACTLY why Americans rejected your sellout candidate (who betrayed not only America but himself in his desperate quest for power). Too bad your people started out with the ridiculous “Arab Muslim” lie instead of the only stupid “Socialist/Marxist “lie–you might have had a chance. Problem is, it’s not the 50’s. It’s not the 60’s. Today you can’t just drop a bunch of scurrilous lies about a candidate in the snailmail box or on one of the 3 networks and have them out there marinating for a week before the candidate can even mount a defense.

      These days you have to practically lie in “real time” and can be responded to in the same way. You right-wing losers must be so shocked that your usual “politricks” didn’t work this time. And I’ve got news for you–thanks to the intertubes they will never work again.

      Enjoy your marginalization, you backwards-ass losers!

    1. You might not have a vote because you’re Canadian but I do believe that you have an opinion on this election. You just probably want to keep it for yourself and I surely respect that.

      All eyes are watching the United States Of America. This election will be remembered for a long time.

      This is history in the making.

  44. That women isn’t very smart. But I am voting for Obama on the 4th because we need a change in our system and i feel he is very smart and has great ideas. Many people need to look at his plans beside McCains. Neither will be able to do everything they say but at least Obama’s budget will allow them to start getting the deficit under control. I also look at how both of them have ran their campaigns because that is one of the only things we can really judge them on to show how they react to day to day problems. I think Obama has blown McCain out of the water and McCain has done nothing in this campaign to show he knows what hes doing and comes off as slightly senial of goofy to me. I feel Obama is the best for our country right now and expect him to win on the 4th, if not I will be very disappointed in this country.

  45. McCain And Palin Are Socialist And Will Spread The Wealth | McGrath Dot Ca - Reviews - Internet Marketing Online says:

    […] had to post since it was the cool thing to do nowdays(here and […]

  46. I think McCain should go with Humma Kavula’s tactic in the last couple of days:


  47. Speaking of, this quote seems to fit.

    Humma Kavula: “The election is ancient history, Zaphod. If memory serves, you won, proving that good looks and charm win over brilliance and the ability to govern. And for the record? You *are* stupid. “

  48. […] elected you won’t have to worry about your mortgage payments or putting gas in your car. As Shoemoney said, this whole spread the wealth thing is going to be […]

  49. I can’t believe someone actually buys into that ad. I will be so glad when all of these political ads are over and done with! In my opinion neither McCain nor Obama will make a good president. Let’s elect Shoemoney, he knows how to create wealth and spread it around!!!

  50. Great, now I’ll have to worry not only about how I’m going to pay off MY mortgage, but also HERS
    I hope she at least doesn’t have a car, so I won;t have to pay for her gas too!
    They should implement some mandatory IQ test before allowing people to vote 🙂

  51. This is really simple –

    Junior senator with < 5 years experience. Associated with radical religious zealots and known domestic terrorists. Whose wife said, “I’ve never been proud of America until now….” Never fought in a war, never commanded any organization with life/death hanging in the balance. Threatening to run our economy into the ground with higher taxes on the very few who produce the bulk of the nation’s wealth. 2nd highest recipient of funds from Fannie May and Freddie Mac in the entire Senate! Known ties with radical Muslims. Willing to negotiate with nations who support terrorism without preconditions (or experience).


    Naval aviator – volunteered for active combat at 30 years of age. Bronze star + 1500 plus days and brutal torture in a POW camp. 2 decades in the senate.

    17 military awards – a consistent record of surviving US politics with his beliefs mainly intact. Not threatening to drive our economy into years of deflation with a redistribution of funds to those who will surely squander it.

    If you’re voting Obama, frankly…you’re just an idiot. Wake up guys, look at history and the men who made this country the greatest nation the world has ever seen. They weren’t like Obama..that’s certain.


  52. It’s sad to actually think that people… anyone! put’s their trust in a politician!

    Have we not noticed that politicians are puppets yet? SWEET JESUS!

    I mean come on…. They are there to be the president for not you, not America but for private bankers, pharmeceutical companies and Big Corps…

    It’s all about power guys.

    If you’re voting, I’d say don’t even waste ur time!


  53. I watched Recount on TV here in the UK last night – if you guys over the pond haven’t updated the way voting takes place, you are stuffed! I’ve never seen such a disgrace in a country considered to be a genuine, established democracy. As for getting away with turning 20,000 legitimate Florida voters away because they had similar names to felons – WTF!? How did that go unchallenged!?

