Loren Feldman has the scoop live from the Google Plex.  As soon as its out for Sprint I will have one.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

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133 thoughts on “Google Android Phone Comes Out This Wednesday”
  1. I’ll take a “P” for pass. Wait…. unless my SERPS go higher by buying a Google phone then I might have to rethink buying it.

    1. Hehe, I second that. Untill that happends, I will keep my Viewty. And, honestly I don’t like the look of the phone.

      1. Wow. that is cool, but I can’t keep up with all of the new gadgets that are coming out. It is just way too much for me! These phones have so much stuff on it.. The name along sounds like the name of a comet or something from Star Trek! πŸ™‚

    2. Maybe you can buy one, search for your sites on it through the big G and your rankings will skyrocket? Try it and let me know how it goes.

    3. You could probably make your Serps go higher by downloading an application from the Android Marketplace! *Hint for Android Developers*

    4. I’m gonna have to agree on the “P” for pass sentiment. My AT&T Tilt is set up with an iphone hack, so it works exactly like the iphone, except it has a keyboard.

      So really, it is just like the Google Android.

      I really thought this phone was gonna be so awsome, but just like all of the new things Google has come out with recently, it’s sucking!

    5. Same here, it doesn’t excite me that much. The only main thing that really gets me giving it some unique points on, is the open source OS it’s ran on, I dig open source.

    1. i agree the price point doesnt matter… the main keypoints for me are:

      Not being locked down by Apple
      Full Keyboard
      Not on ATT

      1. I agree, not being locked down and a full keyboard are the
        two main items I am looking for. I see the open source
        movement getting a big win if the reviews are good.

      2. The keyboard is a major thing, honestly, nothing is better than having a keyboard. I have a blackberry and love it!

      3. “Not being locked down by Apple”

        This is the phone’s single greatest feature… no matter what the crap it looks like!

    2. The big difference is going to happen once more phone carriers use the software and developers get behind it. Without additional functionality it won’t take off.

  2. I have seen the phone, and I have played with the iphone. Just one thing that bothers me from stuff that comes from Google, It usually works pretty good but please, make it look slick and pretty, What makes the iphone look really good is the nice simple effects, icons, and ease of use. The features and functions inside the iphone are not crazy but Jobs knows how to make things look and feel pretty and that is something Google still lacks, I think its because their bread and butter (search) really never needed to look pretty.

    1. I think it’s important to remember this is a first version phone. As developers get behind it and more people review it the phone will become more eye pleasing.

    2. I agree the look of Google Android software isn’t hat great as the iPhone software but that’s because Google has always been using simplicity in their works and trying to make their products very easy to use for anyone. Google won’t be as strict as Apple with their software so I’m sure we will be able to customize our look or even download themes made by other developers to make our Google Android Phone look the way we want it to look.

      1. I agree on the developer side of things BUT why not spend a bit of time and energy to make it look nice and pretty, why not. Remember, the developers will be a small user base from the over all user base.

  3. It seems like a cool phone, I have an iPhone myself and i wouldn’t trade for anything, the price is awesome, but you know S. Jobs. he’s always ahead on the game, I would bet anything that on the day this phone is released he will release something to top it.

    1. I don’t think Apple will release anything. They don’t have to, this phone is not even a little player yet. While it has potential, it will be awhile before it gets the attention of the iPhone crew.

    2. Firmware 2.2 for the iPhone is still in beta and hasn’t been released yet so I think Apple will be releasing this software update for the iPhone on the day the Google Android Phone comes out. Hopefully this new version has copy and paste, the feature a lot of iPhone owners have been waiting for, but I doubt it. Hey, maybe Apple might add flash to new iPhone firmware. In recent news it was confirmed that Adobe was working on flash for the iPhone and the flash application would only come if Apple approved it.

      1. That would be a great idea for the iphone to release a new
        firmware the day of the google android. It would
        be a smart move

  4. Best carrier in my area is Verizon, so I’ll get to play the waiting game before I ever try one. If the phone really is solid, like Loren says, I think it will go over big. People I had talked to were afraid it wouldn’t be built as well as the iPhones.

