Do you use blogcatalog? Its a neat service that lets you not only search the blogosphere but also has some nice social search. I recently caught up with blogcatalog during blogworld:

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

125 thoughts on “BlogCatalog – Cool Service”
      1. Shameless punt. Couldn’t resist taking a peek. The interface is perhaps a bit bland and uninspiring. Like the concept though, maybe just pretty up thye presentation a bit.

        1. We only launched the site a month ago and is still progress πŸ™‚

          I do agree it’s a little bland, a site redign with a lot more features are coming on soon!

          Many thanks for your feedback

    1. never heard of it as well. At first glance it looks cool. Will have to dig more into it the next days

      1. I am surprised none of you have heard of this. I guess maybe you are not a blogger or maybe you’re not looking for all the services possible to help you. I really think blog catalog is a waste of time but it might work for some people in certain niches.

      2. Sweet idea. Intersting that they are PR7. I guess many bloggers link to them — nice white-hat link bait. =)

    2. Ditto. It seems like there is value to be had, especially if you’re doing research on specific topics, etc. Their PR7 & Alexa pagerank of 1218 looks good to me…..

    1. Yea. I see that too, I’ve decided to just go over and visit blogcatalog. I suppose I’m gonna have to register, not saying I’m going to like it though!

      1. i am going to register as well but haven’t heard anything about it very beneficial.

    1. I don’t think there’s a meta tag to add? You just submit your blog to their catalog I believe.

    2. Usually when you sign up they will give it to you so that you can put it on your blog. It should be right away otherwise you may want to contact the their support.

  1. You again have the video set as private Shoe! Like the one in SouthWest Airlines post.

    Please make it open to public.

    1. When you upload a video on YouTube it’s set by default on ‘public view’, unless he manually set it to private.

  2. Yeh I get the same error message, ‘sorry, video is no longer available’ But I have used Blog Catalog Before, was a while back, and did enjoy it, but went off it, might go back to it and see if I can rekindle some love for it.

  3. Surprisingly I’ve only been using mybloglog. I think I have a blogcatalog account but haven’t done anything with it yet.

    1. I’m now signed up to so many of these sites I’ve lost count. It’s a good job I don’t tell lies I’d never be came to keep up with them all πŸ˜‰

      1. That word came, should in fact say able. Why the hell I did
        that I don’t know. Why can’t I learn to proof read!!!!!

        1. LOL. I am always doing the same stuff. I proofread so fast that I still make too many mistakes. Oh well, I guess I will just look like I have a grammar problem.

    2. More people would have gone to mybloglog than blogcatalog and that’s the reason, although many people know about Blogcatalog, they do not use it.

      1. I don’t use either, I mean do we really need more platforms to connect with each other? πŸ˜›

        1. damn mybloglog sucks for me… I use to get a lot of spams from people there.. in blogcatalog, im the one who is spam,ming.. πŸ˜‰

        2. Yes you need more platforms. The more you have, the better you rank in the search engines, and the more traffic you drive to your blog.

    1. Would you say it did not work for you? Or did you just not have any time to play around with it?

  4. I use blog catalog to actually drive traffic to my website. It’s a good tool if you know how to use it…Just like any other social network!

    1. how can you use it to drive traffic… are you being featured on the homepage? posting links in the forum?

  5. Shoe I wonder why you don’t host your videos on your own server ? It’s very simple: convert your files to .flv format using Flash 8 Video Encoder (flv files are smaller than any other video format files while the quality remains the same), put up JW player and you’re done. There’s even a WP plugin that does this.

    This is how I do with my movie trailers site.

    1. Youtube is the only best thing. Upload and embed the code in the website.

      Btw the video loads fine now!

        1. He has a You tube follower ship which is almost equivalent to this blog …
          So thats the reason

    2. It eats up bandwidth to host them on your own server, which could slow down your site. Hosting them somewhere else, like youtube also helps with driving traffic to your blog. It is a great marketing tool.

      1. hosting videos eats bandwith big time. Other than this I can’t see other disadvantages.

    3. Because Youtube gives him a free backlink and possibly some free traffic, which is a great way to get more viewers to his site.

    4. With YouTube anyone can find your videos and you get to see a lot of statistics on there. And hosting it on YouTube saves a lot of space and bandwidth as well.

  6. i’ve signed up for it, but i don’t actually use it. still, i can see some potential uses there.

  7. blogcatalog is probably the biggest referral of traffic for my blog when I was starting out.. its a well targeted trafficked site…

      1. It varies depending on your category and the type of blog you have. I recommend just signing up and seeing for yourself. It’s a free service anyway.

  8. I heard of Blogcatalog few days ago in another blog.The author wrote a post about Blogcatalog giving him one month free premium account as a gift to his birthday!

