This has without a doubt been the craziest week of my life.

Last Thursday night my wife went into labor at 5:30AM in the morning. Our baby Joslyn was born at 11:50PM that night.

When the baby was born it had a fever but nothing too serious. My wife also had a fever. They never thought to much about it.

For the next 3 days we kept hearing the same thing from the doctors. Everything looked ok but the baby was not improving.

Then on Tuesday the 8th my daughter was transferred to Childrens Medical Center in Omaha Nebraska. They a ton of lab work that morning including a spinal tap to test her Cerebral Spinal Fluid.

The CSF test came back positive for Meningitis and they saw bacteria growing in the culture so they were pretty sure it was Bacterial Meningitis.

If you research Neonatal infections Meningitis is about the wost possible one a baby can be born with. I made the mistake of Googleing for more information about Neonatal Bacterial Meningitis while we waited for more information and for the next 48 hours was a complete emotional disaster.

I think the fact my wife is a physician almost made things worse because she knew the stone cold reality of what happens to baby’s born with this. They started doing more tests to see how bad it had gotten. If there was puss pockets of bacteria within my baby’s brain then… well… bad things…

There are some people on the internet who wish me harm… Some say they wont stop until they see me cry. If they would have had a camera they would have got their wish.

This was without a doubt the longest 2 days of my life. No idea if my baby was going to live or die. I can’t put it into words.

Finally the CT scans came back and they showed that she had zero brain irritation or swelling. This was amazingly good news.

Later that day the news got even better when they said there was no sign of bacteria in the cultures after all… and it must have been an error by the technician who read the results the first time. My baby did in fact have meningitis but now it was revealed it was viral and not bacterial.

This was UNBELIEVABLE news! The difference between Viral and Bacterial Meningitis is huge. Her prognosis within a few hours went from about 5% chance of having a normal life to 95% chance with some possible hearing loss. They also said they expect Joslyn will be a completely normal healthy baby.

I thought I was dreaming… They took off all her anti-biotics… took out her feeding tube…

Now its several days later and she looks awesome. All her tests have come back with flying colors including the hearing test. They are saying she could come home as early as Tomorrow (Sunday) but more likely Monday or Tuesday.

I just want to thank each and every one of you for all your support, thoughts, and prayers.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

177 thoughts on “The Craziest Week Of My Life (Baby Update)”
  1. Great news that things are fine now. I can’t begin to imagine what you and your family have been through.

  2. Man, those are GREAT news… I’m glad to hear everything turned out ok with your baby. πŸ™‚

  3. Thank God for the child’s health.

    I have a co-worker who’s kid was born with the same problem, but it was bacterial and not viral, needless to say it can also mess up the immune system.

    count your blessing shoe, your a very lucky man, and Im honestly happy your child is going to be healthy.

  4. I believe that there are way more people who wish you all the best rather than those who do opposite. Anyway, thank God your baby is ok.

  5. Wow. I’m glad things took a turn for the best and hope Joslyn will continue to stay healthy.

  6. What a wonderful ending to this sad story.

    Congratulations on your new healthy baby!


  7. Glad to hear everything’s good. Congrats on the new baby, if I could pass cigars through the internets, I totally would:D

  8. Glad to read your mid post J. I hold my breath reading on this post until the mid of the content. you must be so thankful.

    welcome to the daddy of a new baby world πŸ™‚

  9. My son, born this past December 23rd, was kept in the NICU after he was born because he kept having breathing issues. He also couldn’t keep anything down.
    Doctors kept doing more and different tests, but nothing conclusive could be found. Everytime he seemed to be improving we would return later to be told that he had stopped breathing again. Each test was to look for more serious things, such as lung problems and heart problems. But nothing (fortunately) was really ever determined.
    My son improved in about a week (the longest week ever), came home and nothing lasting ever came of it. Today he is happy and healthy. I am still thankful for this every day.
    You can hear a hundred stories from people with similar situations but it will never really prepare you for having it happen to you.
    Reading this post about what have been dealing with brings a lot of the feelings back for me. Out of a potentially terrible situation, I came out with a new resolve to not take my family for granted and it gives me a whole new level of motivation.
    I’m glad to hear that everything is going to be okay for your baby.
    Best wishes to you and your family,

  10. Happy to hear that things have taken a turn for the better. Best wishes to you and your beautiful family. There really is nothing in life more important or rewarding.

