I wonder at what point MC Hammer references will leave my mind… This song rocked. ANYWAY….


Lijit – A new search service for bloggers launched last week… But calling it a “search service” really does not do it much justice. Do you remember when you first installed the mybloglog widget then all of a sudden you had all these great quicklook stats when you logged into mybloglog? Thats the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I log into Lijit.

Built in searching within wordpress has been probably one of the worst built in features for some time. Its probably why bloggers have opted to use Google Custom Search. Google Custom Search returns great results but it can be a bit difficult to implement. Well maybe not to implement but to customize and look right. My blog has looked jacked up for a while with GCS. Now Sure you get money if you use Google Custom Search…. I mean I have made a whole 2$ in the last year…..

So I first noticed the widget on copyblogger and problogger’s sites and i went their and made a account. It seriously took less then 1 minute to complete my profile and have the widget running on my site:

So it gives you some of the basic stats we all know and love… like previews and stuff like that but here is what I REALLY like:

(click for full size)

Pretty slick!

If you diggit go sign up for a free lijit account and put it on your site.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

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  1. This is pretty cool functionality from the user perspective as well. I particularly like how the results pop up in an overlay. Do you get a share of the ad revenue from searches with this service?

  2. I like how it pops out as well. The results page looks the same, I think they should tweak it out a bit to make it look as friendly as the pop up does. I’ll be looking into this.

  3. Funny you mention this because I just put the lijit widget on my new design im finishing up about an hour ago. The only thing I want to change though is having the lijit icon beside the search not below, but I may just leave it i’m not sure yet.

  4. The pop out is just a javascript plugin that anyone can install (search for “Orangoo Labs – GreyBox”)

    i agree with AffiliateSupportTeam , it takes time to load …

  5. awesome feature that actually searches well, I am going to have to get rid of the google custom search and make $8 somewhere else.

  6. I actually first noticed this service on your blog. I went and checked it out, but just did not have enough time to to implement it yet.

    Man I don’t know were you get the time to make money and keep this in touch with whats going on in the industry.

  7. Thanks for the write-up, Jeremy. It’s encouraging to see folks like you and Copyblogger using the service and happy about the increases in traffic. As always, looking forward to working with you and making it better. Happy, also, to talk to any of your audience about it and answer questions.

    You rock, dude.

  8. Oh, also you might add the Popular search cloud to the widget from within your Lijit admin. That’s going to drive additional traffic as well. Cheers!

  9. hey this is something new, I will have a look. But first I need to get rid the 22 infection on my pc.

  10. This looks neat – I much prefer the style of the search box to googles custom search. looks very easy to setup as well. If you go to the Lijit homepage they have a “who is being searched now” box – I’ve just seen Shoemoney scroll past!

  11. How To Customize Your Lijit Widget…

    When you first get the code for the Lijit widget the search will look something like this:

    Well I didn’t completely like the placement of the “Lijit” logo so I sent an email into their support asking for help changing the widget. I w…

  12. I was wondering what that was when you switched.. thanks for the heads up.

  13. Oh ok wait a sec, you can get it to search more than just your webiste; i.e. also your flickr photos, del.icio.us bookmarks, etc.. Now that’s much more useful!

  14. Wow, super easy! Great tool I’m going to have to try out…and amazing stats! I love it- thanks for the heads up!

  15. You only earned $2 with Google custom search in the last year? Are you talking about when people click on other ads doing a search on your site through Google. I thought you would have made a bit more than that.

  16. I agree- do these great tools / ideas just fall in his lap or does he actively search for them- and how does he find the time for it!!

  17. Yeah, it seems like Lijit is simply doing a good job with their product. What do they get out of it though?

  18. I believe they make their money from ads by yahoo on the sidebar of the search and google search revenue

  19. Fast and accurate results as well as search statistics. The search cloud widget will help promote the posts that most people want to see the most. What’s the added value of information? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. I don’t know of anybody who has made significant money from the search network.

  21. I did it but had trouble uploading it. I am not very techy so i am sure that is the problem. Reading over it the features it is pretty cool.

  22. Nice one. This is definitely better than GCS. I love that it gives you statistics.

  23. Many people like the widget styling and many people don’t. We make it possible to Style your own widget, if you so choose and a lot of people do that. Myself included. Glad you like the style though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Geiger pretty much has it spot on. USing the popular search cloud does highlight what readers are looking for. It’s a value add to the blogger who gets added traffic (easier to click than type) as well as the readers that get a visual cue as to, possibly some of the most important topics of the site.

