So we have to be so tight lipped about what is going on… The shows producer sent all the guru’s passwords for the teamblogs (they were all the same password) and John decided to start posting on our team blog and change the password… I thought it was hilarious and still do. Evidently he is posting that the producers of the show told him that I was whining and wanted it back. This is a complete lie. The producers want me to take it back so I blog on the show… which I could give a crap about doing. In addition to working on the show all day I actually have companies to run and my family so if he wants to dink around with the blog stuff fine with me. They screwed up and gave him the password to our team blog. I told them we can just make our own blog and get our own advertising and they did not like that… so i guess they told him we wanted it back. He can keep it for all I care.

As you will see in the episodes its not the first time John Chow gets manipulated by the shows producers. He seems to be pretty weak minded.

John did manage to take a video which is pretty hilarious (forward to the end for party shots). The Top Affiliate Challenge site is having issues handling the demand (pretty much the story with every successful venture) so it might be a while until you actually see video from that.

Seeing John Chow do Karaoke to country western songs is pretty hilarious. I also do a bit of Bon Jovi lip syncing (yelling)

By Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group, and to date has sold 6 companies and done over 10 million in affiliate revenue. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 International Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. You can read more about Jeremy on his wikipedia page here.

60 thoughts on “John Chow Affiliates Gone Wild Tape”
  1. Nobody told me there would be drinking on a bus. Dude, you done did me wrong!

  2. hahaha good video, very funny. Jeremy you look excited.
    And excuses too for the TAC blog missunderstunding 🙂

  3. How could there not be drinking on a bus like that! Furryhatguy looked like he was having fun, and your looking pretty drunk during the Bon Jovi song lol

  4. It looks like you guys were having fun doing karaoke! Nice dancing on the bus from Ian. 🙂

  5. Did you really think that the strip club was going to be open in the middle of the day? Looks like the first stop was a bust, haha.

  6. That’s awesome seeing Jeremy drunk haha, looks like a good time, I love karaoke bars.

  7. Hopefully all the alcohol took the edge off those karaoke performances for everyone there.

  8. You blame the video streaming issues on the site growing too fast, how could he not prepare for this? He knew the users coming to the site were going to watch the video. In my mind there is no excuse for this issue. I would be disappointed in whomever set up the hosting etc if i was involved in this project.

    Its not like they are skyrocketing to the top 100 sites on the net, they arent even top 10,000.

  9. This video reminded me of the miami brothel bus that got taken down yesterday… not sure why.

  10. That’s a pretty funny video. Looks like everyone there is having a great time!

  11. Shoe shoe shoe!!!
    Uh!! Shoe!!!

    I’ve watched the first few minutes of Top Affiliate Challenge – omg, the talking lady, is.. weird and the story looks … 😐 Tell them to play your Bon Jovi music on the background.

    Thanks! 😀

  12. Let the good times roll. I want to see some Vanilla Ice breakdance moves next time

  13. Cool video, looks like it would be a fun thing to do sometime. Nice blog by the way!

  14. Wow, I wish was there. Looks like you guys are having so much fun.

    Not to mention all the information and how much one can learn from all of you guys.

  15. So are you guys just going to have this one episode for a while? When is the second episode coming?

  16. it’s funny seeing john chow singing. what you say? weak-minded? so evil. i enjoy this video. haha.

  17. Chow doing country songs? What a surprise. I would have expected him to be belting out the theme song from “ENTER THE DRAGON”.

  18. Yes to that. He can clown around anyway he wants because he’s #1.

  19. Couldn’t get in at

    I will be patient.

    It looks like it must have been tons of fun!

  20. This is hilarious!!! Maybe there should be a live concert, all gurus…one night only…

  21. Haha.. That is what I always like w/chow… he looks very hilarious and acts hilarious all the time…

  22. looks like a knockoff of Mystery. Is it possible somebody is using the methods of pickup artists to make money online?

  23. lol ye, i would class john as a pro blogger, not an internet marketing expert like he claims

  24. Unfortunately the video is no longer available! Would’ve loved to see the fun. Will check back later to see if it is up again.

  25. They should change the name to The John Chow Affiliate Challenge. I like John Chow (#1) style. He is all in. I think he pissed Shoe (#2) off with the whole blog thing but he will get over it.

  26. Great video, looks exactly like Nebraska and I loved the singing/dancing at the end.

  27. The partybus is reminiscent of the girls gone wild partybus. Are those drinks straight?

  28. I would love to see a video of that. Careful of mentioning Neil Diamond though, it is a dead give-away of your age.

  29. A funny video, very funny. Frankly speaking I wish I were there – on the party of fun. Yes, it’s true.

  30. […] guy took over this blog that this guy is supposed to be posting on and keeping updated. However, he doesn’t care that he can’t post on the blog he is supposed to […]

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