  11. What a story..
    Actually being a dental student, i know how meningitis affects infants and how the cerebrospinal fluid is filled with bacteria or any other microorganism that causes it. But Joslyn is really lucky! And you are double lucky Jeremy.

    Go take your fighters and make them hit that physician who made the mistake in the tests.
    And the doctors still predict partial hear loss due to this?

  12. Immune system is surely destroyed and the infants just go into a stage where they can be easily susceptible to any other microbial infections. And in such cases, the doctors have very less to do to control the infections.

    Very lucky in this case!

  13. I can’t say I understand how you feel, because I don’t. I just hope everything works out and your baby girl grows up to live a full healthy life. Thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  14. I’m not normally moved by stuff on the web and I’ve not commented here much so you wouldn’t know jack about me, but I’ve got to say I was genuinely relieved and moved by your story. I’m so pleased your wife and daughter are both OK and can’t imagine the week you’ve had.

    A pox on those who wish you harm and strength, courage and wisdom to your little girl.

  15. I once heard a father-to-be answer the question “Would you rather have a boy or a girl?” with “I don’t care. I just want it to be healthy”.

    I was only a teenager when I heard that and I thought he was just being flippant. I’m older now and I know he had the right perspective.

    It’s great to hear Joslyn’s okay. Thoughts and prayers from me as well.

  16. wow – that I can’t even begin to imagine that roller coaster! good to hear things are going well now!

  17. Glad to hear that baby Joslyn is okay!

    I’ve spend many a hours at Children’s Hospital in Omaha with my twins and don’t wish that waiting and worrying upon anyone.

  18. Glad it turned out okay – you’re a lucky guy. I had the opposite luck and can say that the emotional damage only seems to get worse with time. It also seems to make other problems worse as well.

    On a brighter note, I suppose that brief glimpse of what could have been helps put the smaller problems in life into some sort of perspective (money, work stress, etc…). Well, maybe not the money one in your case, but whatever little things pop up that can–but probably shouldn’t–ruin an otherwise good day.

  19. I am so happy for you. I have dealt with draconian diagnoses with my kids, too, and it is a ginormous relief when you know the outcome is sunny. I have learned a wonderful technique for reducing fevers and will share it with you if you email me. God bless you, every one!

  20. Glad to hear Joselyn is on the mend, must of been one hell of a week that puts a lot of things in proportion. Best wishes

  21. Glad to hear everything turned out for the best for you guys. Congrats and my bests


  22. Very good news to hear! I have two kids myself, the youngest is 10 months old now and could imagine having to go through that. I am really glad you will now be able to relax. A new baby should be a happy time, not a stressful time.

    Best wishes moving forward.

  23. Shoe, that what I wanna hear, great news and Thanks God for the baby safety. I was scared at the beginning of the article but when I came to the end I was too happy to know that everything is back to normal.

    Congratulation again and I wish a good life to Joslyn.

  24. Thank God you have a happy ending to your story! Sorry for the emotional distress but now you can truly count your many blessings.

    Much happiness and good health to your family!

  25. Hey Jeremy,
    Good to hear things turned out ok for you and your family.
    My family and I spent a week in the hospital about a month ago when my 2year old daughter came down with a salmonella infection and the entire family camped in the room with her for about a week while she was on a drip and had a persistant fever.

    I can imagine how having a serious condition happen with a newborn and a wife who’s a doctor can increase stress levels.

    If anything, it’s proof that Joslyn’s a fighter.

    Stay strong.

  26. We’re all happy things are okay now Jeremy.
    Best wishes from Scorpiono πŸ˜‰

  27. Oh wow Jeremy, that’s the most heart-wrenching thing I’ve heard this morning! I thought I had it bad that Google canceled my Adsense account just as the balance was really peaking. Then I realized – oh, I clicked Adwords by mistake – yeah, I canceled that account months ago. Adsense still going.

    I can guess the stress you went through as that would be the absolute worse nightmare I could imagine for myself. Great that things are OK and it’s a serious reminder that anything can go wrong when having a child. So happy to have had a healthy one myself. Best of Life to you and your wife and new daughter!

  28. Wow dude!

    The blog post was INTENSE enough, I can’t even imagine having to live through something like that and won’t even pretend to.

    Best wishes for you and the family.


  29. What an awful experience this must have been. I have 3 kids and all of them have been amazingly healthy.

    I don’t know what I would have done if I had to experience what you just went through. I’d probably be in a psych ward.

    God bless you, your wife, and your new daughter. She’s bound to be something amazing after going through this!