    1. I believe HTC is making the device so the build should be solid. T-Mobile was smart at limiting the distribution to only areas with a solid 3G. Nothing will sink this ship faster than it being slow.

      1. HTC is okay but they aren’t that great. I’ve heard reports of their phones breaking very easily and the touch screens going inactive.

    1. I don’t think this phone has a chance against the iPhone. Later models might, probably will, but by then Jobs will have raised the bar again.

      1. I agree. Google is simply fighting too many fronts at once. You can either go all out and promote your browser, or your phone software. It’s just adding it’s name to a lot of products that it isn’t even making money off of.

      2. I think it does have a chance against the iPhone because it’s very open source and the Android Marketpace won’t be as strict to developers as Apple’s App Store is. Maybe not right now but Google Phone will become better than the iPhone at some point.

  5. Well, wonder when I could get my hands on one of that (I don’t live in the US). Looks really cool.

    1. I also don’t live in the USA. New tech things come to our country(Bangladesh) normally after 8-9 months. I have to wait till then. Well, I will have a benefit, I will be able to know the reviews from real customers πŸ™‚

  6. Ya, shoemoney I had an iphone, then a blackberry curve, i ordered the google phone cant wait to get it! A mix of the iphone and blackberry so its going to be awesome…

  7. I would have gotten the iPhone if Apple allowed other carriers like Verizon too instead of just AT&T. Unfortunately Apple wants us to pay for their software updates too (firmware 2.0.x, etc.) and not allow open source software. Their App Store is flawed and Apple is really strict in their application approval process. Because of this a lot of people have resorted to “jailbreaking” their iPhone and iPod Touch to get open source software made by other developers. Once the GPhone comes out with their “Android Market Beta” then we will have no need to ever “jailbreak” it because Google won’t be as strict as Apple in approving applications. Google is open source and will allow almost any application in their Android Market app store. I look forward to the launch of the Google Android Phone. I don’t have a cell phone yet (I use the family one) but if I do get one I will probably end up getting the Google Android Phone!

    1. It’s great how Google let’s the users and developers decide the quality of the plugins by just putting the less downloaded plugins in the back, versus apple who takes it into their own hands.

    1. Yes I love the fact that it’s not on AT&T too. AT&T doesn’t have much coverage in my area and it’s also really expensive. Maybe because it doesn’t require AT&T the Google Android Phone will get a lot more sales and sell quicker than the iPhone.

    1. Nah, if you’ve seen anything else Loren has done, he just seems to be bitter at everything (to an extent), its just who he is on the web..

  8. loren is wrong — it is not a game changer — until you put it on a network that has coverage.. t-mobile’s coverage is crap in most of the u.s.a.

    they have it currently locked to t-mobile network only – i’m sure people will break that no problem but the problem remains both att and tmobile’s network against verizon’s is laughable. i just wish vzw would start caring about the phones they try to get (it almost seems like they are starting to care w/ the bb storm – anyway).

    so yes, loren is wrong on the game changing line.. but i will agree with him the keyboard rocks and it’s gonna give steve jobs some competition. //g

    1. I hope not because that would be a big annoyance to a lot of people! I just want to call someone and not look at ads when I’m calling.

    2. That would be a very bad idea. I think selling that phone would be the only business and Google won’t try to gain anymore advantage without the sell profit.

    3. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone made some kid of app that would do this and give the person who was calling free calls.

  9. It wasn’t much of an exclusive for me. Nothing he said was new or unique. But android has a double edge sword open source will let not so good apps flood the market . The biggest road block for android is going to be marketing.

    1. HE sure is entertaining if any of you are fans of 1938 media’s videos, you’ll know what I’m talking about…

    1. My current plan with Verizon runs out in January, so I can wait that long for them to get an Android. Sadly, I don’t think it’s going to happen on that timeline. I’ll just stick with my Treo for now!

  10. I don’t know, I think it will be really hard to beat the iPhone, and I would like to see how google deals with the bugs that the phone will have.

