I have had a Palm powered Treo for years… Currently I have the 755p and I have had 3 replacements so far. Palm powered Treo’s have always had bugs but living with them was worth it for their advanced features. Now that other phones have caught up and surpassed in functionality its time to chuck it and go with something else. Today I am going to try the Blackberry Worldphone.

I know what most of you are thinking… why not the iPhone? Well 2 main reasons:

    1) Bad ATT coverage and lack of 3G towers in Nebraska. – Every time my friends come visit they say the coverage on there phone sucks here.

    2) I am not into touch screens and like having buttons for the keyboard.

So why the Blackberry Worldphone? Well our Sprint rep Heather said she can give me a replacement BlackBerry World Phone for now. Otherwise its like $500. I am going to try to get used to the blackberry OS and then will probably end up getting the curve or the BlackBerry Bold when it comes out in a few months.

So in talking to my friends it seems those who went from a Blackberry to the iPhone are not back with their Blackberry’s. Those who went from a Treo to a iPhone are still with the iPhone. Are you one of these and which way did you go if so?

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

133 thoughts on “Tossing the Treo 755 for a Blackberry”
  1. welcome to the blackberry side 🙂 i upgraded to the curve (from the 8703e) recently and have been a blackberry person a few years before we met. hope you enjoy it. //g

  2. I had the Motorola Q for a bit, but the battery life and crashing made it unusable. iPhone is more gooder.

    Coverage trumps everything. I’m finally glad AT&T has made strides in this area and the Verizon monopoly can be challenged here.

  3. I went from a Sidekick to a Blackberry to a Treo to an iPhone. The blackberry drove me nuts because I couldn’t touch or tap the screen, always had to use the scroll ball. Treo was much improved on that end but a lousy OS. I think the BB will drive you crazy, you’ll keep finding yourself trying to tap the screen.

  4. I just made the move a few wks ago from the Treo to the Curve. It took about 2 days to discover that blackberry is way superior to palm technology. it took about a week to become a crack addict

  5. I dumped my Blackberry for an iPhone and I love it. It was a little sketchy at first since I was so used to a keyboard, but you just have to have some faith in the iPhone keyboard and it will impress you. And as far as the ATT service goes, that shouldn’t be a worry either. What do you think unlocking is for 😉 I’ve been enjoying my T-Mobile powered iPhone for a while now and don’t miss the Blackberry one bit.

  6. I love the iPhone 3g albeit the touch screen sucks and browser speed does depend on the accessibility to the magic signal. With you being shoe money I’m sure the phone companies are giving you free hooks like the google android, like the iPhone and the next blackberry before it comes out. Why does the king of the ring tone have to pay for his phone?

  7. I was gonna say I hear the Blackberry Thunder is coming soon, but it’s touch screen – though I hear it’s a really nice touch screen.

  8. I was just thinking about getting the Treo 800W today. I am afraid to leave the world of Windows Mobile. I would really like to try the Blackberry Curve but the extra monthly fee kind of keeps me from doing so.

  9. I actually just moved over from the iphone. I got tired of the touch screen. its innovative but for fast reactions etc that i need everyday the blackberry was a better choice.

  10. The Iphones are siickk. I’ve had a hacked one for a year now. It’s great!

  11. Shoe,
    I have the iphone for my personal phone and i have a blackberry curve for my business phone … the blackberry is great if you get and check alot of email … I don’t think anything else comes close for email and business … blackberry is the way to go … however I do love my new 3g iPhone as well …

    in the end it’s really all personal preference!


  12. iPhone, blackberry or let it be anything (which can be called mobile phone), it doesn’t matters until I get a cell phone for myself.

  13. Just picked up a new iPhone–loving it a lot more than I thought I would. The 3G iPhone falls back to EDGE networks if nothing 3G is available (or you can turn off 3G to save battery life). Of course, even if you don’t have 3G towers nearby you still have to pay the increase in the data plan for 3G speeds…

    Still, I think you would quite enjoy the iPhone. Especially if you had dillsmack whip you up some iPhone-formatted status websites or iPhone apps to monitor things.

  14. Blackberry looks classic! You have made a good selection there Jeremy..

    Agree that AT&T has ruined the iPhone name itself with its plans and pricing, and also bad service in its service locations..

  15. Moto Q to Blackberry Curve.. I LOVE IT.
    It never crashes, the OS runs a LOT FASTER.

    Best choice I made.

