Its hard to imagine 4 years ago I went to my first search conference called “Search Engine Strategies”. This post will probably make some of you laugh It was my goals in justifying the expenses. 1 month later I made this:

Now while I was there I was earning that money but it was what I learned while there that taught me how to take my business to the next level and how to really start earning good money online.

This will be the 4th SES San Jose event and I can’t wait.

People always ask me if I still learn things at these events… Honestly do you think I would be there if I did not get something out of it?

Our biggest successes and partnerships have been forged shitfaced at the hotel bars of conferences.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

82 thoughts on “Back To San Jose For SES”
  1. the best part is you don’t have to “imagine” 4 years ago you can “remember” it

  2. No way haha the best part by far is…

    “Our biggest successes and partnerships have been forged shitfaced at the hotel bars of conferences.”

    ah haha
    …classic, enjoy the conference!

  3. I didn’t even know about this event. Have fun, but you’ll probably be getting more out of the event than just that.

  4. Hotel Bars often make the best offices. Especially if they have free wifi. Then there is no reason to leave.

    You should do a session at SES on what you learned to make that money.

  5. Jeremy – Its good to have you back here at SES San Jose! Looking fwd to having a few drinks at the bar(s) with you…

    @Bryn Youngblut we do a SES Toronto in June… come on down!

  6. or, could it be the case of not what you know but who you know that brought ur business to the next level?

  7. Jeremy, any idea what the best (if any) conferences are in the UK?
    All the good ones seem to be in the USA 🙁

  8. whatever happened to

    “She will be president of a new corporation I have founded called I am planning on making about a 30k investment off the bat for this company with inventory, facility costs and other stuff.”

    Did u give up on that lame old school business model right after SES 2005 or did it take a while?

  9. Inspirational! I work on my blog or read about blogging or social media every awake hour that I am not working at my “Joe” job. Maybe I’ll be able to display a photo or two like that on my blog one day.

  10. @cheap used cars cellit2u never really got legs. We got distracted by more profitable projects.

  11. @Shoe

    what would be your guesstimation %, of all the projects you’ve undertook – that turned out to be duds?

    is it pretty much at or around 90/10…failures/successes

  12. Hope you have a good time, keep up the hard work and keep bringing in the bills (money).

  13. way to tell it like it is. networking is key and hotel bars is a place to do just that

  14. Mu Google checks are stuck at about 1% of yours… Looking forward to attending such convention to take my business to the next level.

  15. @GiladG – those days are gone. I’m sure Google’s checks are 1/8th of what they were 5 years ago if not worse. I doubt Shoe even looks at Adsense anymore as CPA took over.

  16. @travel blog well its not… but well its easy to always say a picture is photoshopped…

  17. Honestly, I felt SES (Toronto at least) was an incredible waste of time and money. I learned absolutely nothing, I almost felt like I should be speaking. That said, I spent no time in the after event networking, so that’s perhaps my downfall.

  18. They say that there isn’t anything new under the sun, but new cool stuff pops up every so often. Always new stuff to learn.

  19. That first check you earned is my goal, which comes with hard work and determination. You are an idol Shoe!

  20. @melvin – how can you say for sure? only an experienced user can tell if its photoshopped or not. 😀

  21. Shoe, this blog design loads faster than the previous one… is it becuase of lesser number of plugins or something like that?

  22. Good to see you are still getting some use out of the adsense cheque photo! I remember the days when the DP forum was the place to be, doesn’t seem quite so good these days, maybe becuase its the same info over and over.

  23. The previous design was good. However, this design I like more. This is a matter of taste, I think. -)))

  24. I love the last sentence of this post, Lol! Well it does sound like quite an interesting event. I would love to attend one someday when business and funds allow. It sounds like a great place to network.

  25. That picture of you holding that “awfully large” check has been my inspiration. but I must be honest, I am no where near that. Just earned my first $100, at the end of July 2008.

    I have tried almost everything… The fact you were able to accomplish such a feat, is just mind-blowing… How can I be down like that? I would certainly welcome some mentoring…



  26. The best places to network – who would have thought.

    I guess I need to re-learn a few things again

  27. @Michael John are u kidding me? why do u think there are so many cocktail parties at conferences, you think alcohol might loosen some tongues?

  28. @ John, I like you 2nd website.. about college, it looks helpful for those in search of finding the right school.

  29. Shoeman,

    You have to drink with me if you are in san jose, as always I want to pick your brain about something. Email me if you can drink and transportation is on me 🙂


  30. I hope someday I’m signed up to attend a conference for internet marketing… I just have been stuck trying to figure out how to really get started, I just hope that I’m into something that after time will turn around a decent living, and a check for college!!!

  31. Hi! Shoe, I’m running, and also a loyal reader of your blog. We’ve got this great technology that can scrape images and prices out of any product pages. Just enter any product page URL and your email address at our front page, and we’ll monitor its price for you and notify you when its price changes.

    We are trying to bring it to the next level (and hopefully achieve what you showed in this picture) and would like your advice. Just wondering will you have time for a chat at SES or the hotel bar?!

  32. Ohh. Have fun at this event! I have a friend that lives in San Jose. I wanted to attend this event so I could visit her / get a lot out of the conference and be able to write off my travel expenses! Scheduling conflicts got in the way though. Oh well. Have fun!

  33. “Our biggest successes and partnerships have been forged shitfaced at the hotel bars of conferences.” hahaha nice!

  34. I know that San Jose has a very beautiful place. Unfortunately, I do not ever happened there.

  35. Is this check real or fake becouse I can not belive that you can get check
    with so large sum of money.Is this from adsense or what?

  36. @Dick- San Jose is a VERY beautiful place! Visit in the spring- it’s beautiful with all the blooming flowers!

  37. Next year I hope to make my first appearance at this brand of convention hopefully I will walk out a bit smarter for it.

  38. Yeah, lucky you guys. I live in Romania. What luck huh? :))
    No conference or anything around here. So, i keep on dreamin`.
    Anyway, enjoy the SES San Jose.

  39. I love every time “the check” gets busted out, there are at least 5 mangs who haven’t seen it yet and cry “photoshop!!!”

  40. I really beleive your hard work. i too working hard to gain the cheque like one you are showing….

  41. That’s the pic i saw months back when i first visited your blog.
    Awesome cheque, hope i get one sometime soon!

  42. Have fun and make more money!!!:)
    Like the new look of the site. Much less blue i see.

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