PerformancingAds launched on Saturday and was well covered in the blogosphere. When I initially heard they revenue split was 40/60 with 60% going to the publishers I was really turned off. I currently use Google Ad Manager and it costs me nothing. It did not make sense why we should give someone 40% for no additional benefits? I twittered as such and immediately got my answers (<3 twitter).


So that changes things a bit. I missed the fact that they take 0% of the revenue of ads placed direct from you that they host and serve for you. They ONLY take 40% of advertising that comes from their marketplace.

I think everyone should at least put their site into the performancing system. I have only sold a few reviews through reviewme over the years being in the marketplace has brought a lot of advertisers. It does not hurt anything to give it a go. I will be putting mine in their and seeing how it goes. (even though I dunno where I would put the ad atm)

So who is Performancing Blog Ads for?

Well… there is a TON of bloggers out their who would be thrilled at making even 5$ per month on their blog. I think this service will benefit them the most.

I think its also a great service for advertisers to “fish” with various websites.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

88 thoughts on “Performancingads Blog Ad Network Launches – But Who Is It For?”
  1. There is OIOPublisher plugin which manages banner ads and also there is a marketplace for them too.. i still don’t see any perfect reason why should switch to that.

    It’s just one of those other ad networks.. nothing much special!

  2. Also, you have to keep in mind, 99% of blogs don’t have a sales force. If you did, and you were paying them on commission, you’d have to give them 30-40% of any deal, and if you were paying them a salary, it’d be between $4-8k/month plus a 10% commission. Nothing is free in this world and PerformancingAds looks like it goes to the ad agencies and acquires the big guns – they even have a VIP program that sells 728×90, 300×250 and 160×600’s.

  3. It is definitely something that will help a lot of the smaller sites pick up some advertising.

  4. Regulars to my blog know I don’t endorse anything unless I truly believe in it.

    I was able to participate in the beta launch of PerfAds and I believe I’m their biggest success story so far. Ads sell for my blog at least twice a week. And lately 3 out of 4 available spots are filled. I can’t complain about that at all.

    I have no luck with affiliates – I tried CJ, Chitika and others and other than Adsense (which still does pretty terrific on my blog) PerfAds has had the best results.

    Perhaps it’s not for everyone but I’m happy to have gotten in at the beginning and I hope to continue to earn using this program.

  5. Wow ! i just saw the reviewme 6500$ for a review ? isn’t that like too much ?

    i prefer to send you a t-shirt :p , at least good to hear that you sold some review 😉

  6. Just to clarify, this is not CPC or CPA, right? These advertisers are renting space on your site for a flat fee per time period? Are there any other ad networks that offer that kind of service?

  7. Just added it to my site below the text for individual posts. $25 a week seems like a good start. Their MarketPlace search isn’t working.

  8. I know a few other networks like this are poised to launch, so it will be good to see how this one pans out

  9. Exactly.. Shoemoney just tries to build a brand… this blog is a big network for Shoemoney, not a review-make money blog.

  10. And I would much rather write about your company with a shirt then you paying the review fee.

    I HATE HATE HATE doing paid reviews.

  11. Shoe, any chance you have invites for Google Ads manager? If so please use the email I’ve supplied with this comment, I would greatly appreciate it

  12. is it because it’s hard to show negative points when its a paid review ? (i mean no one will have a paid review to see their products bashed)

  13. “making even 5$ per month on their blog.”
    Got there last month… 😀 already at $8.24 now 😀

  14. Hey Shoe, just FYI — For some reason your site does not come up on my iPhone any more… I just get a blank page.

  15. i think he mentioned that few days ago , that he messed up the iphone template 🙂

  16. wow, this is something new to me. I am sure many blogger or advertiser will be interested.

  17. Great to hear about your success. I haven’t had much luck with CJ and others either, guess it’s time to look into this a little more.

  18. Do you believe doing paid reviews hurts a reviewers credibility? Unless you are very selective, it would be hard to knock a product/service if they are paying you.

  19. pretty good for the little guy’s getting started and and make enough to pay for the hosting fees. Then maybe move onto better paying and performing networks.

  20. Good point on the sales force. I think this could provide a lot of opportunity for many people.

  21. I might check this out. I mean I have OIOPublisher but if their marketplace grows bigger…

  22. You are right Chris. It isn’t CPC or CPA and the advertisers rent space on your site.

  23. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this company, but I have not had a chance to fully check them out yet.