  16. I went from the Blackberry 7105 to the 16GB iPod Touch because the blackberry died and I won the iPod for free. I much prefer the iPod over the blackberry except for the tiny keyboard. Typing is very slow and very prone to errors. Typing on the Blackberry was quick and slick.

  17. Nokia N95 is really one of the best one’s made by Nokia but if you can wait, then you would love the N96 which is coming soon.

  18. The iPhone is probably worth the poor AT&T coverage… though I’d love to have the iPhone on the Sprint Network

  19. Have had the Blackberry 8830 for some time. Need Verizon coverage. It is great BUT there are issues:
    1) Can get on internet, but won’t let me approve comments in WP. Not sure why.
    2) Biggest issue – It tethers perfectly on a PC for $15 month – which is great for how much I travel. BUT no support to do this on the Mac. I tried installing BB software on XP on my Macbook Pro using VMWare Fusion. Works fine. But as soon as you switch back to Mac — no internet connection!

  20. None of the above. I hate phoneheads! All these stupidasses walking around looking at their stupid screens punching even stupider messages into them. Brain cancer will soon see the end of you. Still, I’d pick the Treo if I had to choose one–nice suite of apps available that are actually useful for everyday life. If I hear one more jackass talking about their friggin iPhone….

  21. I love to have the iPhone3G (love touch screens) and/or the Nokia 95.
    BlackBerry is good option but in this part of world the BlackBerry service is not only easily available but also bit expensive

  22. I used to be a Treo user, but I made the switch to the BlackBerry Curve and I haven’t looked back ever since! I’m looking forward to the 3g BlackBerry Bold which is due to come out in August. Trust me, once you go Black..berry, you never go back!

  23. I am stacked for some time whit k750i but i am
    thinking to buy some smart phone with symbian.

  24. Jeremy, I’m in the same boat – crappy coverage on Rogers here in Saskatchewan where I live – I’m probably going to a Blackberry as well. Right now I am waiting out the terms on my old plan.

  25. I’m not really a Blackberry person, maybe you’ll move to the iPhone in the future. 😛

  26. The iphone is a sweet piece of engineering. Too bad you can’t get good service on it out there.

  27. Hi Jeremy, I have been using the Palm 650 and now 755P for a total of 4 years. I also used a Blackberry in my technical support engineer role at Avid Technology for a brief time. I totally preferred the Palm over the Blackberry, as the thumbwheel navigation proved problematic. We used our Blackberry for 24 x 7 support of Avid’s Broadcast Television servers worldwide. Needless to say, at 3:00 AM it was abit daunting to get the page and respond using the keypad and thumbwheel accurately. Palm OS and hardware has been remarkably reliable, even dropping it in the Virginia mud one winter, I still managed to send an email to my boss in California successfully. I will follow your blog (RSS Subscriber), and see how your testing progresses. Thanks for an informative and entertaining blog, and a Shoemoney T-Shirt would look good in a photo of me wearing it…on my blog…http://donotreadthisblogunless.blogspot.com/ Respectfully, Nicholas Chase

  28. I love to have iPhone3G (really likes touch screen) and/or Nokia N95, BlackBerry is also a good option, but i am keep away myself from it because of money and in this part of world getting BlackBerry service is both not available easily and expensive.

  29. Shoe, I can see reason number 1 for not going with the iPhone but as far as reason #2 goes, why not get an unlocked iPhone?

    I actually have AT&T right now but I just can’t convince myself to get the ridiculous plans that they require for the iPhone. I’m probably going to end up with a Touch and just a regular phone. We’ll see…

  30. Just so you know. I like the Worldphone a lot better. I have the Worldphone and a friend has the Bold. It might just be me but the bold seems weird to hold and the keyboard is a bit of a tough one. The features of the Bold are great though.

  31. I didn’t realize you were in Nebraska too.

    I’m also on Sprint and I’m trying to decide between the Blackberry Pearl or the new Instinct – Sprint’s answer to the iPhone. So far its looking like the Instinct will win.

  32. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the decision. I love my Blackberry Pearl.

  33. Nice choice Jeremy,

    I have a BB 8820. I use my phone for business – I don’t need multimedia features (or even a camera – a lot of companies where I live insist on you leaving your phone at reception if it has a camera)…

    The Blackberry does email very well, and it makes phone calls! Plus the full qwerty keyboard is a bonus.

    Mind you, I reckon some of the iphone business/productivity apps could be useful for business purposes.