  30. Positive energy being sent your way from Vancouver! We had a baby last year and she needed heart surgery on her 3rd day of life and we all spent 3 weeks “living” in the hospital, so I can relate to what you’re going through. Sounds like everything will be fine! Stay positive! πŸ™‚


  31. Jeremy – I’m so glad to hear everything is fine with Joslyn. I know how scary bacterial meningitis can be, as my brother amazingly had it TWICE within a 12 month period. Thankfully, viral is much less serious. Best wishes for the health of your daughter.

  32. Congratulations! My wife is 8 months pregnant with our first and I can still only imagine how you must have felt. We went to the doctor for a routine checkup last week with the baby kicking all the way. When the doctor took more than 30 seconds to find the boy’s heartbeat my wife and I went from relaxed to panicked in .06 seconds.

    He’d just flipped from one side to the other.

    I do not envy you the hell you must have endured for 2 days.

    Go Joslyn!

  33. Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Glad everything is looking up. Keep positive thoughts in your head!

  34. A very touching post, and a brave one to write. Best wishes to you, your wife and your daughter.

  35. Congrats. I’m really happy that thinks are looking up for your baby! That would have really sucked if something would have happened.

  36. Hey Shoey, great to hear things have worked out with your little girl.

    (It puts things in perspective for me, I have a little girl and due to a relationship breakdown I live a 4 hour flight away in another country. I only get to see her every 6-8 weeks and I thought I was the unluckiest man alive. However, hearing how close you came to a true disaster has really given me strength – it’s never as bad as it seems.)

    Amazing story mate, glad to hear the good news.

    Got the domain registered yet? πŸ™‚ MissShoemoney.Com, or maybe ShoeMoneyMiss.Com

  37. glad everything is okay. kids are perhaps the best and worst thing that can happen in our life.. we have 3 with another on the way.. (worst is a bit tongue in cheek.. but, never will you know true pain or worry than as a parent..). i also cannot imagine living with the controversy you seem to be able to generate so easily.. but, i think people are pretty jealous of greatness. they try to say it is luck or underhand-ness.. when perhaps they should just give it up and agree it is just natural born talent!
    okay, enough sunshine, sunshine.
    all the very best. dont change for anyone!

  38. I feel for you man. How can you manage to keep posting and running your business during times like that? I just can’t do it. Everything else seems so unimportant when a family member is in trouble.

  39. Glad to see everything is ok, I know how these long hospital wait can be and it’s horrible! I wish you the best…

  40. Thank God everything turned out OK. Our oldest spent a couple of weeks in the NICU (nothing awful, but he was preemie and had some breathing issues) so I know how frightening this can be.
    Best to all of you.

  41. aaaah thank god!!! reading the first half of your email brought memories of my children being born with scares as well.

    Glade all is ok and congrats again.
    You should take some time off, just to recoupe!!!

  42. Whoa… sorry you and your wife had to go through that terror – very happy that everyone is safe and doing well. G-d bless you and your family.

  43. Nothing places things in their true perspective than having to face something like this. You quickly realize how little everything else really matters.

  44. Wow, that is incredible. Glad things look good now – take care of yourself and your family.

  45. Good to hear your daughter will be fine. My wife is a neo-natal nurse and it was a burden on both of us when we had our two boys, to know all of the possible things that can go wrong. Her unit covers the worst cases within 100 miles, so she never sees “normal” babies.

  46. I had gotten behind on my blog reading. I’m so glad things worked out OK. With four kids of our own and a brand-new granddaughter, there is always something to worry about. It’s a blessing and a relief when things work out.

  47. Very, very happy for you, your wife, and especially your newborn, Jeremy! I wish you and your family good fortune from here on out!

  48. Hi Jeremy, that’s fantastic news. I wish you and your family the very best.

  49. What FABULOUS news. It must have been a simply terrible time for you. Enjoy your darling little bundle. πŸ™‚

  50. Jeremy: you have finaly learned the meaning of life. I am sorry if it had to be that way, but you’re a much better person now.

  51. Congratulations to you and your wife Shoe that your baby is healthy. All the best to you and your family for the future.

  52. Whew, thought it was going to get bad there for a few moments. Glad she is going to be okay.

  53. I am glad all is well. I am about to be a father soon so I can almost understand how it must have felt.

  54. My goodness, you did have quite the week. I teared up reading this story. I’m so glad that it turned out well. Please keep us updated and thank you for sharing.

