Webpronews interviewed me at blogworld about the Spammers, Trolls, and Sock Puppets panel:

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

80 thoughts on “Commentators – Interview From Blogworld”
  1. Good info in that interview! You really must be one of the Omaha society elite… living on the same street as the Attorney General. And what, just around the corner from Warren Buffett? 😉

    1. I don’t think anyone lives around the corner from Buffett. He probably lives on his own block.

      1. Actually….

        Buffet is one the humblest and most modest billionaires. He still lives in the same house he used to own before he became rich, worth around some 250 grand I here.

    2. He actually just lives on a normal street in a normal house…. surprising given his wealth

      1. Surprising indeed. Nothing is worse than an over the top display of ostentatious wealth. There is always a component of getting one’s nose rubbed in nthe dirt attached to that. The question is always, how much is enough?

    3. He’s still humble even after being so wealthy as he is. Now that’s a great quality.

  2. Great talk! I thought webpronews at first suck because they were spamming my email even though I never signed to their nl…

      1. Doesn’t everyone.

        I’ve gotten them for like 3 years now, I can’t tell to stop spamming me enough.

      2. No, I like to keep my e-mail private. In fact I don’t even have a contact form on my website so people can’t contact me. 😛

      1. No, you are not the only one…
        No idea where they get their email, spam lists from but after a few months every email address I create seems to get their rubbish in their in box.

    1. I’ve been getting their spammy emails too, I tried removing myself via their unsubscribe links and then by contacting their email support addresses and finally I gave up and decided to place a block at the mail server level.

      There’s no point in receiving their emails on the email server if you’re only going to go and delete them by hand.

        1. It always happens here when I see any video or listen to
          any audio online – its my real slow internet connection.
          BTW interesting interview.

  3. I saw this video on John Chow blog…I never though commenting will get your blog in the legal issues…!

    1. I think part of it is a matter of who “owns” the comments once they’re posted, the commentator or the website. I think there have been court cases trying to argue both ways. If a comment constitutes libel, and it can be argued that Shoe owns that comment, well then Shoe can get in trouble. The same goes with any site or blog – it doesn’t take much to drum up a lawsuit!

      1. Yea, but you can’t really sue somebody for libel on a user posted comment as long as Shoe follows the plaintiff’s request to remove the comment.

        1. Sure you can. It’s America, you need 2 things for a lawsuit: a lawyer, and a checkbook. 🙂
          In this case, I’d imagine one could sue on damage that’s already been done…. how long was the comment up, how many people read it, etc.

  4. I wonder exactly what happened with the comments and having to go to court, that’s crazy man.

    1. yeah that part was wild, but i can see that happening. with noteriaty comes that sort of thing…

  5. that was a nice summary of things. attorney general and all…

    but on the point of ID and threats, that is why i dont think its cool to have your name and face splattered cuz you get that kind of “action” by some with more time than anything else…

    1. that’s kind of scary/creepy…. shoe, watch out for this guy, sounds like the stalker type.

  6. Great tips. It’s a tricky world we live in. I had someone threaten to sue me over some posts someone made on a forum of mine one. That one has been generally ruled as not the forum owners problem, as I understand it, and I think blog comments will probably go the same way, so long as you aren’t over moderating what gets posted.

    1. Freedom of speech is an inalienable human right and one of the cornerstones of democracy. The law can get quite sticky if slander can be proven, however I am all for getting it out there, so people can be aware and indulge in discussion of controversial topics.

    2. That’s not right, each user is responsible for their own posts. If you’re an Admin or a Mod it is still your role to moderate the forums and remove unnecessary topics that are causing a lot of fights in the forums. It’s better to just remove them and get on with the forums.

  7. exactly Why I moderate on old posts! Threats against U, who the hell would do that? and why.. true that most people should focus on quality than SEO …. People have more power than computers 🙂

  8. Good interview, People should taking the Internet seriously.
    But what’s happened for the comments… that’s very doggy.

  9. You are right about the “screw google” mentality that we should have. If everyone would concentrate on this, the internet will be a better place

  10. Good stuff, I liked the interview. I was actually quite surprised to learn you received death threats in the past…Man…

    1. jealous hater is all… unbelievable but i guess some people really get that mad that others make money and they don’t.

    2. He has a big blog and a 4 year old blog so he must have experienced a lot of things. It’s sad how a lot of people can be on the Internet sitting behind their computers. In real life they are totally different, but on the Internet they’re sitting behind proxies hidden and getting with whatever they’re doing.

  11. ehhh well I am all for bloging, but its not so cool being in court. I hope over time I learn the wisdom to be able to spot those kind of things and nip them in the bud. On a side note, Jeremy, thanks for all your great advice. Its practical and real, and I appreciate that.

  12. The threats against my family are the ones that really bother me. Motivated me to start doing target shooting. Dogs and the electric fence are good too.

  13. nice video…… informative and surprising at same time thanks for the post….

  14. great information about being passionate about what you are doing and writing what you want to write about ….aka content. people follow what people say and their personality and not your ranking. no body looking for information is concerned about pr. they just want the information.

    1. I know, we should all be focusing on the content more and listening to our users instead of just increasing our revenue and making multiple useless websites.

  15. You had some very great tips in there Jeremy, thanks for sharing them with us. We all need to remember that CONTENT is king, and that’s what every blog keeps repeating. Instead of creating multiple blogs, or splogs to make *temporary* $20/day from Adsense we could be using that effort to make one quality website making far more than that. I made that mistake and I’m regretting it. I will be focusing on my main websites now instead of trying to make quick money. Thanks for the reminder Jeremy.

  16. The part at 3:40-3:30, where you mention about that chap who tattooed a caricature of you, was really funny!

    heh, “… don’t kill me, I was nice to you! …”

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