  34. I have the BBerry. I like it as I prefer a keyboard as well. The iphone seemed heavy to me and it was a little expensive

  35. I wanted to get AT&T, but of course we have the same problem in Iowa. The rumor is that we’ll be getting 3G coverage around Des Moines, but I doubt it any time soon.

  36. I’m a fan of buttons too, I have the Treo 755p and every time I’m calling someone my face hits the screen and does something. I can’t imagine using the iphone…

  37. It is funny to me how if JS post’s about how he is going to start wipping is but, he’ll get 50 comments saying things like:
    “Wow, I never thought of doing it that way”
    “Good job man, I plan on starting asap as well with your new technique”
    “Shoe– You didn’t tell us what brand you were using, can you please also describe to us your plans for the future, lid up or lid down after each use?”

    Of course I am exagerating and a bit jealous of his successful blog. It is not a true MMO blog (his saying so, not mine), but non the less, he give great hope and insight into how he makes his living and lives his life…
    thanks Shoe
    (almost seems like I am now like the others I just made fun of)

  38. Actually if you try to blog a quick update in wordpress through your mobile, iPhone would be the best. I have seen wordpress wp admin section plugin friendly for iPhone but not other phones.

  39. Good points for not joining the iPhone bandwagon Shoe! Although, i do still like the elegance of the touchscreen.

  40. The complete features that you get with a normal phone are higher in those than the unlocked phones.. So the value doesn’t remain the same.

  41. Ohh. Really? I haven’t seen an iPhone opeing the wp admin yet. I hope I’ll be seeing one soon.

  42. Personally speaking, even I dont like iPhone cos its too tough for SMSing. And I am a heavy SMSer. I prefer Nokia. Kypad is too good.

  43. Great choice. The Iphone Keyboard really sucks. And that BlackBerry Blod looks awesome!

  44. I’m in a similar boat as the AT&T coverage near our home is terrible so an iPhone really isn’t a great option. I’ve been considering the Blackberry Curve for now as quite a few people I know have them and rave about them.

  45. I got a Blackberry Curve a couple of months ago and love it – great reception and it even survived after I went in the pool with my son and found it still in my pocket after a minute submerged underwater. How many phones can you say would have survive that? I immediately got out of the pool took out the battery, then went home and put it in a bowl of silica gel (to absorb the water). Still works great today, the screen was a little messed up for a while until the water evaporated out of it. I think you made the right choice.

  46. I’ve owned various smart phones/pda’s from palm to blackberry to windows mobile. Blackberries are good in that they are really refined from a dev point of view. Tons of shortcuts and handy key sequences. Two spaces after a sentence, “t” to get to the top of your email list, no need to hold alt where you’re in a numeric only field, etc etc. Windows mobile who had none of these refinements two years ago are finally starting to catch up and will have a polished system in the next year or so. Combine that with the ability to load tons of 3rd party apps and I’m beginning to be a huge windows mobile fan. Currently using a Q9c. In short:

    refined, rock solid, just works interface
    limited apps, BES licensing, relies on BB network

    Windows mobile:
    only needs internet connection to your mail server to sync, tons of apps, cheap
    still needs refinement, can be flaky

  47. What?

    How dare you go against the iphone madness?

    Really, I think you made the wisest choice, and since you don’t like touch screens and the ATT coverage pretty much sucks there, it was really a no-brainer.

  48. I’m using a verizon phone on a family plan. The phone works fine, but their plans are retarded. I wouldn’t suggest them.

  49. Good choice J. Personally I have a BlackBerry 8100 and a Nokia N95 and Im very happy with their performance. The BB for professional work and the N for the Multimedia and Wifi connection.

  50. The iPhone is pretty good to but it have a lot of problem down here! It can be locked anytime + bad it need a lot of care due the touch screen.

  51. plus the iPhone down here is going crazy! It can be locked anytime and you’ll be looking for the customers service in the middle pf the night to get your phone unlocked! I used to have one but I got enough, I sold it and I bought the black N95 8Gb and it working very well for me.

  52. You should test the Blackberry 🙂 i was like you in the beginning because I tought that’s too complicated to work with but when I tested it I was amazed!