    Re-search, also drives traffic around and keeps people from going back to Google. Without looking, I’m not sure if Jeremy has re-search enabled here (it can be turned on or off). There’s a lot of value add for the blogger.

    not to mention we’re testing an ad platform which will allow bloggers to make additional money from revenue share (contrary to what Jeremy says, search advertising does have high value! ;-)) and control their own inventory. Win, win, win.

  25. Yuck, I too had to go through that recently, finally cleaned everything out and it works great, I recommend the free AVG anti virus, worked WAAAYYY better than the paid Norton.

    Thanks for the head up Shoe, this widget looks great!

  26. Thanks for the script info. I used it quite a bit yesterday and didn’t have any loading issues. Interesting.

  27. I would like to know how it does it too. A kinda what tools does Shoe use to learn about tools.

  28. The cloud feature is a good way to know what topics are hot so you can write about them more often. Very nice.

  29. ligit must be overloaded or something because it says:

    “http://laberintosocial.com does not appear to be a valid URL. Please try again.”

    and my thang is running just fine!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    oh the anxiety of it all…

  30. This is great timing. I discovered this yesterday when I was searching for a few things on your site. This is going on my list to add to my sites. The pop out is pretty cool looking and with the ability to make mods, I can further customize it to my sites.

  31. Great Shoe… Now I have the song BLASTING in my head. It’s going to be a long night!

  32. the re-search is off at shoemoney , i tested it on my site and it look nice , well it make the life easier for those who dident find what they are searching for .

  33. i think you can edit the css they offer 3 options , dident try the css but i dont think you can remove the logo well you can but i dont know if it will be functional .

  34. yeah it save you to add icons all over your blog for your youtube / twitter / digg / linkedin / etc ..

  35. a lot of these companies seek out good people like shoe that would do a simple writeup or he pays attention to press/news releases

  36. I ran into them at Blogworld last year and then installed on the old site. They also contacted me – good follow-up.

  37. Shoe! Just signed up with Lijit, very easy! Thank you for the tip, you are always helping make our sites and blogs more powerful. Of course I included your site on my blogroll on all of my sites…Respectfully, Nicholas

  38. Hey.. could you fix the viewing your site on the iphone ? It comes up completely blank. Just disable the shitty plug-in you use to make the blog iphone themed, prefer to view the full site rather than the gimped version.

  39. The earnings are actually quite ridiculous. Definitely not worth the paper it is printed on.

  40. I would love to see Jeremy’s RSS feed, email inbox and list of blogs that he frequents. The answers lie in there somewhere, methinks.

  41. Hence some of the nice prizes we’ve seen on Shoemoney. This is definitely one of the factors.

  42. My blog is on blogspot, I’ll try it later and see if works. Like Melvin says, its only a small snippet of code so I see no reason why it shouldnt work.

  43. I like the cloud feature, and Lijit in general. Hats off to you guys for spotting the gap and creating a really awesome product to compete in it. Good luck for the future, may you grow from strength to strength.

  44. Didn’t realise you could change the style of the widget, thats another nice feature, mind you I like the default style so will stick with that.

  45. Ditto. I also installed this to try it out on my own blog and don’t see any problems at all with load times.

  46. I’m liking this in general, but I wish there was a way to exclude my own traffic from the stats… am I missing something? I really dig the ‘re-search’ functionality too. Took me awhile to get my head around what it does (should have just enabled it!)… my only complaint is that it shows duplicate results in the ‘My Blog’ and ‘My Content’ areas.

  47. I think managers of Google is constantly looking for an opportunity to improve the search engine. They can use it very quickly.

  48. google has custom home search and you can track what is being searched via analytics just have to turn on track site search in the profile. BUT might have to test ligit out looks more color fl than analytics

  49. I made much more with my adsense for search feature, It’s about 20% from my full adsense revenue. More than $1k in a year

  50. yes that is sure, there is no other way as I think to make money throught this method!

  51. It really depends on the people. There are plenty of people who click on Adsense ads, except the ones in GCS. I’m not really surprised because a lot of people would just rather find what they’re searching for within the site.

  52. i tried installing it in my blog and it didn’t last 5 minutes and the search box is up

  53. If P.U.B. can get a straight answer from Lijit on the revenue sharing and ownership of the Publishers unique stats pulled by Lijit, then the functionality may be worth it.

    Barney, P.U.B. Founder

  54. Its his business knowing everything on the web, and everyone who is anyone would love their tools to be backed by Jeremy.

  55. When I think about MC Hammer, I always think about the running man dance move.

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  58. […] Later Aaron pinged me about a new project that Darren Rowse,ร‚ย  Bryan Clark and he were working on (or thats what he made it sound like) called Lijit and in so many words asked me to promote it…. so I did here. […]

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