  55. Good luck for you shoe…..glad tht she was well after all……I will remember her in my prayers.

  56. Wow, I can only imagine how scary that must be. But that is the stuff that usually puts everything in perspective again. Anyway; good luck with everything Jeremy and congrats on the healthy baby !

  57. Shoe, I’m glad that everything is great now. I imagine this was not easy for you and your wife. I’m thinking about my baby boy that is about to be born, and I pray everything will be okay and I can’t wait to see his little face.


  58. Heh it seemed like you were wishing Jeremy a long life. Lucky both and hope they both live long!

  59. I am very happy that everything turned out so well. Health you and your child. This is the most important and most important thing in life.

  60. Being a father of two I can imagine the stress you went through. It’s just terrible to sit there and think there is nothing you can do to help, except pray.

    Glad it worked out all OK. Wish your family the best.

  61. im glad things turned out for the better. that nurse should be fired for making that mistake. we’ll pray for you and joslyn. in the meanwhile, get some rest.

  62. Great news Shoe! Definitely glad to hear that your little girl’s doing well. Being a dad myself, I know that’s a HUGE emotional burden you no longer have to deal with. Enjoy your week. πŸ˜‰

  63. Well, i must say Jeremy, this is great news. I’m very happy for you and your family. Now it’s time to take care of that little person and make sure she gets all the love and care she needs.

  64. That is wonderful news. I’m glad to hear that it turned out better and better. Congratulations again.

  65. That’s awesome news. I have two girls myself and had the meningitis scare with my oldest when she was 2. Luckily a second test came back negative.

    Anyway…Hope the hardest thing you have to deal with going forward is the dirty diapers!

  66. Wow. What a scary roller coaster Shoe. Wouldn’t wish that on anyone having 2 youngsters myself. Glad to hear the outlook looks good.

  67. Hey Jeremy.

    Im glad everything is now fine! the mistake that person made is frustrating. he/she put you and your family through alot of stress and upset for nothing.

    Hope you ok,

  68. shoe you know you have my wishes – great news and I know everything is going to be well. glad to hear everything turned out great for joslyn

  69. Shoe

    Off to church and you guys are at the top of the prayer list. Maybe it is good karma for all the help you have provided others over the past couple of years that your daughter will be alright.

    Whatever it is I hope that the prognosis remains positive and Mom and Josyln come home safely.

  70. Wow that’s some experience you got there. I’m so happy and relieved also that Joslyn is ok and can go home anytime now. God Bless Shoe. Just don’t forget to pray. πŸ™‚

  71. So sorry you had to go through this… I can’t even imagine.

    Hang in there… baby Joslyn will be just fine.

  72. Just got back from vacation. It’s soooooo fantastic to hear everything is going to be alright.

  73. Eric and I are thrilled at your good news and know how amazing it is to be parents. Sorry that this beautiful time was messed with, but you can all move on and rejoice in the miracle of your new baby girl. Congrats!

  74. I’m glad everything turned. We are lucky in Nebraska to have Children’s Hospital and UNMC. They are two world class health care facilities. You never realize how great they are until you need them.

  75. You had me a little worried at the start there but I am glad to hear it all worked out for your family.

  76. Wow sounds like some emotional roller coaster you went through, I hope your baby is really healthy and has a great future!

  77. Jeremy – Thanks for being so open and sharing your life with us. We get to see you not only as a successful businessman but as a father and a husband. It’s inspiring.
    I’m relieved to read things are turning around and that your daughter is doing well. I hope she’ll be home soon.

  78. Jeremy,

    I just found your site and read your post.
    What a frightening ordeal!! Thank goodness your baby daughter is going to be o.k.
    Sending love and blessings.

  79. Good to here everything is turning out well with the newly born. I can imagen what it must felt like. My daughter was showing some spots after 2 days and they told us it was a bacterial infection she got while being born. It broke my hearth when I saw her lying there with all those tubes into her tiny arms. But all turned out fine afterall, so the relieve surely is the same you’r experiencing right now πŸ™‚

    take care!

  80. Great news. Take some time and give thanks for all that has happened over the past week before heading back to work. These are precious times.

  81. Glad to hear everything is okay. I can’t imagine the pain and suffring you went through with that. I would surely have lost it myself in that position. Puts life into perspective when these things happen.

  82. My son had viral M at 5 months. almost died but went on to become a brilliant aviation engineer ….so thankful for your good outcome.