  53. I went with the AT&T Blackjack (first generation) and I have to say that I love it. I have only ever had one problem. My phone use to sync nicely with my computer and about six months ago it mystery stop doing that even when I attempted to install the software again. This really isn’t a big deal. The greatest thing that I like is just having my emails on it. While I also don’t live in a 3G network so getting on the internet sucks and is part of the reason why I didn’t make the jump over to the iPhone but now that the new iPhone has GPS I am getting ready to make the transition myself. Plus it is cheaper per month (about twenty dollars) to have the iPhone plan instead of the regular unlimited data plan at 49.99 a month compared to 30.00 dollars a month.

  54. I am waiting for the X1 from Sony Ericsson, which launches in Q3 this year…

  55. You can blog with any smart phone or PDA since it contain Wireless, WLAN and 3G services.

  56. I wish I could say I worried about a phone, truth is, I HATE THEM! LOL

    I put off owning a cell phone for too many years and then 7-8 years ago when I DID finally get one, it is like carrying around a 200 pound sack, I just hate it.

    I am however in the market for another… so this post was well timed! I have had a Blackberry in the past but didn’t like the size.

  57. I ditched my LG and went to a Blackberry Pearl. I like ti better than the curve because it is slimmed and fits in my pocket better. You’ll love the blackberry. I am surprised I lived this long without mine.

  58. I hate my wifes blackberry pearl, can’t stand typing on it. I have a HTC P4000 (Mogul) with a full slide out keyboard, I really like it just wish it had more memory it gets really slow if I open a few apps.

  59. Love my Blackberry Curve. Yes it is a bit wide, but my thumbs fly and now the phone part works well. Also when I travel it connects fast!

    I get over 200 emails a day and would be choking w/o it!

  60. I must say I’m with Mark on this one. I hate cell phones, I’ve loss count of how many I have lost/owned in the last couple of years, and every time I lost one I would be “unreachable” for a while and it was like getting decontaminated.
    Humans (specially Men 😉 ) were not made to be reachable at all times demit!
    And sure, you can always turn it off, but when you do…there is the “you had your mobile turned off” issue.

  61. I use a nokia E90. It’s a little bit bigger, but it has more features than the blackberry :). Also the qwerty keyboard is a lot bigger/better. It’s like having a laptop with you everywhere you go.

  62. I think right now iPhone has the market…it has the most value and services for the price…

  63. Good move man. Blackberry is the way to go. Far more reliable than anything else out there right now.

  64. I gave up my treo for an htc mogul and love it. It’s huge and heavy (rather than a flip phone that can just slip into your pocket) but I love the flip out keyboard and such.

  65. I think the iphone is more toy then tool myself. Let us know how the new selection works out.

  66. I also have an N95 Nokia. I’m very pleased with it. I also had the chance to play with the iPhone and I was impressed by his features.

  67. sony…I also had an W810i, not very expensive, did his job for 1 year….worth the money I can say

  68. Just purchased a Blackberry Curve today..getting the hang of it but so far so good! Good luck!

  69. Theres a plugin that allows you to do everything. I have a video of it on my blog.

  70. Waste of money. Typical of American excessive, gluttenous, wasteful spending habits. It’s a phone, people. A phone. Are we really THAT far away from our laptop to check email? I don’t care how much money you have. This is a joke. For $500, you can buy half an ounce of gold, some foreign currency, or any other non-US denominated financial instrument with healthy, conservative growhh with a decent dividen yield.

    I know this stuff doesn’t matter here, but this is the primary reason our country is on the fast track to a crushing (and naturally correcting) recession.

  71. Happen to be in a position to have both the Blackberry and the iPhone. Spending a hour with each you would pick the Blackberry, live with the iphone you will be converted.

    I have a “wow” moment with it daily still.

  72. You know, I have the at&t tilt and like it. What’s cool about it is that I can teather with it (streamline the internet from my phone to my lappy) and it kills two bills with one stone. The 3g network is not that fast, but fast enough. Other than being a bit big (I call my tilt a ‘little turd’) and not being able to dial a number in the sun, its a great phone. I haven’t done any research on the new iphone, but if it teathers, I think I will be doomed to buy one…

  73. Understood about liking a real keyboard & lack of 3G where you are. (I just got an iPhone 3G and love it so far but it’s not for everyone)
    I had a Treo 650 and moved to a Blackberry Pearl. The move was so-so for me. I missed the touchscreen for browsing but loved the BB’s small form factor and weight. The scrolling & menus takes a little to get used to but works well. So does copy-and-paste (which iPhone doesn’t support).
    But the BB (and I think this goes for all of them) randomly empties all of your messages in memory, with no warning and even if you have plenty of memory on hand. I got irritated losing messages irrevocably because the BB has some still unresolved memory-allocation issues.
    But the data-push thing with BBs are amazing. You’ll see emails in your BB before you see them in your computer’s inbox a lot of the time.