    That is definitely one of the things I enjoy about your blog is reading your opinions and seeing the opinions of all of the other readers.

  24. I personally haven’t sold advertising on my blog because it’s not big enough yet.

  25. OMG – $6,500.00 for a reviewme 😮
    I am sure you made 6500 with this performanics post 😀

  26. Wow, $6500 per review…. I guess you only need to sell a few at that rate. Do you get any feedback regarding the results of your reviews?

  27. Interesting concept I will look into it, yeah, $5 a month sounds heavenly.

  28. I have held off checking them out but think I might need to now. Thaks for the heads up on the extra features…

  29. because it doesn’t make sense to big sites because advertisers find them very easy…. unlike smaller sites

  30. i think the opportunity that Performing Ads are sharing would give some benefits on small time bloggers (like me) on their journey on making some decent money online.

  31. hmmmmmmmm, $5 would be quite enough for me, $5 would be big as of nothing, lol

  32. i do agree, this would be a perfect deal for small time bloggers (just like me) who want’s to earn some decent money online

  33. Can this be used alongside google adsense? Looks like an interesting idea, certainly no harm in trying it out for a bit.

  34. Good to hear you have had success with them – are you saying that you get more revenue from perfads than adsense?

  35. I think any new blog with little traffic should definately give them a chance

  36. caldwell seemed to be mad and gave 6 answers immediately.. but then all make sense…

  37. i think it pans out pretty great because performancing is known by a lot of people

  38. it is… if it is not then all people would probably have self-hosted wordpress blogs instead of free service blogs…

  39. I haven’t been able to have a good look at this, but would this also be a benefit to the Blog having advertising for sale? I mean, if you have a good, quality blog within a community built upon referrals from other bloggers wouldn’t that grow your traffic as well?

  40. Surely a blog should meet some sort of minimum amount of visitors to be able to display the ads? As a publisher I wouldn’t to be paying for ads on a low traffic site.

  41. just gave it a try .. lets see the results ..

    Shoe do you think google will penalise ppl for selling links ? i got 1 of my 4 years old site penalized by google went from pr4 to pr0 ( i suspect because i was selling links on text ads links)

  42. I agree- a lot of the time its harder for smaller sites to pay those more expensive monthly fees. This will be a great tool for them!

  43. I did it but had trouble uploading it. I am not very techy so i am sure that is the problem. Reading over it the features it is pretty cool.

  44. i think its affiliate program is scraped…. had some refs but not reflectin on my account

  45. Point well taken! When one starts factoring in the costs of employing people (and the other associated factors allied to being an employer) it really puts things into perspective!

  46. A reference like this indicates that there definitely is value to be had from this offering. This is why the blogosphere is such an awesome place. Instant swopping of experiences and results, without one needing to learn eveything yourself through trial and error.

  47. Sounds very good, I am looking for more info about this, I hope I can find some.

  48. Performancing Ads Network looks attractive to me. I have been able to sell a 125*125 banner ad on my blog through Performancing

  49. They won’t penalize if you use a robot.txt file or the nofollow attribute.

  50. It is a great program for little blogs and new bloggers who do not always have enough funds to pay for more professional tools.

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  52. […] lot of people have been talking recently about Performancing Ads, John Chow, Problogger and Shoemoney to name a few. I totally understand the system they are trying to put in place, but is it actually […]

  53. Let me just issue a warning to those considering getting in bed with PerfAds. My experience has not been pleasant. I submitted a Premium Publisher application and never heard back despite it saying on their site that a reply could be expected in seven days. I wrote asking why a response hadn’t arrived and that too went ignored. Some time later I finally received a message from someone name Luis. He asked a few questions to which I replied. My last message then, once again, went unanswered. I wrote to Luis asking if I could expect for this to go anywhere or if that was the end of the discussion. Since ignoring messages seemed to be their M.O. I thought that this was a valid question. His subsequent messages were extremely rude and surprisingly unprofessional. What I found to be funny, however, was that he could write back very quickly when in a snit, but customer service questions go unanswered for days on end. Save yourself the trouble and go with a real ad network instead of a “company” pretending to be one.

  54. I think “it is for” established blogs only. There is no point in waiting to sell ads through PerformancingAds if you have a new blog. Their affiliate program is quite attractive and works for all, though.

  55. For example, my nickname on forum is DrRussia because me doctor and I’m from Russia 🙂

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