    1. That’s really nice of BlogCatalog. It shows that they care about their users and about improving their website.

  9. I’ve always been a mybloglog kinda guy but had a chance to meet them and you at #BWE08 which was pretty cool.

    Anywhere that has a niche community is good in my book. It’s the best kind of networking you can do online IMO.

  10. Blog catalog was the first social bookmarking site I started with. They are huge and I like that you can pay for a top position listing in each category.

  11. I have been using BlogCatalog for over a year. The first day I put my blog on their site, I had over 1,000 visitors in the first hour coming from them.

    1. That is actually a lot of visitors. It probably died down after that though. Or are you still getting quite a few visitors from that web site?

    2. was that because you were featured on the homepage or how did it drive that many visitors to your site?

    3. Wow, thanks for posting that up here! I will definitely be signing up now. With this type of traffic it’s worth signing up at BlogCatalog, especially since it’s free.

  12. Yeah. I used Blogcatalog a long time ago with my first blog and didn’t see any real traffic from it, it didn’t do anything for my page ranking either. I really don’t see any use for pinging blogs either..the only way I got any real traffic was from social networking.

      1. i don’t know. i went there and noticed that my blog was claimed and it had not been upadated for 66 days, and when i wrote there was no reply, then i deleted the blog and tried to reclaim it and it said it did not meet their guielines but it doesn’t say where i made the folly…

        so i wrote again and still no answer… that was two weeks ago. i don’t spam and i don’t have too many ads beyond the norm so i have no idea… clues?

  13. Great article and interview! I love blog catalog most members over at blog engage are from there! Great community

    Nice interview bro!

  14. their design is pretty slick and love the way they laid out all the info. really a user friendly site. … however, a couple of popular blogs I read aren’t even included on their site.

  15. Just tried signing up and they required a link back from my blog – that’s where they lost me.

    1. Ouch. They`d probably lose me too if they asked me for. I don`t see a link on Shoe`s blog though (except this post), so maybe it`s not required?

      1. actually i found that a bummer too and then later on at the bottom somewhere i saw where they said you could just put it in the meta area so i thought that was better than nothing…

        but when you start carrying a widget, that will do same

  16. I have been using blogCatalog for over a year it is amazing
    tool to get more free traffic…

  17. I have seen it over and over but have yet to sign up for it. I am not sure exactly what the benefits would be, maybe a backlink? I will have to check it out.

    1. Probably got one of his staff to do it for him, and in that case, probably iMovie.

  18. I love blogcatalog more than anything else. My blog got index within twelve from there

  19. This is one of the first few sites I joined and I found its members, intelligent, witty and with varied interests. Your imagination is the limit.

    If I may say, if one is new at blogging, I will always suggest to be a member of this site first.


  20. Weird, this is now the second ShoeMoney video which has audio problems.

    After the initial “ShoeMoney ON LOCATION” tagline is shown, the audio is restricted to left channel only for the rest of the video.

    The same behaviour occurs in both FLV and MP4 high resolution copies of the YouTube video:



    Anyone know what’s going on?

  21. Bah, my internet is too slow to watch the video right now. I’ll have to check out their site later though. Thanks for the heads up!

  22. The meta tag or button you add to your site is so that we can verify blog ownership. You can also email us after you have submitted your blog and we will approve it without a meta tag or button.

    1. okay, this adds to what i wrote above. so i can remove the meta in the end.

      i don’t mind it but you know after a while, we’ve got tons of add ons all over our .php files and that starts to slow things down.

      yahoo search wants to be in there and so does msn and every other tracking capable site and beyond…

      1. The linkback/widget/meta verification is just to claim ownership of the blog. You are more than welcome to remove it after you have been approved.

    2. Yes I noticed that Google Webmaster Tools does that too to verify your website. It’s good that there is an e-mail option too for those that can’t edit the HTML for their websites.

  23. […] the prices vary depending on the demand, but start as low as 8$ per month. Recently, Jeremy did an interview with one of the bc founders on these listings and on their newly launched social search. The reason […]

  24. Every blog that I start I make sure to add my blog to BC. A free service everyone should look into.

    1. i actually like the $8 a month offer for placement. isn’t that much if you really are new and need the initial boosts… anyway, that’s that.

    2. Yes I just noticed it’s free so I’m submitting it there. It’s also a good idea because it gives you more backlinks which is good for search engines. πŸ™‚

  25. I noticed it before but never signed up. Now that it’s here on ShoeMoney I might as well take a look at it. Keep up these great posts Jeremy!

  26. Signed up with BC quite sometime back but didn’t actually participated in the group forums until quite recently. Realized that there’s lots of really helpful people out there provided you join the correct/relevant groups.


  27. I’ve been using them for awhile now and have been pretty happy .. Im not heavy into messaging people there and joining in groups but I do get some traffic just from being listed there.

  28. Thank You. Very Nice Site..IÒ€ℒm going to submit my blogs and see if it gets me any traffic…

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