  74. I have been looking at the world phone for awhile, but I am not sure I would like a non touch screen device. Let us know how the transition goes.

  75. Is Sprint going to carry the Blackberry Bold? Last thing I heard was AT&T has an exclusive on the Bold for the U.S. Other carriers will have to wait probably at least 6 months before the Bold arrives.

  76. […] “I have had a Palm powered Treo for years… Currently I have the 755p and I have had 3 replacements so far. Palm powered Treo’s have always had bugs but living with them was worth it for their advanced features. Now that other phones have caught up and surpassed in functionality its time to chuck it and go with something else. Today I am going to try the Blackberry Worldphone.” ShoeMoney […]

  77. I am thinking of trading my 8830 for a Curve. Anyone have experience with both?

  78. Went from Palm to Blackberry to iPhone.

    Simple Equation:
    1) Blackberry is the best for typing.
    2) Aside from typing the iPhone blows away the competition as fas as a great user experience.
    3) Palm is toast

  79. I must be old school but I just cant bring myself to spend the money on these super tech cell phones.

    I just have a plan old razor and have had it for about 3 years.


  80. A Treo user myself and I have heard great things about the Centro. Thinking about giving that a try as I am with Sprint and refuse to switch to AT&T as well for the IPhone. Supposedly the Centro does not crash as much as the 755p and other Treo users I know that have switched, love it. Basically it is an improved Treo.

  81. Jeremy,

    What ever you do do not buy the new TREO 800 I bought one and had to take the first one back. I got a 2nd one, and then I had to take it back. The speakers get screwed up some how they start distorting I think it’s something on the board inside the phone and they just haven’t got it fixed yet. I tried buying a blackberry, but they was all out :(.

  82. That plugin was made just to make the wordpress admin interface friendly for iPhone, and not other smart phones. This is what was said by the plugin developers. And the categories section in the new post page sucks in a normal smart phone.

  83. I really think the blackberry is a much better phone than the iPhone. If you are using it to work and not just to look cool, blackberry has so much more to offer.

  84. Unlocked iPhones do not have complete features..
    And as Jeremy is mostly looking for business kinda phones, BB is the best

  85. I am waiting for the Iphone 3G, it is yet to release in my country,
    Till then i will not buy any one,
    Lucky newzealanders, they are the first to buy the Iphone.

  86. Having a “World Phone” would be nice. Living so close to Canada where my phone does not work is slightly annoying.

  87. I rock the Blackberry Curve. It is a great phone. Maybe Matt will send you a beta version of the Android?

  88. Dude, unless you absolutely know that you will never want to take a pictures on your BlackBerry or that you will travel internationally extensively, bypass the BlackBerry 8830 Worldphone and go straight for the BlackBerry Curve 8330.

    If you aren’t traveling extensively, it is better to just get a cheap unlocked phone next time you are in the UK and just buy rechargeable SIM cards.

  89. Oh man I want a crackberry so bad, or maybe an iphone I’m still not sure but I’m leaning towards crackberry.

  90. The Blackberry is much better then the Palm dude. I’m sure you’ll think so too. The camera on the Curve is very nice. 5x zoom, yeah. Also I wouldn’t try this but a guy here at worked dropped his in the pool and the dude dried it off took the battery out and let it sit in the Sun for the day. Still works.

  91. I don’t really own those fancy gadgets, so I wouldn’t know 😛 My simple sony phone works fine for me 🙂

  92. I have been supporting blackberries for years now and I just don’t see them as a great personal device…great business device yes….but if I had to buy something for home use/e-mail it wouldn’t be a bb

  93. Palm powered Treo’s have always had bugs but living with them was worth it for their advanced features.

  94. I have had a centro for the last six months or so and have to say, I miss my Treo. This doesn’t have anywhere near the umph that my old 650 had. I’m replacing it tonight – with either a BB or Treo, I’m still not sure which yet.

  95. The blackberry is a good piece of kit, all of our top execs have them and I’ve never heard any complaints about them. If you just want to be trendy go for the iphone, if want something that’s good at its job then the BB wins.

  96. I totally just want to be trendy! Seriously though, what about mac users in general, isn’t the iPhone going to be more effective than the BB since the iPhone can sync better with the mac?

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