The TAC first episode is on Google Video and able to be watched. Here is my take on it.

After the intros I think it was pretty cool that they decided to have the affiliate managers introduce themselves and what there company does and whats make them different. Many affiliates have been working with these companies for years and never put a face to a name.

All the major Affiliate companies sent representatives here. It was great to see:

Ryan and Erin From AzoogleAds
Nina from Copeac
Samantha from NeverBlueAds
Randal from Xy7
Charity from webjamads

Now as far as the episode goes I have to say It was a bit disappointing. The one thing I did not like about previous shows and also the biggest complaint I heard from critics before the show started was that nobody was going to show exactly how to make money or what tricks they were using.

I made sure the camera was ready every time and drew out on a whiteboard what we were doing and why we were doing it. I detailed every single step. Its exactly what we did to finish well and yet they only showed about 2 seconds where I talk about the Amazon Gift Certificates that we were going to give away.

The rest of the time they showed Tom playing the Nintendo Wii at my office which was like seriously 2 minutes.

So ya…. I kind of feel like I went out of my way to demonstrate a fool proof method to make money… which worked… and they never showed it. I vented my frustration to the shows producers about this and they said there was just so much footage they had to cut a lot to get the show at 30 minutes. maybe I am just selfish.

I just hope that they show more about what we are actually doing. I know for the other episodes I do the same detailed breakdown of exactly what we are doing to make money and I hope they show it cause I believe that is what people want to see from the show.

Or do they only want drama? I think the first episodes misses kind of both. I am looking for some big things out of the next eps.

Meanwhile you should check out john chows videos. They are pretty hilarious.

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

51 thoughts on “TAC Episode 1 – The Intro EPS”
  1. Wow, Thank God! I agree with you completely. I was just coming to the site to bitch about the show, so it’s good to see I’m not the only one.

    …looking forward to more episodes.

  2. Hey Shoe,

    Congrats on the Baby!

    Any chance you can share the footage of you with the white board?

    Or perhaps it’ll become like Joel Comm’s “Secret Classroom” material.

  3. thank god, i was just going to bitch about the show, so it’s good to see i’m not the only one.

    …looking forward to future episodes.

  4. thank god, i was just going to wine about the show. glad u agree with us viewers.

    …looking forward to more episodes.

  5. I agree, shoe… that was my only complaint. I could care less about the bad quality of the video, the poor editing and all that. I was just hoping they would show more the the actual marketing instead of trying to make the show into The OC. Hopefully they will put that whiteboard stuff into the “bonus content” section

  6. Will check it out. Hopefully some whiteboard stuff will make it somewhere… There is enough drama on other reality shows…

  7. Yep, I totally agree as well. Way too much time was wasted on the host (yeah, she’s hot, but still) and introducing each affiliate. They only need to edit in snippets of personal introductions and keep most of the content on exactly what you just said, team/ team-leader strategy and making money.

    At least, that’s what I want to see.

    It was so slow going. Honestly, I didn’t even finish watching the whole thing. I will finish it out and watch the other episodes though. Good luck in the contest Jeremy!

  8. wow this show has very low production value :S
    Whats the go with the wired overlays and the host having the script on the ground in front of her?

  9. Get the hell out of the competition Shoe and make your own videos for us. I’m sure it’ll be much more helpful and hands-on.

  10. […] but from the first episode, you do not learn anything. We had a couple things going and so did ShoeMoney, but it was not posted on the […]

  11. I agree w/ John Chow that it was an epic fail. I would walk while you still have your dignity. Your team doesn’t care to learn anything anyway, they just want to play on the reality game show. The second episode w/ the table full of empty Corona shows where everyone’s priorities are. The host is super hot but she talks in a really choppy manner that is just irritating.

  12. For those of you who want to know what happens in the next Top Affiliate Challenge (episode 3), click my name above. The video was leaked, I’ll save you from wasting your time watching it.

  13. It sucks when your hard work doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. What is the point of showing 2 minutes of Wii footage, vs 30 seconds of your carefully crafted business plan?

  14. That’s what we all want! To hell with the hottie presenter, we want the nitty gritty to expand our knowledge bases!

  15. i dont like the show personally, was hoping to learn something from it
    i dont think john knows a lot to start with tbh
    looks like all the bitching is written in a script aswell

  16. Maybe somebody on the team should crack out a Flip, if the program isn’t going to show the ins and outs then maybe your team could use it to your advantage? So much is down to traffic and with that sort of content it would go viral in no time.

  17. I’m glad Shoe made this post because I was thinking the same thing after I watched the first show.

  18. I agree with walking but I am sure it it to late now. If it continues the way it is going no one will have it dignity left by the end of the show.

