YayFood.com is a weight loss website, which has tips and the “secret” to losing weight.  Not sure what the secret is, it says it’s not low calorie and eating healthy.  Best of all, it’s plateau proof.  Obviously she’d have quite a fight with every nutritionist in the world and I call this the bulls$%^! plan.  But maybe I’m wrong…who knows.

Thanks for the shirt!

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By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

113 thoughts on “YayFood.com – Free Shirt Friday”
    1. That expression makes me feel fat for some reason. It’s like a fat kid celebrating over lots of food “Yay! Food!”. Lol 😉

  1. yaaaaaaay food. is that take off of yaaaay beer? if someone tries it let me know!!!!

    1. Yay food sounds like an expression that only someone who eats a lot can give. YAY FOOOOD!

      1. True that! Exactly what I was thinking. I could imagine fat people screaming “Yay! Fooood!”. Hahaha

  2. Whoever is taking those pics must be saying something very good to get you to make all of those expressions!

  3. Yay t-shirt! Kind of a plain site, lots of sales talk. That’s alright though, so long as it helps some people out!

    1. It also has an affiliate program.

      Could be a good earner after it’s been featured on ShoeMoney

    2. Am still unsure what their actual product / program is, so hard to pass comment on it…

      1. Just googled yay foods and am now learning all about calorie shifting diets……heheheheh

      1. They look same to me, only difference is the different advertisement on the tshirts and different expressions on Shoe’s face

      1. It’s because when you read it, it’s like selling ice to an eskimo. When a normal web user reads it though, they buy it. It’s pretty obvious if the company can afford to send shirts to ShoeMoney.

        1. They’re trying, for sure. Whether the ability to send a custom t-shirt over for a free review indicates serious success, I dunno.

  4. Ha! Nutritionists love it actually. In fact, I have a few featured as experts on the inside.

    I’ll be happy to give you access where you can read the countless success stories if you’d like.

    Thanks for featuring the shirt.


    1. Hey Rachel.

      On your affiliate page it says people pay minimum $19.99 but on your sales page it says something lower. What’s the deal?


      1. Ack, thanks for bringing that to my attention! We changed over to the trial a little bit ago and conversions have catapulted because of it!

        Off to go fix that. 🙂


        1. Thanks.

          I was just a little confused 😛

          Don’t you think you could get more attention from Affiliate Marketer’s if you had a CPA payout rather than 50% commission?

    1. How do you think that it helps people change their behavior though. It seems it’s not the “what you are doing” is the problem rather than “a change in behavior” that is the issue with these diets. It seems that if it were just a knowledge issue then it would be easier just to by the right types of food and cost effective. However, that’s not the case.

      1. I do have to agree, nothing beats diet and exercise, but I think that sites like this put people in a better state of mind to lose weight the real way. 🙂

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  6. Would love to know what the plan is. Sounds unusual if not low calorie or low carb, and such high weight loss.

        1. I think maybe because the pose he took, his bully is popping out a little. It’s all probably just camera tricks. He’s not that fat now.

          I think he also goes to the gym like 2 hours a day.

      1. Oh god!
        When I read your comment I went to check the pic again and noticed that there at the neck, looks like he is wearing another tshirt. Great observation………

      1. That was pretty funny, I remembered the movie Kung Fu Panda from that line, the panda was fat and could not see his own feet.

        However that kind will be just TOO FAT, we need a new word for them as its not working out with other less fat people.

  7. I like the expression/pose in this picture…I can just hear you saying “yay!” while this picture was being taken…Did you put nail polish on to complete this look? It sorta looks that way.

  8. That is the best face I think I have seen you make yet, if that shirt made you that happy I think they should get a free sitewide link 🙂

  9. That free t-shirt gig is a great one! I think you should post a picture of your closet – because I’m sure by now you have a closet entirely devoted to t-shirts right ? All freshly ironed too? 🙂

    1. If I recall correctly he places the used (or maybe it was unused?) ones in a huge box and just randomly picks out of it or something.

    1. LOL!! It really very funny expression, a thing to remember. Hope next week Shoe will overcome this expression with a new one 😀

  10. If I got to have my shirt featured here would you promise to make the same face? That’s awesome.

  11. Shoe, no offense, but someone may need to start reading this site 🙂 I’ve been noticing you have been getting a bit chunky. It’s quite unhealthy…look at John Chow. I can say this because I was 200+ pounds 1 year ago and I just cut back on starchy foods. I’m not about 150.


    1. no offense taken… wouldn’t be a free shirt friday if someone didnt point out I am looking fat. Going on 2 years now 😉

      1. I just don’t want to see anyone unhealthy and I realized how unhealthy I was before. I had liver problems at the age of 19 :(. Live strong buddy 🙂


  12. This is very neat thing you are doing, too bad I dont have any Shirts to send you lol. But your Blog has Motivated me to actually make my self a Blog, Ive been on forums since 2004 like namepros, digitalpoint, dnforums, etc. but never really participated alot in forums just was there as a Lurker. But Bro when i visted your website and so on you just Motivated me… Hopefully I could be like you one day welll lol I doubt Il be able but its a Dream Eh hahaha

  13. The Friday T-shirt contest is definitely a trademark of shoemoney right now! And readers seem to enjoy it judging by the number of comments!

  14. it looks very good …Very simple and professional

    Would like 2 have one

  15. […] and what do you think of my Jeremy Schoemaker haircut? I am going to let it grow out again but I felt like being bald for a […]

  16. hey if your fat its all rigth just slow down on the sugers and sweets that all and stay bizz it will brun off dont tell nobody that i told you so i waigth is 110. lb. i work with lotts of big people all the time stay bizz why you eat now who every is giveing out shrits please send me some t-shrits

  17. Seems to me that you are making these photos either funny or scary one. You are looking thin in this photo.

    What’s the matter ?

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