  83. Don’t know why but I always felt something was wrong during the last week or so, and was a tad worried that it had something to do with the baby.
    It’s wonderful to hear that everything turned out ok, and my best wishes you and your lovely family Jeremy.

  84. I can’t imagine the anxiety your family was feeling this last week. That is a lot of information and stress to digest after the delivery process. Be sure to take time to enjoy your kids while they are young.

  85. I’m glad things are looking okay. Medical issues with your baby are terrifying, and there’s nothing you can do but wait and try not to go crazy. Congratulations on Joslyn’s birth, and I hope everything continues to go well. πŸ™‚

  86. Lots of love and positive vibes for you, your wife and Joslyn. Glad to hear everything is looking better now.

  87. Just found out my wife is pregnant and I’m already worrying. I’m very happy everything worked out well for you and your family.

  88. Fantastic news! I can’t imagine how terrible that was. Best wishes to the whole family.

  89. I so happy for you and your family that everything is going to be ok with your baby girl. I’m so sorry that you were put through so much emotional trauma. I pray that everything will continue to be alright for your precious little girl.

  90. Man.. it’s hard to be a parent. Reading your post really sent me back to that emotional state after birth with my children. I luckily never had to deal with what you dealt with, but I can definitely relate. I’m glad everything turned out for the better. It’s crazy how bad things can get.. and how good as well.

    Thanks for sharing.

  91. Great news! I recently went through a similar scare with our newborn – 4 weeks in the NICU from infection. Now, 4 weeks later, all is well. It’s very scary to have something wrong with your newborn, and the experiece is an emotional roller coaster for sure. Really glad to hear all is well – congrats!

  92. Glad to hear it all worked out; Googling a medical condition is one of the worst things you can do. My wife & I did it years ago when she was diagnosed with placenta previa during her 2nd pregnancy, and some of the things we read really wore us down. The doctors told us a different side to the condition. Anyway, now everyone’s very healthy!

  93. Great news and congratulations. I can’t imagine how relieved you must have been.

  94. I am glad to hear your baby is OK. I can only imagine the fear that was in your heart. I am so glad everything turned out OK for you and your family.


  95. Often reader, never poster until this. I’m so glad everything has turned out okay. What an emotional roller coaster – with the best possible news at the end. My heart breaks every time my children get hurt – and you’ve had a lifetime in a couple of short days.

    Jennifer (some advice on non-toxic living for babies & kids)

  96. Terrific — what drama!

    I almost lost my wife and my newborn due to screwups and complications during labor and childbirth. Then everything turned out fine.

    I look at that as the best day and worst day of my life. After a few weeks of diaper changes, it’ll all just seem like a bad dream.

  97. Scary stuff, Shoe. I can only imagine but am glad to hear that everything turned out okay. Yes, Googeling for medical conditions and symptoms can certainly put the fear of God into you. Best of luck.

  98. Glad to here Bub turned out ok. Can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to go through that but no one should have to.

    Best of luck…

  99. Wow! Glad to hear that Joslyn is doing better. Wish there was more we could do than comment and email. Know we’re thinking of you all.

  100. That is very good news Shoe, I’m glad your baby is fine and will be ok. Best wishes to your family & congrats :).

  101. God bless your baby and your family Shoe. I’m happy that everything is better and that you’re enjoying your family. I had Viral Meningitis and it took me out for weeks, I can imagine your newborn! Just kiss her and hug her bro.

  102. Great news Jeremy, I hope she makes a full recovery and lives a long life. I hope your wife is also going to be ok.

  103. Shoe, Awesome news. If anyone out there understands the emotional rollercoaster of having a baby born and immediately go to the NICU it is me. Our daughter is now two and she was in NICU for 10 days with RDS. To see her now you would never know there was a problem. Our son, born Match 27th, had the same breathing issues but he too is great and shows no ill effects of being in Children’s Hospital. I am sure it was gut wrenching for you but hopefully you and your family will be stronger for it.

  104. I know this whole scene, I went through the same thing when my son was born, actually twice and both times was a false alarm, THANK GOD, I am so happy to hear that everything is okay for Joslyn and your family Shoe!

  105. Great to know everything turned out well! Congrats on your new bundle of joy πŸ™‚

  106. Congratulations Jeremy! I can’t imagine the feelings you have been through.. But I’m glad everything worked out OK!
    I wish you and your family all the best!