    All you have to do to win is call your family and friends and have them bid on items for you.

  19. Major props to this show. I think it’s an entertaining idea that has good potential. I really liked how Jeremy took everyone back to his office! He definitely was the most dynamic and more interesting “Guru” to watch. I also agree that they need to show us more footage on how to make money. They need to realize their audience isn’t interested in watching people play Wii’s, eat steak sandwiches, and other nonsense they probably think will be entertaining; but truthfully isn’t.

  20. Maybe it’s me but learning the ropes is more important that watch a g4m3r. Will they at least provide your video time for youtube? I’d really be interested in checking out the suggestions.

  21. If the opening credits and ending credits weren’t so long they could have another couple minutes to show more footage…but I doubt they would show anything good. Like everyone else, I was looking to learn something from the show. If it is supposed to be based off the concept of the likes of The Apprentence, then they need to show people actually working and not bitching. The second episode is ten minutes of John’s team bitching about the results – 2 minutes would have been more than enough.

    Ill probably watch the rest of the episodes because I wanted to see how things play out but it really probably wont be worth the time. I watched the second episode on one monitor while doing work on the other just to not feel unproductive.

    Where did the host come from anyway? Seems like she has NO IDEA what the hell she is doing. Who is she?

    Good luck J!

  22. Poor editing. More money, less “reality”.
    The production quality and everything else is a different story.

    Record it yourself if it wasn’t previously recorded and put it up on youtube.

  23. Not sure why my other post did not show up but it would appear that shoemoney is off the show. According to the twitter account from the guy that calls himself bigmarketing. lol

  24. Why do you not tape the breakdowns and put them on this blog?
    At least the readers will gain something.

  25. I assume that would be big Jason and if it’s the truth… I commend him. If people continue to watch, nobody will want to be an affiliate marketer.

  26. lol

    I agree, as I was looking at big Jason’s twitter post the guy really thinks a lot of himself.

  27. That was just awful. They actually included clips of her rehearsing, reading from the script, in the edited draft.

  28. I just went to John Chow’s blog, and it was a blog post about how to get a girlfriend. I hope he does a post about how to give a golden retriever a dog bath next.

  29. I’ve been reading on a lot of blogs that the episodes are complete garbage and now I can see why. I’d be embarrassed to even participate in a competition of such low standards. Who did they get to edit that video? A grade 8 computer class using Windows Movie Maker?

  30. Congrats on the baby Shoe.

    I really thought the budget was bigger on this one. I see lots of drinking and stuff like that from the beginning, maybe pour some money on a few good camera men’s and a some good speaker/host next time… I mean, who are you/they trying to fool.. do they think the crowd will buy this lameness?

    Why even have an introduction, it was the lamest stuff I seen in a reality show ive seen. Havent they heard about your friend John Reese about reverse engineering…you look at what is popular and try to build something from that.. arent you a fan of Lost? They introduce the characters along the way of the series…instead you have to see that chick with a bunch of cavemens…you could as well been the host yourself shoe and teached 10 dumb blondes how to do affiliate marketing online.. hell, that had been entertaining… its clear they arent even close to realize what a good reality show looks like.. they havent done the reasearch..simple as that. If you cant hire a bunch ofs good camera men then you need to try to make it look hot with the resources you have.

    Peace Shoe

  31. ? wtf? that was john chow’s team table. team shoemoney kicks ass and laughs along with its fearless leader at all the whiners. we actually just swim in shoe’s pool, play wii and goof all day cuz the other teams don’t put up much of a fight. But we do not consume alcohol!!! lol

    btw, host gets lines that morning or night before when going to bed. give her a break por favor. not saying that to “score” any points either. 😉

  32. where did you hear me calling myself bigmarketing? its the name of my company. is there a problem? why r u making fun of me? stop hurting my feelings or my bunnies and dean hunt’s killer bunnies will kick your ass! 😉 loma

  33. Joel’s show was 86 times better than this. It’s not the contestants fault, or the gurus, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch another episode. I never realised how much I appreciate good editing when I watch a show – until now!

    I would have been happy to watch the show if I learned anything, or even found the show at all interesting. It delivered neither. I was really looking forward to this, and it’s piss-poor.

  34. Episode 1 is a failure. The quality is awful and moreover it goes very-very-very slow – it is not interesting, but may be the next will be better. Who knows!?

  35. Well we’re at Episode 5 now and it has got better, but still not enough tricks and tips.

  36. I have not been impressed at all with the show (but I am still watching it). The editing is getting better but the content is still lacking…too much time in the “boardroom.”

  37. This episode was definitely very dry. I’m watching the second one right now and it’s got a lot more drama, which is funny. But I’m still looking to learn about affiliate marketing.

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