  11. Looks too chunky and clumsy. Very happy with Blackberry Curve. On Verizon, which I need to be, compact and still have the keyboard. And I can tether MacBook Pro. Used to have Blackberry 8830. Keyboard and graphics not as good. A little too wide (probably okay for a guy).

  12. I am really excited watching this android phone. Google have to do wonder if they want to beat iPhone. Well, I believe they will, as Google always do wonders πŸ˜€ Good luck Google!!
    Don’t know when it will come to our country and I can’t wait much to get my hand on it πŸ™‚

  13. Google should be worried about their stock price, why they were so arrogant not to split it 4 fold years ago, if they can keep borrowing overnight short term loans when needed to keep the take over all the internet machine running.

  14. In the words of Comic Book Guy “Worst Review Ever”

    Loren Feldman is a douche – stop wanking over yourself and the fact you’ve got an exclusive and actually give us a half decent review.

  15. 1. The LG Dare really is the best phone out there. Yes, better than the iPhone in my opinion.

    2. C’mon, let’s see it on Verizon!

  16. I think I’m going to need to see the phone in person for me to give a real opinion. It will be interesting to see the phones that they come out with on the different platforms.

    1. The google apps is a great plus and also since its open source
      alot of people are going to like it

  17. Yes, I know, I’m an arrogant prick… That’s the way I’m. Don’t like it? Too bad. Even Google ask me for favors to promote their new phone, whatever; i.e. they will never ask you, loser… Still don’t like it? Go to my website http://www.138media.com and have more of me. Ha!

    1. LMAO too Funny! I watched your review, and I thought to myself, “self, theres no way Google had this prick do this review…” But Hey, what the hell do I know! Great Come back on that comment. Had to check your site out.

      All in All, the phone looks great. Too bad its not with Verizon. πŸ™

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  19. This looks cool, but I guess we’ll have to wait for the release to see how this thing really perform.

  20. I have the blackberry edge from T, so maybe I should sell it and hit up on this one. We’ll see. I have the iphone too. You know one for business and one for personal.

  21. Man…Google’s got their hands in everything…..I’m looking for Google cereal for my kids with some kind of adwords coupon on the box…

    1. yeah, for now. Apple set the standard that everyone has to follow now. Apple made it cheap so that they could rush the market share. Once the development is out there will be those that will go and make it better. Apple will always be known as having the iphone and just as google was the first search engine that people will remember such that no matter what search engine you use you are, “googling” there will be those that will bring up the iphone with any “iphone-esk” phone from another carrier.

  22. What the hell kind of review was that? Whoop, whoop? Gimme a break. What a total waste of time. Next time use the five minutes to actually talk about the phone instead of yapping about the “lunatics”.

  23. I am confidence the Android Phone will be storming the industry! The nice cool feature is just what I want, this is my next phone!

  24. Definitely wish I would have passed on the iPhone and got android instead…. but.. maybe the android will make Steve Jobs loosen up a little bit.

  25. I’m also in the market for a new smartphone as my old SE P990i just dosn’t cut it anymore.
    I’ll probably go for the HTC Touch Pro. I dont think we’ll be seeing much of the Android in E.Europe too soon..

  26. I am glad you have mentioned 1938 before I love watching Loren and his videos. The android looks sweet. I’ll tick to the Berry until my contract is up though.

  27. I have to agree with the above poster. Not such a huge fan of the google phone. Though 3g iphone, and I’m all ears.

  28. Now that it has been released, doesn’t seem to sizzle beyond any other smart phone. Just a phone with a lot Google tie ins which I guess is suppose to then make it an iPhone competitor?

  29. It would be awesome if you and John Chow would give a few of these away, to promote your sites of course πŸ˜‰

  30. I never like being an early adopter of new technology as i am always paying a premium in order to be able to brag about owning the product. The issue is that new tech products always have bugs which make them not user friendly at all.. I will pass on the android and focus on Sprint’s Instinct phone instead which offers a much better value than any other phone on the US market.

  31. I hope the price is very high will wait for some time and will buy it …


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