  107. I know you say you’re agnostic but I’m not so I just thanked God for blessing and healing your baby. I will pray for her continued health. Take good care of your girls. You’re a blessed man. Peace be with you.

  108. I’m so glad that everything worked out well and that she’s going to be alright.

  109. Praise God! There is in fact nothing worse then watching your child suffer.

  110. thats a good news..
    best wishes for future of your baby – the shoegirl πŸ˜€

  111. Excellent news! Almost the exact same thing happened to an old friend of mine so I can sort of relate. Her baby turned out fine also, but what agony…

  112. I am glad everything turned for the better. Nothing like a baby’s health problems to keep us humble. I know that helpless feeling.

  113. Wow! You have been through a lot. I’ll keep you guys in my prayers. My hubby is also a doc from Nebraska and sometimes it does make things worse to know so much, so I know what you mean.

  114. Great news. Sorry for your tough week. My wife and I have triplets (plus an older boy) and had a some breakdown moments in their early months of their lives … being born at 3 pounds pretty much guarantees at least a few of those experiences. Best of luck!

  115. I am due in 27 days with our first and can’t imagine the stress of going through all of that. Thank God everything turned out all right, I’ll be thinking about your family!

  116. That is fantastic news – I cannot imagine the emotions / stress of the situation but happy to hear that things have improved. Things like this can really give you perspective on how amazing the birth of a baby is from beginning to end.

  117. Jeremy,
    We are glad to hear that everything turned out so much better than the initial tests. We hope you get to bring Josalyn home soon!

  118. so glad shes doing better. the worst thing is to hear how a small, defenseless baby can be plagued by sickness. such a relief!

  119. Congratulations on the baby. Glad to know that she is doing better now. Wishing her a speedy recovery.
    Do take care of both of yourselves.

  120. NOTHING…will hit you harder than having your kid sick or hurt and having nothing you can do about it. Cannot tell you how Happy I am to hear that all is well.

    Even your worst critic wouldn’t wish something on your child BTW. Anyone would has serious issues!

  121. Congratulations on your new little princess! Make sure Mom gets all the extra TLC (and sleep) she deserves!

  122. Wow…. I never have that much on my schedule… but anyways… i guess its great that everything worked out!

  123. That’s wonderful news! There are few nightmares like wondering if your child will survive.

  124. That’s an amazing story of love, grace, and redemption. Keep it up man. We’re still praying for her and for you guys.

  125. My heart goes out to you for having to go through this ordeal (and your wife), but I am so thrilled to hear that the results showed possitive improvement (through the change in diagnosis and level of severity). Congrats on your little one, she’s got a beautiful name. I have three kids so I know how it feels (as do many mothers and fathers) to have a child in the hospital for other reasons besides what they were in there for in the first place. You enjoy father-hood; it goes by so quickly.

  126. Congrats on the birth of joslyn. As a father I’m am truly greatful that I never had to indure what you and your wife must of went through. No one can know how hard it is to be in that helpless position that you and you wife were in until they were there. we are so happy that everything is fine with her now.

  127. My wife is 9 months pregnant, and we are just waiting to make sure our baby is born healthy. I would rather be poor and have healthy kids, then have all the money in the world and no be able to do a thing when something goes wrong with their health.

    I hope she does well, and good luck.

    This will be my first kid, a baby boy. Totally excited and ready to become a father.

    Congrats on your daughter.

  128. Wow, what a story. I’m so glad it has a happy ending. Enjoy that baby girl of yours – I’m sure you already know, but the time really does just fly!

  129. Just reading this I can only try to imagine what you went through. We had a few problems when our first child was born, but nothing at all compared to this.

    I’m really glad to hear that everything is going great now.

  130. I’m happy everything worked out for you!! I know how that feeling of uncertainty is.

  131. Fantasic to hear that everything worked out ok, anyone who has children of their own will have some idea of how scary that must have been.

  132. I have a daughter that is 3 years old I know exactly what your going through there will be hard times, we had a scare that we had to call the ambulance when she stopped breathing, your entire life flashes before your eyes and then you realize how good you have it and you appreciate what you have. It gets awesome when you see them walking, and learning and getting smarter, then trying to outsmart you. Its great seeing a child learn and grow. You have a lot of fun ahead for you and your family, my families prayers are with you and yours.

  133. […] It’s a girl! I had my second child, on July 3, actually ten minutes before the fourth of July!  We named her Joslyn, and let’s just say – this was one of the craziest (and scariest) week’s of my entire life. […]

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