    Anyway, my point is that anyone who would vote Republican after that, after 8 years of Bush, after the litany of big business interest/friends of the family-pleasing policies, after week after week of clearly stupid decisions that anyone with an IQ in three figures would laugh at – you get what you deserve. Please, please, please, from the rest of the world – don’t let the hideous McCain/Palin combo into office. Nobody will thank you for it and I give it six months before you are kicking yourselves.

    From over here, we don’t get all the detail you guys get, but seriously – it doesn’t take a quantum physicist to see that whatever you think of Obama, he is the only alternative to McCain and that HAS to be better. I imagine some of you have read Rolling Stone, seen the interviews with his old comrades etc. – he is NOT the man he claims.

    If you think Obama is a socialist (and that really isn’t a dirty word in Europe!), I can tell you he would be considered centre-right over here.

    Think about your countrymen/women, think about your comrades outside the US, think about your influence on history. The Republicans have consistently failed us all for eight years (and many more before that) – don’t let them do it again. Vote Obama.

  54. Some of you are really ignorant.

    The media focuses and publicizes some idiot who associates Obama’s speech some kind of way to a lack the need for social responsibility (gasoline and mortgages). And you automatically take that as summary for his values. You own and operate that great website called:

    There will always be someone who misconstrues the truth and value of any of these politicians. It is up to us, to have common sense enough to make the discerning differentiation.

    Wake up dummies.

  55. Haha. Good one. You lost me. Please cancel my membership. Anyone foolish enough to risk alienating roughly 53% of the populace by posting thinly veiled insulting political videos, is not someone I want to look at for financial advice. I would also cancel if you put up some of the ridiculous Palin interviews…just no the forum I thought it was. Later.

  56. I think she means like the economy under obama wont’ be so horrible [hopefully, and it’s conjecture on her part] that she won’t have to worry about gas being sooo expensive or banking problems. i dunno if this is true?

  57. Personally it bothered me that she said that with her daughters around. I don’t ever want my daughters (or my son) to think that a president or the government is going to step in and make things all better for me. I talk to them about how we must work for what we want and that anything is possible if we do. We don’t wait for the government to lift us up..we do that for ourselves. I don’t want the government to support me. I want them to protect me, my rights and my country….period.

  58. It’s a shame that many people are losing sight of personal responsibility. If that’s what people are taking out of Obama most likely getting elected, our country is in for another tough 4 years.

  59. […] gets elected you won’t have to worry about your mortgage payments or putting gas in your car. As Shoemoney said, this whole spread the wealth thing is going to be great!  Not!  Keep it real America… […]

  60. She was simply making a point that presidents over the past few years have favoured the upper class and data shows that this is true.

    I would have put it differently of course but, saying that, Obama would definatly be a better president when it comes to helping out people like herself.

  61. Wow great reading i had a lot of fun one this, im not sure as to who is beter and im just enjoying the info.

  62. LMAO…LMAO…LOL. Shoe, man you are too FUNNY. That’s so funny. That caught me off guard. I was expecting that. I just busted up. Sorry. You set me up. I can’t even make a serious comment because I can’t stop cracking up.

  63. […] I was doing some blog reading and thumbing through my newsgator.  When I saw this headline and beginning paragraphs from ShoeMoney… […]

  64. Yep people are that stupid. I have read over both presidential candidates plans and actually Obama’s is less socialistic than McCain’s.

  65. Hey Shoe…Ok, I like Obama and voted for him, but this video is just to funny.

    I mean I could get all serious about this post and make all these political statements, but its Friday and I just want to have a good smile…laugh. w/e

    I post about this post on my personal blog and showed it to my dad and uncle. We were crackin’ up. It’s just so funny. I am trying to give her the benefit of doubt that she just means he is for the people, but it’s just too funny to watch.

  66. It’s truly sad to watch what USA has become. What happened to personal responsibility?

  67. I hope that he can do some good for the country, but I am really tired of seeing “Free at last” plastered just about everywhere I look

  68. Ask not what Obama can do for you, ask what you can do for yourself and your country! Obama is going to be busy working on rebuilding our reputation in the world and figuring out how to stabilize the Economy. Obama is going to be there to inspire people, not to give them hand outs. Obama worked hard for what he’s gotten, he’s woken up at 4am as a kid to study and walked the streets door to door and talked to people to find out what they really think and want. Obama won’t be giving away money, but he also won’t be taxing the poor while the rich enjoy the tax breaks. Wake up America, we need to work hard and work together.

  69. […] elected you won’t have to worry about your mortgage payments or putting gas in your car. As Shoemoney said, this whole spread the wealth thing is going to be […]

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